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Found 32 results

  1. I knew it's been a week since the announcement but I wanted to make a topic where we can discuss the stuff featured in Super Mario 35th anniversary. What upcoming stuff in this video are you looking forward to? Do you have any fond memories of playing these games in the past? What do you think of the new ideas like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the special Super Mario 35 Vs. as I call that one where you play against 34 other players? How about some of the Mario themed merchandise that'll be coming out, or Mario themed items coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons Don't forget to check out Eren's topic on Super Mario 3D World+ coming next year
  2. it’s been 2 whole years since the MLP movie hit theaters. With the ending arriving so soon it feels fitting to reflect back on this milestone and what we accomplished as a community together. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I myself really loved the new characters, exploring the world outside of Equestria. The wonderful songs and animation style and the heartfelt Mane 6 reunion at the end. It feels great to have this be the first new thread I made.
  3. #TaylorvilleStrong One year ago today, a massive EF-3 tornado swept through my hometown of Taylorville, IL damaging 700 buildings and destroying 30. The outpouring of support that we’ve gotten from not only each other, but from the surrounding cities and counties means a lot to not only me but to the entire populous of the city. I will never ever forget that day. I was watching supercell storms transverse the Illinois River valley in the few hours before the Taylorville tornado. I wasn’t really paying attention to the small storm that started to form just east of St. Louis at around 3 pm. None of us could possibly know what was going to come. The following morning, my dad and I did a quick survey of damage. I was extremely shocked at what I saw. The devastation was shocking but the fact that this happened in Taylorville was even more shocking. The damage I saw will be ingrained in my memory forever. It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year, and it’s great to see just how far we’ve come. But Taylorville is still coming back. So, here’s to Taylorville continuing to come back as well as it can.
  4. You know what today is? Today is the 5th anniversary of me joining MLPForums. And what a 5 years it has been. Back then, the site looked like this, the day before I joined: This was my first ever post at Welcoming Plaza. Not to sound cliche but it really does feel like I wrote it just yesterday. How prophetic. And this was what my profile looked like back then. I'm practically using the same profile pic. It was only through finding the Poniverse booth at my first Bronycon did I learn of this place. Signed up at the con to give it a shot later. Still waiting for that sign on bonus badge BTW. It was in recovery from my post con blues that I wanted to be more involved with this community and it's movement. You guys must've done something right. I've been coming here almost everyday for 1825 days. I wasn't sure what to do, how interact, what and where to explore or how to get involved. I had only been on one forum prior and it wasn't as diverse or as invested in as this was. You guys opened me up to new possibilities and gave me the closest thing I had to a social life. I came because I enjoyed the revolution started by pastel horses. I stayed because of you guys. So to all of you, thanks for making these past five years worthwhile. Here's to five more. And counting.
  5. I recommend opening a new tab and listening to this song while you read. Its one of my favourite classic Brony songs, and evokes a strong nostalgic feeling. Hello, everyone! On this day, all the way back in 2014, I decided to give My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic another chance after realizing I liked Twilight Sparkle and found that I actually enjoyed the show quite a bit. Back then, I was way less mature, more shy and still went to high school. My first time in the fandom was mainly spent listening to Brony music from this playlist on YouTube, as well as watching some videos from the YouTube Brony community. I had some interactions with members of the community as well, but, it was from the comment section on YouTube, so you can kinda guess how that would have turned out, yeah, I kinda embarrassed myself a little there but its all good now! Later that year, I decided to search Google for some communities related to this newfound obsession of mine, and found a few sites that seemed interesting, such as What is a Brony?, Equestria Daily, Bronyland and MLP Forums. Some places I visited didn't have a proper community of their own, or they were more like news websites for the fandom and didn't really seem all that appealing to me and if they did have a community, I didn't really know about it (as was the case with Bronyland and EqD). I created my account here on June 30th, 2014 shortly after browsing the website for a bit and finding that I liked the community here and wanted to start being more involved with the fandom outside of YouTube. I was a little nervous, but, I eventually (cringe warning) made my first post. Back then, I was known as shoyrumaster11, and as you read my first post, you may have noticed that most of my exposure to the fandom came from watching so-called "anti-Brony" videos and trying to figure out how anyone could be so triggered by a simple cartoon on TV. For a good portion of my time in the fandom, I spent it here on MLP Forums, occasionally making posts and sometimes actually interacting with the community and eventually, I wanted to branch out a little more and tried to find some meetups nearby, as well as a more local fan site but unfortunately, my parents didn't want me to be in any meetups back then due to concerns for my safety. My friend @Frequency Wavelength introduced me to Bronies Australia, a more local website which unfortunately wasn't very active, but it was great to know that this wasn't only some weird thing that Americans do a lot. After a while, I did also start to decline interest in this website due to some drama with the staff that was going on at the time and made a blog post last year explaining why I left the site. At the time, I was mainly a part of Equestria Daily's Morning and Nightly discussions and a regular on PonyTown, where I met a certain special someone... Through the years, I have made many friends and, at a very slow pace, learned to be more confident in myself and to try to enjoy my life a little more and be grateful for what I have. I'm still learning even today, but, I'm thankful for everyone in my life who has helped along the way, including those I met via the fandom and its presence on the web, and in this section, I just wanted to say thank you to some people I met through the fandom who are special to me, including those who are not on this website. @Jade Fire, I wanted to say thank you for being among the people to welcome me back on to this website when I decided to come back, and always being very friendly and understanding, even through tough times. I always enjoy talking to you and at times, a part of me does wish we could be friends outside of the internet, I consider you one of my best friends and I'm very grateful to have met you and to be so close to you. @PuddingPonyPal, you don't seem to come here very often, but if you ever read this, I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me back on the website late last year. You have inspired me to try to be more creative with my art and fiction and you are very much a close friend to me. Minty Root, I remember you from back in the days when I was on EqD's discussions. I consider you one of my main inspirations for my (currently in the works) YouTube channel and I actually used to enjoy chatting with you on EqD. I am a part of your Discord server now, and as of writing this, I'm kind of wondering why we don't chat more? @SparklingSwirls, I really enjoy chatting with you and being your friend, and since chatting with you about it on Discord, you're also one of those people I want to meet at some point in real life, I actually really enjoy it when you be silly and you have helped me out of my depression, and we both seem to share a lot in common. Whenever I need someone to talk to, or just want to say hi, you are the first person I talk to. @StrawCherry, I feel like we are really good friends and, despite your being busy all the time, I kinda see you as the sister I never had. I enjoy your passion towards art and technology and I encourage you to continue doing that! Grazin, I really do mean it when I say that I enjoy being your friend. