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Found 4 results

  1. Something that I've noticed about the Disney movie Frozen... we all know it is massively successful around the world, and that it has a noticeably larger fanbase than most other recent Disney anmated features, specifically, the active Internet grownup fanbase.... enough where there is serious discussion of which female character is most appealing, Anna, or Elsa. There are a few similarities to our special pony show and this Disney film (animation, female characters, musical, but in the grand scheme of things one is a TV show and one is a more recent feature film with an understandably much larger audience) but the one I am thinking of are that they both have two royal sisters. The FiM fanbase tends to... and I don't speak for everypony here, "prefer" one pony princess over another, especially among the two sisters. With Elsa and Anna from Frozen, a direct comparison of which one matches up with which pony is... not precise. Luna has the darker past... so maybe she is more like Elsa... She is more hammy tho, maybe like Anna? Princess Anna has a forgiving and optimistic spirit, there are shades of that in Princess Celestia. Do people who tend to "prefer" one pony sister as their favorite also lean toward a favorite Arendelle sister? I defnitely have Luna as my fave princess of any pony princess, but for Frozen.... I dunno, maybe Elsa has a more interesting character design and singng voice.. I generally don't find her characterization very interesting or even amusing tho, she is kind of a Disney emo. Discuss your thoughts of these two pairs of royal sisters!
  2. Ok guys, I know that this is probably silly of me to post this but whatever. So basically with all this Elsanna incest stuff going around tumblr and other places, I wanted to know who was for it or agasint it. Personally I'm all for Elsanna, as long as it's not incest. I mean I'm not agasint that or anything, I believe in freedom of love, but still.
  3. Yeah, thought I should start one... unless there's already one out there. Yeah, It's been forever since I posted ANYTHING here. Recently, and by recently, I mean like, two months ago, I saw Frozen and it was...actually quite awesome. It reminded me a lot of MLP and I guess, a lot of people saw that because there now is a WHOLE FANDOM of Frozen Fans. Sure, it didn't grow horribly out of control and spark a war on 4Chan, but it's a fandom, nonetheless. I guess the bronies that saw Frozen, well some of us, anyway, sparked a new sector of the fandom. I have no idea what to call that sector. Are we Fronies? That sounds like we are furries/bronies, no offence to furries. I completely respect you guys. Are we the Bronies of Arendelle? I got no idea. Anyway, I got creative and I created Elsa, well, ponified Elsa. Do you guys got any Frozen-related stuff that you made? Or are just gonna ask each other if we want to build a snowman?
  4. This is another months-old drawing I found that I thought was quite worthy of showing. I'm not usually too skilled at humans, so I have some pride for it. Anna's a character from an old RP: