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Found 47 results

  1. So which do you prefer? Apple or Android? For me, it's gotta be Android all the way
  2. Which one of the two would you prefer and why?
  3. This is going to scare you, but that is exactly what the truth does. All information is directly from this website: Also, thanks to my college's Executive Director of Information Technology for making me aware of this issue through email. The following is the direct words of the website, all credit goes to them: (Quote begins) "Mobile surveillance apps and programs remain prevalent in the free apps we use every day. This problem mainly affects Android users, however jailbroken iPhones are victims as well. As of this writing, Android represents about 85% of all mobile smartphones sold worldwide. A much larger attack vector for bad actors. The main difference in Android and iPhone apps lies in the marketplaces. Google allows third party marketplaces while Apple iPhones use a store controlled by Apple (called a walled garden). All apps coming through the iTunes Store has to be approved by Apple. This has pros and cons depending on who you ask, but without doubt it gives Apple more control over the security in the apps. A jailbroken iPhone is where the owners perform an unapproved action to unlock the phone from Apple's control. This allows unapproved third party marketplaces and apps to be installed. Many Google users love the open architecture of the Android and its ability to use multiple sources for apps and content. This very openness is what opens those phones up to more security risks. There are a large number of cyber security people that are also interested in privacy. The short reason is that when you share data, use social media, allow location tracking, and allow access to your data you open yourself up to more security risks. You are creating a larger attack surface for someone to steal your ID, manipulate you, be the victim of a phish, or worse. So to me, privacy and security are related. Free apps often come with a large price tag. The ToS, also known as the Terms of Service, often give the app makers access to your private data and other information you may not be aware of. One example is Angry Birds. This popular app collected so much information that government agencies just hacked Rovio instead of hacking users to get information on private citizens, and why not? The plethora of data Angry Birds collected was impressive, all while you were shooting birds at green pigs. Some of these "free" apps can also come with surveillance software bundled in behind the scenes, secretly stealing even more information. After extensive research into current surveillance packages on the market. Here is what attackers can get from your Android phone: Turn on Microphone and Record Audio Track Device Location (Current and Historical) Record Screen Through Applications Like What's App Drop Calls From Blacklists Get Device Information (IMEI, Phone Number, Battery Life, Storage usage, Etc) Record Keystrokes (to steal passwords) Access Videos and Music Read and Delete Text Messages Retrieve Contacts Get Further Instructions So how is all this possible on an Android phone? You allow it. The phones prompt you when launching the app to give it access to this information. most users just click Yes or Okay. So to reiterate that point, this software is not an exploit. You are allowing it. Why do they get this data? So they can sell it. That is how the pay for the apps. You are not a customer, you are the product. They are selling you and your identity. So next time you want to grab a free app, think carefully." (Quote ends) That conclusion was very scary and bone-chilling. Alarming, isn't it? Well for me, it's goodbye to my Android tablet. It won't be missed. This reminds me of Facebook, how people get into your information and sell it online. Looks like it can happen on Android as well. At least we can trust Apple. How can we tell that what was said in the quote is 100% accurate? Look at your Android apps permissions, they say it all. Look at what your Android apps can do to your device. It's stupid when you think about it. Why the heck (I'm really pissed just thinking about it) would your games and apps need those stupid permissions for? Are you going to let Android hold your life in it's unprotective hands? What are your thoughts on this?
  4. Hi, Yet another drawing from me, I think I should make a art dump in some point. anyways... It took forever and I started running out of time so the quality kinda lowers from left to right, but I hope I didn't accidentally leave too much mistakes in. The android form of Sunlight came out unintentionally creepy
  5. So, I have an extra phones and came across a VR headset on eBay. These are the ones where you put your phone in and use it. I've gotten all the way to the point where I'm in a place I can see in VR, the only problem is I can't look around. My guess is iPhones use a different camera module altogether, but if y'all can can come up with a possible solution, I'm up for ideas. (Not doing hardware changes, phones aren't my specialty) Also, I'll tell you that directly installing an iPhone OS won't work, their hardware is vastly different.
  6. One of the biggest decisions in regards to buying a smart phone is what operating system is it running on. So which do you take into consideration when buying a new or used smart phone or mobile device? Do you buy an Apple iOS? Did you go for android? Subscribed to a windows operated phone? Or do you support an more independent system?
