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Found 20 results

  1. I absolute love certain gifs/animations I find on youtube or google. I want to show you them and let you share yours! This Zootopia gif! ITS SO CUTE!!! This cool cat gif!!! This clip from a great movie! One of my favorite anime's!!!
  2. I finally decided to make a new showreel of my previous works, and it's finally here! It contains many different projects I have made in the past so I hope you find this enjoyable to watch! <3
  3. If you have yet to see it, Here it is. Other than that, it's been almost a year (or I think it is) since I got on this site,and the only reason why I'm back on, is because of this sweet 20min gem of a video! More than glad I subbed to this creator. Just wanted to see if anyone else has seen it, or not, and would like to discuss it.
  4. Good Day, my name is Vardakas, mostly known as Balareth, i make animations on my own. I am looking for talented people who can contact me via Skype or PMs, we can work on a animaiton project i am developing. At the moment i am requiring this Staff: -Background Aritsts -Voice Talents (male and Female, both are very required) -As for the animation as well, i'll handle the whole animation part but if you want to enter as animator is required to know Anime Studio Pro, Flash is not gonna be used. -We are gonna work on Skype, if you are fully willing to join the team PM in this page first. This is a great oportunity to create a new empire with new species, in our team nobody is discrimined by gender, nationality, race or sexual preference, we are all part not only of a glorious team with constant progress but also a safe place to relief your stress and sadness, you will receive suport from us, we are like family. I gathered few members already, and even if is my vision nobody is really the leader, you have the chance to talk and express yourself about the animaiton progress, you are free to suggest, propose or complain and we all gonna listen to you carefully. This animation is not about ponies, but before you leave please listen: as a voice actor or bg artist this is a great chance to expose your talent to the world, first youtube, then newgrounds and if we receive enough suport we can start our own plattform to those who choose to follow our example, time will decide over things. Because there are shows who create intense love for itself if we analize it step by step this would be our chance to bring the best to make a new world based on what we decide, your voice is gonna melt the heart of the fans, YOUR fans, wouldn't you like to see fan art of your fursona? fanfiction, videos or even videogames? We are gonna make history on the internet, while i handle the hardsest part that is animation i only ask you a little contribution that is gonna be greatly rewarded, because your name and the links of you is gonna be on the description, i'll give you fully credit for your work, i have faith on this project that is gonna change forever the view of the users we are gonna be the founders of a new fandom that are the felines, not only cats but majestic lions, fast cheetahs, strong panthers and most species in anthro form we are gonna be the voice of the new generation. We are gonna make all users to raise their paws toward us creating an empire 100% original and free from Copyright Issues. If you want to participate this will mark a new begining of your life, a reason to fight for. This is not only my project, is OUR project. Feeling depressed? feeling down wondering what the heck you been doing with your life? have you ever feel you dont have a purpose to live? well i am offering you a reason to live, a mission, a path to happiness, a work that is gonna be immortalized on internet. If you are good with your voice or drawing skills you are most welcome we will accept you as one of our own and i call you, Dear Founder of the Feline Empire, i salute you. We are all Founders, Me and my friends including you. Remember, if you wanna contact me, PM me with the title of Feline Animation and ill give you the details and all answers you want. Fillies and Gentlecolts, for many years we have followed a wonderful world and a awesome comunity like MLP and the Brony Fandom, now is the time to start to be the gods of this world, Felnes are gonna be friendly and compatible with the brony fandom so you dont feel you are treasoning the fandom, you are helping me to bring in a newborn kindom where magic and science meets and epic adventures awaits. I dare you to show me the best of you. Our time has begun.
