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Found 30 results

  1. What do you think of foxes? I find them very cute, beautiful, smart, and kind animals. They are my favorite animal of course, but I am wondering what anyone else thinks of them.
  2. So, I have ANOTHER crafting hobby now. I recently learned how to make pompoms by hand using acrylic yarn. It's surprisingly fun! I've been designing weird but cute kitty characters with random supplies I have laying around. I'll be making dogs soon too!
  3. for me it's wolves! They look so cool and are incredibly agile!
  4. this is a thread that you can say whatever you want about stuffed animals, but i got some questions as well 1.whats your favorite stuffed animals? 2.what plushies do you plan to get? many do you have? heres my answers: favs are my stuffed rainbowdash, my teddy bear whos bigger than me,my stuffed oshawott, stuffed kirby, and my rattle snake 2.i want a fix-it felix plush. i saw one at a store and theyre so awesome! 3.dude, dont even ask me how many i got.all of them arent even in the house, i think theyre in storage. thanks!
  5. Well, I've always been fascinated with animals. As a small kid I was never allowed to have a pet (actually I did have a gold fish that I had won from a carnival game but that was it), so I was always jealous of my classmates because most of them had a animal companion. Fast forward 15 years and now I live with the most amazingly wonderful, smart, playful and loyal cat I could ever have. To me he is my furry child. He is more than just a pet, he is my best friend and my companion. If it were not for Domino I doubt I would have survived the last few years (addiction, mental illness among other things). Every time I wake up he is right by my side, every time I come home he is waiting at the door. Yes there are bad days when trashes my apartment, but overall I am glad that I live with Domino. Here is a picture of Domino: Just as the title states, I would love to hear your stories and see your pets. I hope you are all well, Abaddon.
  6. Hello, everypony rainbowdash here with more maverick robot animal destruction enjoy the artwork!
  7. I suddenly got a little disturbed recently over Gummy. It seems really strange that he is a toothless alligator. Why is he like that? Only 3 possibilities seem likely. 1. He's young. Party of one shows that Gummy is at least one year old. While I don't know much about alligators I'm pretty sure by a full year there should be at least a few teeth there. 2. His brand of alligators are just naturally without teeth. This seems awfully strange. Going by Twilight's freaked out reaction to him in 'feeling pinkie keen' alligators are still considered a dangerous carnivorous species in equestria. So a species naturally lacking the means to attack and eat their prey doesn't seem likely. 3. Similar to a cat being declawed, Gummy was 'deteethed' so that he'll never be able to grow teeth and be a threat as a pet. This thought is what made me so creeped out as he's specifically introduced as a toothless alligator. After all, at least in the episode he's introduced in, he 'bit' pinkie all over, obviously having no effect because he only has gums. Also, looking at his name, it seems to indicate that Pinkie knows he'll never have teeth, or his name would stop making sense. Also, Gummy is quite 'blank' and reactionless, maybe from the trauma of the procedure. At the same time, Pinkie doesn't seem the type to deliberately cause harm to another creature. I may be looking too much into this, but I'd like some other people's opinions on the matter.
  8. Me? I identify with dogs and feel like if I was an animal, I would be one. Other people see me as doglike as well - my loyalty, obedience to authority figures, and the way I show affection is sort of like a dog. Apparently, I'm also warm and caring like one as a friend of mine told me. I think it is also my openness (well, when I get past my anxiety/anger to show it) to friendship and people that makes me doglike. Plus, I love dogs and have lived my entire life with them, so I understand their behavior and think I kind of emulate it sometimes. Also kind of a dog furry, I guess. And you guys? I'm interested to know your answers.
  9. A cat, dog and bear as dango! what do you think?
  10. "Spectra Flim-Flam" 18 X 24 X 3/4 inches paint on canvas sides painted signed on the front and back Sorry everyone, it already sold.
  11. Hello everypony this is a picture I drew of a fox its not the best, but my friend Fluff Fox likes foxes so decided to draw one for them I do hope you like it. I am posting 2 pictures of it the first one being a little further and the second being a little closer.
  12. Hey people, I was trying to draw some dragons, but then ended in a crocodile...... i guess x.x I'm not good to see differences between crocodiles, alligators and other stuff. So yeh, stay with this "bad" sketch.
