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Found 16 results

  1. By that I mean what if the world of Equestria Girls had completely different characters that aren't alternate to characters from Equestria? As in, Twilight gets to the human world and there is no human versions of the ponies back home. Would you have preferred it that way? How would the movies have gone differently with no Human Mane 5 or any other human versions of the ponies? I think there would be 5 humans that Twilight could meet that would have similarities with the other 5 back home, but not be copies, and they would have their own look. They could have represented the Elements in that world in order to defeat Sunset Shimmer. I think I would have enjoyed seeing fresh new faces instead of being introduced to the same characters again, and find it interesting that Twilight would have another different set of friends.
  2. I don't usually give Youtube shout outs but this was really well done in my opinion. This is a fully animated short that parodies the end of the infamous Evangelion anime movie from the 90s and just like the movie is bizzare (and also full of MLP fandom references including Gak). The sad thing is he gave it a clickbait title and no one understands the joke. Some people are just too young for Evangelion I guess.
  3. I remember that I had posted two questions regarding alternate settings for the Equestria Girls movies, one in mediaeval Japan, and the other in ancient Greece: So, if you directed the Equestria Girls movies, what kind of setting would you use for the "mirror Equestria", instead of that cliche high school setting? Would it be from a historical era, or a futuristic Equestria (as an antithesis for the magical fantasy Equestria), or something else?
  4. MLP is still an awesome show, but how would the show turn out if Hasbro never messed with Lauren's vision of the show? Yeah the Mane Six would've looked different and had different names, but Celestia was originally supposed to be queen, but Hasbro thought that queens are evil. Yeah, evil queens happened like, I dunno, once in Disney? Twice maybe? So that ruined queens for them? You know how stupid that sounds? Twilight's story would've turned out to be pretty different if Lauren's vision wasn't messed with. She wouldn't be an alicorn, but she would've been Celestia's successor. Cadance wouldn't have existed either, but I kinda like Cadance. How would Spike have turned out, would his character been taken seriously earlier than season 6? What would've been the CMCs' destinies? How would the Mane Six turn out? I kinda like how the show turned out, but I would still like to see an alternate reality where MLP was exactly like Lauren thought of in her head! Would it be better than this version of MLP, or not as good?
  5. So after having looked at a WHOLE bunch of pony stuff from alternate universe ideals like *Fallout Equestria *Pony Star Wars *Pony Star Trek. *The Trotting dead. - It struck me that there was one thing that I had not seen anyone do... Dune... I mean it seams like such a no braine.. Because you know... a huge portion of star wars is actually a dune rip off. (But I still love both so much) ... Well and a lot of Captain harlcok too.. Damn it now i'm thinking about Pony Lijiverse. ____________ So anyways. Anyone have ideals thoughs so on about Pony Dune? ____________ I mean some of it wrights itself... Twilight is Paul... Celestia Jessica. (Maybe Shadom.. no no.. that could be Cadence) Queen Cheese legs gets to be the Baron Vladamir... Work in Spice being some kind of firendship drug. So on so on... ________________________ As a side note about Pony star wars.
  6. I'm writing a fiction that talks more about the brony fandom rather than actual ponies and I was lucky enough to talk to one of the site monitors about it. Unfortunately, that doesn't classify as "site material" and cannot be posted. Sill, this is a story that I want to get out by next week and there isn't time for rejection. So my main question is this, Are there any alternatives to FiMFiction? I've heard you can post fictions on Deviantart, but I'm not sure how that works. I'd really help if I could get these suggestions as fast as possible. Time is of the essence!
  7. Friendship Games had touched upon Twilight's human counterpart, but how about Sunset Shimmer. I know they most likely won't go into it in future movies since we already had that plot with human Twilight, but it still begs the question: where is Sunset's human counterpart? Sunset was originally from Equestria, so logically there has to be another version of her somewhere in that universe. And unlike Twilight, who the human Pinkie knew about, nobody seems to have recognized Sunset at all. Is it just presumed Sunset's counterpart lives far away?
  8. Sometimes, even though the Mane 6 are fine being themselves, we would imagine them being different in some way or another. How would you change the appearance and behaviour of each member, if you can do so? Would you turn Pinkie into some Punkamena chick? Or Dash into the incarnate Rainbow Factory horror? Or Twilight into some insane, green-furred earth pony who is nothing but data and bytes?
