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Found 27 results

  1. Sup guys! Just released a new track, a remix of my homie D3LTA's Flying Above The Clouds, an Equestria Daily Spotlight Music track from last year. I released it to celebrate my 5 year anniversary of joining the fandom and my yesterday's birthday, thanks to everyone, this fandom is a thing for everyone to remember <3 Hoping for some feedback, I do think I might have rushed it just a little bit though. Also, I'd rather you listened to it on for now, yt seems to have some problems and the video is at 480p right now, which kinda ruins the quality of the sound
  2. Just uploaded a song that was kinda WIP back when I made it in September 2017 to Youtube. I would have finished the song if my Macbook had not have broken down Pretty proud of the song despite some off its flaws, mainly guitar related as I am still kind off a newbie on guitar. I am however very proud of the atmosphere and the transistions in it. I plan on uploading some more Music that is actually finished in the upcoming weeks/months as well Feedback is always appriciated, although most of the songs I have on my Youtube is pretty old. And this song was far from being finished to begin With. Link:
  3. Greetings, MLP Forums! My name is Bo Cherry. You may know me as Strat Attack, the name I went by before all my music was erased. I have here for you today some original ambient music inspired by Best Princess and outer space. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Bo PS: Use headphones for the best experience.
  4. So I don't know any thing about trade mark laws and such, i'm would think this game is fine other then the style is almost identical to hasbro, they should really change it. Is there other issues with it?
  5. Hey, everyone; I have seen these kinds of threads (for other genres, of course), but I have yet to see one for the lovely genre: ambient. To fix this, I have decided to create one. So yeah, if anyone out there is a fan of ambient music (anyone is welcome though); here is a place to share songs you enjoy in the genre, and discover more. Also, downtempo and post-rock will be accepted genres here as well. And don't worry about whether or not the song you want to post counts as ambient. As long as you think it belongs, it's good. Please don't tell other members that their posted song isn't one of the accepted genres either. I'll start with one of my favorites from Stellardrone, and a very relaxing song from Aphex Twin:
  6. Happy Nightmare Night everypony! I have a lovely little soundscape for your listening pleasure. I highly recommend headphones for a more immersive experience.
  7. Inspired by Dash having to leave Tank behind and say goodbye, then personally honored and played for the great memories I have had with late family members, and my dog best friend. I will see you all again someday! ** "A grand expanse stretches for miles, leading to a valley below. Time flows like honey, slow and warm and sweet, as you walk through the grasses and wheats. The sunlight echoes across the horizon as it sits on the distant hills, a cool breeze suddenly splashes memories of summers ago. The wind whispers voices you knew, you loved, you lost. They'll be flying over the valley, and so will we all one day." ** Beautiful Comment/Poem by New Reverian Music
  8. Hello everypony! I'm making music under the name Blurry Lights, since October 2012. I started the project as only piano, but later I added drums and recorded my guitar at some places, so it became more post-rockish... If you have some free time, please check it out and let me know what you think... Soundcloud: (two first songs here are unreleased yet) Bandcamp: (you can download everything for free here) Facebook: (join here if you want to get latest news) I'm currently in progress of making the 3rd album it will be available for free download as always, because making music is just my hobby. I just released a new song! Called "Our Destiny".
  9. Ambient music. Calming, pretty stuffs. It's awesome. Talk about some ambient music and post some ambient music! And I do count liquid d'n'b/dubstep/funk/whatever as ambient. Just post anything that's calming and at least partially electronic-based. It can even be post-rock or trip-hop for all I care! Here's a little song I found a couple days ago:
  10. Chill-out is basically an umbrella term for following genres. Any of these genres or any similar genres qualify as Chill-out music and are fine to discuss here: I'll start this thread with something from my favorite Future Garage album: "II:MMX" by Clubroot. Probably the best track off that album:
  11. Hello, after a long time of not doing anything. and having no motivation i made something. Basically the premise of this song is Sombra facing charges for all he's done. Basically his execution day. Well that was kind of the idea. Truth be told, i'm feeling really down, so honestly this song isnt very good, im not sure if it can even be called a song. I've given up on the possibility of ever doing a good sounding song, so i just put shit together and hope it smells of roses. Anyways here it is:
  12. It just so happens we don't have a thread dedicated to the more relaxed and downtempo types of music here! So post some calming and relaxing music you like here. Here's some of mine.
