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Found 68 results

  1. Whether it's a rare breed of cat, dog, reptile or the stuff I personally have, feel free to share the uncommon pets you own currently! If you don't have anything uncommon, which exotic pet would you like to have? As for me, I recently got into caring for young land snails and slugs. I currently own: 8 Prairie Rabdotus snails 7 milk snails 7 leopard slugs 1 banana slug Lemonade is my favorite so far. She is the best banana slug ever! Her species is indigenous to Washington state, Oregon and California. Here is a video of her: Lemonade the Banana Slug
  2. Hi Everypony, I'm wondering what was your first pet? Was it a cat or dog? Maybe it was a bird or fish? My first pet was a cat named Noel (I got her on Christmas Eve).
  3. In my opinion I prefer an awesome Cold-Blooded Reptile over a Cute Fluffy Animal like a Rabbit. I love Exotic animals all together but in a group I love the Scaled Lizards over all else. You could say I am biased because I have many Reptiles and I wouldn't disagree with you but my two Gecko's faces could make hearts melt in seconds, even Lizards can be cute you know. What do you prefer more?
  4. Have you ever thought about being an Animal? Let's find out what type of Animal we would like to be. Me, it's probably pretty Obvious. I always wanted to be a snake. They're probably the most underrated and unlikely predators you can find.
  5. Well, I've always been fascinated with animals. As a small kid I was never allowed to have a pet (actually I did have a gold fish that I had won from a carnival game but that was it), so I was always jealous of my classmates because most of them had a animal companion. Fast forward 15 years and now I live with the most amazingly wonderful, smart, playful and loyal cat I could ever have. To me he is my furry child. He is more than just a pet, he is my best friend and my companion. If it were not for Domino I doubt I would have survived the last few years (addiction, mental illness among other things). Every time I wake up he is right by my side, every time I come home he is waiting at the door. Yes there are bad days when trashes my apartment, but overall I am glad that I live with Domino. Here is a picture of Domino: Just as the title states, I would love to hear your stories and see your pets. I hope you are all well, Abaddon.
  6. And why? I think I would pick a cat. I would want an animal average enough that I could turn into it in normal places and no one would freak out. But I would also want an animal that could defend itself if someone tried to mess with me... So a cat seems like a good choice!
  7. Hello everybody I don't know if this has happened to you, but this seems to happen quite often to me where I will be walking my dogs minding my own business and another person either walking one dog or 2 will automatically assume that my dogs and their dog(s) should mix and mingle and be the best of friends so they end up trying to shove their dog(s) in my dogs face and I get an attitude from them every time I avoid them which I really don't care I was always taught you don't shove dogs at each other that is how fights break out, but its just soooo annoying to me so has anybody else had this problem before? please do tell your story.
  8. According to animal welfare websites, researchers and health experts; there are plenty of plants and herbs that are really healthy plus beneficial to cats. I decided to take things to the next level. I have successfully created 6 different blends of my own homemade tea specifically for our feline friends. There are multiple ways to use my teas which I can explain in further detail if anyone wants me to. The best way I use my teas is to serve them cold to my lovely fur-babies in small amounts. They LOVE the catnip tea the most. haha Here are some pictures of my two best blends. I keep them marinated in mason jars. I'm hoping to sell a lot on my etsy or at the local farmer's market someday. I'm probably too passionate about my teas but oh well. I hope you all enjoy these!
  9. Well, if you've had a pet and gave it a name, have you ever given your pets strange or unusual names? When we had our first cat, we named her "Cuca". The name didn't have any meaning, we thought it just fit her. Much later, when she had her second litter of cubs, one of them resembled a blue Russian cat (her mate was a purebred one) and my aunt named him "Bear" because she thought he looked like a tiny little bear with all that fur. Yeah, Mexico is a country where people often give their pets interesting names. Bonifacio, Capulin, Chamuco, are some of the most unique I've heard.
  10. I recently found a catnip farm not too far from my place. They are a completely natural and pesticide free farm so I bought a whole bunch for my kitties. I even made this banana toy with the nip! I sewn the whole thing by hand with pet friendly felt. My cats loved it! I'm gonna make more to trade with other pet owners. I love it when I discover new/high quality supplies for art. I should totally make a beef shaped toy. Lol
  11. The age old question: Which pet is better? Dogs or cats? Personally, I think cats suit me more than dogs. Do I hate dogs? NO! Would I completely refuse to own one? NO! I may feel more connected to cats but that doesn't mean dogs are bad. Same thing with all animals. I'm tired of people going to war online with the "dogs vs cats" thing. ITS STUPID AND RIDICULOUS!!! No animal should suffer because YOU think they should and because YOU think one is superior to the other. Get off your high horse! Trust me, I understand why some people would hate one or the other. Both have flaws but they both have wonderful things about them too! They are both living thing of this world. Treat them BOTH as such even if you like one more for personal reasons. Sorry for the rant. I'm curious, do any of you agree or disagree with me? Which is your favorite (dogs or cats)?
