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Found 14 results

  1. I need an animator to help me make an original PMV, if you're interested, my Skype is: Jade The Pegasister you can post any questions or comments you may have on this forum as well thanks - Jade
  2. I'm looking for 1 or 2 more animators to help me out with this sequel me and my friend are making. It's a 2 year time skip to this fanmade series called Turnabout Storm. Some of you might have heard about it or seen it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on skype: israelyabuki1995
  3. Hey everyone. I decided to try my hand in making animations but I have no idea on how to start making them. Does anypony know how and what good programs to use to start with.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm here to seek out anyone who'd like to help me make a game! Now I'm not talking about anything that'll be sold or anything, just a free game. A 2D platformer to be exact. I have the idea, but I need someone with the skills to help create it. Namely I need an animator(for some mini cut scenes) and someone who knows how to program a game. In case you're curious, here's the synopsis of the game's story. ----- A beginning animator's bouncing ball sketches are concerned when one is turned into a stick figure. He's ridiculed and can no longer fit in with his spherical peers, so he decides to venture across the desk to the eraser in order to remove those pesky new limbs. To do so he must traverse the doodles and drawings along the way. Slowly new additions are accidentally made. More details, a refined texture, and color! Over time he begins to realize that while these further isolate him from his rounded pals back in the sketchbook, they're not bad. He likes the control, the form, and even the style that he gained. When he finally reaches the eraser he decides not to, though another drawing isn't pleased with this. One drawing that decides only he can look that good. A final fight is had and our guy has won. He shows all of the ball sketches that difference is okay, and all decide to indulge themselves in their own unique designs. ----- And here's the design of the player/main character, as well as his progression from the beginning to the end of the game As you can see the style of the game is quite simplistic, so no super professional-ness is needed One more thing, this is not a paid job. If you want to help out don't expect money, just a good fun game making time! So if you like the idea and want to join and help, leave a comment here. Preferably with an example of your work Hope to hear from you soon!
  5. Hello there, I'm expecting this to get no attention whatsoever but it's worth a shot XD. I'm currently creating a remake of a level from the PS2/Gamecube game: Battle For Bikini Bottom by Heavy Iron Studios, in Unity. And yes before you ask, this is a spongebob game. The level I'm creating is the first level of the game which is Jellyfish Fields mainly to train my programming skills and to have a little fun with it. (Some of you might mention that someone else also is making a remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom in Unity and yes I am aware of this but apart from them who are making a HD remake of the "Entire" game... I'm just making a remake of a single level in Unity) So far the game is coming on fine but the one thing I mainly need is animations, animations for Spongebob currently as a lot of other small animations I can do myself but I have a lot of trouble when doing animations for spongebob which i have tried to do before. So i come here to ask for help, to ask if someone would be able to do the spongebob animations I need? which is just the same animations that were used in the game. Even help with the other animations if you want :3 If you have anymore questions then feel free to ask I'd appreciate the help a lot
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else likes to make animations with Flash or Gmod or SFM or whatever. Edit: Oops, I forgot to share some of my work. On youtube I'm known as Sniper Melon and here's my most popular video:
  7. hi im jack im a noob animator. yup heres a picture a deigo
  8. I was just wondering if there are any of you on this forum that likes to animate or sing or VA or anything of the sort, so I decided to make a thead to chat with others with talents. I know what you might be thinking and don't worry, I'm not one of those kids that are like "CAN YOU MAKE STUFF FOR ME PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZZZZZZZZ?!?!?!?!?!", I am just a normal person who just wants to learn about new people in his brony community and thought it would be nice to make a thread where you can. Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself and what you like to do, and maybe even show off some of your work. For instance, I am a person who likes to make pony videos animated with Garry's Mod on Youtube. Here's one of my animations (which seems to be my most popular): I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of you guys like to do too.
  9. All right, if any famous brony joined the forums, whether it be a reivewer, musician, animator or whatever, who would you want it to be? It would be cool to see people like Mr. Enter or VoiceofReason join or even DrWolf seems nice. Also, maybe people at Jan Animations would be nice. So discuss away!
