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Found 21 results

  1. I couldn't find a fan club of him, so I thought I'd change that. Welcome to the Angel Bunny club. A thread dedicated to Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel. Yes, he can be a dick at times, to my waifu. But you know...he's always there for her when she needs him. He also pushes her when she needs to be pushed (Hurricane Fluttershy). I know she'd be devastated if anything happened to him...."Castle Mane-ia" anyone? So I wanna show some love for the little guy. Because I love Fluttershy <3 Go have some fun! Post anything Angel related. As long as it's within forum rules, of course.
  2. Note: This review has been edited to clean up and add more content, and credits go to comments by Sloppy Steve, The Dragon Warlock, and TwilightIsMagic for it. Yes, it's true. Real-life snakes can’t eat vegan; they're obligate carnivorous, so they can't digest vegetables in real life. Wolves are also primarily carnivorous, though do eat vegetation at times. If the animals behaved they do here, then yes, having carnivores eat vegan food here would be animal abuse. However, the episode makes a very clear distinction that puts the onus on the animals there, and does so in two ways.  No animal here behaves like those in real life. They may not talk and act animalistic at times, but they can communicate with those who can talk very well, think, and act sapient. This is especially the case when she talks to Antoine the Snake (as he's very recipient to Fluttershy's words and requests), Scout the Flamingo, and Zecora's "gecko." During the predator/prey support group, Fluttershy proposes an important rule in the sanctuary that everyone (including Antoine) agreed to: no eating other animals inside. From this support group, this isn't the first time carnivores or omnivores tried to eat other animals, and FS's gathering is to get everyone to cooperate and get along. The sanctuary is a safe space for ALL animals big or small. The surrounding ecosystem doesn't have this rule. Another controversy is regarding Zecora's use in the episode. After reading posts by The Dragon Warlock and TwilightIsMagic on EQD, I posted this in the episode discussion and then a followup after doubting some of the criticism from both them and I. From the following, these criticisms still hold up. Even though Zecora had no idea at the time that both Angel and Fluttershy swapped bodies or Angel caused massive problems at the sanctuary, it still doesn't excuse her leaving Angel out to run in the dangerous Everfree Forest alone. Understanding how Zecora once caught Swamp Fever and then got nearly eaten by a roc, she should've known better than to just leave "Angel" be. At least carry him back into the heart of Ponyville before letting "him" go. Zecora should've warned them what the potion would do. Yes, she can talk in riddles at times, and when you listen to them more and more carefully, you understand them, and she warned them to take it alone and at home. But by not telling them what would happen to them if they drank them, they get caught in a massive surprise. Alerting them of the consequences would lessen that surprise, make her less of a troll, and give them some input on how to fix it. Until the middle of the second act, Flutterbunny assumed Z erred, only to realize it wasn't the case after their meeting. If her wink says anything, her potion intended to swap their bodies until they figure out they each contributed to the conflict. The rest of the criticisms I had of her plan, both of its construction and implications? Hogwash. There is another here, too. Bunny!Fluttershy's inability to alert both Twilight and Spike that her body got swapped was supposed to indicate how hopeless it is for her to solve it with help. No one knows about the swap, and without a voice, she can't tell others. However, that helplessness could've been clearer to the audience and not relied on not wondering if using The Stare (which she used successfully on Angel earlier) would get others to notice. The rest of the episode, however, is character-driven gold, and their interactions with each other and their environments as both themselves and swapped bodies contributed to the plot, particularly in the humor and drama. Back in Putting Your Hoof Down, Angel had not only his worst appearance of the show by far, but also arguably the worst appearance of any character in the whole show. Yes, Angel isn't exactly the nicest and most patient, but it really took him to the next level, making him a massive, abusive, out-of-character brat in order to get what he wants. While this episode doesn't directly connect to that episode at all, his brattiness returns. Unlike the former (and his desire for a salad made exactly the way he wanted), the episode gets the audience to understand his position in a few ways. Fluttershy focused all her time on the animal sanctuary and classes that she spends no more quality time with him at all, and it shows in the open. As she stays focused on the task at hand, he wants her to give him some level of attention, but keeps getting ignored. During this exchange, Fluttershy utters a crucial line, which I'll further get to later. After Fluttershy gives Angel a little "carrot-based" idea, he decides to get her attention by disrupting the support group and starting a massive fight, disheveling both Fluttershy and himself. During the brawl, Dr. Fauna explains to Zecora that FS is able to keep the "chaos" under control despite Angel's shenanigans. Of course, Zecora believes things are worse than they look, observes how tension's boiling over, and believes the problem must be solved quickly before it becomes worse. After spotting Fluttershy messaging the "gecko's" sore back, he asks her to message his own in an attempting to get attention, only to be rejected in favor of her responsibilities, and this rejection happens at least twice (the latter one equipped with Fluttershy snapping back and Angel hopping away, upset). Why does Angel mock her in front of Zecora? Because he's frustrated with her spending all of her time with everything else. This culminates to his hasty decision to disobey Zecora and take the potion out in the open. Just prior, Fluttershy wanted to be with him and then immediately felt self-pressured to complete her task. Notice the change in Angel's face from celebratory to concerned to fed up as she showed more and more worry. This doesn't make Fluttershy innocent, though. Recall the "crucial line": …and said with a sly smirk. Thanks to that line, Fluttershy suggests she sees his actions as spoiled only. When he tries to get her attention, she yells at him, catching the attention of Dr. Fauna. Yes, she immediately regrets it, but it only restarts inside the storage closet. When he wants to taste the carrot concentrate, she's at her wit's end, accusing him of not taking her occupation seriously and wasting her time, culminating with equal growls towards each other. Right after they switch bodies, the first thing Flutterbunny instructs Angelshy is to "do her chores" while she hops to Zecora's hut, thinking this body swap was unintentional. Yes, Angelshy acted like a brat and used his newfound physique to poke fun at the Ponyvillagers, but Fluttershy getting her under her control only added to the tension between them. Grabbing his tail, stomping the ground, and applying The Stare only fueled his belief of her being "bossy" and animosity toward the other animals at sanctuary. Why does FS's small gesture matter? Because it symbolizes her core judgment to the conflict. Up to this point, she accused Angel of not taking her responsibilities seriously; by literally handwaving, she's suggesting Angel is being spoiled and lazy because he lived with her all her life, and by asking for attention, he's only caring for himself. And, yes, that's true. He doesn't take her job seriously. However, that literal handwave also admits hypocrisy by implicating that she doesn't take him seriously. Unlike PYHD, neither side is in the right from the very beginning. Both of them have streaks of not being nice to one another. Yes, they want to get along and be family, but neither believe they're being listened to, yet only worsen matters by not listening to each other. They oversimplify the opposite's conflict and treat their own as more important. This equal unpleasantness also helped fuel the comedy, especially Angelshy's reaction to the environment and FS's other relationships. Some examples include: Getting very giddy after smelling carrots from Berry Punch's basket. Having initial trouble running to the water fountain. And eventually giving up. Angel bossing Sandra around. Never piss off Angel! The best one, of course, is this: Angel's observant around his environments, FS's extended friendships (namely with the draconequus), and is mocking her for it. And for anyone barfing at the shipteasing, it's not like Confalone hasn't done it before. So why did Zecora come up with this body-swapping potion? Because she forethought the very source of the conflict and concluded that the only way everything will truly return to normal is to make them understand their own positions and see it themselves. Given how they treated each other throughout the first half, the lesson they were going to learn was gonna be tough, and Confalone really showed it. Thanks to not having a voice in Angel's body, FS can't properly communicate with anyone beside Angel himself. Her sign language to Twilight, Spike, and later Zecora becomes untranslatable. On her way into the Everfree, her breath begins to shorten, she starts losing her bounce, and barely escaped from a hungry bald eagle. Seeing as she doesn't take him seriously, Angel takes FS's sanctuary job less seriously, too. Rather than focus on the assigned job, he uses his newfound status to gain revenge on Sandra and become as lazy as Rainbow Dash from 246G, such as letting the storage keys stay lodged in Murial's sore trunk, not reminding Scout the Flamingo to shift his legs, and giving Zecora's "gecko" Antoine's cookies. Again, the fact that Angel's jerkish behavior is to be expected along with a grain of sympathy allows us to stomach his actions. Angel's neglect over taking care of her sanctuary led to massive chaos inside, made Dr. Fauna extremely upset over "Fluttershy" for being so ignorant of the animals' wellbeing (great voice-acting, BTW), and made all the animals distrust Angel after he found out he needed to get the keys out from Murial (who was now dissolving inside Antoine's stomach). (And on an unrelated note, Sloppy Steve from EQD made a great point about the "nuanced" storytelling here. The episode could've just let the biology of the predators go after Fluttershy satisfied Antoine's hunger. Instead, his predatory instincts kicked in after Angel took his treat away for the hungry "gecko" — or shall I say, fire lizard — and swallowed his prey whole, just like a real snake.) If Fluttershy was still a pegasus, she would've been able to fly back to the sanctuary without breaking a sweat. But because she's 1/10 the size, she spends a lot of energy hopping and becomes extremely exhausted and dehydrated once she returns. At this point, Angel realizes what he had done, regretted mistreating Fluttershy, and understood how hard it was for FS to work helping the animals in the sanctuary. It took getting the prey and predators to trust him, work together, and dislodge the keys just to take the carrot concentrate out, but carrying that heavy jar without spilling it zapped a lot of strength out from him. Once Flutterbunny wakes up and feels energetic, they share a magnificent heart to heart. No matter how tough the times may be toward each other, they care for each other, and we see it through their contrition, appreciation for what they do for each other, and around them. From now on, they won't take each other for granted. Beyond the lessons Angel and Fluttershy learned, there are a lot of really interesting bits. The episode further establishes not only the responsibilities Fluttershy has in the school, but also in the sanctuary. Between teaching, taking care of Angel, and running the sanctuary, it takes a lot of willpower to get through all of it. This is the very first episode since the School opened to deal with anyone juggling through very stressful jobs and how neglecting one causes a chain reaction. Often, bodyswap episodes will have the voices change along with the bodies, like Carpet Diem from Gravity Falls. That doesn't happen here; their bodies change, but not the mind or voices. By doing this, STtA must rely on the animation and voice acting to convince the audience Angel and Fluttershy swapped. Libman, DHX, and Top Draw did an outstanding job here, and you can tell they all had a world of fun. With Angel in Fluttershy's body, she doesn't talk all that mellowly. When Angel's in her body, Libman's tone's sharper, hoarse, rude, and louder to make it sound more youthful and "masculine." Thanks to his obsession for carrots, smelling them makes him sound excited and rebellious. From the animation point of view, Fluttershy as Angel might've been a little tougher to sell, since she can't speak. But she knew him ever since he was born, so she can utilize the very same language as Angel when he's a bunny. That communication works with Angel, but not anyone else. Plus, as mentioned before, she quickly fatigued from all the jumping, a limit Angel's more aware of than her. As always, Fluttershy has a way with animals, understanding the need to nurture them and remain patient. Grown out of her timid shell, she exudes authority while simultaneously earning respect and trust from the animals and Dr. Fauna. The episode establishes how impactful the animal sanctuary has been to Fauna since opening: Thanks to all the room for them to roam and heal, her job's not so stressful anymore. Of course, she lends lots of credit to Fluttershy, saying the sanctuary would be a "zoo" without her, foreshadowing the Freaky Friday-like swap to end Act 1. Since the second season, DHX toyed with pegasi/alicorn wings becoming secondary hands. She Talks to Angel doesn't go mad about it like Parental Glideance (and the winged hands were one of the best parts of the episode), but it did one key moment: Taking care of those animals was a big deal that Angel took for granted. Her matted hair and wrinkle under her eyes proved how much Angel's attitude pushed her close to breaking. Holding her right wing out and pointing at her list — which she held with the other — reminds him she is the authority figure and desperately wants him to listen to her. There's some to dislike, but a lot to like. She Talks to Angel resolves Angel's jerkiness from PYHD, intertwines the animal sanctuary quite well, and is the second-best Fluttershy episode of the show.
  3. Good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Well today I have good news and bad news. The good news is that this review shouldn't be all that long, but the bad news is it probably won't be that long because I thought this episode overall was just... eh, OK. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing either, and I've seen far better episodes before about Fluttershy becoming more assertive or gaining confidence. But let's not go over all of that here, instead, let's dive on into the full review itself, this is "Fluttershy Leans In." So last week's episode, "Rock Solid Friendship's," biggest flaw was Pinkie Pie with a ton of OOC behavior, and while that was a BIG problem, the episode as a whole was still very likable. This episode, while it didn't have such a glaring flaw, had a bigger issue with the episode as a whole that brought it down to being just an OK episode: a contrived conflict. Now it wasn't the need for an animal sanctuary that was the problem, uh-uh, but rather the issues that arose on the way there. Frankly, it just felt entirely unnecessary that the three "experts" that the Mane 6 recommended to Fluttershy to bring in to help build her dream animal sanctuary be brought in in the first place; the only one of them who had any kind of expertise with animals in the first place was Wrangler, but even her talent for animal enclosures and herding had virtually nothing to do with building an animal sanctuary. Hard Hat it should have been pretty clear only knew how to construct buildings and nothing else, and it seems like a landscaper or exterior designer of some kind would have been a far better choice to help than him. And finally I have no idea what Dandy Grandeur was even doing there; it's not that the animal sanctuary didn't end up having interior "structures" or features of some kind, but I have no idea why Fluttershy or Rarity would have thought a guy who clearly seemed to know nothing but high end interior design would have anything worthwhile to contribute to an animal sanctuary project. So when Fluttershy got mad at all three of them, I really didn't find myself getting mad at them either; if anything, Fluttershy kind of came off as douchey when she did because she just shouldn't have let them get involved in the first place. Wrangler, Hard Hat, and Dandy Grandeur at one point before anything even began all seemed to know they didn't know what they were doing in this project, when they shared very nervous glances with one another. But they tried to help anyway because they were happy to help a friend of Applejack, Pinkie Pie, or Rarity, respectively, so it's not like there was any malicious intent behind their buck ups, they just shouldn't have been brought in to help at all in the first place. Frankly the Mane 6 deserved more of Fluttershy's ire than these new ponies did; the new supporting characters largely didn't know Fluttershy at all and were just doing what they knew how to do best, so technically as far as what they're good at, they were putting their best hoof forward. The Mane 6, on the other hoof, kind of seemed to dump off helping Fluttershy on these three, and not only did that lead to all of these issues, but it was completely unnecessary and avoidable in the first place. The Mane 6 when they work all together are more than capable of tackling a project like this, and as the episode ended up showing, in the end, that's all that was needed. Fluttershy had a clear vision of what she wanted, and all they needed to do was follow her lead and give her the manpower she needed to bring it to life. It was gratifying when we got to see Fluttershy lecture the other five at the end when they almost pulled the same crap that Wrangler, Hard Hat, and Dandy Grandeur did, but really she should have been even angrier at them. I mean, she left things off with those other three badly, and for all we know they might be on bad terms with Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity too now, and once again, this was all avoidable if the Mane 6 had just offered to help Fluttershy instead themselves in the first place! So overall, I just really didn't buy into the primary conflict in this episode. It was contrived and completely avoidable, it's only purpose was to force Fluttershy to be more assertive (which she has done plenty of already in past seasons and in far better episodes that taught such a lesson far more effectively), and it felt forced to the point that I just didn't feel like picking sides like the episode wanted me to. So as I said earlier, while Pinkie Pie was REALLY bad last week, I honestly felt like the contrived conflict that affected this entire episode brought this episode down far more than Pinkie did in last week's episode. Eheheheheh, ya sure ya want us getting involved? I mean, just so you know, we may not know anything about what you want us helping you out with, but OK, if you insist that this plot goes where it will inevitably go if we stay involved, fine, we'll play along until it blows up in your face. Also, can we please get more of Wrangler at least? I don't know why, but I just really dug her design, the colors, the clothes, it all just worked for me. Other than a really contrived and forced conflict, the rest of the episode was largely harmless. Besides how her assertive moments felt forced and needless, Fluttershy was very sweet and I really thought the best trait of hers on display in this episode was her kindness and how that translated into a beautiful dream becoming a reality. My biggest takeaway was that her kindness, her love for all her animal friends, was what kept driving her, even when things got difficult, to finally make her dream of building an animal sanctuary a reality, and it was great seeing those simple, basic elements of Fluttershy on full display here. Also it was pretty hilarious that it was her fault that all these animals were overrunning Dr. Fauna's clinic in the first place because she just couldn't help but recommend her to all her animal friends that she met all over Equestria. Talk about word-of-mouth getting out of control. Dr. Fauna was actually quite delightful, and like Nurse Redheart a couple of episodes ago, it was really nice seeing her in such an expanded role so unexpectedly. She didn't contribute to the problem at all, in fact like I said it was really Fluttershy's fault that she had too many patients to handle in the first place, and she clearly loved animals about as much as Fluttershy did, it's just her expertise was more directly about animal health itself rather than their overall care like Fluttershy's is. In fact, as far as new elements in this episode go, I'd say she was my favorite one; I know she wasn't a new character, but it was just nice seeing the writers so positively utilizing a supporting character in Ponyville when so often the Mane 6's problems either revolve around themselves or supporting characters are just there for comedic gags. This time the Mane 6 helped make a permanent change to Ponyville that benefited the entire town, and one resident of Ponyville in particular, because she and her animal patients needed their help and intervention. I honestly wish we saw more often the Mane 6 helping out Ponyville residents like that as part of their episode lessons, it'd just be a nice, simple way to get more of the entire town involved in their adventures. The return of Big Daddy McColt was quite a bit of fun as well, (though it did beg the question even more as to why Fluttershy didn't just bring him in in the first place since she knew he had expertise that could actually aid her in this endeavor, thereby further undermining the contrived conflict of this episode, but I digress), and it was great to see him paying the help that Fluttershy and Twilight had given him and his family in the first place forward with kindness of his own. So kudos DHX on both Dr. Fauna and Big Daddy McColt, this is exactly how you should be handling supporting characters in the show and involving them in it! Now that's a brohoof I never thought I'd see in this show The animals throughout the episode were pretty cute overall. I did get quite a laugh out of Angle Bunny hurting himself in, of all things, a bucking parkour accident, and even better still being a rotten bastard to everyone afterwards. I shouldn't be so happy about this, but I am... ...and that is why. Most of the animals in Dr. Fauna's office were cute, but two things did bug me. First, that bear was a cheap, knockoff Harry the Bear and had nowhere close to the amount of swagger that Harry does; he was just a freeloading bum in Dr. Fauna's office and when you have a great bear like Harry already, why even both introducing another one when you know he'll be nowhere near as awesome as Harry is? I mean, seriously, get a load of this bum! You ain't Harry, ya cheap knockoff!!! Second, the giraffe was cute in design, but her presence there was very confusing to me. Equestria is a world where we know that a number of animals are sapient; cows can talk and seem to have their own communities, or to even live among ponies (we've seen them buying stuff in Ponyville before but also seen them in dairy farms, but perhaps that's what they do as their jobs), and even sheep, despite being herd animals, can talk (though we haven't really seen that since Season 1, possibly because the writers don't want to raise anymore uncomfortable questions with it by even bringing them up again). I was wrong earlier that giraffes are related to horses, they actually really aren't, but nonetheless I kind of always thought that if they were ever introduced, giraffes would be sapient animals too. Heck, this giraffe's head resembled a pony's (at least by the show's own animation) so closely (she even had eyes like a ponies with the typical eyelashes they use to denote a female character) that it was downright bizarre not hearing this character talk. So I guess giraffes are just "animals-animals" by Equestrian standards now, but I still find that bizarre. Heck, I don't even know what to think about goats anymore; when we first saw them, sure, they didn't talk, but they were clearly assisting Iron Will with his show, which included running electronics and stage equipment, and yet since then we've seen them treated more and more like they too are "animals-animals" in this world. I guess my bottom line is that in this episode, Equestrian biology and how the animal kingdom works in Equestria just got even more confusing for me. I am so confused! Ah well, at least this episode had a super adorable sloth in it! Sloths make everything better, always, like, not even joking, they just do. And her name was Lola, too!!! Uh, Fluttershy, you, uh, you got something on your leg, there... Finally, while I did have my beef with the Mane 6 as far as the overall conflict goes, besides that they were fine. They really should have just helped Fluttershy build her animal sanctuary in the first place, but they made up for it in the end at least, and it's not like their hearts were ever in the wrong spot. I did think some of the "emotional" moments they had when Fluttershy was describing her dream were a bit forced (like, we get it, you love Fluttershy, but you don't have to be on the brink of tears just because she has an awesome dream and is super cute describing it), but overall this was one of their first group episodes (at least in some parts) this season, and I'm always happy to see them all working together towards something as a group, even if it was only for some of this episode. As I've said throughout this review, the animal sanctuary was a really cool idea and it was really neat seeing Fluttershy make such a cool dream a reality. But as a whole, this episode was just OK; there wasn't really anything infuriating about it, but too much of it was too forced and needless for me to really care about this episode either. I guess in that respect I'm OK with how Pinkie was in last week's episode since, even though I hated parts of it, I at least cared about her performance. I will always take something I care about, whether I love it or hate it, over something I'm just plain apathetic about. Still, an OK episode is still one worth checking out, and this one is definitely worth checking out for Fluttershy and her awesome animal sanctuary alone. That's all I've got for ya'll this week everypony; next week my review may be a little late since I'm visiting my girlfriend on Saturday when we both take a trip to Lansing, but I promise to get it up as soon as I can. Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* I have no idea how I missed this face during the episode, but this face is AMAZING!
  4. How did Angel Wings and Angel Bunny get their names? If angels exist in the poniverse, they'd just be pegasi with halos and possibly no ability to walk on clouds.
  5. Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Watch out, watch out, watch out! Listen! Listen! Listen! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! He- SHUT UP, NAVI, I'M GETTING TO THE REVIEW, OK!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! We had ourselves a nice one today, very nice indeed; Fluttershy's first starring role since the start of the season, and my oh my was it a nice one indeed. "Flutter Brutter" has the distinction of being a very commendable episode despite having an EXTRAORDINARILY annoying character in it. Without further ado, let's begin and take a look, shall we? Wanna see how assertive I can really be? So for me, by far the best element of this episode was Fluttershy. This is a fantastic example of how you do continuity in character development correctly. As a firstborn son and older brother myself, I had no trouble at all, whatsoever, believing that she had a history with her brother (obviously that's not to say I have a bad relationship with my little sister, she's amazing, just saying that I totally believed that she was Zephyr Breeze's big sister from personal experience, her interactions with him felt very natural and sibling-like). On top of that, we both learned where Fluttershy got her timid-to-a-fault nature from (and dear me, her parents did not do themselves or her any favors with those personalities of theirs) and also got to see her current, far more assertive personality juxtaposed beside her parents, who were representative of what she used to be like. It was GREAT, and really highlighted the extent that her character has developed since Season 1 (seems like just yesterday she was afraid of her own shadow). At no point did she take Zephyr's crap, at no point did she back down, and at no point did Fluttershy compromise who she was. She just tried to be a good big sister and dole out some much-needed tough love to her little brother, through and through. In earlier seasons, that might've been a Mary Sue performance, but not here, not after six seasons. This was Fluttershy taking six seasons of lessons learned about how to be a stronger mare than she ever thought she could be and applying it to someone who she loved but also knew desperately needed to change their life. Fluttershy ain't having any of your B.S. Oh, I do NOT like the look of this guy! Now as for Zephyr, I'm actually mixed, but not because he was annoying. Oh no, don't get me wrong, he was, but that worked perfectly fine for what they were doing here. My sole problem is that while this episode worked perfectly fine as a story about his character, I don't think that it's particularly applicable to a real-world scenario. Now obviously there are people out there who struggle with simply trying something, people afraid of failure to the point that they never try at all, people who have trouble seeing things through. But that said, Zephyr took it to a whole other level. He was so insufferable, so annoying, so obnoxious, so narcissistic, so completely incompetent for 90% of the episode that he felt more like a parody of someone who could have these problems than a portrayal of them. Again, that worked here. I delighted in hating him, it was quite fun. And I didn't think his turnaround was too sudden either; he seemed to be taking good baby steps at the end, and he still obviously has to find a job and a place of his own before he can say he's really independent and in control of his life. But like I said, I don't think anyone is going to watch this episode and go, "Wow, that guy's just like me," because I don't think anyone could possibly come close in the slightest to being as annoying as he was. So overall, he worked in the show, but that's it. Not gonna lie, kinda sad this didn't happen Still a better mane-style than his stupid man bun... also, ENJOY GOING BALD IN YOUR 40s, ZEPHYR, IF YOU KEEP UP THAT MANECUT! Besides that, this episode was very nicely paced and covered quite a few places for a slice of life episode. We went to Cloudsdale, Ponyville, Twilight's Castle, Fluttershy's house, Carousel Boutique, and got to see a ton of faces. Fluttershy's parents did not disappoint and it was easy to see how both of their children grew up with the personal problems that they did as a result of both parents not being very assertive themselves. I actually really liked that the show did not beat around the bush and pretend it wasn't their fault; oftentimes parent characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus who are just there to cheer their children on in animated TV shows, but it was quite clear that the root of both Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze's problems was their parents not being assertive at all. Rainbow Dash was also quite delightful as well; this is one of the first times I've ever seen where she actually felt like a wingmare to Fluttershy and she was totally supportive of her from start to finish, but not in a patronizing way. Her running gag with Zephyr hitting on her incessantly in the most obnoxious way he possibly could (by constantly insisting that she was the one infatuated with him) was hilarious and had a gratifying conclusion when we saw that Rainbow had gotten to zap Zephyr more than a few times with lightning, and it was cool too getting to see more confirmation that she grew up as friends with Fluttershy in Cloudsdale, and also that she was as aware as anypony else was that Zephyr was an annoying twat. Son, she is one step away from slapping you with a sexual-harassment suit and filing for a restraining order... CUT IT OUT!!! Oh, and there was also a song... that kind of came out of nowhere. It was a perfectly fine song, not amazing, but good. It just really had no set up. One second Rainbow Dash is talking, the next second Fluttershy's singing. So... yeah, that happened. Dinky, that's not your mom! Go on and find Derpy now, I'm sure she's got some muffins for you Next Zephyr Breeze episode: he fails so badly at being a mane therapist that he throws it all away and becomes the Joker... but then he sucks at that too Overall, this was an episode that could have been awful. They really could have done this lesson and new character wrong, but I'm glad to say that that simply was not the case. Fluttershy was portrayed fantastically, Zephyr was what he needed to be, it was great finally getting to see Fluttershy's family and also learn that, even though her parents were perfectly lovely, that did NOT mean that their family life was all hunky-dory and in tip top shape. I will admit that I just want to chop that stupid looking man-bun (or is it stallion-bun?) off of Zephyr's head... and possibly his head too... but that's beside the point. The point is, this was great, and Fluttershy had a smashing good first episode of the season.