  12. I am surprised this isn't already a topic. What are your favorite animals and why? Mine are foxes and snakes! I find them both fascinating and intelligent animals, and are so pretty and cute too!
  13. For me it is a spotted hyena, we share the same laugh
  14. Probably a month ago, me and my religious friend got into a debate whether animals go to heaven or not. I wanted to get ya'll's opinion on whether they do, may you believe or not. She told me that according to the Bible, it said animals didn't go to heaven because humans are superior to them and they don't have a soul. I argued that if they didn't have a soul, how come they can feel jealousy, madness, sadness, happiness, all in all feel pain and distraught. It's like comparing them to a rock, and saying that one living thing isn't worthy enough to go to heaven as well as another living thing. She then came back and told me it's because they don't have a sense of morality. That they don't have morals, or even aware of the presence of God. I then came back at her and said that if that is the case, then we probably didn't have a soul, considering we didn't have a sense of morality at one point in our lives. It's invalid to say that they can't go to heaven or hell because they don't know right from wrong, when we humans ourselves don't know right from wrong either...and just like us, they can learn from their mistakes. I did my own research, and so far all the religious sites i've been to have said yes, because we were made from the same dust as animals, or that the Bible clearly doesn't state whether they do or not, despite the heavy symbolism towards animals throughout the book. I mean, if they didn't have any importance, why did God instruct Noah to carry two of every animal? Was there no point, if they really weren't as signifigant as humans are? PLEASE don't point at me and say i'm crazy for believing in this and that, and act rude about it. I know how people get with these religious topics. This is about what you think. Do you think animals go to heaven? What are your thoughts?
  15. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone on Deviant Art , this time featuring Sunset Shimmer. Their idea was that, just after the events of "Friendship Games", Sunset Shimmer's brief turn as "Daydream Shimmer" puts her in temporary contact with her friends' powers. She then gets to have a fun day or so using them to do various things: creating a ballgown, acing a zoology test (with some help from Fluttershy's animal friends) , baking a masterpiece, lifting incredible weights, and winning the 100 yard dash with ease. The ballgown in panel 2 and the cake in panel 4 are my design The extra racers in the last panel were also created by me. Sunset Shimmer's gym outfit in the last 2 panels are the commissioner's design. All other designs/backgrounds are based directly on the show.
  16. I recently watched a movie called "The Lobster" which had a weird plot were if you did not find a life partner in 60 days then you would get turned into an animal of your choice and stay that way for the rest of your life. When you become one you still keep your human brain (as much as possible anyways) but you cannot talk or act like a human. So here's the question: If you had to become an animal for the rest of your life, what would you become? (no, humans don't count as animals in this case) I would probably go for some type of bird like a Falcon because flying high up in the skies would be an awesome way to see the world. A Canadian Goose would also be nice since you would get to travel North America every year. Some sort of dog would also be interesting though since you would have crazy hearing and smell which would be cool to experience. A Parrot seems like a nice choice as well but if it's a pet then that would really suck to be locked up in a cage for my (possibly) 50+ year long life.
  17. What are some funny things your pets have done? It doesn't have to be a current pet you have now... but past pets as well. :3 My previous cat we had in Maine saw the cellar door open. He ventured down there, and all of a sudden comes charging up as the door closed. My mom heard the thump of his head, opened the door... and charged right out. He was never the same again. Just a simple "psst" would send him flying about five feet into the air. He also did something we called "crow-hopping" where he would jump from one spot, to another spot and another spot. My current cat has also done a few worthy things. One time, she jumped onto her cat tower and knocked it over. This sent her charging around the corner at abut 50 miles per hour. XD
  18. Intro: Just so you know, even though this fanfiction focuses a bit on interactions between Vinyl and Octavia, I'm not shipping them. I don't have anything against people who do ship them, I'm just not much of a shipper, so if you want romance, you might want to look someplace else. With that out of the way, here's the rest of the intro: I was inspired to write this because I love cats but I've seen lots of stereotypes about them and I want to write about someone realizing the stereotypes are not true. Here's the story: One morning, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were sitting on their front steps, bored. Because they were bored, they were just saying whatever came into their minds in hopes of starting a conversation, when Octavia said, "I'd like a cat." "A cat?!" said Vinyl, "Cats think they're better than us. We don't want a pet that acts all superior!" "Cats don't think they're better than