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Found 59 results

  1. ALPHA 2 Hello everypony! Originally I planned to make this game for Rarity's day, but... It didn't work hue hue. I've manged to get the game working in about 5 days, but polishing it and adding next features... well, took waaaaay longer. I was never programming puzzle games of any kind before, so this was ... and still is an interesting experience! But okay, enough of that. What is this game about? Basically, it's a match-three puzzle game starring our beloved fashion pony, Rarity. At the moment the game lacks of many features, it only has the basic ones... And it only has two levels, because drawing these dress sketches (rd's is actually just 'borrowed' heh) took longer than I expected. RIP ;-; FABULOUS Screenies! DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FILENAME: Art of the Dress (Alpha 2) PLATFORM: WINDOWS FILE TYPE: .zip FILE SIZE: 30.2 MB HOSTED ON: Google Drive ESTIMATED GAME LENGTH: About 5 minutes ... EPIC! System Requirements: I tested it on my potato laptop and it was working fine. I'll you'll experience any framerate drops, please let me know, along with providing your computer specs. Press M to toggle debug overlay, which displays FPS and what exactly might slow down the performance. How to Install: This is a packed .zip file. All you need to do is to unpack it anywhere and launch the game, no installation required. You can unpack it with various common packing software, such as WinRAR. I believe there are even online extractors, so just ask Uncle Google. Installation files for little demos isn't practical, so for now .zip will be enough. Reporting Bugs: I tested it multiple times and the game seemed to work, but there were many additions in a short period of time, so chances are, that something might glitch in rare cases. Well, it's just Alpha, duh! Nevertheless, if you'll experience any weird behavior, I'd really appreciate reporting this. Videos would be perfect, but a proper explanation what and when that happened would be good too. Please try your best when reporting issues, thank you! DISCLAIMER Just in case, let me mention, that this is an alpha version and there might be bugs. Worst case scenario will be the game freezing, but that shouldn't happen. Just keep that possibility in mind, you never know. GAMEPLAY VIDEO If you can't or don't want to play this game, it's totally fine, there's not much into it at the moment anyway. Buuut perhaps at least take a look at the gameplay video I've recorded? I worked so hard on that game. uwu CREDITS I hope you'll like it, thank you for visiting!
  2. Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while now. What's your favorite MMO? If you feel like wanting to play with others on this forum you might want to give us a link to it! My favorite MMO is probably maplestory. It's been getting easier since about 2010 but it's still very fun in my opinion coming out with new classes every once in a while. There are so many job advancements and skills and it's been out since 2003. Even if the characters look a little off and small they still kick-ass! Maplestory is pretty old but it's awesome! You should try it! Link to the official GMS (GlobalMaplestory) website:
  3. What you have to do is reply with one word and one word only that you would like to continue the sentence with. Yes, a and it but here there whatever all count as words. If you wish to end the sentence, just reply with the punctuation of your choice (.?!). Don't be a troll and end the sentence before we get to the second word After a while, we'll have either a nice long story or a jumble of random lines, depending on how this goes. I'll start: There
  4. I don't know if anypony else is into dungeons and dragons, but over the past couple of years, I've gotten into it. Here you can discuss and post campaigns you made, characters, custom monsters, d & d plots for campaigns and just about anything related to D & D! (which includes all versions of the pencil and paper, video games, books, movies, and other media) So I just started working on a campaign today (I like being the DM btw) I need some ideas... But here's the general summary (extremely brief version): You have to go to the elemental chaos to get to the abyss, fight your way through to demogorgon (the prince of demons) and then slay him and his exarchs. The player will beasicly spend the entire campaign in the elemental chaos and will most likely be a high level before confronting demogorgon. But... Who said the campaign is done there???? You can't expect that once you kill the prince of demons that the other demon princes won't try to take his throne... So you have one hell of an ending. (I will make it so this impossible task is possible)
  5. This is a thread where you post all your characteristics that most people wouldn't characterize in the same category as "watches show for 7-year-old girls" and tie it up with "and I'm a brony." Anyways, I'll start: I am a Sophomore in the top 10% of my class I listen to prominently heavy metal and dubstep I have an active social life and play basketball with my friends every friday I watch movies such as "I am Legend" and "Paranormal Activity" And I am a brony.
