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Found 20 results

  1. For some reason, most of us.... just have that thing that drives up up the wall!!! While some things might be justifiable in how they're irritating (spilling a drink, breaking something, or anything like that), pet peeves rarely have a serious reason to exist. With all of that out of the way, what are those little things that you, a stranger, or a loved one does... that just makes you want to pull your hair out!!! For me, some things that drive me up the wall are: Artists who make reptilian or bug-like characters... with breasts. Clocks chiming. And people who sing along to music. I'm not sure why, but these things happening makes me want to smash my desk with a sledgehammer! With my ranting out of the way, what are some pet peeves of yours? It will be interesting to hear them!
  2. Self-explanatory title. Anyways, I have a really bad temper that needs to be kept in check sometimes. For example, if you somehow managed to piss me off, I could end up punching you as hard as I can, without any control of my emotions. If it were not for my kindness and munificence I would be a big time punk, as I was three years ago. Yes, my description sounds mean, but it's unfortunately true.
  3. Hello everypony! Is there anything in your life that has made you so angry that you just wanted to break everything around you? I'd really like to know cause i felt like this a lot in my life cause i was bullied. I would really like someone to post that moment and if how you fixed it. (if you did)
  4. SPOILERS AHEAD After watching "All Bottled Up" and "A Flurry of Emotions", I have a new theory. Emotions are the center of unicorn magic. Here is my proof: Starlight Glimmer has had a rough past, and is still hurting on the inside. When Trixie started to annoy Starlight, anger started to build up. Starlight unconsciously conjured her thoughts in the form of magic, which caused the red blob of anger, comprising of all her bad and angry thoughts about Trixie. Because so many thoughts were being built up and the fact that it took a lot of energy to conjure these angry blobs, eventually, Starlight tired herself out. Anger, as an emotion uses up a lot of energy, and when an angry person peaks out, the cool down stage begins, which takes quite a while (the case with Starlight). On the other hand, Flurry Heart, when scared binds herself in a magic bubble, away from others. We see this happen when Twilight got mad at her for wandering away in the hospital. Flurry had never seen this side of Twilight. Her fear caused her magic to shift into something that would make her withdraw and/or protect herself from the scary pony. At that moment, she saw Twilight as a scary bear. On a more positive note, Princess Cadence, being the Princess of Love is a great example. Whenever she comes across a situation where ponies are disagreeing and hating on each other, the thoughts of restoration and love come to her mind, which then produces a restoration/love spell. This is clearly seen when she clears Shining Armor of Chrysalis's spell. Thoughts?
  5. We've seen Flutters cover a lot of issues involving her timidity, shyness, and self confidence. But so many episodes (Putting your hoof down, Best Night Ever, Power Ponies, Keep valm and Flutter on) show that she DOES have anger issues that lie under her cute and shy personality, and they have yet to be addressed. She hasn't had any lessons on how to control her anger when it rises to the surface, and that, as in the past, has shown to be a serious problem because she lets it get the best of her. So should these issues be tackled like her shyness? Personally, I think Luna could be the best pony to help her with this, since she has fallen victim to her own anger a few times.
  6. Well, I never thought I'd feel this way, but I'm pretty much done with fighting games(or at least, playing them). As a very competitive person, that rewarding feeling of victory gets farther and father away every time I compete and witness enormous losing streaks. The reason for this is obvious: I'm getting worse, and so is my skill and execution. The barriers that block me from winning aren't just my opponents, but my nerves and eventually impatience and frustration. I'm not a violent person, but fighting games bring out the worst in me. Thankfully, I keep my rage inside rather than outside, as of today. At first I hated my victorious opponents to an extreme extent; I don't hate them at all now, but I hate the game instead. I hate the sadness and anger it made me feel, I hate the time I wasted when I thought the genre was perfect for me, and I hate the things it caused me to say to my friends and family. After more than a decade, I'm willing to drop fighting games entirely and focus on more cooperative video games. I'll probably sell my arcade controller for in between $100 and $200. I just don't think it's worth the time and money to do something and leave in a worse mood than when I started. I just wanted to vent, and I already feel better now after letting this out. Thanks for reading.