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and I always have fun on your Discord server. You are very kind and I think you are stronger than you realize. I know you've been through a lot and might have had a rough past, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't let it define who you are, I think the fact that I enjoy my friendship with you to the point where I have considered inviting people to your Discord server, so they can meet you says a lot, I might not be on Equestria Daily any more, but you are among the people I met from there who I still enjoy being around. Enigma, you are a very cool guy and I actually really enjoy seeing your passion towards music. I consider myself lucky for having met you and I wish we chatted a little more. @Frequency Wavelength, thank you for introducing me to the Aussie side of this fandom. It really helps me to know that I can share my interests with people much closer to home. You are a very cool and very friendly guy, and I think we would be great friends SGB, we only really met when I joined Grazin's server, but, I've always thought you were very kind and friendly. I think we should chat more ^^ @Battenberg, we've only just started chatting recently, but, I think you are a good friend so far, so thank you for letting me be your friend. @Valencia, you are a very kind individual and I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me when I needed it and for being a good friend and a good person in general. I hope everything is going very well for you. Mountain Dreams, we don't chat as often as we used to, but I've always enjoyed being your friend and I enjoy talking about the latest MLP episodes with you and I think you are a very good friend. @Totally Lyra, you're my favourite moderator on this website and I have fun reading posts from you and being your friend. Also, Lyra is still the best pony! Raven... I have a lot to say about you and I'm not even sure where to begin... My long distance relationship with you meant a lot to me and I do still miss you quite a lot, I remember that we met on New Years Eve in 2016 and I really enjoyed talking to you and to this day, there is something about you that I still love. Not sure if it was your kindness, your friendly attitude, your love of music, the fact that you are a fun lady to be with or anything else, but, there is something about you I love and I cherish all the time we've spent together and miss you greatly. You have shown me what true love is like and I never expected to meet you at all. I know things weren't always the best between us and that a lot of mistakes were made, but, I always thought it was still worth being with you because you at least tried to do what you could to make things work out. I wish we had more time to chat with each other because I genuinely enjoy your presence and words cannot even begin to describe how I feel about you as a person. The thing is, I don't even feel like your absence was entirely your fault, though its still something that should have been talked about, and I'm sorry for not having the courage to just simply talk out my problems. The fact that I still think about you and the fact that I still miss you must mean something. I love you, Raven and truth be told, if you ever come back, I'd want to give this another chance and see if we were really meant to be... A lot has changed since we last met and I'm more confident than ever and I'm ready to be in a relationship this time, and I'm ready to put in the extra effort for you. The thing is, you are unlike anybody I've ever met in my life and words will never be enough to describe how I feel about you... Thank you for everything, Raven. I genuinely mean it when I tell you I love you, and I hope we meet again soon and maybe work things out... To some, Bronies might be seen as some "fad" in popular culture, but, with all the experiences I've had and all the wonderful people I've met in this fandom, I think it is so much more than that. We are very much a community as well as family and even though I've still got a lot to work on, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the fandom for helping me to grow and become more confident and enjoy life a little more. I think there is something special about this community of like-minded individuals and even though we do go through a lot of difficult times, we always come back stronger than before, I never expected that a community based around a popular show would mean so much to me, but, evidently it does, and I am very thankful for that. I may not enjoy the show itself as much as I used to, but I still do enjoy being part of this community and I promise that it will always have a special place in my heart and I'm proud to be a Brony and even more proud to have met all my friends from across the fandom, I think that even by the time life gets too busy for me and I cannot actively be in any geeky community, I will still have lots of fond memories of my time as a Brony and I promise I'll pass all the lessons I've learned on to my possible son's and daughter's in the future and I might even show them some episodes of MLP. Thank you, everyone. -Nightfall Gloam.
  6. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. I have now officially invested myself into the vast world of Equestria and all they hold. Yeah, probably. Anyway, the day has finally come to celebrate my very first anniversary of belonging to this wonderful fandom. It's been quite a journey with a few ups and downs, but nothing too noteworthy (yeah right. Read my blog ) But anyway, for those very, very few avid readers who actually spend their time to read my blog would know that it's my anniversary today. Exactly one year today, I snuck out of my home and (potentially) risked my life in order to buy an Applejack Plush. (Happiness with a price, I suppose) Ever since, I've been slowly gathering toys, watching the show, and wishing upon the BronyCon star in hopes that next year will be my arrival. Since my first few days, I've written over 300 pages of fanfiction dedicated to the show, bought over 200 dollars of merchandise, and watched approximately four weeks of MLP and fan-content. Has it been quite a ride? You bet. Is it far from done? You betcha'. What will make this feature special? As I always do, I'll tell you a story. A story of how I came to be who I am now. About a year and a week before today, I was a FNAFer. Cringe all you want, but that was who I was, and who I thought I was going to be for the next three years. I'd heard about the movie and thought my registration would live on until then. Unfortunately, it didn't. On August 24th, 2015, I and everyone else who had bought FNaF4, received a messaged from the developer, Scott Cawthon. To skip the boring details (I'll link it on the bottom), the message stated that the theorists, who I was, weren't doing a good enough job. He said that for some reason, we were all too slow and he was disappointed. After that, I was just stunned. Confused and unsure what to do, I left the fandom. I never looked at he or his games the same way again. For someone who's been met with failure in the past, he of all people should've known not to insult the fanbase. Now looking back, I know I probably took it a little harshly, but I didn't really care. It was OVER. I was depressed for a good month. I didn't have anything to think about, so I just resorted to contemplating alternative life-choices and surfing Youtube. Finally, it's four weeks before October, and I was starting to think about my birthday. I knew this was going to be my worst birthday yet; everything was terrible. While surfing Youtube, I managed to find a video titled, "Top Ten My Little Pony Facts" made by, who is now called, "Lemino". It was an old video and I knew very, very little about MLP. I only knew about G3 from when I was but a toddler. I watched it and after a while, my youtube suggestions started going crazy with MLP suggestions. I didn't watch them all, but I did make a choice. Being very interested in the mental developments of the Mind and how certain material can change the way a person thinks, I gave myself a promise (which I've broken). The promise was that I'd watch the series until I came across Derpy (or The Last Roundup episode). So, I combed Youtube and managed to find a full Season 1 back-to-back episode viewing. I was thrilled. I watched the entire season in a good two days; I found it shockingly good. After finishing The Last Roundup, I paused my player and looked around the room, thinking to myself if I really wanted to cross this bridge. I figured it'd be for research; thus, I continued until I ran short of episodes (my season compilation was missing everything after "Over A Barrel"). I grew frantic