  6. Hello everypony, and welcome to a super special spoooooooookkkkyyyyyy edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! First of all, a Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night to you all (and to any of my fellow Lutherans out there, Happy Reformation Day as well! ). That out of the way, let's dive into Episode 21 of Season 5, "Scaremaster"! Overall, I don't have a lot to say about this one. Not cause it wasn't fun or didn't have a good message, oh no, I liked it on both of those counts, but I suppose it wasn't quite as... fresh, if you will, as say last week's episode was. This was a wonderful episode, but a somewhat predictable one as well, at least once it was clear what the issue is. Basically, the episode was an extended version of this: You may think that's an exaggeration, but not really. So what was going on here? Well, Fluttershy, as we all know, hates Nightmare Night. Like, a lot. It's really never been her cup of tea, and she generally as a rule of thumb just spends the night literally hiding under her bed. With her animal friends. Including Harry the Bear. So what goes wrong this year? Angel Bunny, that's what. Because of course he would. Yes, poor Flutters has to go out and about on Nightmare Night after Angel Bunny demands she pick him up some carrots, and for the first half of the episode she basically has a panic attack. Even after she finds her friends and tries her best to celebrate the holiday with them, nothing really works out for her. She just seems too uncomfortable with the notion of a holiday dedicated to scary things and ponies scaring each other. Oddly enough, Angel Bunny eventually steps up and helps her find a solution... of sorts. She ends up, with the help of her animal friends, delivering the biggest scare of the night to her friends, but also comes to the conclusion that, really, this holiday just isn't for her, and she's OK with that. She sees that it really is a fun night, but at the same time something she just doesn't want to be a part of. She's happy, her friends are happy, all ends well. We all probably knew this already, but this episode pretty much confirmed that this bunny is, in fact, the devil incarnate as a tiny, fuzzy mammal with big ears If there's one critique I have of this episode, it's that the message is a bit confused at times and the entire episode is pretty by-the-books as far as a Fluttershy episode goes. Fluttershy has deep insecurity about something and needs her friends help to overcome it, we have seen this MANY times before, and executed much better. Not that this wasn't an issue, oh no, we've known since Season 2 that Fluttershy has a big problem with Nightmare Night. But there were bits in the first half of the episode that were just ludicrous, namely when Fluttershy kept questioning whether something horrible would happen if she tried to partake in some games with her friends (seriously, that scene was kind of asinine, I've never seen Fluttershy overthink something THAT MUCH! Even Twilight rarely goes to those lengths, and she's far more OCD than Fluttershy ). Also, even though I understood that Fluttershy was content with not partaking in Nightmare Night at the end of the episode, it was a bit confusing just what exactly she thought of the holiday from then on. Like, it seemed like she understood the appeal and thus was less bothered by it, and I know she doesn't want to scare her friends, but if that's the case why doesn't she just celebrate with them from now on in ways that don't involve scaring them? Look, I get that the message is saying you don't have to partake in something that everyone else does, even if it's a good or harmless thing, if it's really not something you like, and that's a good message to be sure, but here it was just a bit odd how it was executed. I don't know, maybe again as I said before my biggest problem was just that we've seen Fluttershy do this song and dance before, it's just this time it involved Nightmare Night specifically. The most important bit of canon to come out of this episode OK, not gonna lie, this was pretty bucked up. I would've been right behind AJ in that situation, I can tell you that much! Those issues aside, I loved this episode very much. Nightmare Night is a very fun holiday as presented in the show, and Ponyville looked just as great this time as it did in Season 2 during "Luna Eclipsed." All the costumes, the festivities, seeing who's going as what and what everypony was doing, it was a blast. I especially got a kick out of Derpy's "Princess Twilight" costume and Spike dressing as a dragon (again!), this time a two-headed one (so original Spike, so original ), and Rarity's "Mermaid/Sea Pony" costume was pretty funny too, but they all were great. Just like "Luna Eclipsed" as well, this episode was also very, very funny. Between Fluttershy's panicked behavior, Granny Smith scaring the bejeezus out of her, Fluttershy's failed attempts to celebrate with the gang (culminating in the best scene of the episode, the least scary "Scary Tea Party" ever!), and the climax in the Apple's Haunted Corn Maze, there were just laughs after laughs after laughs. We even got to see the "return" of Flutterbat, and that was a pretty entertaining nod to that bizarre episode from last season. Thanks M.A. Larson! This costume is simultaneously awful and amazing Rarity: She whips her tail back and forth DAT LIP BITE, HNNNGGGGGGGG!!! Besides all that, Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane 6 were spot on overall. Spike and the Mane 6 tried their best to give Flutters a good time, even if it took away from their own fun at times, and Fluttershy had a solid episode overall, even if it was hardly her most serious appearance ever and the conclusion and message left something to be desired. I was just a tad disappointed that Princess Luna didn't show up in any capacity at any point, but eh, that's a very minor complaint. All in all, while not quite as amazing as "Luna Eclipsed" was and still is, "Scaremaster" is for sure a worthy successor, and a wonderful way to kick off Halloween this year. Hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did, and that's all I got for this one. Have a great and Happy Halloween this year everypony, and be sure to stay safe no matter how you may be celebrating it (especially if alcohol is involved in your festivites, drink responsibly ya'll ). This is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  7. Once again the spoiler tag is probably overkill, but the reference was from E03 so I'm being polite. Enjoy an over fluffy bunny.
  8. More line art! I really wanted to explore my own pony style while remaining true to the characters. Hope to start colouring them (along with my other WIPs) on the weekend. Hope you like the picture
  9. Alright, finished, and I am pretty happy with it. I thank those that had me resketch it because this definitely looks better then the other one would have. Also as requested by Autumn Dreamer, I made another animated progression image AND slowed it down so she can see Fluttershy's pretty face. BAM! Progression Gif In This Spoiler So how is the result?
  10. Pinklady

    Pets Fan Club

    This is a fan club about all the pets of the mane 6. Personally, I love all of them and i'm happy if they appear in an episode. I absolutely love the episode 'Just For Sidekicks'! The interaction between the pets are priceless. So if you would like to talk/discuss about any of them or post some images, don't hesitate My top 7 1: Opalescence 2: Winona 3: Owlowiscious 4: Tank 5: Gummy 6: Angel 7: Pee Wee I'm curious to hear which pets are your favourite!
  11. Addendum: This story is an adventure with multiple short chapters. This is the first titled "A Price to Pay". Follow Angel Bunny's adventures from his home to unknown lands in the search of the mysterious Green Rabbit. 