us," said Octavia. "What about Opalescence?" said Vinyl. "Opalescence doesn't think she's better than us, she's just a bit grumpy," said Octavia, "Just like how that griffon Gilda is grumpy, but she's not arrogant. And besides, Opal is Rarity's cat so she's probably all fancy-pants because her owner is." They forgot about cats, until one day, they were visiting Fluttershy. "Do you want to adopt a pet?" asked Fluttershy. "Well, I was thinking about getting a cat," said Octavia. "Really?" said Fluttershy. "That was just a thought Octy had when we didn't have anything better to do," said Vinyl. "Well, if you mares do want a cat, there's always this one. He's a tomcat. Here, kitty kitty!" Out walked a white cat with large eyes and a blue bow on his head. "Hi there, kitty," said Octavia in a baby voice. "Isn't he the one who tore up your curtains and hissed at Rainbow Dash during the cutie mark incident?" said Vinyl dubiously. "Oh, that was just because he was hungry," said Fluttershy, "If you feed him cat food at eight o'clock a.m and six o'clock p.m., he's as sweet as an angel!" "Why would I want a pet who only likes me because of food?!" said Vinyl. "He doesn't like us only because of food," said Octavia, "He just gets grumpy when he's hungry." By then, the cat had begun to rub up against Octavia and purr. "See?" said Octavia, "I didn't feed him and he still loves me. Don't you, schmookie-woo?!" "Don't tell me that's what you want to call him," said Vinyl. Octavia chuckled. "No, I'm going to call him Jeffrey." "So you're keeping him?" said Fluttershy. "Yes!" said Octavia before Vinyl could say anything else. When they got home, Jeffrey was asleep on Vinyl's sofa. "He'll get cat fur all over it!" said Vinyl. "But I can always dust it off," said Octavia. Vinyl hadn't interacted with Jeffrey until bedtime, but then, he jumped up onto her bed and purred. "You're not so bad after all," thought Vinyl.
  19. This Thread is for all my non-MLP art work! Mostly furry art, personal work, fanart, and commissions! I won't upload EVERYTHING but I'll update this on occasion! you can view my full Gallery here: (commission for Bugscrap) ( Commission for infernalpume )
  20. just at it says you must describe the user above you with an animal, if you wanna say why is optional
  21. I hope there's not already a thread like this on here, but I thought that maybe we could have a thread for horse appreciation! I love horses, and the are very beautiful, strong and intelligent creatures, so let the discussion and picture posting begin! Please be respectful and kind, everyone likes different things for different reasons! I'll start the first picture off with one that is very much like my Pony Persona, Momento Mori (sans the wings obviously! lol).
  22. Bit of an odd one today, but do any of you have wildlife you watch at work or school/college/uni? Pretty much real life/your own Springwatch (BBC TV show) I have 2 species I watch out of my office window this season. First and my main entertainment is my Seagull family. My window looks out onto a flat roof and I've been watching this seagull couple since...*ahem* the mating season >.> and now they have 2 chicks. The chicks run about all over the roof and Im worried one will fall off (now he can jump onto the ledge) or end up down a gutter. Apprently they fledge in August. The second family of birds I watch are a large family of Peregrine Falcons. They nest on the Church next to our street. Really fascinating to watch and hear, all they do is shriek a lot lol. But amazingly theres about 5 or 6 of them in this one family! So do you guys have any distraction wildlife stories? Could be as small as a spider that lives on your PC
  23. Oh hi! Im SpaceAsylum, or Jindo. If your here iv attracted you with my art whoops, most of my art is normally unfinished works or non-pony so I figured a topic here would be more suited then one I'd hardly use in the actual Pony section. Enough of my Rambling- Shaded works im proud of and now the random pile of artwork So- I guess advice and comments welcome?? I love to draw so any way you can help me improve is a big yes yes yes and more yes!
  24. So after seeing some of the new characters like Capper and the pirate captain parrot, it seems like Hasbro has introduced anthro characters into the MLP world or at least for the movie. It just feels very odd to have regular 4 legged characters ever since season 1 and just then decide to switch it up after all that time. Having anthro characters alongside regular 4 legged characters / animals does not really fit in my opinion into the MLP world in my opinion. Does anybody else feel the same about the new characters being added?
  25. I thought about asking who would be the most/least likely to eat meat but that would be a bit too obvious. We know Fluttershy would never do that because even the thought of it would traumatize her and Rainbow Dash would probably be open to it because as a former friend of Gilda she has probably witnessed her eating meat a few times and may have even tried it herself out of curiosity. I think the most likely to eat meat aside from Rainbow Dash would be Twilight Sparkle due to her natural curiosity, all she would need is one book on meat to spark that she may have some reservations but if her curiosity is strong enough she may be able to overcome them. Rarity would probably be the least likely to eat meat aside from Fluttershy because she would judge it as undignified and unladylike in addition to being horrified at the idea of eating another living creature.