and finally found a site where I could download them all in a low 480p for quick transfer. After a good two weeks, I finished Season Three and grew tempted to buy merch. I've seen people around here calling it, "The Brony Craze", or "The Brony-itis". Whatever it was, I caught it really fast; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It was a threshold that I knew was a one-way road. If I did indeed buy something, there would be no going back from where I was. At that same time I discovered the charm in Applejack; I dubbed her my favorite pony and was excited to see there was a plushie of her at one of the local shops. That's pretty much it. I joined the fandom out of a name of science and never left. I guess I got caught in the hype and didn't care to leave. I ended up buying that Applejack and finished watching the series. After that, I personally declared myself a brony. I told my parents a month later, both of which accepted it. I began writing my own additions to the series, and not long after, I joined a steam group and changed my profile pic to an Applejack. It took a lot to get out, but I think it was the right choice. If people judge, let them be; let them hate, but words will always be stronger than actions. So, now that I've told my story, how will I celebrate this epic achievement? Well, today I stopped by the library and noticed a copy of G3 MLP sitting on the shelves of the movie section. Let's just say I've got one helluva good night ahead of me. Oh, don't worry. You'll hear all about it on Tuesday (potentially Monday for time-zones) Well, that's all folks! I'll see you on the flip side! Links and an extra photo are down below. -RealityPublishing FNaF ANNOUNCEMENT LINK:
  7. The pony show that we all know first aired on October 10, 2010, when the "Discovery Kids" channel became "the Hub". That day henceforth became a sort of "birthday" for the pony show, perhaps something that fans would invite Pinkie to host. How would you celebrate it? (On an unrelated note, October 10th is also Independence Day for Cuba and Fiji; the anniversary of the Wuchang Uprising in Taiwan (leading to the Republic of China); and Finnish Literature Day for any Finnish users)
  8. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS AGAIN - DIGITALLY REMASTERED. MY SPEED DREAMS HAVE BEEN AWAKENED. Oh Skyline GTR, Oh Supra, Oh Civic EK, I know you still exist out there, and one day, I will buy one of you and tune the s**t outta you, and drive you 'till the day I die. (and we won't ever forget you, Paul Walker )
  9. Holy crap guys. It's now been almost a year, since i stepped a foot on this site. In that time, alot of stuff has happend. Back then, i was still known as Hypnosparkle and i didn't know if i would even stay here for a week and Jeric was still just a mod on here. But i made alot of friends here during that time. I barely had problems with anybody on here and i am glad to spend the last year with you. But now, i think it's time for me to leave for awhile. Don't be afraid though. I might leave for 1 or 2 months, since nothing happens right now, since we are in the hiatus and doing speculations are not something i really like to do much. I also need to do some stuff in real life, which need to have my priority now and which are in need to be done. The only thing that i will keep coming back for, are for the friday movie nights, because i still want to get after my duties as an EQTV admin and because i enjoy these nights still. If you feel the need to contact me though, you can call me through skype or steam, which i always have on in the background, whenever i am on my Laptop. Also, i will give a shoutout to some people here, that i grew fond off here and that i am thankful for. (if i forgot someone, it dosen't mean that i don't like you. The whole Equestria TV crew: You guys are awesome and make my fridays wonderful. I especially thank Yozer247 for giving me the staff spot back in September, which just shows how much you guys trust me. Dark Qiviut: A guy who i grew more fond of as the months have gone by and someone i found out to be incredibly cool. He might not always have the most liked opinions about MLP, but then again, same could be said about my controversial opinions on WWE. Jeric: One of the nicest mods/admins i have ever come across. He never ignores anything that i ask him and is always helpful. Can't think of a better Captain for this ship. Simon: He is the worst person on here. He allows no fun and is totally emotionless and shows no compassion. I love you Simon. LZRD WZRD: A guy i really had a rough year with and someone i might not have the same emotions for as i had a year ago. But someone i admire that he goes out and does his own thing, with his review series, even if i don't always agree with him. One day, the Lamia will eat the Lizard. Dark Horse: Someone i might not know long now, but he really grew very close to me in this short time. He is incredibly funny and is very patient and can be compassionate. As dark and edgy as he might claim to be, he really dosen't seem that way. Lightwing: The ultimate Shipping Queen of the Poniverse. She is so funny and incredibly random, it's not even funny. But her very positive mood lights up my day. Many Lamiahugs from me Lighty. Ward Jenkins: It was incredible for me, that i would consider a Storyboard artist my friend. Such an incredibly peaceful and patient guy, who i might went on his nerves a bit too much sometimes. Incredibly cool and can't wait for his work to show up in Season 6. Also, a big thank you to all the other guys that i didn't had the time to mention. *Lamiahugs to everybody* See you around.
  10. Hard to believe but it's been three whole years since memeber #9332 signed up. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was hunkered down at home as superstorm Sandy was attacking the East Coast. But luckily my power and internet access held up and I was able to make history by joining MLP Forums. OK, OK, melodrama aside, I was expecting this to be just another message board. A fun place to hang out and discuss the intricacies of this fascinating cartoon. But the forum has become so much more...almost like a second home to me. Three years later it's still the first place I check when I get on the computer and the last one I visit when I leave. Most of all, I am grateful for the many great friends I have made during my stay. I leave you with one of my favorite PMVs to celebrate this occasion.
  11. One rather short-seeming year ago, I finally, earnestly began to acknowledge my growing feelings for an incomparable woman with cherries in her eyes and rainbows in her hair. Since then, I've changed in ways I never thought I would or could. She's made me braver. Stronger. Helped me open up and make friends. Helped me cope with something I once thought insurmountable. Made me see things differently; and in a better light. I'm better because of her, and, so long as she is part of my life, I dare say I'll get even better. Happiness and hope came to me on sky-blue wings. And stayed.
  13. As of today I have been here 2 years and I am sorry to say that this anniversary post has a slightly less optimistic tone than last years except for the subtle poo joke in the title. If you are a bit curious you can read that one for reference. I have done a lot of thinking over the last several months or so especially since I lost my temper in this thread not too long ago. While I meant everything I said and still do I have decided that in the grand scheme of things none of it really matters and I will no longer let it upset me. To put it bluntly I have become increasingly irritated with moderation and the user base in general and don't know how much longer I am going to stay here.I have tried to stay positive for a long time and keep things in perspective, unlike some others here I don't take the chicken little "the sky is falling" attitude whenever drama happens. And even in decisions I have disagreed with I have tried to understand where the moderation staff was coming from while still offering some suggestions. But I can't deny it anymore that the amount of people who frankly have huge sticks up their asses on here is getting out of hand.. It has gotten so bad that certain topics like clop for example can't even be discussed without someone getting on their damn high horse. And nearly all the best moderators stepped down and there are two newbies in particular that keep testing my patience. For obvious reasons I am not naming names. Despite all of this though I am still glad I joined this site, I met a lot of great people and while I don't know how much longer I will stay I have decided at least for now to enjoy what is good about this site and pretend none of the other stuff is even happening at all.