  7. Well I'm LONG overdue for a phone. I have an old Samsung sliding keyboard phone that isn't even Android. It's battery is pretty toasted and it doesn't pick up a signal as good as it used to. Anyway, I'm wondering if I should get an iPhone or Android phone next. I've used both and don't have a preference one way or the other at this point. I'm going to use it for calls, texting, and some internet use- although not too much because the small size aggravates the crap out of me being used to my multi-monitor computer setup. I will also be using apps for various devices such as a smart thermostat in my house. I'm good with technology but in general am not super interested in phones or researching them. So, what type should I get? My carrier will be Verizon. Please be useful and specific with your answers and reasons.
  8. So for the half-person who waited for my livestream, it was cancelled (whoops ). Reason? Technical errors with the sound. (Not to mention two copyright strikes for a video that wasn't up for a minute) Beside that, I've got another computer-related blog (it's the last one, probably) on the way cause . . . I GOT A NEW LAPTOP! Finally after a good 8 or so months, I finally have a computer to call my own and respect (I'm looking at you, chromebook). I'll get into the specs later. What do I do with that computer? Counter-Strike, that's it. Skin Insanity Stage 4, gotta get more skins. On the contrary, I grew sick of the Steam Guard thing so I decided to download BlueStacks, a Windows Application enabling Android Emulation. I downloaded Steam and finally finished that silly security setup (it's really dumb; who needs it?). On my way out, however, I remembered an Equestria Daily entry about a My Little Pony Gameloft game. So, instinctively, I checked it out and downloaded it. First thing you'll probably see (if you ever decide to check out Bluestacks) is that everything lags pretty bad. Even on a brand new laptop, it still lags (no surprise there). So I got to enjoy the "alternate intro" to the game. (It's Episode 1's intro, but with Twilight in it for some reason. [Also: Celestia sounds weird]) It chopped every half second, so that was enjoyable. Loading takes forever on first boot. My first boot I was greeted to a lovely loading screen that took a good 4 minutes to complete. After that, I experienced that splendid Hasbro Logo accompanied by a second loading screen for updates that took another 12 minutes. Finally, when all was good and done, I got to experience the entirety of the game. Whatever that is. The tutorial is pretty simple, give Bon Bon a home and play with Twilight a bit. I kinda wish they had an Amie game to play with the ponies you buy . . . but there's not time for that; we need to get straight to business! (And I thought the Monopoly game was bad). My Little Pony: The Game is an in-game purchase hell. Everything you do is for more money. Play a game with balls? BOOM! Gimme your 200 bits. Want Rainbow Dash to bake cupcakes? BOOM! 2000 for Dash, another 800 for the bakery! Want that super special pony that's limited only to the weekend? BOOM! GOTTA BUY A 50 DOLLAR BONUS PACKAGE INCLUDING NOTHING BUT TREES!!! At least I get the experience of Hasbro's CEO. All I'm missing is a stamp titled, "DMCA". There's really not much to say about this game. Buy the souls of your favorite characters, then buy some other characters that've never been in the show and force them to work in your mediocre bathhouses. It's pretty much the game of "Life: Brony Edition". BUY OUR TOYS; YOU CANNOT RESIST -RealityPublishing Edit: The animations are still kinda cute, though. A little awkward at times (recycled animations for every single pony), but still very, very cute.
  9. Has anyone else downloaded and tried the new MLP Puzzle Party app for phones? Just curious what you think of it so far, some hi-score and ways you could see it being improved perhaps? So far I find it a fun diversion and I can see spending some lunch breaks playing this. I am embarrassed to admit I gave an audible hooray when I found myself stuck with 1 move left and managed a game board clearing parasprite combo in the last moment. I got a few looks for that one let me tell you.
  10. Since I bought my LG G2 last year, I discovered the potential of USB On-The-Go technology(The Ability to hook up a USB device to my smartphone like a USB Flash Drive). I bought a USB-to-MicroUSB adapter so I can hook up whatever to my Smartphone. I tried hooking up an External USB Hard Drive to my computer and it works like a charm(To truly read from the Hard Drive, you'll need ES File Explorer) However, I wanna go beyond that. I'm thinking about picking up a USB-OTG Hub(Maybe one with Slimport since, if I want to view my phone on a big screen without Google Chromecast, I have to use Slimport over MHL). Has anyone ever experimented with something like this on their phones?
  11. Hey everypony! We want to share with you our game called Little Running Pony, which made with love and magic of friendship by bronies for bronies. This game is a cool 3D runner. Short list of features: Random obstacle A cool 3D graphics Bonuses (magnet, dynamite, watch, booster, score multiplier and coins multiplier) Quest (5 collect apples and get extra coins) Clothing Store (expected new collections) 23 different ponies Leaderboards Achievements Landscape and portrait screen orientation You play as a little pony running on the roof (there will be more different levels soon), dodging random obstacles on your way, so each time the route will be slightly different. Your goal is to run as far as possible and collect as many gold coins. You can spend coins to buy new ponies and clothes in the store. There are 23 different ponies available now. You can earn more coins collecting apples! Gathered for the first time five apples, you get 500 extra coins, and if you play every day, reward gets bigger! There are some bonuses, that will help you to run: Magnet - attracts coins near you. Dynamite - blows up nearest obstacles, helping you to run and collect coins safely. Clock - slows down time, allowing you to dodge obstacles or choose better way when you’re moving fast. Booster - accelerates you to greater speed and makes it possible to pass through obstacles. Coins multiplier - doubles the number of coins that you collect. Score multiplier - doubles your score while bonus is active. All bonuses are time limited, so hurry up to take advantage of them! Also there are leaderboards and achievements, you can compete with your friends! Collect all achievements first! Development of the game began in 2014, at the beginning it was a small fan-made project without claim to originality. But it turned that the game is original and it became popular, despite the fact that the game was bad. But thanks to its popularity, we are making it better. Last update had a Halloween theme, the main innovation consists in the fact that now there is a clothing store. There is a variety of coats, hats, masks, false mustache, vampire teeth, hooves. Also Halloween decorated level. Now we are making update, where we had already completely redesigned graphics (but this is still roof), added new clothes, also we are improving performance, gameplay will become much more interesting, will add something new and finally we’ll fix all bugs. You can help the development if you tell us here what do you like or dislike in this game, maybe offer interesting ideas on the development of the game. Also, you really help if rate the game with 5 stars, and leave a nice review! This will allow us to make future updates quicker and better, and begin to develop Little Running Pony 2, which will be 200% cooler, because there will be amazing graphics, awesome gameplay and unprecedented features still not found in any Runner. Download: Game on Google Play
  12. While I do enjoy using Corel Painter Mobile, I'm thinking about moving on since it doesn't support 300ppi. And I was wondering where I can find a great painting app that allows me to paint in 300ppi.
  13. Am I pretty much of a hater of android? I mean, why are there so few android haters out there like me? I am pretty annoyed why people think the iOS suck. I love iOS. And I tried Android and it was a piece of garbage. I don't want to be alone here. I hate it when people go hating the iOS. It is even born 2 years before Android did. Am I the only Anti-Android here? Android sucks
  14. Hey everypony! For anypony who is familiar with the game Cards against Humanity, there is a free app on the google play store and the apple app store called evil apples that is basically an identical copy of the game! It is certainly not meant for the younger kids, but I think it would be super cool if we could play a game with bronies! I'll post the link to my game and if anyone wants to join then download the app and let's play! Game link:
  15. (I'm surpised this hasn't yet been posted) Calling all Pokémon bronies! The newest "evolution" in the Pokémon franchise is coming in 2016! UPDATE: Japan, Sept. 17th 2015 N. America, Nov 20th 2015 Europe, early 2016 I'm about as psyched as you can get. This is it folks, this feels like what Pokémon has been leading up too, the natural progression if you will. Let's discuss! Have any thoughts, feelings, or guesses?
  16. Requirements: -A Computer -A USB charger cord -ES File Explorer (free app from the google Play Store) On Your PC: Step 1: Find a short .mp3 file by downloading one from the Internet. Step 2: Plug your phone into your computer using the USB cord. Step 3: Locate the mp3 file on your computer and your phone. Step 4: Open a new window and go to Computer\[Your Phone]\Phone\Music Step 5: Drag the short mp3 file into the music folder. On Your Android: Step 1: If you haven't already, install the ES File Explorer app, this can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store. Step 2: Go to Settings>My Device>Sound>Default notification sound Step 3: Tap 'Default notification sound', then when it says "Complete action using", tap ES File Explorer (choose 'just once'). Step 4: Tap 'Music', then the mp3 file you want. Now you're done! If you have any problems with this, or want to ask me something, simply comment below and I'll respond as soon as I can, thanks!