  13. Hi guys! Well, I thought I'd do some shameless self-promotion here and get you guys' opinions of mah new song... It's not the most interesting or engaging, perhaps, but still. It was probably inspired by Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country somehow, but don't let that make you think it'll be near as good. xD So yeah, here it is... Underwater Mountaintops... So what's your opinion on both this song and chill-out music in general?
  14. Guest


    Hello,'s me.....the RETARDED wizard... I haven't tried making a song in a long while, what was it? Almost 2 months...oh well...anyway, i tried making something,..this is what came out... link: anyway...thanks for listening....those of you who were kind enought to give it a shot,.... anyway best regards You can always say something in the comment section...
  15. Hello everypony! I just released my first album "Lost in the Everfree". You can find it here: Or youtube video: If you like the music, feel free to drop a dollar on the album. I appreciate it Thanks!
  16. Hey there... After trying drawing for the first time a few days ago -which went surprisingly well ( I thought I'll try out the thing with music. Can't be too difficult, right? WRONG... I tried making a melody in FLS which was kinda tricky because I havent even had music at school... Wtf this was hard... I only used the very basics of the program and literally put one note in front of another. I guess I'll rather keep on drawing... - Felrora MelodiaNew.mp3
  17. Okay, hello, this is a song i've made,...ahh...hope you like it,....please write your opinion and criticism, be it good or bad,...any criticism is accepted,'s my derp song.... genre : ambient, semi-orchestral-ish well...sorry for wasting your time....see you....
  18. Hello =) it's me again with another song =D it's 1 in the morning here and i just finished this song, wanted to give myself an early birthday present XD, well thank you for taking the time and checking out my song =), it's industrial-ambient-rock centered around the changelings. -> the song, again thank you =), also....please state your opinion =), every opinion matters even if it's a negative one =)
  19. These were made by me over the course of several years and I will continue to update this post as more work continues to be released. I made many of these for a Kingdom Hearts campaign I was running in the Dark Heresy system from Fantasy Flight Games. And Kingdom Hearts 2 campaign running in Black Crusade system. Now I am going to be running the third installment called Kingdom Hearts 3 using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition system. Figure I would post my music here, many of them were made when I started writing music in February 2011 right around the death of my Great Grandmother, as she was teaching me to play the piano even as her mental state deteriorated. I have come a long way in 2 years as far as I can hear. Critique is always welcome! The files here are arranged according to the date of which I last modified them. Note: Check back often, this post is being modified constantly. 2011 2012 2013
  20.'s been a while since i've last posted anything, i was busy with gymnasium (type of school in europe) well anyway this is a song i've been working on, it's not much but...oh well anyway, i'd like your opinion on it =) the genre is,...well i'd like to call it industrial-ambient-rock....we'll here's the song, i hope you can enjoy.