  14. Well, this is it, I guess. When I first joined forums I did not expect to ever reach this point. I joined this place as it appeared to be a friendly one and at that point of life I desperately needed friends. I was unsure about my english, confused about size of forums and on top of all very shy and unable to approach total strangers even on the internet. I won't lie, my first days here were not easy, but it was already a relief, because from very first day I had friends who I could rely on and who allowed me to forget about all the stress I've been through in my real life. I got support, we were also having fun and in all of this my english was improving. Not to mention my shyness slowly disappearing, at least on the internet. It was honestly one of best decisions in my life to come here. Before forums being a brony was uneasy experience to me. I knew no bronies at all (the one who introduced me to the show... we barely even talked shortly after that) and it made me feel insecure around others, I wanted to get out of closet, but at the same time I knew that people like even my parents would be very angry about that part of me. I needed place like this, place where I could be 100% myself withot being worried of someone judging me over such trivial matters. Now I write all this... year after joining forums. It was a long year, full of changes in my life. But also full of fun both irl and here. I won't be bugging people with all the meetings with friends irl and stuff like that. It is not why I am writing this. But I remember all that happened during me being here. I remember silly truth or dare games with some of my first friends (and how I dared Sugar Cube to post a love poem on Artemis's profile roflmao), I remember all the randomness I took part in in forum games or status updates. About how I spammed people with hugs. About how Sugar Cube dared me to change my old name (Sajtan92) into Hugoholic unaware of the fact that soon everyone here will know me as Hugoholic. I remember my first friends, Blue Bay and our Borderlands 2 playing, SkyStorm and how she kept trying to get rid of my shyness (and how it ended with success, because she is just to stubborn to give up XD), Friendship Cannon, who sadly is not with us anymore and all the others who joined me later (it would take forever to write down all names lol). I want to say it to all to You, thank You. Thank You for being as awesome as You are right now, for all this funny stuff I saw there, for being with me both in good and bad times. For milions of hugs I got (xD) and... overall for everything. I suck at writing things like this lol I'd also like to mention "few" users by their names. I hope they won't be angry, if they will be I will hug them to death :comeatus: So.. *COUGH COUGH* Special thanks to: -Blue Bay - You were my first friend here. Literally first friend so You will be first here as well xD We don't talk that much anymore (I think it is time to change it) but I still consider You a friend. Thank You for being the first one who managed to survive with as annoying human being as me XD *hugs him* :v -SkyStorm - first pegasister friend (who I was so freaking shy to send PM to first XD) - like before we don't talk as often as we did anymore (even if we still are in touch) but You honestly helped me a lot on my first days. Because of You I started to feel more confident about myself. You were always a great friend to me and You can count on me every time You need help. Also You know, that I love Your OC, silly filly :comeatus: *TACKLE HUG FOR SKYSTORM* -Sugar Cube - one of my best friends here <3 creator of my current username, silly filly (one year older than me, but I don't care, filly You are, deal with it! ), another very supportive person and awesome moderator for few months. Creator of almighty blog entry "100 reasons why I love Applejack" and poor victim of my evil poem which she posted on Artemis's profile. You are lucky You don't live any closer or I'd hug You to death :3 *hugs tight* :3 -Dsanders - we don't talk that much anymore, but it's because of You why I became friends with Sugar Cube and for that fact itself I am grateful. You also were a fun guy who I always enjoyed to talk with (even if timezones were against us 90% of time) and also supported me on my worse days. We kinda talk less often now sadly, but I still wish all the best to You and that You and Pink Mist will eventually meet irl and Your relationship will go outside the internet *hugs* :3 -Wingnut - one of my older friends here (I can call him my dad lol) but also a great guy and recently - a moderator. You helped me a lot in some points in my life, I always could've trusted You with all my personal problems. Such things I do not forget. BUT I STILL AM ANGRY ON YOU FOR PRETENDING TO BE SUGAR CUBE XD *hugs anyway* fineee xD -CadetGrey - SKYNEEERD and owner of one of cutest OCs on forums. Despite young age You are one of smartest people, somebody I can always rely on and You prove that the Netherlands are indeed a great place. I really wish that one day I could come over there, hug You irl and try some of Dutch dishes :comeatus: Also, I love Your voice *huggles* <3 -Felix - a young silly filly who I can always rely on and a great friend. We had our long break (sadly) but now everything is back to normal and I hope You enjoy talking with me as much as I enjoy talking to You You will always be one of my besties so don't even suggest that eventually You will be alone. You won't be alone for as long as I live. Deal with it. *hugs* :3 -Lightwing - creator of my fanclub (lol) and good friend who I can always laugh with about... everything actually. Trying hard to prove I am in love with Fluttershy or with any other pony. Don't worry, Lighty. I won't let You win in Your little game :comeatus: Oh, he is also my acolyte in hugs XD *hugs* -Anilewe - polish pegasisterrr <3 You are just awesome photographer and person and we really have to meet eventually. I remember times when You were supporting me and I always enjoyed talking with You. You are one of few people from Poland who I know as members of this fandom, but You are really one of best examples of them BIG HUG TO YOU *hugs* -SCS - marry me irl. topkek. lol ... ok, now seriously, You too were very supportive of me and are best admin I ever saw :comeatus: I also enjoyed our ridiculous conversations that had no point at all xD *hugs* -Spirit Rush - one of my newer friends, but a really cool guy and great artist. :comeatus: And I can't wait to see more of Your drawings :3 Oh, also You are great friend too! *hugs* -Nature of Fluttershy/Peachie - real sweetheart who too was very helpful at some points of my existance here, fellow Fluttershy fan and fun, lovable person :3 We need to talk more often! *huggles :33* -Blue Snowfire - You helped me a lot recently, and I am not going to forget that. Besides I love our conversations xD ehh..guess... *HUGS* xD -Diva Pony - probably oldest member of this forum who always offers me great advices, support and a great chat. I was unsure about messaging You first, but I definitely don't regret it! *hugs* -Amelia The Writer - person who I have most often talked with via Private Messages on forums :v You are always great friend to me and Your OC is so cute :3 Thanks for being there for me all the time *hugs* :3 -Nihi The Brony - another great friend of mine who was very supportive recently and overall was great friend... sadly once again nothing original to write haha *hugs* -Wind Song - real sweatheart with very positive attitude :comeatus: I am glad to finally have Your skype name xD *hugs* -Quirky Username - great friend who I love joking around with. I miss our times when we were playing Prop Hunt XD Maybe one day Princess Luna will hug You irl :comeatus: *hugs* xD -The Leafon Pinkeh - what can I say to You... oh, I know... *HUGS* XD -LatinoChurro - we don't talk that much anymore, but You always was a great friend for me. And for that You have a hug *hugs* :3 -Naomii - one of newer friends who I love talking with and who is just exploding with overly positive attitude XD *hugs* :33 -Jennabun - great supportive friend and fellow Fluttershy fan. I just fail to see a single bad thing about You *hugs* -Artemis - You first helped me to get around forums a bit and You deserve a cup of coffee from me for being a good and helpful friend xD *gives him cup of coffee* Oh, and also *hugs* xD -Wolfie - You supported me greatly in most recent days, without You and few other people all this would probably go a lot worse and for that support I am eternally grateful :3 *hugs him tight* -Sparklie/Swirlie - we had our harder days sometimes, but in the very end we are and hopefully always will be friends *hugs* :3 -Wubsy - young silly filly, but also great friend. Don't worry, we will play Prop Hunt xD *hugs* x3 -Miss Reaper - because she too is a sweetheart and her avatar itself makes me like her so muuuch :333 *huuugs* -Otty - cuz she is just awesome :3 *huugs* :33 -And same about Cacklefruit -And Rising shine xD And everyone else on my friendlist and outside it. You all are awesome and You all have a big hug from me Sorry if I forgot about someone... I did my best not to, but there are just too many people to mention xD And hopefully this year on forums will be awesome too TOO LONG DIDN'T READ FOR WOLFIE It was great time and hopefully future too will be. Thanks and hugs for everyone XD