  9. So I watched the new episode and I was wondering how each of the actions that starlight and twilight did lead to all the dark futures. also how they didn't lead to the other dark futures. and stuff. So here's a list or whatever. AU 1 Cause: Starlight puts Rainbow in a body lock, preventing her from winning the race. Effect: Crystal empire goes to war with equestria. AU 2 Cause: Starlight talks down the bullies who then become friends with fluttershy and Twilight has an awkward conversation with rainbow dash. Effect: Changlings take over Equestria and Zecora leads a resistance against them. AU 3 Cause: Starlight and Twilight have an epic battle and all the colts and fillies stop to watch. Effect: Celestia is trapped in the moon and Nightmare Moon has taken over Equestria. AU 4 Cause: Starlight knocks Rainbow Dash out of the air. Effect: Tirek DESTROY! AU 5 Cause: Rainbow gets trapped in a big Gem. Effect: Discord chaos land. AU 6 Cause: Starlight levitates Fluttershy through the obstacle course and the bullies watch. Effect: Flimmy Flammy. AU 7 Cause: Starlight blasts Rainbow out of the air. Effect: Windy Wasteland.
  10. what is your idea of a ponified version of yourself. what would his/her color be,their cutie mark,eye color,mane color... you get the idea. i would love to hear or see them... candy apple would be mine.
  11. Under the control of lesser creators, the show could've started out being a roughly equal ensemble in the theme song and some of the two-parters/The Best Night Ever, but then ended up as a show like SpongeBob where there were essentially three or so characters where the main protagonist interacts with regularly (In SpongeBob's case, that would be his next-door neighbors, one of which is a co-worker, and boss), with other characters only appearing when they happen to cross paths with him (such as Sandy and Plankton) In MLPFiM, the other five ponies have roughly an equal chance of interacting with Twilight. It's not like some are particularly more close to her than others. FiM easily could've made the show a girl version of a dumb buddy antics show with Rarity being her Patrick(SpongeBob and Patrick are both childish, Twilight and Rarity could be BFFs because they are both unicorns) AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow having various shades of pridefulness combined with straight-man voice of reason, or nuggets or wisdom, like Squidward and Sandy... ...with Rarity being directly involved if not the catalyst of the events that Twi gets involved in on a regular basis for at least half the episodes (just like how Patrick is alongside SpongeBob for many antics, and Patrick never interacts with other characters of his won accord without SpongeBob being involved) with Princess Celestia or some Ponyville authority character such as the Mayor appearing much more often, possibly moreso than a "Sandy" (Mr. Krabs) and a consistently reoccurring nuisance antagonist (like a young mare, non-filly version of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon).
  12. I was thinking of my pink-haired character's folk plays when I thought of this. Seeing that most people don't like high school dramas (and their clichés), why not turn "Equestria Girls" into a Japanese Kabuki setting? Here are some questions: * What events will happen, based on usual Kabuki plays? Swordfights and pitch-ridden monologues, after Twily crosses the gate to the Human-Land? * What will the characters be? E.g. Twily might be a warrior, Sunset her rival, and Celestia can be am empress/noblewoman.
  13. -Your in darkness, just darkness. You can't find a way out of the chocking silence of the dark. Your screaming silently. Some ones here. Get out. Some ones here. Suddenly a pair of glowing green eyes appear ahead of you, and a single candle flickers on. Some how, the candle seems to light up the whole room, and you find yourself on a rug, looking up at a black male wolf with neon green paws, tail tip, ear tips, underbelly, muzzle, and undereye markings, who looks down at you with amused eyes.- Nike: Your wondering where you are? How do I put this? Welcome to my lair. My name is Nike Darkmoon, and not after the shoe you *BUY SOME APPLES*. You may call me Master, or Darkmoon. Nike is not my name. Nike-Nike is dead. Raz should die also, the stupid *BUY SOME APPLES*. I do not know Nami, Ryo, Rosetta, Berry, Cherry or Aludra. Aludra thought she had a chance with me, and she ended up like Raz. So don't bring the names up, if you don't want a gory death. I am not saying I don't want you to die, but....I do. I did need to taste some more blood, my supplies are getting stale. So ask me, if you dare. (Also, I hope rainbows bleed from your eyes when you see my neon letters. Aren't they nice? They were made to look pretty, but I think I changed that, don't you?)
  14. Starting from the moment Twily stumbles into the half-human world at first up to now, how would you like the events of the two spin-off movies to go, if you were given a chance to alter any number of events within?