  5. I've been considering making an MLP animation but will definitely be needing sound effects...does anyone know where I can get free sounds similar to the ones they either use in the show or in other MLP fan animations? I assume that music can just be found on YouTube or something...unless there's another source for that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Based on this recent topic (, many of you want to see much of JanAnimations' work in the field of "Pony-dom" again. Well, wait no more, your wish is granted; it would seem that much of his work was put in the Internet Archives (where you can find all sorts of other goodies you couldn't anywhere else on the Internet). Here's 2 works by JanAnimations in the "Internet Archive" I know you'll remember: There's more too: Click onto type MLP JanAnimations in the search bar, and you're good to go. "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  7. Hello! I am developing a Fallout: Equestria game based on the mechanics of the first, Fallout: Classic. I've already created many of the core actions such as, movement, inspection, collision, inventory, and halfway through saving. (All in one night!) Problem is, we're in desperate need of sprites and graphics to make the game complete. We haven't done any of the story boarding, but I imagine it'd be done rather quickly. The sprites require the respective top-down perspective of the original games. There will be a photo down below, but I'm sure you can find more by google search. (You'll probably be drawing Lil' Pip 700 times) For the sake of rigging the game, please don't draw anything until you've contacted me. Thanks! If you're interested in helping out, please PM me. I really hope to finish this project. Thanks! -RePub
  8. I just want some Download links for models, maps, sounds, etc. I want some... "Professional" help. I'll be posting updates to its completion every so often, so uh... yhea. My channel is linked down here, and i'll be posting the link to the actual animation as soon as its ready. Thanks in advance. Link to channel: Some random Super Metroid mouse cursors I found while customising my PC: My Meme:
  9. Hyping up for the first trailer/tease of the movie got me wondering of which animation style would Hasbro go forth with.Would it be fully CGI,100% Flash, some Flash with GGI,live action with GCI...oh boy?! What do you want to see on the big screen?
  10. Hi, I'm Green Bolt and I will be showing off my works.
  11. What does everypony think about SFM animations i used to think that they looked weird but every watch a few animations from Ferexes the design grew on me. So tell me what do you think of SFM animations, do you have any favorites and what is your overall opinion on it? My latest favorite is this Link to Ferexes channel
  12. hello, everyone I'm new in forum, but wanna show my animations I hope you enjoy
  13. Ladies and Gentlecolts! It has been over a year since the last proper Anthology, and it has been.. Uhh. A very long time. But, the crew have been working very hard lately to bring the latest Anthology to BronyCon. This video was uploaded right after it was aired at BronyCon. So here it is, Ponies: The Anthology V (I'm not affiliated with the Anthology crew, just posting it here for fun )
  14. Forgot to post my (old) animation here. I hope you will enjoy it XD . -- P.S: If you want to help and can make voce recordings, just send me message, or add in Skype =).
  15. So once upon a time on Cartoon Network there was a little block called Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. This block featured new episodes of Cartoon Network's original Cartoon Cartoons aired every Friday night usually around 7 (Weird how nowadays, Cartoon Network would've already switched to adult swim by that point. Hate to break it to you CN but kids are still awake at that time so don't be surprised if you get calls from angry parents). The block was hosted by a different character from these cartoons every week and usually featured some crossover goodness. I was too young to remember CCF being only 2-4 when it was airing. I may have vague memories of it, but I mostly remember the block after it hosted by the two live action people and their puppets. Now you might be wondering, "Why am I reviewing a TV block today, or rather an event on a TV block." Well, this is more to discuss how these networks can get cartoons that are actually sucessful and don't get canceled fast and gain fanbases. That's right, we are discussing The Big Pick. A little background about The Big Pick. It was an event that happened during the summer in the early 2000s where CN would release multiple pilots for cartoons and the viewer was allowed to vote for their favorite one and the one with the most votes got green lit. They would announce the winners at the end of weekend long marathon of the Cartoon Cartoons, well showcasing the pilots over the weekend. "But Chikorita, how do you know about this stuff if you don't remember it?" Well my faithful viewers, people love to post these bumpers on YouTube. There is a channel called ccffreak that posted many of the bumpers from CCF, including ones from the 2001 Big Pick. So if you wanna check them out out of curiosity, go to that channel. So, why has this method proved to be successful? Well, first off the viewers get to vote on the one to be green lit. Viewers know what they wanna see, kids know what they wanna see so the winner tends to be a winner for a reason. Also which pilots won the years they did it? Well the first year was Billy and Mandy. You know, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? A great show that proved to be a great success for Cartoon Network and lasted for years. What one the next year they did it? Oh just Codename: Kids Next Door. Another great show that was a success and lasted for years. This method works as the viewer does know what's good and does know what they wanna see. Focus groups and charts don't determine what kids want, kids determine what they want. It's kind of common sense. Granted, the last year they did it they got MegsXLR and that was great but only lasted 2 seasons, but hey 2/3 wins are still good odds. So yeah networks, try things like this. It tends to work.