  15. Remember this? During the 2003-'04 offseason, the Red Sox were rebuilding part of their roster. After letting manager Grady Little go for obvious reasons, they signed various players, including Curt Schilling and closer Keith Foulke. One other player they were going after was Alex Rodriguez, the then Rangers shortstop and AL MVP (currently the last to win it despite playing on a last-place team). The Rangers wanted to trade him to clear up some of the team salary, and the Red Sox nearly got him, only for the Players' Association to veto it because it meant he had to have his salary reduced. Then, Aaron Boone suffered a season-ending knee injury, creating a hole at third base. The Yankees took advantage and traded Alfonso Soriano and Joaquin Arias to Texas for him, and A-Rod transitioned to third base, where he still is today. Boston fans didn't take it too kindly, so when he played at Fenway Park for the first time, he got heavily booed and then got laughed at when he whiffed at Tim Wakefield's knuckleball. But the big game came on July 24th. After an hour-or-so rain delay, the two teams played. The very series before, NYY swept Boston at Yankee Stadium, the series memorialized by . Coming into Boston, the Yanks had an eight-and-a-half-game lead over Boston, and in the first of three, they overcame Kevin Millar's three home runs to win, 8-7, capped off by A-Rod's game-winning RBI. On Saturday, July 24, 2004, the Yankees got to pitcher Bronson Arroyo early, taking a quick 3-0 lead. Then, in the top of the third, with a 1-1 count and two out: The result: a full-fledged basebrawl between Jason Varitek (who's no stranger to starting fights) and Alex Rodriguez. And it was pretty ugly by today's standards. You had punches flying, separate piles spilling further away from the middle of the diamond, and blood. Schilling was right in the middle by throwing a couple of haymakers to Rodriguex's cranium. While A-Rod was on the bottom of one pile, Boston's Gabe Kapler, Trot Nixon, and David Ortiz (who was appealing a five-game suspension for throwing a temper tantrum at an umpire the week before) scrapped with the Yanks' Tanyon Sturtze (their starting pitcher for that game). The image, courtesy of J. Rogash of Getty Images, is iconic in Red Sox lore, symbolizing how Boston fans were absolutely sick and tired of losing to the Yankees. Sick of how much they were able to spend. Sick of their "entitlement." Sick of seeing them win twenty-six titles while Boston hadn't won one since 1918. When Boston fans see that photo, it reminds them of how much they couldn't stand the Evil Empire, and it personalized their move to the top. As for the brawl itself, there were four ejections: A-Rod Jason Varitek Yankees' Kenny Lofton (for being overly aggressive during the brawl and would later be fined by MLB) Boston's Gabe Kapler (for punching and tussling with Tanyon Sturtze, who suffered a gash in front of his left ear) The Sox then rallied, getting into their fragile bullpen and crawling back to within one run in the middle innings. In the bottom of the ninth, they trailed 10-8 with Mariano Rivera on the mound. A rally began, and Trot Nixon nearly tied it with a two-run shot, but it was enough to advance Garciaparra to third. But they still pounded Rivera, who subsequently allowed an RBI single by Millar. Then, with one out and one on, third-baseman Bill Mueller came to bat. Boston would take the next game to win the three-game set, and Boston would later trade Garciaparra and others to boost up their then terrible defense and running game (trades that proved dividends in their run to the 2004 title). Today, the Red Sox are one of the more successful franchises. Since A-Rod was traded to the Yankees, they won one title, and he won two AL MVPs, but he's since become a major black mark in the franchise. Meanwhile, Boston won three championships, and they're defending their crown this year. Most Boston fans mark the A-Rod-Varitek brawl as the turning point of the franchise and rivalry altogether, and the iconic image is the symbol of this shift. P.S.: Happy 50th birthday to Barry Bonds, who would go on to win his fourth consecutive NL MVP in 2004 (his seventh and last of his career). ——— References:
  16. No, not my anniversary with Fluttershy as my waifu....THAT was back in October. And it was our 3 year anniversary . I'm talking about my 1 year forum anniversary! Yes it was one year ago today that I signed up on to these forums. ~~Has it really been one whole year /365 days/8765.81hours? Seems just like yesterday I started perusing these here forums. Time really does fly eh? What started out as a random late night Google search, has turned into so much more. I started out as a blank flank on these forums, and now? Now I"m a pony. a bucking pony! I hope to one day reach pegasus status because pegasus is master race. Upon my ascension from blank flank to pony, I've met quite a few people on here, though some have mysteriously vanished, or haven't come on in a long while, or were simply banned. That said, I've made quite a few friends through this site, and I think that's pretty awesome. I've also made enemies. Heck, I've met some sorta local bronies as well. I even fell in love over the forums....though sadly, that didn't last very long. I'm really gald I found these forums. ~~I've evolved as a member too. I was originally pretty shy about the whole forum thing, I was quite the Fluttershy, if you know what I mean. I did most of my posting in Forum games and forum lounge, though a month or two later, I ventured into other forum parts such as Sugarcube Corner and even the Debate pit. Now, I'm a regular poster in Sugar Cube Corner,Show Discussion and the Fluttershy fan club. I guess you could say I'm leading member of the fan club,I've got a link to it in my sig, promoting it, though we all contribute to the topic. I even Started a Skype group for the Fluttershy fans of MLPF,for those of you interested, PM me with your Skype and I'll gladly add you. . Much love goes out to the memebrs of the Fluttershy fan club! I've even started using pink as my colour of choice for blogs and forum posting. Makes itstand out a bit more, and adds a bit of fun flare. ~~Now, I love Fluttershy. She's been my #1 mare since back in 2010 when I first got into bronydom. She's been my waifu ever since. My love for her has only grown stronger since arriving to these forums, these forums made me appreciate her so much more as well. It made me happy.It was also nice to know there were other fans of hers on the forums. These forums also got me back into buying merch ofer. over the past year, I've accumulated at least 12 pieces of Fluttershy merch....I'm always looking for more to add to my shrine of her I have. I just love her so damned much...I cannot express the deep passion and love I have for Fluttershy. She's much more than just a a character to me. I'm more or less in love with her. I just had this instant connection with her when I seen her on screen for the first time....She just means so much to me. Forum shenanigans. ~~The things I've seen over the 365 days of being on