  21. Hello =) I'ma a new musician that would love to hear your opinion. Any criticism is appreciated ofcourse =), if you dont like it tell me why, so i may improve =) the genre is ambient i guess...sort of...probably....i dont know this is just one...please check out the rest and tell me your honest opinion,.tell me how i can improve, any opinion is appreciated =)
  22. Artist: M83 Title: Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts Label: Mute/Mute Corporation Cat. #: 9251-2 Release Date: July 26th, 2004 Format: CD (1 x Unmixed) Tracklist: 01. Birds 02. Unrecorded 03. Run Into Flowers 04. In Church 05. America 06. On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain 07. Noise 08. Be Wild 09. Cyborg 10. 0078h 11. Gone 12. Beauties Can Die Review: M83 became worldwide famous in 2011 and 2012, due to the release of its 6th album called "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" and, specially, to the 2011 single "Midnight City." Some people think that this is a new band, but good Celestia, they're wrong. So wrong... M83 was formed in late 2000/early 2001 by Anthony Gonzales and Nicholas Fromageu. While I've always said that the place of origin of a musician doesn't mean he'll be influenced by the music in that place, this is indeed something that happened to both Gonzales and Fromageu, and it is the best thing that could've happened. Because of the rich musical culture in France, M83 is a collage of different styles and genres that could go so bad, but it somehow manages to sound coherent. Is like a puzzle with a thousand pieces that perfectly fits. Right now, I'm about to review the critically acclamed "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts", M83's second studio album and the last one made by both Fromageu & Gonzales (nowadays Gonzales is the leader). While this one sounds a little bit different to what you heard of it recently, this album is the one that saw M83 becoming the Synth Rock band that it is this day by blending both its Ambient/Noise/Leftfield background with Synth Pop/Shoegaze sounds. This will be an album full of exciting musical textures and beautiful soundscapes, backed up by my own story/interpretation of this album. Anyway, lets get ready for this musical journey... Things start with "Birds", a lovely track that practically screams "'Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts' in a nutshell!". Ambient recordings of birds, a lo-fi glitching texture and some lovely strings build up the moment while the glitch texture becomes robot-ish voice which magically fades in and repeats "sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are growing, clouds are looming and I am flying" before stopping all of a sudden. One of the best ways to introduce an album and the beggining of this journet through several magical places. Next, the first track of this album kicks in with some strings playing while the toms mark the beggining of one of several great moments. "Unrecorded" is definitely a great musical piece that sounds both so warm and cold. The ambiguity of this track makes it even more appealing, specially with the gloomy pads and the subtle keys on the middle break while an acid synth serves as a texture generator. The contrast in this track is so lovely that the only bad thing is the fact that it ends too soon (at least for me). Now that we got ourselves a gloomy feeling, is time to get our heads up with "Run Into Flowers." While the shoegaze inspiration is obvious in this one, this is still one of those tracks that works because of it's clever musical structure that can be enjoyed by everyone. Still, I believe there's weird simbolism in this song (a man asking for "peace and chemicals" while a lady repeats "flowers" every two seconds. Can't stop thinking about the 60's somehow...). If you took some drugs with the last track (somehow...) then is time to confess your sins "In Church." This is a lovely ambient track with some beautiful organs and cleverly used glitchy textures while adding background voices to simulate a chorus. Then the track becomes epic by adding a lovely pad and bass that raises the feeling. This one has to be one of the best ambient tracks ever made (and they do have some amazing sound engineers, in my opinion). While we get out of church, we face reality once more in "America." The looping ambient recordings lead us to upbeat drums, keys and the use of movie dialogues (something that was used too much on the previous album). All of a sudden the music stops to leave us on with an hypnotic synth note that slowly gets pitched up while bringing back the previous elements and adding a noisey synth to create one of the best moments in the album. The soundscape created by this track is so energetic and up-paced that it'll be hard to continue after moving out of this dead city. Holy sh*t! Slowly fading in, some strings and the ambient recordings on a mountain (at least that's what it seems to be) introduce another epic moment in this album. "On A White Lake, Near a Green Mountain" comes in and deliver us another ambiguous moment: We feel like this is an epic but melancholic journey to some beautiful but dangerous destination. You can feel both the beauty and desolation of this place with this masterpiece that ends abruptly with a simple yet stunning snare that marks the end of a precious agony. But this is not the end, no sir. As abrupt as the previous ending, we have a sudden beginning with "Noise," which reaffirms you that this is indeed a Synth Rock album. The beautiful structure is backed up by the tight drums, excellent guitar riffs, beautifully executed keys and all slowly becomes "white" due to the reverb (like, lets say... White