2424 words long. I would like to get some feedback on this so I can figure whether the story is worth building on and posting on fimfiction. For anyone that reads this, thank you. I welcome all reviews. Please note that it is a fan fiction meaning it won't bind itself to show canon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The song he heard floating on the breeze was all for him, he reckoned. He heard it when in his forest one day. Well, only he calls it his forest; and with much earnest does he make all the animals know where the boundaries lie. He doesn’t bother with paltry things like signs or, Celestia forbid, a line of barbed wire. He makes do with his morning rounds along the imaginary border. It always takes him from the curve where the long lane leads to the south pond choked with reeds. Going to the east, he ends up over and about the field of tall grass and back where he began, the wooded hills. He was actually in a light slumber after his walk when the sound stirred him. He was leaning against a smooth root to one of his favorite trees. He looked above and saw the green canopy. He knew where every owl and eagle loved to perch and nest. Although he can’t go and visit them in their homes, he made sure to wave at them. It was his forest. His arms rested, folded behind his head and supporting him up against the tree. The beautiful sound on the wind could be his on the other side of the world. He would always know everything about it. He rose to his paw pads and sniffs for her. If she was close enough, he could pinpoint her in an instant. His little resting place was in a small depression of soft soil where huge ferns grew all around. He could always relax, knowing that he had no enemies on his land; any friends he had, he knew by smell. If he can’t notice her then why can he hear the sound? Is she singing by the well? Or does she now tend to her animal friends? The wind picked up, shoving his floppy ear into his eyes in a blur of white. He shook his head and climbed the near ridge. Further than that, he went to the edge of the forest. By then, there is no sound and he looked from a high vantage point to the northeast. Perplexed, he sniffed at the air again. The rabbit figured that he was hungry. In his forest, there are many feeding spots for the taking but no trespasser ever wants to come across this rabbit. He has cultivated his image as being tough and easier to anger than an old mule that refuses to work. He never budges or gives ground to anyone unless his lord demand it which he thanks Celestia is a rare thing. He went to the edge where his forest bushes up against the commons, a low land soggy with river runoff and lots of little streams filled with gravel and bits of gold. He found a stash of vegetables that used to be a few seeds planted not long ago and eagerly began to eat. As he went and nibbled some cabbage, he distinctly smelled someone familiar. He lifted his head, already looking in his direction. “Sir Angel!” the bunny that approached him rapidly called out. Angel wished that Luna had given him a warning in his dreams that his ugly brother was coming to see him. He wasn’t ugly in the physical sense. He was blindingly white like a snow hare and had a charming face that could woo any doe. He also has the softest fur of any rabbit. He came to a halt within the boundary of Angel’s land, his feet kicking up wet leaves as he slows. He panted before speaking. “Where were you this morning? Our lord and friends were gathered and waited for you for some time but you did not come” he said, grinning at his annoyed brother. “They had no reason to expect me down by the river”. “I was sent all the way here to talk to you”. “I guess they did but I’m just surprised you bothered to call me by my title as I usually must urge you to do…when and if I allow you to come and visit” Angel replied with discomfort. “What was so important that I must be interrupted in the middle of eating”? “Maybe I just remembered that the last time I called you ‘Angel’ on your land, however many moons ago it was, you threatened to smite me until my kittens couldn’t recognize me” he jested. Angel has already had enough of his brother’s insolence. “You have no respect and no honor”. “Sure, Sir Angel” his brother said, purposely goofing up the ‘sir’ portion. Angel rose above the vegetables aggressively. “What do you want”?! “It’s not me. Our lord wishes your immediate return. If I were you, I would grovel at his furry feet. I hear he’s rather furious”. Angel hated it when his brother played innocent and worse, when he lied. “Nonsense. He hasn’t been angry with me since…well, I can’t recall. I would say never actually”. Now, it was Angel that smiled smugly. Neither of the brothers really cared what the other thought. “Then go check for yourself” he said. “For now, I ought to return to our lord’s side”. He scampered away, down a long drainage ditch towards the north valley warren, as if pursued. Angel clicked his teeth, resolutely determined to smack the arrogance from his brother’s voice or at least to be there when someone else did. Angel didn’t hate his brother but he had lots of siblings; the one he had with ‘Sir Achrom” was the rockiest. Achrom didn’t even like being called ‘Sir’ and only had the title because he was one of the lord’s children, the leader of the warren that ruled all rabbits from Angel’s land to the edge of the Everfree. That silly rabbit doesn’t need to sprout wings to fly. His mind is always among the clouds. Angel tried to eat a little cabbage but each bite failed to nourish his appetite. He was a little squeamish when Achrom mentioned his lord. Knowing he can’t relax until he’s settled this little problem, Angel heads north to his former home. He knows every shortcut across the little streams to take him there as fast as possible and doesn’t miss one. His lord is not one to be kept waiting. The home of the rabbits sat between the woods to the south and a river that can be swam across with little effort. The land with marshlands and ponds easily rivals Angel’s own land in its fertility. Angel’s claws tore the mineral rich clay as he crossed a few sandy islands across a brook. After that, he passed by many rabbit holes. He knew which member of the clan resided in each. Angel entered the center of his warren where the lord of the rabbit clan lived in a palace. It’s actually conspicuous as far as an underground home would be but the rabbits exalt it way too much. There was a massive tunnel in the side of a small hill surrounded by thick hedges and a few blackberry bushes. The tunnel was large enough for a cat to enter but it was heavily guarded at all times. It was also the only burrow to have an ingenious trap door set to block entry in case something unwanted tried to break in. Angel is sniffed briefly then let inside. This passes for warren security. The first run is rather dark as a tunnel would be but there is a light at the end of it. What kind of rabbit would live with light underground? Well, the Lord of Rabbits would. It’s definitely not normal but he is more special than others. He’s aged and has been around long enough to recall meeting ponies. He remembers how they learned to light up the inner chambers of the great burrow with torches even if they say it’s an odd practice. Newcomers get a sense of grandeur when they visit him. The lord and his knights are in the middle of talks when Angel arrived in the great chamber. This room has always impressed Angel every time. It was once a natural hollow in the ground but the rabbits found it and leveled the floor into a smooth dirt cover. It’s basically a half-cylinder shape, twice Angel’s height. In the middle, a central long piece of wood acts like a table for guests. Their lord serves out the finest food: radishes, carrots and other things. In the back, there is another tunnel leading out to the top of the mound. A flag, emblazoned with an ancient rabbit emblem, presided over the whole affair. “Ah, Sir Angel arrives at last” the Lord of the Rabbits proclaims. He is a rather plump individual, his years of strength long since passed into history. His claws are overgrown and look like shale. Rabbits seldom have the chance to age like he does but his cheeks grew large, making his eyes look like beady stones pressed into his face; not dissimilar to a pony’s double chin actually. He and his brother count among his descendants with many in his host barely related to them. His other children inherit different colors from his patchwork fur; he’s white, black, grey, brown, and even silver. Angel always wishes he could have inherited such desirable fur. The knights only assemble for the most serious of business. In their shiny armor plating, they turned their heads to see him. The red light often reflected off unblemished metal. Even Angel’s brother was there at their lord’s side and enjoying a juicy carrot slice. “I have, my lord” Angel replied. He sat at a seat opposite the Lord of Rabbits. Rabbits are a rather stubborn lot with their beliefs and Angel is no exception. He and his brother would never use personal language with the Lord of Rabbits unless alone. “Excellent. We have not seen you in some time”. “I know. Being away gives me much to think about these days” Angel said. “I hear you spend a lot of time sleeping. Sometimes in the forest or by the lake or even among pony folk” the Lord of Rabbits said amusingly. Angel frowned. “Many of them are my friends”. “They’re not your clan though” he tried to remind him. “Either way, you’ve spent so much time out there that you missed a guest that wanted to see you”. “It was a pony?” Angel asked. His ears perked upwards. The Lord of Rabbits snorted. “Of course not. It was a rabbit. An outsider”. “You should have seen him” Achrom butted in, snickering. “He was about your size but he looked as green as a cabbage. A real freak, am I right”? He nudged his knight friend beside him but got only a careful smirk. “A green rabbit? I guess I wish now that I’ve been here when that happened” Angel regretted. “I think you might be able to see him yet” the Lord of Rabbits said. “When he came he asked whether all the knights of the warren had been assembled here. I told him that yes indeed we were all here for our monthly feast”. “That you didn’t show up for” Achrom teased under his breath. “Anyway, he wanted to know why there was an empty seat and I told him that you live over by the forest. I inquired as to his interest in our knights. He mentioned that he wished to meet our finest for some grand task so I said that only one among us could claim to be our finest and that he was the one not present. The stranger was rather glad and asked me to present the distant rabbit with a challenge on his behalf”. “A challenge? I wonder what this green rabbit has in mind” Angel said, shifting in his seat. “He was a vague sort of character. He seemed unimpressed by your fellow knights in my grand hall”. A knight brought forth a long striped lance, thick at the handle and tapering to a sharp point at the end. “He made it clear that the knight may bring this weapon only. He will not appear if you bear so much as a knife with you”. “It is fascinating but I don’t know what he wants” Angel contemplated, at a loss for words. “Maybe it would be best to pass up his offer”. “Lord Angel, are you serious?” the Lord of Rabbits said incredulously. “For a noble rabbit like you, one that has entered the knights on merit rather than by name, will turn down the gentle rabbit’s challenge? It’s unheard of”! “Giving me this lance might be a challenge of a dangerous sort” Angel reasoned. His lord wasn’t buying it. “A knight doesn’t fear danger. If you would spend less time in this forest you call yours and more time with your fellow knights then perhaps you wouldn’t be acting so…tame. And when was the last time you had gone on a quest alongside our most gallant?” the Lord of Rabbits asked. “It was a long time ago” Angel replied. He lowered his head in shame and avoided his friends’ stares. “I’ve had things come up in my life”. “Are they more important than the warren? I feel that you’ve lived a solitary life for too long now, Sir Angel. I had a feeling that this stranger came for a reason. Such a task brought upon you is what you will pay for your selfishness” the Lord of Rabbits scolded. “If you don’t go and face this rabbit’s challenge then you can consider yourself stripped of your command of the Round Stump. Consider it my royal decree”. “But who would you replace me with, my lord?” Angel protested. His lord looked at his lamest son, Achrom. “I suppose it will have to be him”. Angel’s brother shot him a cocky smile. Angel was fuming in his head. “Are you serious? No other knight took up his challenge in my stead”? “I’m afraid not. No one dared to stand against this green rabbit”. “Fine, my lord. I’ll accept the challenge in all due faith and keep myself well in your good graces” Angel said through clenched teeth. His father knew how to get to him. Testing his loyalty always dug into his side. As the room full of cowards returned to eating and talking, Angel didn’t feel anything but dread. He stared at the long lance like it was dipped in poison. He knew it would soon be his to carry.
  12. Hello. I’m Angel. the bunny. You know, Fluttershy’s personal assistant. I’ve had the inside scoop for some time now. I know what’s going on, so ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it as best I can. I met Fluttershy in the forest when I was just a little bunny, and I immediately adopted her as my pet pony. We clicked right away. She’s really nice, and I love her, but with all pet ponies you have to show them who’s the boss from time to time. I know I’m not that easy to live with either. Still, we get along in spite of her calling me,” Mr Grumpy-tail.” I’m here on the net talking to you Bronies because Flutters says social interaction will help my attitude. Bunny don’t think so. But I did get Twilight to cast a few spells on the computer, so I’ll be entertained at least. Might as well ask me something.
  13. I was in class again today toying with the Idea of Fluttershy also being a medic, As she is best pony (for me) I figured we could use the connection. lol but I sketched this picture, I didn't finish all the shading or the hair but I think it's cute anyway lol. Please let me know if you guys like it or hate it or if I should throw my pencil away. Because I have so little experience with digital art, I don't do it often despite having a tablet, I would like to know if you think it's worth converting, butter pony is better with color.
  14. I was going to wait to post until I'd completed drawings for all six pets in Art Academy for Wii U, but I'm at the halfway mark and it's taking forever anyhow lol. I can wait no longer! I've completed Angel Bunny, Gummy, and Tank thus far; you may notice that I've... Messed around with their respective character designs somewhat: Angel Bunny Gummy Tank I wanted to focus on the pets rather than their owners, but I also wanted to include the Mane Six in some way. Hence the tails. Three more pets to go; Opal is likely next.
  15. Most of the time it's not an issue, as he usually shows up alone and has some sort of interaction with her, but then when there are group shots of animals that include bunnies, there are usually a couple of white bunnies along with them, and you can no longer tell which of them is supposed to be Angel as they're all cut and paste copies. Even if it's as something as giving him 'pointy' hair, a birthmark, something.
  16. Welcome to my first ever pony drawings! Before you comment of my artwork, please note that this is my first attempt EVER at drawing anything MLP related. Sorry that the first one is so small. This is also my first time uploading stuff.
  17. This is my first sketching IRL And for a very very long time.. The last time i remember i sketched was.. Hmm, idk 3 years ago or 4? So i lost all of my sketching skills with it.. *SIghs* I'm getting them back a little by little in art class. Good thing now! I could sketch a realistic bunny without a prob!
  18. Yea so, this is yet another example of why I should never be bored... Corrupt Alicorn Angel Bunny riding a unicycle. Because, reasons.
  19. Well here we go! Hadn't drawn anything in about a month and just kinda got in the mood to draw. I loved drawing it but the end result seems a little 'meh' to me (probably only because I made it) and spent more time on this than I care to admit If you see anything I can improve on let me know! I'm not afraid of harsh criticism And colored using GIMP