this forum. I don't think I've missed a day of signing into these forums, over those 365 days....Let's see, for forum wide shenanigans, I was here for the 2nd rising of the Discordian Empire! I faithfully joined ~Chaotic Discord~'s army of Chaotic followers....I was loyal till the end, I spread propaganda like wild fire.. I was also here for his Pony Navel Revolution! What a fantastic thing that was. It made me appreciate belly buttons on ponies even more so. So many memorable moments over the past year. Though I've also seen some rather....unmentionable things. That I would rather not post about, I'd rather try to keep this blog on a positive note. There has been many shenanigan's I've been involved with as well. From minor forum game thread hijacks, to posting funny, unexpected troll topics, and even Status Update trends. Much hilarity ensued... ~~To sum it all up, it's been a wonderful year of friendship, shenanigans and all around great fun. This is definitely my favourite forum I've ever been on. I usually don't last a year on most forums because the community on them sucks, or they're just not that active...But this forum....this forum is top notch, a big thanks from me to the Admin,Mod team, Poniverse staff and the donors for keeping this site up and running. Big hoof-bump to all of you. /) Before I finish off this blog, I wanted to give a shout out to all my friends, past present and even future, who have made my experience on MLPF one of a kind, because Friendship is Magic. I love you all. ~Chaotic Discord ~The Thrashy One ~Noire Panzer ~ghostfacekiller39 ~Faded Skies ~A Makusu2 ~SCS ~Champion RD92 ~Daring ~Gunnery Sergeant Dusty ~Sterling Crimson ~DawnRider ~RockyMoo ~Harmonic Revelations ~Frostgage ~Sir Godot ~@Vinyl Scratch ~ChikoritaBrony ~Minister KelGrym ~Lightwing ~Little Gamie ~Princess Celestia/Celestia's Husband ~Sir Flutter Hooves ~Frith is Magik ~Quirky Username ~Sir. Hugaholic ~Moony ~Soundgarden Sorry if I forgot anyone. I pulled all these off of Skype and my friends list. Or maybe you've changed your name and I hadn't recognized you... ~~As I enter my sophomore year of the forums, I hope to continue being as active as I am now. Lurking and posting daily. Known as that obsessive Fluttershy lover and fan, because it's never gonna change. She'll always be my waifu. And she's all MINE!! Well, I guess that about wraps up this blog. Thanks to everypony that has made my first year of MLPF a memorable and fantastic one. Allons-y!
  17. I was going to do this speech next week on the day of my anniversary, but I think I should come out and do it now...but i'll explain that later on down the road. Hello friends, my name is HomuKitteh, just your average teenage pegasister behind the monitor watching colorful ponies have a grand time. I never knew how awesome this fandom really is until I came to this site. When I came to this site, I didn't know i'd meet so many amazing people. Memories of this place will always stick by me, good and bad. I have made friends, I have made enemies, but most importantly, friends. I thought "friendship is magic" was just metaphorically speaking, but in this case I was able to experience it myself. Those of you who have stuck by me through rough times, and those of you who came into my internet life even for a split second have shaped me to who I am today, the one writing this out before you. It makes me very, very glad that I have met some wonderful people here...and I think you know who you are. If I made honorable mentions, I would need a bigger list because a majority of you are very nice individuals. I have happily been a proud Pegasister for three years now, and it's only fair that I thank all of you. Here's a song from on of my favorite bands, that I dedicate to you: Now to explain something that I thought I would never have to. Guys, I have moved to a different forums, like the rest of the others who have decided to leave. Don't worry, i'm not leaving forever! I'll log in here every once in a while. If you would like, please add me as a friend. I honestly would miss you all. Really, I feel like breaking into tears. Love you guys!! Thanks for this amazing time here.
  18. It nearly slipped my memory, but a quick double-check on my profile confirms that today is the anniversary of me joining the forums. Wow. I first found the site in the wake of "The Crystal Empire". I was so excited by that awesome episode and all the rumblings it caused in the mythology of the show that I had to listen to and read every theory that came out of the woodwork, so I searched for a pony-specific forum and came across this one. I then spent the next three months or so lurking about, absorbing all your knowledge and crackpot delusions (which were very well written nonetheless), and when Twicorn became a thing that was totally gonna happen, I decided to make the leap and became a member of this forum. And the whole thing just sort of snowballed from there. My commenting on the last few episodes of the season gave way to my reviewing of the whole of S3, which then gave way to anticipation of S4 (coupled with that whole EQG ordeal) which then gave way to an endless, pointless, but totally worth it wasting of time with you knuckleheads. I made friends here, of course. @Sir.Flutter Hooves was always there to be overly friendly to everyone, would be ready to spew off some random and nonsensical but ultimately enlightening fanon with me (we have to do that again sometime), and @Edgeworth1001, who joined shortly after me, was always a pleasure to associate with. @Batbrony's love of Derpy has always been an inspiration to power a nation. @Fhaolan was is an exceptionally cool dude, and incredibly tolerant of my constant ramblings of the Whovian variety. By the way, I'm reading his story "Terror of Tartarus", and it's aces. You should all read it, too. @Accellerant is always there to cheer me up and encourage me when I am at my lowest points, @~StatesTheOblivious~ and I forged a bond in the heat of our battles to defend Sparity to the last, is just a great dude to mess around with, is able to withstand my sarcasm and dorkery like no one else here, it's always a joy to talk about the quality of new episodes with , and , or Godot, or whatever, is one of the coolest guys here, period. And likes Brazil, so that automatically makes him my friend. I could name drop some more people here, but just assume everyone here is a fantastic human being (at least I hope most of you are human beings), and that I'm better for knowing each and everyone of you Being on these forums have given me something to do for the past year of my life. It's through here that I regained my interest in drawing and associating with other people outside of whatever social circle I'm in. As of now, this is the closest thing I have to an active social media source, and it's always been encouraging that I have a group of people I can talk to at the end of the day. I'm not always the best person to associate with, and I'm sorry for that. I'm a bit spiky, I tend to take my emotions out on others frequently, I'm a wee bit too facetious or confrontational at times, I curse way too bucking much, and when I dislike something, I dislike it hard. But I truly appreciate the friendship I have with this community, and it's through you guys that I experience this wonderful, silly, impossible show that we've all taken a liking to. And so, after all is said and done, after all the badly photographed sketches which then became weirdly vectored art, all the the theories regarding why Fluttershy keeps all her friends' dresses in her cottage, the arguments in defense of Rarity, the surprisingly controversial banners, the illegal breaking of people's status updates, the infrequent reviews, the promised Weeping Angels which I am so still totally doing, the art blocks, the words of kindness, the ballooned ponies of the new and improved variety, the weird requests for art, the obsessive amount of focus on The Day of the Doctor, the diabeetus, the horror movie trivia, allusions to stuff no one really cares about, the enormous amounts of typos,, and my ultimate quest to defeat the system and my eventual triumph in the form of a feature on EQD, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you all.
