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Found 35 results

  1. I couldn't find a fan club of him, so I thought I'd change that. Welcome to the Angel Bunny club. A thread dedicated to Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel. Yes, he can be a dick at times, to my waifu. But you know...he's always there for her when she needs him. He also pushes her when she needs to be pushed (Hurricane Fluttershy). I know she'd be devastated if anything happened to him...."Castle Mane-ia" anyone? So I wanna show some love for the little guy. Because I love Fluttershy <3 Go have some fun! Post anything Angel related. As long as it's within forum rules, of course.
  2. After the knowledge that a friend of mine is preparing his thesis, I drew this art on a whim
  3. You should search this on youtube, My Little Pony Meets ??? Like I'm serious here's a picture....atually I don't XD Just check it out though it's nice...
  4. Chapter One Mckenzie's POV "Phoenix I scared." I said to Phoenix. "Come here." She said sweetly. My bare feet feel every crack on the stone floor of our cell. Phoenix is my guardian angel. She reaches her arms out and picks me up, placing me on her lap. "Don't be afraid my darling." She whispers to me. Her voice calms me as she talks. "Sing for me, Phoenix" I beg her. "Alright." She says as she clears her throat. "Come little Children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment..." "Time to go." I hear a deep voice say. I look up and see 2 men standing at our cell door. Phoenix stands up and pushes me behind her. Why where they here. Something inside me told me that it wasn't good. They come closer and grab Phoenix. "Let her go!" I yell, as I hit one of the demons. He grabs the collar of my shirt and slams me into the wall. I fell dizzy, like I need to puke. I look up and see Phoenix kneeling by my side. "It's okay, I will always be with you." She says as she kisses my forehead. Please don't do Phoenix, please don't leave me. She gets up and heads out with the demons. I slowly bring my legs to my chest as I wait for her return. Why did they want us? Why take her? I lift my head as I hear Phoenix scream. I get up and run to the cell door. No please don't hurt her. "Phoenix!!" My body lurches forward as I wake up from my dream/flashback. Sweat runs down my face as I sit in bed. God they get worst every night. I swing my legs over the side of the bed. My bare feet touch the cold wooden floors of my cabin. I push myself out of bed and stretch. My eye caught, my alarm clock which read 5:30 am. I slowly make my way to the kitchen. I rum my fingers over the wall and feel the light switch and flip it on. I make my way to my desk and sit down. I pull out my journal log recorder and get ready to record. Journal Log My name is McKenzie Aurora Jackson. I am a Zander experiment. I escaped 19 years ago from Zander and have lived here on a cabin outside a small town in Nebraska. Even for me to this is weird...ha...well I have wings, like bird wings. Not just any wings, my guardian angel's wings. Anyways enough on the intro. I live in the apocalypse. There are three groups here in the apocalypse. The Militare, Hunters and Treakers. The Militare: Protect mainly civilians who need protection from Croats, and the things that lurk in the dark. There are experienced military armies fighting the whole god damn thing. Others are scientist... that word makes me cringe...looking for a cure to the Croatoan Virus. Most militare bases are what use to be major cities like Chicago (XD ha...Divergent), L.A, New york city. A few I know of are Zander, Manison, Kinison, Blackwood, Orsan, and Des Moines. Des Moines is my favorite...actual the only one I have been too. Hunters: The people who fight against the Croatoan Virus and the things that lurk in the dark. On the topic does that make me a hunter if I already do that? Well anyways they are well know, and liked by the Militare. The way you tell a hunter out is the anti- possession symbol they have tattooed on them. I have never meet a hunter, but I think hunters have heard of me, do to what I did in Des Moines, which wasn't bad, I saved people. Treakers: Now getting to the interesting people. I have no real problem with treakers, actually have treaker friends named Darren and Ashlynn. So apparently they are hated by everyone, but not by me. They are usually criminals or rebellious people who broke the Militare's laws, and now fend for themselves. To tell out a treaker is that they have tattoo on their right arm, but that doesn't mean anything to me. The tattoo is to help other Militare groups and hunters tell that they are a theart. They have no where else