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Found 490 results

  1. One Punch Man started off as an awfully-drawn webcomic. A professional artist liked it enough to redraw it in an extremely detailed style. Recently, it also got adapted into an anime which just ended. Basically, it's about some guy who became the strongest superhero in the world, to the point where he can beat anyone with one punch (hence the title). He has grown bored of life due to the lack of challenges, and seeks a worthy opponent, to no avail. Any fans around here? Who is the best hero? (answer is Mumen Rider).
  2. If so what do you like? Ive seen and liked Soul Eater, pokemon, Solty Rei, XXX Holic,Count of Monte Cristo:Gankutsuou, Baka and Test, Death Note,DBZ, and Naruto.
  3. Since we have a movie thread and a music and a video game thread on this topic, I think it's about time to get to animated shows. They've seen quite the renaissance that's lasted throughout this decade and resulted in some great shows being produced (and also ending in most cases) in that time. So what are your favorites of the bunch? I would say this would be roughly my top 5: Steven Universe Rick and Morty BoJack Horseman Over the Garden Wall Gravity Falls Honorable Mentions to: We Bare Bears, MLP: FiM, Infinity Train, and Adventure Time. Of course not counting Hazbin Hotel in this list because, it only has one episode as of this point. And I also didn't include anime, though I don't watch much anime so it wouldn't make much of a difference.
  4. Is anypony on this site a fan of anime? If so, what are you watching currently?
  5. So... I finished an anime and I'm having a hard time trying to find a new one. At the moment I prefer Lighthearted ones, Like a Slice of Life sorta thing. Any one know any good ones? (Please name multiple, I may have already seen it like I've seen Ouran)
  6. Imagine mlp was an anime, and the anime went equistrian girls style (not sure if this belongs in sugar cube or E.G). Who humanized pony would be drawn as having the "most talent." (sailor jupiter joke if you get the reference).
  7. Durarara!! Ending #1 Song: Trust Me Artist: Yuya Matsushita
  8. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fullmetal Alchemist Opening #2 Song: Ready, Steady, Go! Artist: L'Arc-en-Ciel
  9. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Final Season Opening #2 Song: DOWN BY LAW Artist: THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE
  10. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Ending #2 Song: Let It Out Artist: Fukuhara Miho
  11. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #22 Song: Ashita o Narase Artist: Kavka Shishido
  12. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #15 Song: Masayume Chasing Artist: BoA
  13. ★ FAVORITE ★ Soul Eater Opening #2 Song: Black Paper Moon Artist: Tommy heavenly6
  14. ★ FAVORITE ★ Naruto Shippuden Opening #6 Song: Sign Artist: FLOW
  15. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening #4 Song: Chemistry Artist: Period
  16. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening #5 Song: Rain Artist: SID
  17. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Opening #1 Song: Snow Fairy Artist: Funkist
  18. ★ FAVORITE ★ Fairy Tail Ending #6 Song: Be As One Artist: w-inds
  19. ★ FAVORITE ★ Soul Eater Ending #3 Song: Bakusou Yumeuta Artist: Diggy-MO'
  20. ★ FAVORITE ★ Naruto Shippuden Ending #12 Song: For You Artist: AZU
  21. ★ FAVORITE ★ Yu-Gi Oh! Opening #2
  22. ★ FAVORITE ★ Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Opening #2 I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS ANIME Song: The Flower of Hell Artist: Shimamiya Eiko
  23. ★ FAVORITE ★ Sword Art Online Opening #1 Song: Crossing Field Artist: LiSA
  24. ★ FAVORITE ★ Digimon Frontier Opening Song: For Us All Artist: Dave Feldstein