  6. Ever since the times of old, we shippers have been a proud race. Passing our ancestral knowledge from generation to generation, we have stood strong against any threat, no matter how strong or powerful it was. From the holy capital of Canterlot, we have protected both the forums and the ships, and we have never relented from that. That said, I have been alone for far too long. But there is one person, one person that has proven to me that has the capabilities to be a shipper, and after putting him through many trials, he has proven to be the person I wanted to make my acolyte. But why am I making you wait? @Totally Lyra, present yourself! He makes me so proud ;') Totally Lyra will be our newest addition to the staff team. He has shown to be what Canterlot needed for so long, and now he will have the difficult yet rewarding position of being a sectional staff member. I'm pretty sure that you have interacted with Lyra before, as he has shown to be a friendly, active and helpful member of our community, and he will for sure continue to be so and give us a forum that everyone can be proud to be part of.
  7. My first remix, I think it went pretty well
  8. I was thinking to make this thread while watching Battleship. It's self explanatory; what movies do you like yet most other people hate or just find to be lame/stupid/uninteresting/anything negative? For me it's...... -Battleship: I love this movie, and it's mah 4th favorite movie of all time, yet most people found it stupid, mainly because of the "Based off the board game" gimmick (Which, IMO, wasn't the smartest choice to advertise), since it involves aliens, and the fact that Rihanna was in the movie. Plus, acting isn't really that good and ackward dialogue at times doesn't help. It's visuals, sound effects, lighting (Strangely enough) action scenes, alien ship design (Especially the peg-shaped mortars), and somewhat epic with feel with the destroyers and battleships are the reasons why I like it so much -Any Transformers movie: I'm mostly talking about the 3rd one, since I can barely remember the 2nd one, and most people found TS1 to be decent or good. I like the 3rd one a lot, even though it is one long ass movie -I guess G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: The reason why I put this was because the critics didn't like it at all. Only around 30-35% of them did, same rating as Battleship. I'm not exactly sure why though. I don't find acting to be all that bad, and visuals aren't as corny as some of the critics made it out to be. Maybe I'm just blind to all it's problems the critics found. I'm not sure how fans or regular movie-goers reacted, though....... So what are YOUR movies you like yet most other people don't?
  9. I have to congratulate the Lady or the Gentleman, for this very clever idea. Seriously, better her then Trump or Clinton.
  10. Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is the third and final game of the original Ace Attorney trilogy(and was originally intended to be the final game period). After the first two games, this one had the role of wrapping up Phoenix's story line as well as several character arcs that were present during those first two games. Does the game live up to the expectations set by the first two as well as serve as a satisfying conclusion to the original trilogy? Warning, there may be some spoilers.....and this may turn more into a Godot Gushing blog rather than an actual review Gameplay It's the same as the first two games. Investigation(with some Psyche locks) and the trials. Story The game's story focuses a lot on Mia Fey's past and serves as the final chapter in Phoenix's character arc in what it means to deliver justice. The first case(Turnabout Memories) is the game's tutorial case, but a surprisingly strong one at that, and one that is very important as it introduces the game's main villain. The case is a flashback about Mia Fey's earliest cases where she defends none other than Phoenix Wright, who is accused of murdering fellow college student and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Doug Swallow. The second case(the Stolen Turnabout) returns to the present day where Phoenix has to defend Ron DeLite, who is accused of robbery, and then murder. This case also reveals the game's prosecutor, everyone's favorite coffee loving prosecutor Godot who is totally a sexy badass easy the best character in the game. The third case(Recipe for Turnabout) involves Phoenix defending Maggey Byrde who is accused of murder once again, though unknowing to Phoenix, he supposedly already defended her and did a terrible job of doing so. Despite being a filler case like Turnabout Samurai and Turnabout Big Top, this case is surprisingly a lot of fun with despite an odd ending. The fourth case(Turnabout Beginnings) is another flashback, this time being Mia's very first trial where she, along with her boyfriend Diego Armando, defend death row convict Terry Fawles, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend's sister and detective, Valerie Hawthorne. This trial is pretty much the one that started it all and serves as a prologue to