  16. Well I feel like this would be the approriate place to share some stuff ive made with the art community (there mp4 vids so ill leave the youtube for 2 reasons. It wont kill my dropbox bandwidth and it allows me to gain feedback easier. Also enjoy twilight shipped with rainbowdash and buttons mom yelling at shadyvox (no its not eli monty who voiced the buttons mom in this animation. Just lex yellen at shadyvox for correcting her spelling. sooo uhhh ya... whatcha think? Buttons mom animation Twilight rainbow shipping (SFW just kissen before anyone complains dont worry i know the rules) (alternate version of above video) Let me know whatcha think guys any feedback is good feedback (this is the correct way to post here i hope....O_e)
  17. Hey Everyone, So I have done this before, but i completely screwed up last time. So! I need animators, video editors, musicians and of course voice actors. For voice actors i need... Magnify (Main Character. Detective, Male) (Speaks frequently) Bright Twinkle (Main characters assistant, detective, Female) (Speaks frequently) Princess Celestia (Main-Side Character, Female) (Speaks Mostly) Mrs. Trotter (Side character, maid, Female) (speaks mostly) Mr. Hoof (Side character, butler, Male) (speaks mostly) Mr. Gallop (Side character, buissnesspony, Male) (Speaks Infrequently) Miss. Horseshoe (Side character, Lawyer, Female) (Speaks infrequently) Mr. Neigh (Side character, Doctor, Male) (Speaks infrequently) Mr. Saddle (Side character, cook, male) (Speaks infrequently) Auditions will st start soon I will also need editors to help with the script. I am still not sure weather this will be a youtube series or a film, The names are not finalized yet (Please contact me vial E-mail or here if you are interested) ( Thanks everyone!
  18. So just over a year ago (Christmas '13) I found out that Tara strong was in "My Little Pony" . I just had to see this crap and laugh at how dumb her part was. I somehow knew NOTHING about the fandom and thought it was STILL the old show. So I watched the first two episodes on YouTube. I was very surprised that it was actually quite......Normal? Oh- and the flash animation was actually well done too. For me that would have been the end of it. It was better than I expected, but I had no further interest. Well, you know what happens when you type anything MLP into YouTube. You might as well have downloaded a virus. So for 2 or 3 weeks after, I kept noticing pony things showing up on the side. I was just like, "what the heck, WHY?!?!" and ignored it. Finally I saw a thumbnail with some video with Vinyl Scratch by a DJ Turntable and it made me curious enough to click it because of "Its" hair and weird glasses. I think it was this: All it did was confuse me more. So I clicked on a few pony videos, getting more and more confused. I thought there was some joke going on making fun of the show somehow that I wasn't getting. Then I saw Children Of The Night. It reminded me of Disney type stuff. Now I just HAD to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. I watched the third episode...then fourth... and then all of them over a couple weeks until I caught up with the show by Rainbow Falls. During this time I learned about the fandom, Lauren Faust, and the cast/crew on the show also. So did YouTube do you in also?
  19. Anyone know of any good MLP:FiM Cartoons that doesn't have any swearing in them? The thing is: I don't like to hear swearing words in such shorts. The only ones I know that are worth watching are the Know Your Mares series.
  20. Anyone know of any good MLP:FiM Cartoons that doesn't have any swearing in them? The thing is: I don't like to hear swearing words in such shorts. The only ones I know that are worth watching are the Know Your Mares and the Doctor Whooves series. Does anyone know of any other shorts or fan series?