  7. Now this is not who your least favorite Youtubers are, ie people that you just don't like for not finding them funny or interesting or something. I'm talking about Youtubers who have gone above and beyond to the point where you were so angry at their content, you vowed to never click on it again. For me, only two Youtubers succeeded in that. Gligar13vids: At first, I was just gonna take this guy as your typical bad game reviewer who may or may not be trolling. Then I thought about the implications of what he does if he was trolling. He makes money off his videos and most of his reviews consist of bashing fans of the games he's bashing. That made me realize he literally gets paid to be a douche bag. And whenever I clicked on his videos, it's unintentionally paying him. Because of this, I vowed to never watch his videos again. Clay Claymore: This guy is a lot smaller, but a thousand times more annoying than the previously mentioned guy. He basically goes around a bunch of cartoon reviewer's videos and just complains about how they suck and how they shouldn't be watching cartoons because they're kids products and blah blah blah. Not only that he does it in the most bitter and angry way. He says that they should stop being so obsessed with these shows well in term being obsessed with bashing these same people. Most of his videos from what I saw consist of what looks like the equivalent to YouTube poops, except most of the jokes feel less like jokes and more like mean-spirited jabs at people. Oh, and he made a Tumblr blog saying that people who watch cartoons is helping with the downfall of our society or something. I don't need to say more. I did just stop going to his channel but it's hard for me to read comments on some of these reviewers anyone when he is constantly there just to bash them which he calls "criticism." So, vent away!
  8. I thought I would post this topic to see what has made my fellow bronies mad today. As for me well I can tell you strait out, drama I can't stand drama, and, or negative ponies. I have a roomate whom it seems his whole concern is to be negative, and I myself am a very positive pony. So this is something that goes on daily, and I can't stand it, it seems to me that when your around negative ponies it rubs of, and you start to subscribe to it. All in all I love positive ponies, and relish being around ponies of said nature. So tell me what made you angry today, and how did you manage it, or did you?
  9. So, it's basically as the title implies. If there's anything that's really irking you or you need to get some weight off your shoulders, this is the place. Post your anger and just let it all out. I guess I'll start: I have this friend who insists on being superior and undermines me all the time. I can't tell her how I feel because even giving her the tiniest hint that she's being a jerk will result in her completely overreacting and I'll be "the traitor". We've been friends for so long that I don't want to loose her friendship but she's treating me like I don't matter. I don't think she even knows she's doing it! Jesus Christ! I just want to be able to freely speak my mind to her! Fire Away!
  10. If there was one moment where you've openly expressed instead of hiding how enraged you are the most, when was it and describe what happened. Here's mine: One time, past midnight, I was still awake and in a bad mood. I was mostly thinking about my social life, my past, the present, the future, and what should I learn/do next. Then another thought emerged. This one involved an idea of doing something harsh to my 3rd to 5th grade yearbooks because I felt that apart from the field trips and the one kid that invited me to its birthday parties, sometime around those years was the birth of my social problems with 5th grade making my Aspergers Syndrome very clear. First, I took out all 3 yearbooks and vandalized them by writing harsh statements in it with permanent marker and spitting on pages. And then I went to the family room and ripped pages and threw them to the walls with most of them hitting the brick ones. I ended up doing it again another day, but it wasn't as strong as the one before. To this day, I don't regret doing this because I felt that it was a good, harmless way of getting my anger out. It's better than physically fighting others anyway.
  11. Which of the Mane 6 would you least like to get upset at you? Sorry for the mistake in my original post
  12. We've seen several times in the show that Fluttershy has shown a darker, angrier side that bursts out. Whether to protect her friends, or when her paitence runs thin, there's definitely something deeper going on with that pony. But has she ever exploded with anger in the comics? I heard there was one time where she was fighting the changelings, but any other moments?
  13. They claim that they are trying to make MLP:FiM more closer to Lauren Faust's vision, and they are against Hasbro's actions towards Twilight the Unicorn/Alicorn. Go to these websites, and post your views on the ideology and thoughts of this group. Thank you.
  14. Its been implied in the series before, that Fluttershy has some serious repressed anger issues. Which may lead to a possible split-personality of sorts. But how do you think Fluttershy vents her anger in order to maintain her kind reputation? I personaly would like to think she keeps her true emotions recorded in a secret journal nopony knows about. Where she records her thoughts about her friends, family, and the world around her. This could explain how she is usually able to control her inner demon.
  15. Fluttershy is a shy pegasus who is kind, cute, soft-spoken, and has a lot of fears...... At least her default persona is. Since the very 1st season, it's been hinted that Fluttershy has a split-personality, a darker side of her who's more aggressive, cynical, and manipulative. A side of her nopony wants to trigger. So which is more fun to watch, normal Fluttershy, or crazy Fluttershy?
  16. What really just plain rustles your jimmies, it could be the smallest thing, like, mosquitoes ... Or something big like, bacon destroying entire cities with party cannons, for me I get annoyed by people who are CONSTANTLY like well ... This ... Dang it, my images are all gone, WHY!So tell me what rustles your jimmies, SO I CAN RUSTLE THEM MORE HUEHEUEHEUE!