the final case in the game, it also shows to be one of Miles Edgeworth's earliest cases as a prosecutor. The final case(Bridge to the Turnabout) centers around a girl named Iris, who reminds Phoenix of someone in the past, who is accused of murdering children's book writer Elise Deauxnim. However an accident causes Phoenix to get sick and Godot goes missing so Miles Edgeworth(as the Defense) and Franziska Von Karma(prosecution) has to take it to court and fill the roles for the first day, meanwhile, Maya and Pearl also go missing. This trial pretty much goes all out in the best way possible as most of the major characters in the trials were main characters in the first two games, we get to see more backstory behind Mia's family and the connections she has to the game's villain, we get to see Godot hates Phoenix so much, and despite some parts being a bit complicated, serves as the best possible send off for not just the game, but the original trilogy as a whole. And I'm just gonna get this out there, but the game had me bawling at the end. Also there's a small part where Phoenix and Franziska do the investigation together. And it is hilarious. The cast in this installment is arguably some of the best in the trilogy. The main characters from the first game(Phoenix, Mia, Maya, Edgeworth, Larry and Gumshoe, and even Marvin Grossberg) as well as a few from Justice For All(In particular, Pearl, Franziska, Adrian Andrews, Maggey Byrde, and to a lesser extent, Morgan Fey). And several of the new characters introduced are really hilarious(though I can see some being more annoying with others) with more depth than they let on. And I'm not exaggerating when I say one of the villains is one of the most evil characters I've ever seen in a video game. Though the highlight character is easily Godot. Hot Shot, yet cool and collected(even when he's losing), setting his own guidelines, and his unabashed love for coffee, he's easily the coolest character in not only the game but the entire series, and a very quotable guy. Also I couldn't help but notice that love is a running theme in this game, as romance can be a focal point in every trial. Visuals Much like the first two games, visuals are great. Very detailed backgrounds and very funny and expressive sprite animations. Sound The sound design is again, as great as the other two games, tons of "Hold it!"'s, "Objection!"'s and "Take that!"'s everywhere. The music is something else though. I'm willing to go as far as to say that the OST up there with the first game as the best in the series. Phoenix's theme and the Pressing Pursuit theme rivals those of the original game's, and almost every character in the game gets their own theme song, making them a bit more memorable than some of those in the past, with my favorite themes being Godot's and Furio Tigre's themes. Overall This is easily one of, if not the best, game in the series, and has easily become my favorite. Great music, strong characters, both new and returning, and one of the most emotional stories in the series, it is easily the best possible send off for the Phoenix Wright trilogy. And again, if you have a 3DS, the Ace Attorney Trilogy is the best way to go. Though I highly recommend playing the first two games before trying this game.
  11. Well.. i don´t think i am the most popular member of these forums, or an interesting person, but for those of you who are bored or do want to know something about me, here i go^^ I´d happily answer all questions and i hope you enjoy your stay in this thread^^
  12. So, who else is excited for this game?
  13. Howdy everypony! Here's one for ya, what do you lose on a regular basis? For me, it's as simple as a comb. Here's the little devil: Remember where it is folks, cos it'll disappear in a moment. That thing gets lost DAILY. I make very sure that it sits below my radiator every evening, and yet the next morning it takes me several minutes to re-discover it. It drives me insane. Do any of you have a similar problem, or am I genuinely going mad? XD Whether you lose and then find the same thing over and over again, or lose something permanently and have to buy a new one, I'd love to hear your stories.
  14. I know this is a question best reserved for a status update, but I wanted somewhere to come back to in case I needed help. I need to know the difference of signature sizes for standard users and users such as donors and subscribers. Could somepony help me with signature sizes please?
  15. This game deserves a thread. This game deserves your money. This game deserves your time. This game deserves YOU.
  16. My favourite day of the week is Saturday because I have no school, I don't have to get up at 7:30 AM and I can stay up late. My least favourite... Monday :okiedokielokie:. I absolutely LOATHE Mondays because 1. Beginning of a new week, brings the dreadful feeling of " must slog through another week". 2. Most of the time it is the most boring day of the week. I could probably post 20 more reasons why it's my least favourite but that would take to long . Anyway's, post your favourite and least favourite days of the week and why.