to go and have no protection from the Croatoan Virus and the creatures that lurk in the dark. But there are a few Treaker bases, the only one I know of is Telelecki where I am welcome at. Now to the Militare base Des Moines and Telelecki, I am know as the Angel Of Death. I am welcome with open arms in both places. Des Moines also is the place where a lady named Missouri keeps a place for me in her house. She tends to remind me of Phoenix, then doesn't. After what I did in Des Moines, I wear a tattoo of a hawk with a skull over its head and beak, then holding a scythe on my right side collar bone. That is my symbol, the symbol of the Angel Of Death. Journal Log ended I push the journal log back to where I keep it and walk back to my room. I pull out a dark grey tank top, a pair of faded black jeans. I slip on my jeans, then slide my tank top. I grab my combat boots, and lace the up. I grab my black leather jacket. Aw it smells like pine and oil. As I walk pass the kitchen I turn off the light, I slip on my jacket. As I make it to the front door of the cabin, I take a deep breath and exhale, the smell of pine is amazing. I pick up my bow and quiver of arrows, my pistol, and hunting knife. I close the cabin door as I walk out. I began to run and push off the ground with my feet, spreading my massive wings, taking off into the early morning sky. A/N: Hey guys it's Mysterious Way, this is just the first chapter of The Fallen.
  5. How did Angel Wings and Angel Bunny get their names? If angels exist in the poniverse, they'd just be pegasi with halos and possibly no ability to walk on clouds.
  6. I mean other than Angel, the Mane Six's pets barely had any appearances in season 6, and some didn't even appear at all! Gummy only had two appearances, so did Opal, and Winona just had one. Tank and Owlowisicious didn't appear AT ALL this season! The closest thing we got to Tank is Rainbow Dash's slippers in AJ's Day Off. We had so many Rainbow episodes this season, it is surprising we didn't see him. He could've had a cameo in Newbie Dash and 28 Pranks Later. I know some of you are thinking of "wasn't he killed off in Tanks for the Memories?" You'd think so wouldn't you! Winter's waaaay past over! Owlowiscious, I think he could've had some cameos in A Hearth's Warming Tale and Every Little Thing She Does. It's bad enough that they got rid of Peewee in the show before he got to do anything, I really hope he comes back in adult form sometime in the future helping Spike out! Also it wouldn't hurt seeing Philomena again! One thing we need when season 7 comes around: more pets appearing (other than Angel).
  7. Hello everypony~ Today I bring to u 2 drawings of my (not so) forgotten OC, Angel Iskra. When I first created her, she was a normal blue earth pony, but she's actually an alicorn angel. Why this suddently? Because I through it would be more easily to think that she would be better in a "normal" form than her own disguise(earth pony). tl;dr, she's a angel and tends to appear to those who whispers for help to the Gods. Her horn changes from the bottom to the tip; from the normal body color to a light blue. Her last feathers are light blue. The marks on her front legs mean nothing, actually. Just a born mark. Her mane moves like clouds.
  8. I am actually surprised that luna and celestia are not seraphim, as seraphim are angelic beings, with 6 wings instead of 2. I am also surprised there are not more examples in pony fan art. I only found a couple - being these two: and what do you think of seraphim? I would love to see luna and celestia seraphim - to date I couldn't find any - closest I found was a humanoid nightmare moon with 2 sets of wings instead of three sets. here is a good example of a battle armored seraphim: your thoughts? I think it'd make luna and celestia look even more divine. Alicorn seraphim! Maybe the next level!
  9. It was a beautiful night in Canterlot. Everypony but Princess Luna was sound asleep. But there was one other that was awake. It was Celestia, and she is working hard on something. It was something incredible. A new pony, with a maneas red as love, and a coat black as night. "Now all you need is a name....." Celestia thought for a moment. And remembered something from 1000 years ago, when humans used to reside with ponies. She remembered something a young girl named Megan had told her. She said her grandmother died and became an Angel. "That's it, from this day forth you are Angel." The black pony opened his blue eyes slowly and looked up at Princess Celestia. "Hi mom." Angel wasn't a colt he was a full grown stallion. Celestia laughed at Angel. "Hello Angel, welcome to Equestria."
  10. ANGEL33