  17. Is there an app? If not will there ever be one? If not can i convince you to make it a thing?
  18. You Know What Happens When I Get Bored At The Forums. Just kiding,you can post whatever Phone You Own I Currently Own An Iphone 5,but i prefer Android more -_-
  19. Hey, I'm looking for ponies to join my alliance in the game Modern War on mobile devices... im also looking for new PvP games to play with other ponies.... sooo if you play modern war join my alliance .. My alliance name is "EryPonyGettinWrcked" , and my Invite code is 712759359... hope to see some of ya join me.. and together PONIES SHALL RULE THE WORLD AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ^.^
  20. Hi, everyone! I would like to introduce to you a new pony-based game called Spottyback the Unicorn: Endless Escape. As you can guess from the name, it's an endless runner for Android devices where you're supposed to help a unicorn protagonist called Spottyback on the escape from the dark kingdom. It’s not related to MLP universe but might be interesting to MLP fans. The gameplay's a typical endless runner - you jump the platforms, collect gems, pick up power-ups, unlock achievements and shoot the bad guys. The gems can be exchanged for upgrades and extra visual options for the character. The game is a nice time killer and is completely free save for a couple of advertisement banners (which may be disabled for a small fee). Download link:
  21. EDIT: fixed 'ransom' typo From the readme: First, install Droidscript from an Android app store. Open the spk file. From there, you can make a shortcut to directly run You Are SO Random from the home screen. This repo contains the Javascript source code, but it will be available already, should you wish to add features to the random search besides minimum word count. At the start, you will have the chance to log in to your account. Then can you shelve your serendipitous stories for further fanatical feasting or dutiful downloading! Cheers, Sideburn Etic _____________________________________________ Changelings are nothing more than oxytocin-powered 3D printers.
  22. Hey everyone. Just curious as to who here has played the BIT.TRIP series. It's a series of indie games first released on the Nintendo WIi (later released on iOS, Android, NIntendo 3DS, and Steam). The six main games in the series are: BIT.TRIP Beat - hit "beats" with a Pong-style paddle in time with music, BIT.TRIP Core - hit "beats" with a laser that can shoot in four directions, BIT.TRIP Void - collect and "bank" black beats and avoid white beats, BIT.TRIP Runner - run, jump, slide and kick obstacles and collect gold, BIT.TRIP Fate - rail shooter / bullet-hell, and BIT.TRIP Flux - reprise of Beat with elements of the other games included. The games together tell the story of the birth, life and death of a character known as Commander Video. The story is told through a series of cutscenes between levels, and partly in the highly abstract and symbolic gameplay itself. It's quite deep and profound, it has at least one meta-story in it (in my opinion, the series is a commentary and celebration of the video game industry as a whole), and it's surprisingly difficult. I love it, personally. Curious to know what others think of it.
  23. The MLP Gameloft app I have on my Android device crashes after the "Hasbro Gaming" screen. Sometimes it makes it to the loading screen then crashes. I've worked so hard on this game, and I've been playing ever since I got my tablet. I don't want to have to restart the whole game, especially considering the fact that I am but a few gems away from getting Rainbow Dash. Also, my dad has a password lock on the tablet and he refuses to let me buy gems. The customer service lady wasn't very helpful. All she did was tell me to go to their support site. So I did, and I haven't got any response yet. Can someone PLZ help me fix my problem?
  24. I have just finished my finals and I have a ton of free time. So, I decided to resume playing Deemo. If you don't know what it is, It's a rhythm game on iOS and Android devices. It utilizes the touch screen to play the game as if you are playing a piano. I good and neat rhythm game in my opinion. I have all of the tracks currently available and my favorite song is... Wings of piano by V.K. Favorite Composer is also V.K. Favorite Collection is, no surprise, V.K's. I love that guy! His songs are sooo good! <3 If you played Deemo, what is your favorite song, favorite collection and favorite composer?