  15. Is the Mirror pool in “Too Many Pinkie Pies” really cloning Pinkie, so much as it's extracting Pinkie's from alternate dimensions? The prospect of this theory arose in the episode itself, and in Equestria Girls. Of course, everyone knows that Pinkie constantly breaks the fourth wall, but what happens as Pinkie Pie enters the mirror pool and if the clones are really just that, or alternate Pinkies from other Pony universes lies shrouded in mystery. If the signs are missed by the viewers..... Pinkie Pie, in the episode, repeats her Nana Pinkie's rhyme about the mirror pool. “Where the brambles are thickest, there you will find- upon beyond the most twisted of vines.” Nana Pinkie's story goes on to state: “And into her own reflection she stared, yearning for one whose reflection she shared- and solemly sweared not to be scared at the prospect of being doubly mared” From the rhyme alone, one can assume that Pinkie's grandmother had discovered the mirror pool and used it herself, in order to be able to know how it worked. But as Pinkie uses the pool, the other Pinkie's don't seem to know who the original's friends are- from the fact that they keep messing up and mispronouncing the other mane 5's names (and have the original explain to them who her friends actually are), and ask if this new place they're in is Ponyville. Had they truly been clones, I think that they would've had the same knowledge as the original Pinkie. One point to further back my theory on the mirror pool Pinkie's being from multiple alt. dimensions is that only the original Pinkie Pie actually physically went into the pool to pull out the alternate dimension Pinkie. When further “clones” were created, the process was done by the alternate dimension Pinkies simply staring into the pool rather than diving in and pulling their alternate dimension selves out from whatever wormholes the pool had already opened up with the first Pinkie's passing through it. More proof of them being alternate dimension Pinkies rather than clones comes later in the episode when one of the Pinkie's completely reshapes her face into G3 Pinkie Pie's face. It's likely that as each Pinkie came through the mirror pool from their respective dimensions, they automatically take on the form of the pony that chooses to use it, as they enter the G4 world, but have the ability to reshape their appearance into what they looked like in their original dimension. So it's likely that one of the alternate dimension Pinkie's that were brought into G4's dimension through the pool was also the Equestria Girls Pinkie, for one of the Piinkie's in the crowd in “Too Many Pinkie's” to be able to blow into her hoof and form fingers in the g4 world, and to have the knowledge in EQG about Pinkie's friends- specifically Twilight. (This same particular Pinkie from EQG also seems to have recognized the human Twilight that came into her world, in the movie, though gotten her facts about Spike being a dog on the other side wrong, which is understandable, seeing that the alt. Dimension Pinkies didn't know much about the original Pinkie's friends, when they first came through the mirror pool, and retained the lack of knowledge about the other mane 5 when they went back to their respective worlds). The fact that EQD Pinkie so accurately explains Twilight's situation at the end of the movie could simply be the fact that Pinkies- across all dimensions are psychic (which Pinkies in both MLP: FIM and EQD say they're capable of, on rare occasions. Specifically said: “not usually”)
  16. Okay, this is a bit random of a topic, but oh well. Anyway, my question is this: if the Mane 6 happened to be snakes, what types of snakes should they each be? Post which type of snake for each member below, and post why. Me: Fluttershy: Common Garter Snake Well, Common Garter Snakes sometimes have yellow on them, but that's not the main reason I chose this type of snake for Fluttershy. I chose it because this type of snake's behavior reminded me of Fluttershy. When they are disturbed, they may coil and strike, but they usually just hide their head, and flail their tail. This reminds me a lot of Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie Coluber Constrictor The main reason I chose this type of snake for Pinkie Pie is because they are fast and curious snakes, like Pinkie Pie. That's about it, really. Twilight Sparkle Eastern Indigo Snake Another simple reason for a snake. But in this case, I guess that works considering how Twilight Sparkle likes being practical. Anyway, the main reason I chose this snake is because it has a blueish-purpleish color to it. Also, it has indigo in the name. Rarity Banded cat-eyed snake Well, cat-eyed is associated with liking shiny things (like gems), so that name struck out to me as a snake Rarity would be. Rainbow Dash Golden Tree Snake Now, the colors don't match, but since this snake can fly/glide, I think it would be a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Also, a flying snake is pretty cool, so that is another reason why this is a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Applejack Bullsnake Well, bulls remind me of cowboys/cowgirls, and Applejack is associated with cowboy/cowgirls, so this seemed like a snake Applejack would be.