noise?! THIS GUYS ARE SO CLEVER!). It feels like my life is just fading away so I can rest in peace from all the hatred and despair... Or at least it was about to fade away, but somehow I'm safe now, and the journey's not over. Since I'm alive, is time to become part of this place, to leave those dead cities once and for all to embrace this beautiful and desolated place that sometimes seems to be where ghosts hang around and dead wanders. I guess it's time to "Be Wild" and face the other side of the world. Now focusing on the musical aspect, this one is by far iconic and epic. Oddly, this is not as ambiguous as the other tracks (something that has prevailed this far), but more like a "challenge accepted." The lovely lead is backed up by subtle pads and those lovely glitching textures that continue to appear throughout the entire album. Some background vocals before the middle section and BOOM! A beautiful synth kicks in with some perfectly programmed addicional keys that are so playful and harmonic!.. And all of a sudden, we have yet another abrupt ending that cleverly uses the exclamation of a woman in it (AH!-) and some "whistled" delay. Now, we have to get rid of our feelings to become tough and hard. Is time to become "Cyborgs" to survive this place; this is my mission now. This track is beatufilly structured and cleverly uses some industrial textures and old school 16 bit sounds to sound like real cyborgs. It feels like you're listening to a glorified video game theme. But like 16 times more epic. The climax comes when a guitar is introduced and creates one of harsh moment that makes everything even more beautiful somehow. It slowly fades away while lopping the same section over and over again, like a robot following the same order again and again... Now, I've survived this place for "0078h" straight, and I'll continue fighting this land. This track is really energetic and has a great pop feeling that anyone can listen to (no wonder why it was a single). The beautifully chopped vocals are a plus and the upbeat drums are awesome! Too bad that it feels like it's out of place (compared to the rest of the album, I mean. After some really lovely and relaxed moments, this one goes too fast!), but is just a really minor flaw. Wait a minute... I was alive some moments ago. Am I... "Gone" now?! We almost reach the end of this album, and is time to die with this awesome track. The strings sound almost in your face while the drums start to fill the room with their slowly paced programming. Warm pads and other strings join the party before a noisey synth slowly fades in and turns into a scream, a realisation: You're gone. You can feel the desperation in this track, the realisation of your death. And the resignation of accepting the end. But in the end, I have to see the bright side of things and see the beautiful places you found, the great journey you had and the fact that I've finally understand that "Beauties Can Die." And then become ghosts who are lost for eternity. Just like me. Just like them. Just like you. Just. Like. All. Of. Us. And we will come back to this special place we died on. To make the living realise the same. To make them join us. Forever. Final Thoughs: The final track is the end of the journey and I really don't want to spoil a beautiful ending, that's the reason I didn't talk about it. I really love this album to dead. Both Fromageu and Gonzales are musical geniuses and they created one of the most iconic and amazing electronic albums of all time. There is only one flaw in this album and is the pacing and coherent nature lost by "0078h." But, again, is just a minor flaw that won't affect the score that much. Would I recommend this album? OHFORLUNA'SSAKE!YESIWOULDANDIWILL! It is one of the most perfect albums ever made, and if you really call yourself a music fan you should listen to this as soon as possible. Not many times you find a perfect jewel in a sea of average releases. Seriously, just finish reading this review and go listen to this MASTERPIECE. 9.5/10 solidpoints + cd_solidsnake's seal of perfection. Thanks to @@Moog for the request. If you keep asking for this kind of albums to review, damn I'll love you forever (why don't you and Dawn join me down that I'm a lost ghost? We have da muffinz here :3).
  23. Ok so this one definitely isn't as good as my last one (in my opinion at least) but here we go..... I started this purely as an experiment to see what the NeXus VST is capable of, but it ended up sounding pretty cool, so... I decided to keep it I am aware that the piano melody is boring... I apologize for that. I did it free style, and in one take. I tried expanding on it, but it just ended up sounding worse lol. If anypony wants to remix this to make it more epic, go for it!
  24. Hello, I thought I'd bring a game into the picture that I've been helping create for a short while now. As some know I'm co developing the new Horror game titled "SCP The Fear" Enjoy. (Game Link + DL) The Fear Blog Game DL [Game Description] SCP – The Fear is a game project based on the still non-published SCP story called “The Fear”. It is heavily inspired by SCP: Containment Breach, as the game takes place in Containment Area No. 563, where all hell breaks loose. You have had contact with almost every type of SCP, and the result is a new fear you develop. I don’t really know what to say yet, the concept is still being built (very slowly), and the story is still being written - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part of my job is producing ambient music. I had made a loop for him, and I thought I'd post it here for some feedback. (Yes, yes the infamous SCP title shows its face again) http-~~-//