  17. Alright, I am not the person who gets mad easily. I am not super pissed, but, am a bit. Here is the video. Now, normally, I wouldn't make such a big deal of it, but 4 MILLION PEOPLE saw the video. Ok, reason why. A couple of people I like on Teens react, didn't see the awesome side. They basically saw the opening. A lot of people didn't like it. Why do I care and why should you. Well, I care because they didn't see the best part of the fandom. It sort of is like judging a book based on the cover. I want them to see some contents at least, cause maybe a few might like it. I have no purpose of converting them. It would be a bit, akward. I mean, if they saw the good part, I would let it go. So, I have something I want to do, but I need to have your help. Alright, so, I want to do this probably once, or unless TheFineBros screws us over again. So, I was trying to decide a video. Hmmm, couldn't decide for awhile. I finally decided the video I wanted to use, or you guys can choose a different one of this YouTuber's videos. A few of you might now him as HotDiggedyDemon. He did,, I think this would be showing our more crazy awesome part of the fandom (my friend is a non brony and loves these, so, it would be good for non bronys to see). I dont normally want to do this, I am not starting a war. I just want people to be more understanding. Anyways, next time TheFineBros posts a teen react. I want you to comment on their video 'Teens React To: ___________ '. You fill in the blank. Anyways I want teens to see a video from HotDiggedyDemon. So, I have 3 of my favorite videos that you could choose from (or choose your own favorite from them, dont care. Here is the link to my favorite videos. Click on them to watch them if you haven't seen them. *Links Removed* Hope you enjoy them and make sure to let them know which video you want Teens React to. Come on, we can now get teens to understand our fandom along with other people.
  18. I ask this because I recently had a personal realization that I was feeding my god of anger (Mars) more often than my other gods/goddesses. We're so quick to feed our "Mars" instead of "Venus" that it almost seems natural. Are you feeding your jealous, hyper-masculine god, like Jehova? Or your goddess of rage, Lyssa? Maybe it's time to step back and just evoke your goddess of loonacy and sillyness, Eris? Sometimes, we just have to question what gods we're truly feeding.
  19. Here is the link in which, as you could see, shit went down. I read that article a little before I made this topic, but it didn't really surprise me. Parents acting on their fear of their children going through the same thing as that horrible incident which rocked that school in Connecticut and ultimately ended up finding something to blame. You can kind of tell that I don't worry about their own kids' safety, but rather their inability to not go ahead and educate themselves about what actually happened. Misidentifying the actual suspect and then using a video game as a scapegoat is hardly anything to be respectful of.
  20. Please do not look up any story mentioned in this unless you want to be creeped out/scared. Oh, and this thread is basically a giant rant. Many people have read fanfics like Cupcakes and Sweet Apple Massacre. Many people think that these stories are “disturbing” and “scary”, and regard them the same way as some really good creepypastas. Well I’ve actually grown sick of this. So let me go on a big rant about creepypasta and grimdark fanfic. I am a big fan of creepypasta. I’ve read a lot of things…. Jeff the Killer, Sorry Daddy, even some of those better “Lost Episodes”. These all have one very important element to their plots that many MLP Grimdarks lack. And of course, I speak of a build up. You know, that thing that makes you dread reading the next part, the part that makes you look behind your back to make sure the killer from the story isn’t there to kill you? In a good creepypasta/grimdark, there is a steady build up in tension through out the story that instills fear into the reader. But in almost every MLP Grimdark I have read, there is nothing to fear. It’s just “PINKIE PIE DID THIS DISGUSTING ACT TO >insert unsuspecting pony here<”. Touching on the last thing I said, there is something else I’d like to bring up. Over descriptive shock stories. Those aren’t grimdark at all. What’s scary about reading a detailed story of someone’s dismemberment? Absolutely nothing. Sure, it’s disgusting, but it doesn’t exactly make me afraid of anything. A great example of something like this being done WELL (and correctly) is Sorry Daddy. It gives a good description of killings, and leaves something to fear. In this, after hearing of how the evil characters murder the protagonists, it eludes to the fact that they were never stopped, and could quite possible be coming for you next. But let’s face it: it’s hard to believe that a brightly colored pony is going to come murder you. But isn’t it hard to believe that a man who gave himself a Glasgow smile and burned his eyelids out is going to come and tell you to go to sleep before he murders you? It’s all in the right amount of description. Overly describing the act of killing, yet not hinting at the killers freedom, can really kill a story. The last thing I would like to mention is cheesy things. Yeah, I’m talking about stuff like “And then a skeleton popped out” or “HYPER-REALISTIC EYES IN A CARTOON?! BLOOD TEARS?!”. Don’t use it. Ever. It’s been too over-used. Unless you’re completely sure that it is the greatest instance of it ever being used, just erase it from your memory. I hope you actually read this and paid attention to what I said.