  10. When I talk about producers, I mean those who regular work with voice actors and actresses, singers, in music and/or in animation. After being in a few experiences of both good and bad, I complied these comprehensive guidelines that will help you work with other contributors more easily. If you're making a song or project with another person who is doing vocals or voice acting, it might be the best feeling. However, not all things go according to plan, hence I've come up the things that many producers ignore about the burdens that you might be unaware of. I call this, the Producer's Code: The Editique for Voice Actors/Actresses and Vocalists. This list has been in the making since 2006 derived from various voice actors and actresses, producers and musicians. ♫♪│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│♪♫ Producer's Éditique For Voice Actors/Actresses and Vocalists. 1. Be specific. You may ask for redo's if you do not believe that your voice actor said the line the way you imagined it, but giving criticism without giving specific details is frustrating and will burn out your VA. Instead, record yourself saying the line with the emotion you had in mind so that your actor can get a better idea. VAs not psychic. 2. Send your voice actor the entire script or instrumental, or at least the part of the script that contains his or her character. If you're a musician sending vocal lyrics to a singer, be sure to send a rough draft of the instrumental. Sending the lines without context will sound awkward or misread when all the lines are added together in the project. 3. If you're scouting for a role, let your voice actor know what type of voice you're looking for, or send concept art. 4. Please give your voice actors a deadline. Otherwise VA lines might not appear until 2 months from now. 5. It is your responsibility to listen to a voice actor's demo before scouting them for a role. 6. Everyone has their preferred methods of casting, but simply "handing out parts" is generally not a smart move to make when casting. 7. Even if you're talking to the voice actor via skype chat about the files, send a copy to their e-mail box just to be safe. 8. There's no need to go on a forum and talk about how much you dislike them or what a terrible actor they are. Voice actors and actress are a tightly knit community - If you develop a reputation of spreading bad press other VAs won't want to meet a similar fate. 9. When doing long-term projects, please keep contact information on hand. 10. No matter what, make sure to credit your voice actors in the finished product. 11. Send a link or video or file copy to the VA of the final product. 12. When a VA has contacted you with an audition, or especially if you have contacted a VA, it is only common courtesy to email them a reply. 15. Proofread your script before sending it to your voice actors. 16. When your VA sends you lines, make sure you save them to a safe place, and keep them if you decide to get a new computer. Don't lose these at all costs! 17. Don't be afraid to be assertive with your project. Ask for lines to be redone if you need to. Set deadlines with authority. Just be specific - anything you can send us, such as concept art, voice clips for reference, etc. will be helpful in doing the voice the way you want it. 18. It's understandable if you're making a spoof of an anime or game and want the voices to sound close to the original. However, please consider that this isn't the same voice actor/actress that was in the game or movie, and chances are the VA will not be able to do an exact imitation. 19. Recasting: So your voice actor missed a deadline? The best thing to do is send them a friendly reminder asking them about their lines. If they still don't respond, send a notice that if they don't have their lines in by (insert date here), they will be recasted. It's a good idea to let your voice actors know if you'll be recasting so that they don't waste time recording lines you're not going to use. 20. Cancelling your project? Just be honest and let the VA know. 21. When a voice actor does work for you, do NOT take this as an extra e-mail address that you can add to forward chain letters to on your massive mailing list. 22. Do not digitally edit the pitch without first asking permission from the voice actor. 23. If the VA is working for free, don't be too hard and be reasonable about deadlines, redos, and be generous in voice direction (See Number 1).
  11. I need some professional help! I need somepony(or group) who would like to do an animation for my book, The Song of Our Tomb. If you don't know what it's about, here's it in a nutshell: ((This fanfiction starts with The Children of the Night)) Many decades ago, a Chaotic Beast assaulted Equestria. The Celestial Sisters had found an ancient device to defeat the Chaotic tyrant known as Discord-but it left the Kingdom in a weak state. The Younger Sister, feeling the weight of each ponies as their Kingdom struggle each day, proposed a new idea-she would create a Glorious Kingdom where she and those that loved the night could rule it. But the Older Sister objected, for she would fear that it would tear the Kingdom apart. She and her guard kept a secret,but watchful, eye on the Younger Sister. But the Younger Sister, mad with grief, launched her plan in Secrecy. One Fateful Night, the Younger Sister sent a message across the land(by Moonlight) to ask of those who favored the night to walk into the Moonlight. Across the land, many fillies and colts (mainly orphans) woke up because of the Moonlight, and were lifted to the Sky. They were taken to the Younger Sister, who then claimed the “Lost Ones” as her new “Children of my Night.” She told them about her plan, and separated the colts and fillies into two groups; the First Group would travel to the far North-out of the Older Sister’s grasp-and the Second Group would stay in the Everfree Forest-out of the Older Sister’s sight-until she returned for them. But she never did. The Older Sister soon discovered what her Younger Sister had done, and pressed her for where the Second group was hiding-but the Younger Sister refused. The Older Sister then wanted to find the Second Group, and had a secret search for them-but did not find any of them. (( For more information on this Kingdom, visit this Link: )) **Remember, this is a fanfiction** I really do hope this fanfiction will be made into an animation. If you wish to contact me, you can contact me here on MLP Forums, or at Thank you all.