    Devil May Cry

    You read it there everyone the darkness of Sunset Shimmer's heart, that had been cast out by the removal of the Element Of Magic, Devil Shimmer. Who has returned as a seperate being from Sunset Shimmer. Feared by many especially Sunset herself. Enough to bring her to tears. This time the love that Angel and Rainbow Dash have for each other and the power of friendship may not be enough to make this devil cry. But what could an ancient secret from Equestria's origins possibly do to save the planet from total destruction?
  11. ANGEL33

    The Music

    All right, you've read in to the story. And you're wondering how I keep Angel and the others true to themselves during my writing. Truth is it's in the music I listen to while I write. That's why Vinyl Scratch and I are going to list every song I listen to while I write. Some artists won't be shown because I don't remember. 1. Justice League Unlimited Theme 2. Angel's Theme - Coconeru 3. SUPERNOVA - Tetra-Fang 4. Heroes Of Our Time - Dragonforce 5. Save The One, Save The All - TM Revolution 6. Chokkaku - Shiro Sagisu 7. Rock Anthem For Saving The World - Martin O'Donnell 8. Save Me - Remy Zero 9. Heroes Comeback - +nobodyknows 10. Resonance - TM Revolution 11. Battle For Justice - Shiro Sagisu Future titles include Destiny's Play, Roots Of The King, and Individual System all 3 by Tetra-Fang.
  12. Well which fantasy creature do you like the most (and please don't say ponies). If I had to pick one I would go for dragons, they are amazing creatures. which is your favourite fantasy creature, thing etc...
  13. You've read right people Sunset Shimmer has returned in my story. She is now a pony who seeks redemption for what she had done in the movie. Now please allow me to speak on her behalf. "ORE SANJOU (I HAVE ARRIVED)!" Pinkie is now in as well.
  14. Here is the Design and some info on the Angel of Faith
  15. So if you could label yourself any of these two, which one are you? :3 If I were to analyze myself, I can be a little Goodie Two Shoes most of the time. ^ ^" I like to spread positive I think i'm a saint? XD How about you?
  16. So, because of the poor render quality of the first background I did of Kanade, I decided to make a new, and somewhat improved background. As mentioned before, the render I used is of Kanade from the show "Angel Beats" I decided to provide a download of the .psd file for this bg so that people could look at what I did to achieve the final product. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is the link: I would greatly appreciate it if people could leave comments/criticism about the picture (even if you don't know much about the subject) so that I could take the advice and improve upon mistakes.
  17. This is of Kanade (or Angel) from the Anime "Angel Beats" I thought she was a cool character, So I decided to make a desktop background of her. I think it Turned out well, If you could leave an opinion of any sort, that would be great!
  18. So who's your favorite Owner/Pet pair? Personally mines Rainbow Dash and Tank, Both are complete opposites of each other, but there relationship works. Rainbow Dash, being a very fast speed demon, and Tank being one of the slowest animals around, Granted that with tanks Flying contraption makes him faster. I also like how in Just for sidekicks Rainbow shows affection for him, which is always nice to see. Anyway, Whats yours?
  19. I was watching winter wrap up today and a thought occurred. With all the animals in hibernation, what does Fluttershy do through the winter? Sure there might be some animals that don't sleep through it, but most of them do. And what about Angel Bunny? In the episode we see other bunnies coming out of their holes, so does Angel sleep through the winter to? What are your thoughts?
  20. (OOC) Since there isn't any active ask fluttershy, i'll be the active one but i can't make puppets now H-hello... My name is Fluttershy and you can ask me questions... If you want to... *Blushes*
  21. Finally cleaned my violin after a year in storage. Truthfully I've become rusty but since it's finally the summer vacation here, (most of you have been waiting for) I might as well get her back into shape. This time maybe I'll be trying to use her again with some songs I've wanted to cover for a long time now. What I feel bad about is that I've left her in such a sorry state after moving homes last year. I found the case covered in dust and was bummed when one of the straps in the back became torn. The instrument itself looked worse. Spent my afternoon giving her new life and the end result is the entry image you see right now. I hope this time around I'll get to keep her well maintained so long as I won't be distracted by other things.
  22. So today I started off my Easter picture, I have new pens and thought this would be the perfect time to use them! It's not finished yet, but I thought you guys would like to see my progress. I'll probably end up watercolouring this one. I hope you like how she's looking so far!
  23. And Angel found one! Too bad he has paws and no fingers to use it. But like a friend of mine once said, still easier to use a computer with paws than hooves. Nevertheless, the possibilities are like endless! A few words on the picture itself: As you can see it is a vector. Angel was easy to do, I simply traced him from a scene. However the notebook obviously needed to be done freehand. It wasn't easy but I managed it. It's far from perfect but at least it's something. Comments are welcome!
  24. Allright, this is not the first Mlp fim painting that I've done, but it's the first one that I've uploaded. However, the quality is kinda crappy. It looks a lot better in real life, but I'm too lazy to care about that at the moment, hah. Anyways, I'd like to get some feedback. I painted whith acrylics, which I'm not that used to, so I'd be glad to get some advice. Oh, and If you guys are wondering why it says "Av: Himonna @" it's because I uploaded it on another site aswell, and there my name is "Himonna". You can ask me If I'm the same person on that website if you want to be sure. Hm, now you don't have to download it. test1.bmp
  25. Here is the video it is so hilarious. Yeah this got previewed before the episode even aired don't ask how because I don't know just enjoy the video and try to like and subscribe thank you.