  19. It has been one year since I joined the forums. It's been great, thank you all. You're all awesome.
  20. Note to Reader: Short version: It's been over a year since I've came across this site. It's been over a year since I signed up to be a member. It's been over a year since I wrote my first reply.It's been over a year since I wrote my own thread, checked my notifications, brohoof'd a post, sent a private message and even added a new friend. A year since I added a new friend on the forums.... That's huge. Over that time I took a long break from the forums (because of difference reasons) but most of my year was spent in the early part of the year going into the summer. I have racked up 226 active posts, 5days 16hours 20mins and 52seconds of total time on the forums, 116 brohoofs, 949 profile views, 117 brohoofs given, 11 topics started, and 0 warning points. I would like to thank all of my friends and you, the reader for making 2013 a great brony year for me. I remember the reason why I made this account to begin with. Everyone here is part of a larger family in which we can all support each other and our struggles, or endeavors. It's weird to think that I started out just looking for some random brony video online and I ended up here, with everyone. This year has taught me a lot about myself and what I value. I have grown into a better person because of everyone's love and support.
  21. "Some of what I will tell you relates to events in the future. Not only on this planet but also on others whose existence you don't even know of. But my knowledge is scientific fact. Now, Davros has created a machine creature, a monster which will terrorise and destroy millions and millions of lives and lands throughout all eternity. He has given this machine a name, a Dalek. It is a word new to you, but for a thousand generations it is a name that will bring fear and terror." - The Fourth Doctor Interesting little tidbit: Doctor Who was originally meant to be an educational show of sorts, with each serial presenting a new period of history for the characters to explore. The Doctor himself wasn't even created to be the main character, just the means as to how the real protagonists traveled through time. Thus, the original producers were trying to steer clear of the normal tomfoolery you'd see in sci-fi shows in the 50's and 60's. This was to be a classy affair, you see, and the number one rule was that there were to be no robots or bug-eyed monsters. An admirable effort, to be sure, but to be frank, it was one that would have severely limited the lifespan of the show. There's only so many times you can do "people get captured by ancient civilization" before the show gets stale, and while the initial, totally bizarre concept of a police box actually being a gigantic time machine on the inside was enough to peek people's interest, most people back then probably wouldn't hold interest in the show long after that. Yes, as utterly unique a concept it is, the adventures of the Doctor and his companions would have faded into oblivion after a couple of seasons if this original plan had gone unchanged. Fate decided otherwise. The production of the first serial, involving the Doctor's introduction and a couple of angry cavemen, was drawing to a close and the producers were stuck without a story to move ahead with into the next story. Looking for anything to produce, the crew were stuck with a script written by then 33 year old Terry Nation. Unlike the type of stories that the producers intended for the show, this one was most definitely a sci-fi tale, and one that even had antagonists that was both robots and a bug-eyed monsters. But these beings weren't just guys in suits. Nation had something else in mind. Having grown up in WWII, he wrote these new foes to be allegories for the Nazis; faceless, oppressive, and ruthless conquerors who sought total domination of the universe through the destruction of anything that did not meet their ideals. As designed by Raymond Cusick, they were made to look more like tanks than living things, hinting at the lack of humanity that now defined the creatures forced to lived inside these exoskeletons after years of their hate-fueled war on others left them mutated beyond recognition. They never spoke but instead shouted, always angry and always ready not just to kill, but to exterminate, as if everything else was merely vermin that needed to be wiped out. It didn't fit the original idea behind the show at all, but hey, when you have lemons, produce them because no other scripts are available. And thus, the serial was made, and on December 21st, 1963, the world caught their first glimpse of Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick's weird, scary, and all-around fantastic aliens, the Daleks... ...and the rest is history. It's a known fact that if it wasn't for the Daleks, Doctor Who wouldn't be around today. The overnight popularity of the creatures secured the show firmly in the public's eyes and kept it from fading away. The design of the Daleks, intentionally or not, were ready made for mass marketing, and the BBC took full advantage of that. "Dalek-Mania" became a thing, and any new episode featuring them became the thing everyone had to watch that week. Entire generations in the U.K. shared the experience of "hiding behind the sofa" in fear of the Daleks, who became as iconic as the Doctor himself, if not more sure. The show was able to ride that success to the point that when they more or less went on hiatus during all of the Second Doctor's run and half of the Third Doctor's, Doctor Who was able to survive. It kicked the door wide open for the creative process behind the show too. The reason this show has been able to stick around for fifty years is that its able to constantly reinvent itself do pretty much whatever it wanted to. Having the characters escape a prehistoric fight for survival and then have them encountering alien warriors on a post-apocalyptic planet in the next story demonstrated the limitless possibilities. The Dalek's inception is almost as important as the idea that the protagonist would constantly regenerate into a completely new character in defining this show as one that would never easily be defined. It seems the Daleks growing stronger in opposition to the Oncoming Storm is a two-way street. So yeah, I know we already celebrated the Doctor's 50th anniversary, but certainly some of the greatest villains of all of science fiction and fantasy deserve some love, too. So here's to 50 years to the Daleks, the reasons we still care about the Doctor after all this time. For although the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, I know also that out of their evil must come something good. Plus explosions. This pleases me. Have some awesome bad guy music. What's your favorite Dalek story/moment? Sound off in the comments OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINAAAAAAAAAA--
  22. Communities big and small grow great through harmony. Those with passion can even grow great beyond the boundaries of all expectation. ~Artwork by Tzelly-El Hello MLP Forums! First things first: YAY ANNIVERSARY!! Ever wanted to change your member title? Or maybe you just want a bigger signature? While we cannot bring free donor perks back this year, we're pleased to offer a 20% discount on subscriptions for the next seven days! And to make the deal even sweeter than MMMM, everyone who subscribes or renews with this promo will get a custom email address on,, or (your choice)! email addresses were given to the first round of subscribers who financially supported the site's existence in its earliest days. After being unavailable to the general public for nearly two years, we're bringing back the opportunity to grab one for a limited time in commemoration of our second anniversary. To take advantage of this special promo, purchase or renew your subscription as usual, but just add the coupon code YAYANNIVERSARY on the checkout screen. You'll be contacted via PM to choose your email address and get it set up. [/endsalespitch] Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. It's time to come together. Listen to this song as you begin