  12. So here we are once again! You may well be aware of the animation myself and Erboi are working on titled "caring for your new pony", we've floated about the forums gathering talent like a picnic gathers ants and we're back once again to attract bigger prey; animators. The animation is a short parody piece meant to poke fun at bronies in a lighthearted way by asking what would happen if a fan were left in charge of a pony from the show. So we're ready to begin production, we have the storyboard, animatic, backgrounds, voices and my own personal good looks but what with real life rearing it's ugly head the animation itself may take longer than anticipated. You can watch the animatic here: note that not all the voices are included, this is just to demonstrate the length and the types of shots we will be using. So what do we need? Essentially, since I'm not an animator, (I wrote, storyboarded, and found talent) and Erboi will be beginning a career as an animator, super great job to him for that, the project may require more animators to take a share of the burden to ensure it gets completed. If you can use either toon boom or Flash to any passable degree, we want YOU. This is UNPAID work, sine we won't be making any money from the project and we're doing this for the love of My Little Pony, voice actors and composers included. Feel free to reply with any questions or send me a PM, ideally we would like two animators to lend their talents, and you will receive credit for any and all work contributed. So far I've been nothing short of astounded by the support of my fellow bronies, from finding Erboi himself to our wonderful cast of voice actors and even those who came forward to help me make Southern Belle AJ, so my hopes are high that MLPforums will continue to bring talented individuals together to achieve what one alone cannot.
  13. Hello all! So I'm working on an animation called "Caring for your new pony" and I would like to find some talented individuals to help make it a reality. Want to read the script? View it here; Whether you're a graphic artist, vector artist, background artist, animator, composer, voice actor or all of the above, I want to meet you! In a nutshell, "Caring for your new pony" is a parody instructional video teaching viewers how to properly take care of their new pony. It's a comedy piece mainly focused on a typical American guy and Apple Bloom, his mail order pony. I have rounded up a selection of artists to record the voices for the piece and I have drawn out character designs and a storyboard to help give an approximation of the final piece. You can see the storyboard here; D'aww So what do I need? Well the sad truth is that I've never actually animated anything. I'm a writer, concept artist and storyboard artist so I'm perfectly happy providing oodles of sketches and giving aid and direction to anyone who needs it but when it comes down to producing the animation I fear my lack of experience may well cause the animation to suffer a lack of quality. Her new owner might be a little too affectionate If there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking the role of animator you would be welcomed with open arms. I could also use someone to help design a logo for the piece and the title screen for the animation, as well as a credits screen with links to contributor's websites. I would love for some vector artists to design illustrations to be used in the video (how to bathe your pony, how to feed your pony etc.) or even to digitize my sketches to be used for promotional art on my website and on any other available sites. I also need a male voice actor to play the part of the "Guy" in the script, you can view the audition post here; There is a view to turn this into a series, based on the ponies' experiences with their new human owners but baby steps for now, if we create a quality product then we can see about possible sequels. Concepts for the various owners So, no matter what you do we might just have a place for you on the team, I only ask that you're passionate about taking part. This project will need dedicated individuals that can take the time to see it through to its conclusion. All work will be unpaid as this is a not-for-profit animation since we're working with Hasbro's characters but everyone involved will receive credit for their work. If you're interested in joining, post below or email me at dilarus(at) with the subject title "Animation". Please include an example of your work eg. images, demo reels, links to finished projects. I hope to hear from you soon, it's been great fun working on this project thus far and I hope to make it fun for all of you to contribute to.
  14. This is what I am thinking, a series of shorts of 2 people dicussing things like the meaning of life but with a slight sort of slapstick side to it. But I am not the best animator (I suck badly) and 2 voice actors for the main characters plus non-permenant actors... I typically want 1-2 animators and 1 story boarder, so we can make sure me and whoever will make good stories! As an animator it doesn't matter too much about skill as long as you can do sort of ASDF style people and things like windows, cookers etc although arrangments can be made! I will be running the sort of beucratic side, like uploading, advertising, managing the channel and organising everybody as well as storyboarding... It is recomended to have skype mainly for voice acting but it doesn't matter much, just reply with some background info, what you want to do, wether you have skype or not etc... Background info is optional! Also if anyone could also make a channel BG that would be appriciated