  17. Mine Is Oot ( ocarina of time ) the reason why is because i love loz,i love long games and the idea is VERY unique
  18. So here we can trade Pokemon from X and Y and exchange them for another Pokemon! Just make an offer and wait for a reply to your it I will watch this thread to see that no spammers invade -------------------------------- My Offer -------------------------------- Level: 70 Pokemon: Mewtwo Nickname: None.. Details: Has PokeRus Pokemon Wanted: Xerneas Level 70-100
  19. Ever been so stubborn that even though you're all aching you prefer to toughen it out. Well I did and learned that sometimes there's being stubborn and sometimes there is just being stupid. I had been sick for three to four weeks, constantly coughing until I couldn't breath. I felt like one night something happened to my ribs as I was coughing so hard. Then a week or two later, what happens is that I start feeling excruciating pain in my left kidney and back. What I did was of course just lay in bed and try to make the pain stop by watching anime. It went on like that for hours, just stinging pain. This had began the day before, I felt pain but decided to just go to bed. Then on the third day I had a hard time breathing deeply, I knew something was wrong. Then as I talked to my mother I told her that I had this sting and she talked about me having to go to a doctor. Like people on here had already recommended I should do. But I dislike doctors, so I wasn't going to a doctor. Of course that is no problem, unless your problem needs to be cured by pills which it did. Anyway, later that day which was yesterday I was eating when I felt the sting again but it was getting worse again. So my parents asked me and the first thing they did was sent me to a hospital. Actually I did meet my old doctor that, I don't see the doctors a lot so a familiar face is good. He checked and said it was no doubt that it was pneumonia. Due to us coming late, it actually costed more and well in the end it was just stupid not to go to a doctor. Especially since I have asthma and any lung problems should not be ignored. I have had pneumonia before when I was a kid but now it was different since I managed to diagnose it early on. I knew it was pneumonia but I also knew that I needed medicine for it. I was going to ignore it for longer and that could have had bad effects especially as my lungs are already more sensitive. What's funny is that was also a medicine for the coughing. Anyway, here I'm just trying to get better I guess. That could have ended badly if I had been more stubborn. So let's get back to business shall we.
  20. Does anyone remember the story/poem "The Owl and The Pussycat"? Well, imagine an episode where Twilight's owl falls in love with Rarity's cat. Feel free to share your thoughts on such an episode. Do you think Spike would try to take advantage of the pets' romance for his own crush in Rarity? Perhaps that could make the story's lesson.
  21. Ah, Bambi, my favorite movie when I was little Here is a quick drawing that took me about 3 minutes. Enjoy
  22. I welcome you to the this humble article discussing a movie called V for Vendetta released in 2005. What not many seem to remember is that the movie was based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Since there are significant differences between the movie and book, in fact so significant that Alan Moore refused to be credited in the movie, I’d like to cover the comic book separately. For now, let’s take a look at the cinematic iteration of the story. The movie takes place in an alternate future England under the rule of a fascist government. Controlling the lives of it’s people with every tool at their disposal. Constant surveillance, curfew, propaganda and Fingermen ( or political police) are a common day occurrence in the average citizens life here. Under the reign of this regime lives the main focus of our tale Evey Hammond played by Natilie Portman. Evey is one of the best written female characters in cinematic history. A perfect example of how to write a female character well. She is a mature and strong woman who sees the wrong doings of the government of her country to a degree, but has comformed to that world and has no interest in changing it. Until, because of a series of coincidences, she has to go through a journey from being a cog in the machine of oppression to becoming a truly free person. Uncovering many secrets some would prefer not to remember. All thanks to a mysterious man called V. Although Evey is the main focus of our tale, the character who steals the show is V ,played spectacularly by Hugo Weaving. A masked freedom fighter or terrorist depending on your view. V is a sophisticated and elegant individual who suffered much during his life. He is theatrical, intelligent, extremely charismatic and very firm in his beliefs of free speech in equality. He has a great appreciation of art and philosophy and the value of expression. By his own admission he uses violence for good. He is also driven by a personal vendetta against some of the members of the government. However, V is not cruel being perfectly is capable of forgiveness. He is one of the most inspiring characters in fiction and that’s exactly his goal. V’s main aim is to inspire the greatest force in human history. The people. Although, I'm against spoiling scenes in advance, this clip summarize the values, beliefs and intentions of V better than anyone else ever could (if you haven't seen the movie yet though, I suggest you watch the full thing first): The movie is full of symbolism including the letter „V” and the number 5. For an example of that inspect the name „Evey” more closely. You might miss a lot of it watching the story for the first time encouraging repeated viewings. The dialogues are very quotable and the whole story is extraordinarily well written in general. Combining that with the atmosphere of oppression the movie very conveys to it’s viewer and the stellar performances from every actor involved to make an emotionally fulfilling story which not only makes you feel for it’s characters but also ponder your own standing on matters and the affairs of your own country. But the movie itself is almost dwarfed by the mark it left on our collective culture. You see, this movie has a clear message to it’s audience. A message each of us should take to heart. A message perfectly signified by this mask: The mask you can see above existed before the movie of course. It was made to resemble the face of a man call Guy Fawkes who tried to assassinate King James the First on the fifth of November in1605. Many see him as a hero others as a terrorist but no matter what anyone thinks with the help of this story this mask has come to mean much more than that. Today it signifies the fight against oppression and the abuse of authority. Not a desperate fight,as shown by the smile, but a fight through sophistication and determination. A confident fight! The realization of the fact that only the people ,and the people alone have the power to decide their fates and place the power into sombody’s hands. For this reason many movements embrace this symbol as their own and it has the chance of becoming important to each and every one of us ,which no matter what the future may bring, nobody can take from you. Today behind this mask is not only flesh but an idea and ideas are bulletproof. Whether what it helped bring into the public awareness outshines this movie or not is ,of course, for you to decide my dear reader. I highly recommend that you dedicate a bit of your time to this piece of cinema nonetheless. It’s characters are deep, representing different ideologies and social standings and it’s plot is full of emotions and moments which will stay with you for a long time. I leave it for you to explore the rest of what it has to offer. If you give it a chance I guarantee it will make you do one thing. Something that a lot of people might not want you to do. Think...
  23. Today we are here to talk a little bit about a movie called A Clockwork Orange. It is based on a book by Anthony Burgess of the same name and as the title unceremoniously spoils it my ultimate goal here is to convince you to give this movie a chance! Reading that I know what question comes to your mind ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! Your question is: Why? Fear not my little droogies for all shall be reveled soon by your humble narrator. You see, A Clockwork Orange takes place in the close future. A future which will seem very retro to today’s viewer since the movie was made in 1971. The story is about a person called Alex DeLarge. Alex is ,in almost every possible way, a horrible person. One of his greatest joys in life is doing wrong. He is also fifteen years old. But hey, a little of the ol’ ultra-violence can get anybody’s blood pumping right? Despite that however Alex is a very relateable character. He is intelligent, well spoken, he enjoys classical music. He is very charismatic and his diabolical enjoyment of what he does is almost infectious. No matter how despicable the act he is committing may seem you still reluctantly cheer him on and when he falls on hard times you genuinely feel sorry for him. However, one day as most people, Alex will have to pay for his sins. This character is portrayed very well by Malcolm McDowell. His performance and director Stanley Kubrick’s direction, help you see a morally bankrupt world where the young go out to prey on others at night and where politics seems to be way to caught up in it’s own game of thrones to be able to handle to problems of the common people. A world where today’s society could very well be heading. The story of our dear Alex DeLarge however is not the only interesting thing about A Clockwork Orange. The events of the movie raise many interesting question. What is a man when his ability to make his own choices is taken away? What makes a person enjoy causing harm to others? Just how much can somebody like that ever realize the error of his ways and redeem himself? This story asks all these question and many more like them and it might just make you question yourselves ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! That is what elevates this piece of cinema above a lot of others.This story is not just about one man but an exploration of human nature in general. Asking questions about ourselves and the nature of things around us is what drives our lives forward after all ,my little droogies. And few things can make you ask questions better than good fiction. The last few things of note I’d like to mention about this movie are connected to it’s history. It was very controversial back in it’s own time. It won’t shock today’s viewer much of course, but back then this was one of the boldest and most violent movies in cinemas. Unfortunately, that led to some people trying to copy the ill chosen past times of our dear Alex in real life. That’s why Stanley Kubrick asked for this movie to not be distributed to the public in the United Kingdom and until his death it remained unavailable in that country. This is one of the events that lead to it’s relative obscurity today. You have seen Clockwork Orange parodied and/or referenced in other works of fiction (The Simpsons, South Park, Tenacious D just to name a few) countless times already ,have no doubt about that my dear reader. And you have surely felt it’s impact on our culture. A Clockwork Orange is a remarkable movie in the history of cinema which stood the test of time. I hope I managed to convince you to give it a chance my dear reader and if not I thank you for making it this far all the same. If you do decide to see „our hero’s” story through grab a glass of milk and get ready for a bit of the ol’ Ultra-Violence...
  24. Hello I have a new OC, but I have no idea for a name, OR cutiemark for her. She is my new main OC instead of Shining snow, to. So, here is a pic. I am currently working on a background for her, but for now, let me explain what I got for now. She is 18 years old, she is a pegasus, she lives in Clouds dale, she has only one friend, but she can be very mean, she is bullied, and she is sweet, calm, unpaitcent, and at moments, can be very annoying, and rude. Her favorite foods are daffidel sandwiches, and she usually trusts ponies, but then again, its hard for her to trust. So.. ya, think anyone can help Thanks!
  25. Yeah,so you can ask me stuff and I will mostly answer(but sometimes they get too erm...personal.thats about it