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Found 10 results

  1. I gotta advertise this for those that haven't played it... y'all NEED to play the small horse custom stories for Amnesia... If you like ponies, if you're on the internet way too much, if you enjoy hilarious horror... PLAY THIS GAME!!! For those who don't know, I got into MLP from this was so crazy and wacko, that I had to discover the origins of the I watched the show, and ended up loving it! but back on track, if you haven't played it, please download it here!!the-small-horse-epic-journey/c13ag it's well worth your time! Many lets players such as Ratchetness, Cinnamontoastken, Jacktherbert, Pewdiepie and many others have had fun with it, and so should you!
  2. Are their any horror stories where the main character has amnesia?
  3. After reading a certain post, it reminded me to find out how to make a topic and I finally found it! (not like that's a good thing). Slenderman.... I personally don't think it's scary, maybe the first time, but not really scary at all to me after that. Did any of you who've played it or watch someone play it think it's scary? If you don't know what Slenderman is, it's a scary game made for a competition in 14 days. It's supposively "The scariest game in the World" and the whole objective is to grab 8 pages as some obese fatty, at night, in a forest for whatever reason, with a flashlight. You don't get a page and eventually Slendy' will come after you, but after you grab a page he'll be after you. To lose, all you have to do is look at him long enough, and your game will exit automaticly. I think Amnesia is 1000x scarier than Slenderman personally. Probably because of the atmosphere, the sanity feature, health feature, and that your lamp is very limited on oil. Just everything about is scary to me I even deleted the icon so I don't have to look at it anymore! I'm probably still completely terrified of Amnesia...
  4. Just a question that crossed my mind recently. For an unknown reasons, I suddenly thought about Google-ing about Silent Hill. So which one do you pony folks think is a lot scarier; Amnesia or Silent Hill and why?
  5. I adore horror video games, and I beat most of em, anypony else really love horror video games? What have you played?
  6. So I'm interesting in starting a small MLP based horror mod for Amnesia the Dark Descent. It would be a simple 1-2 hour game involving the main character running through a maze like map being chased by humanized versions (may change depending on several factors) of the main cast. I've already started the basics but I'd like to get a few more people involved and see what comes of it. Right now I'm looking for: Voice actors: Specifically the main six. I haven't decided on the complete cast, but Twilight is a key role. The others considered at the moment are; Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash. Modeler/Texture Artist: Need to be able to do human anatomy. Animator: For basic enemy walk/run cycles, attacks and standing poses. Programmer: Most of what we'd need is already in the engine so there wouldn't be much work involved here. The coding language is basic C++ from my understanding. Testers, Testers, Testers!!! I'm hoping to have this finished sometime before October. I'd love to hear from anyone interested!
  7. Well, this was a weird one, as I'm sure my C&P doc will say. I honestly don't know what the heck inspired this. 2nd dream: Amnesia, witches, and weird flesh-blobs. Well, this is nice, a second dream so close to my first. Anyway, here's what went down, as best as I can remember: Not sure how I got there, but I was in this golden-orange cave tunnel thing. There was a little meter sort of thing in the bottom left of my sight, that filled up when something drew near or noticed me. I explored the caves, finding a few weird things. Two in particular: One: These weird 'flesh-blobs' Don't know how else to describe them really. They were dark, somewhat green, messes of legs and a body. There was on in the end of a room at one point. It noticed me, so I ran, and I eventually found something to hide behind: A small rocky block. It was too small to properly hide behind, and I knew I would be found if that thing came looking. It never did though. The little meter rose, somewhat in sync with the feeling of a heartbeat, but nothing came. It only rose when I stood up and looked around. The second thing: Alright, this one was really weird, and someone could've found this scary ( I actually didn't- it was too weird..). I was wandering around, heading away from where I found the creature, and I think I found a door. It opened. (I can't remember what happened here, so I'll skip forward a bit..) There was some sort of generic witch attacking me! Her eyes were bright red, and she carried on being pushed away, then her eyes would dim, then she would come forward and her eyes lit up again. We struggled with a knife. It was going towards my throat. She was so strong. I thought I could hold her off, but she kept getting just a little bit stronger, whenever I put all my strength into it. I don't know what happened after that. That's all I remember...
  8. I just want to point out that I really really REEEEEEEEEEEAALLLY hate seeing water in this game. It also seems like more Grunts and Brutes are starting to pop up for me now. I'm starting to really get into this game so I might have another video up later this week.
  9. Alois: Is that you? Justine? ... Oh, it's just you. Have a question for me, dear? Malo: Hello there. Oh.. you're cute. <3 So cute... I COULD EAT YOU!! But, don't you fear, there will be none of that... today that is. So, you have a question? Then I have an answer. Basile: God... another one of those annoying humans. What do you want from me, you pitiful lump? I'm too insulting? SHUT THE HELL UP! Do you even know what I've been through? Would you be happy in my position? You have a question for me? Hurry up and spit it out!