  13. I have some questions and want to hear some Forum Members' answers. Most if not all have opinion answers. What would you call an Animal that goes through Photosynthesis? What would you call a plant that has Animal like Behavior and Characteristics? (Walking, Eating with a mouth, making noise, having eyes, ect.) Do you think Aliens would really be hostile towards Humans? If NASA got that EM Drive they have been working on working and in use, where do you think we will try to go first? (The EM Drive could possibly make spaceships go near the speed of light if not faster. Think of it something like a realistic Warp Drive.) What would happen if live animals were able to grow plants on their bodies (think Bulbasaur) Whats your reaction to this statement? NASA discovered that some of the lasers that make the EM drive work go faster than the speed of life. Why do so many people just deny things because something goes against what we think we know? I may add more questions, but for now I just want to know your opinions.
  14. So, what is your favorite exotic animal? My favorites are The babirusa, the palm cockatoo, and the clouded leopard
  15. I am an educator at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence RI and was wondering if we had anybody who worked for a park, zoo, or even the Department of Environmental Management.
  16. Guinea pigs are easily my favorite. Their personalities are delightful and I find them quite soothing. Cats are my second favorite.
  17. A little art I made. (WARNING. Its really weird x3)
  18. I will start us off Dream Suite Code 5400-2214-1557 My 3DS friend code is 5086-1486-8628 Leave your's below and lets all hang out!
  19. I've noticed a trend of sharks being thought of as monsters here just a few facts that might prove otherwise The chances of you getting bit by a shark a lower then getting hit by lightning. Also there a ways to prevent it and also to defend yourself if it does happen, first sharks use electrical signals to hunt and it also happens that a person splashing around leaves signal similar to a wounded fish that combined with the fact that sharks are scavengers at heart makes you look like an easy meal. Also sharks are territorial so just be aware of that, and a quick fun fact great whites are as lethal as you may think, Bull sharks are more aggressive and can live in fresh water as well as salt. The rest of preventing a shark attack is to just be smart if one is heading toward you swim in a calm manner back to shore splashing is going to encourage him. And if it does happen reel back a punch him in the nose as hard as you can where the nose is a major nerve center as smell is a primary sense for them and punching them there will daze them kind of like if you stare into a strobe light you really see very well for a little. But also sharks have shown to have a sense of family kind of like dolphins and shark pups have been seen behaving in a manor similar to playing and there is even an interspecies hierarchy as some species have a higher feeding priority over others and will always go for the easy meal as in sick or old sea creatures. Honestly I just don't feel they've earned their negative reputation. Any comments or missed facts?
  20. So I've been playing animal crossing new leaf recently, and decided a thread like this would be a great place to discuss the games, trade between players, visit other people's towns, etc.I figure it'll mostly be about new leaf, seeing as it's the newest one. In particular I'm looking for cherries, and will offer apples, oranges, or something else we can discuss. Friend code: 5370-0639-9783
  21. It is said that ponies (real ones, like Shetlands) are smarter than horses, owing to their ancestors' intelligence in the wilder and harsher regions of the world.
  22. So yeah I usually draw furry related art. Anthro/ Anthropomorphic animals (Animals with human abilities like walk, talk etc etc.) Here are some of my drawings : ) Some are watermarked since they are commsions. From oldest to newest: Chibi commish for Onjedone on Deviantart ^^ Chibi for Arrius Pixel thingy of my fursona Christmas Snow Gift for my best friend Fan art from Rise of the Guardians Picture of my fursona Christmas <3 How to train yor dragon fan art Art gift for my friend Jade
  23. I have been confused wether or not I should identify myself as a Furry. 1. I adore animals of all kinds. I am fascinated by them and I really feel they have intuition like humans do. 2. I prefer to draw animals (mostly wolves, horses, and dragons) rather than people or objects. I even have my own wolf character with her own personality and original design. 3. I DON'T have a fetish for animals! I'm not on that side of it. 4. I would wear a fur suit if I had one! In fact, I want one. 5. I want to attend a furry convention. I know most furries are very nice individuals. 6. I don't particularly like anthropomorphic animals, but I do find them really cool and fun to draw 7. I DON'T feel I have a spiritual connection to animals. So, do these things automatically make me less of a Furry? Or would I be considered one nonetheless?
  24. Does anybody here have any funny stories involving animals? For example when I was about 10 I got chased by a rooster
  25. Hello, everypony sorry I can't put my other art on here it's explicit adults but hopely you will like my Megaman-x Fanart later!