reading. It's hard to believe this place is already two years old, eh? It feels like only yesterday that I published a megapost chronicling the history of MLP Forums' first 366 days of existence. If a year is an eternity in Internet time, it may not be entirely wrong to look at our founding days as the legend of an ancient peoples. Hmm... no wonder I've been called an ancient elder... Speaking of ancient peoples, the sheer volume of posts, if printed out and stacked, would nearly reach the crest of the Great Pyramid of Giza. How's that for bronies with tons of time on their hands? From MLPF's days as a humble bedroom project to its becoming the world's largest brony forum and still remaining a bedroom project, watching the community "move in" and grow has been an amazing spectacle to behold, and it's an honour to have played a role in catalyzing its growth. Though many things in the community have changed since its creation, we remain committed more than ever to our founding values of providing the richest brony community experience possible. Establishing a parental unit in Poniverse may seem like a stark departure from the forum management I did two years ago, but this new structure allows us to operate like a real volunteer organization, giving us the ability to effectively manage many projects at once. We're in a better position than ever to develop and continue providing valuable services to the brony fandom, and despite what some skeptics may like to think, Poniverse was founded on the same principles that made MLP Forums successful. It's no secret that managing Poniverse and balancing it with school is a huge commitment. With that in mind, after two amazing years at the helm of MLP Forums, it's time to turn in my alicorn badge, for the administration team we have now has proven itself more than capable of picking up where I'm leaving off today. Speaking of vacationing in Haweewee, if we were to take the total amount of registrations on our site since our last anniversary and put each of those users in a single airport, we would need 20 1/2 of the largest known passenger planes. To CD, Lavo, Arty, Swoop, Elvis, NC, and Spoon in no particular order - you guys are all amazing. You've already been pulling most of the weight around here in the past few months, and I could hardly have asked for a better team to manage the community's operations. Your support, patience, and integrity have played a massive role in shaping what we have now, and what Poniverse will give in the future. To the MLP Forums community: though I may no longer be involved in the day-to-day ops of this community, I can say with full confidence that you are in better hands than ever before. The human mind can only keep track of so many things at a time, and the fragmentation of my attention led to some less-than-stellar results where things didn't need to go that way. As Poniverse's network director, I look forward to being able to focus on bringing new projects and experiences to life, unified together in the name of all that is poni. Enough rambling from me. Your forum leaders want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past and share some thoughts on the future. Grab a cider, pull up a comfortable chair, and start scrolling. Preserving El Dorado Has anyone here seen Dreamworks' The Road to El Dorado? Back in 2000, Dreamworks created a movie based around the quest to seek out the famed golden city of El Dorado, and the riches it contained. What made the movie so memorable for me as a young kid, was the opening song, written by legendary man Elton John. Give it a listen. I've been obsessed with this song for over a week, have listened to it frequently on my way to work and elsewhere; but only now, as I'm writing this, did the lyrics and meaning of the song strike a chord with me. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll see that the song's story boils down to a wonderful place created long ago for the people, of which is treated as a haven of sorts, as opposed to much of the rest of the world. It talks about the people who live there to that day, who strive to preserve El Dorado, and keep its' magnificence alive. Two years ago to this day, Feldicorn and Kurtiss the Ancient Deity (my new nickname for him. Don't tell him.) created the wall of coding and work that we sit here posting ponies on to this day (albeit back then, it was hardly at where it is, now!) Along the way, a legacy of things has occurred, and a list of talented young pony fans have dedicated their time and energy to making our site thrive with life and fun for everyone to enjoy. Staff members have joined and given their all to make the site memorable, regular members have made the forum experience lively and friendly, and the users as a whole have made what would otherwise be nothing but a heartless pile of code, into something special. I was not here for the forums' beginnings, but I'd like to think I did join at a time early enough to still be remembered to some veterans as the 'golden era'. Since that time, the forum certainly has changed. Things have gotten far larger, and goals to expand with Poniverse has been in high development for months. Many folks are no longer comfortable with such growth; they need the smaller, tight-knit, 'everybody pretty much knows everybody' feeling in a community to feel at their most comfortable. This is a perfectly understandable mindset to have, and in some ways, I agree with the folks who have left the forum in the past year or so. But if you'd like to know why this twenty-year old spends so much time on a site like this, through thick and thin, through pony waves and pony droughts, through drama and more drama, it's because this community's vibe has not vanished, for me. When people leave for their own reasons, be it 'the management doesn't know what they're doing', 'I don't like big forums' or 'this place isn't what it used to be', I know that I try my hardest at the end of the day to make this an enjoyable place for pony fans to gather, and I believe I know the other members of the community enough to know they do the same. No matter what may happen in the future, or what people's current thoughts are on how things are going, every person on this site is here because of either a common interest, or because they found something in this community that was worth spending their time on. Though drama and difference of beliefs are always common, there is something keeping this massive thing together, and as long as that exists, I will never see a reason to cease efforts to make this the greatest pony community we can make it ~Chaotic Discord~ Coming Full-Circle Let’s turn the clock back momentarily to last June. BronyCon was underway in Secaucus, New Jersey with an attendance of 4,100 by the end of the event, obliterating their previous record. That’s a lot of humans to be packed into a building of that size. Among that roiling, sleepless mass was one now known to you as Artemis - an utterly unremarkable man of 23 years attending his first convention unaccompanied and unknown to anyone. For me this convention was a time of new beginnings. BronyCon 2012 gave me a taste of what friendship could be and whetted my appetite for more, prompting a search for a community where I could find it in abundance. BronyCon led me here. I found far more than I could have hoped for in this place. Everything came full circle this year with MLP Forums leading me back to BronyCon. No longer as an obscure, solitary man, but in the company of many friends I’ve made during my stay. Getting to meet the people I’ve come to know and love here on the forum was the highlight of the convention for me. For over a year now I’ve become quite close to several people through the course of ordinary posting, Skype calls, texting, PMs, etc. Meeting up for the first time felt more like a reunion than an introduction. We shared rooms, ate together, got lost together, drove the wrong way down one-way streets together, everything. If you can imagine the forum being a real, physical place, it would be BronyCon. Those bonds which I thought already unbreakable were somehow strengthened further in that time. Once it was all over and we prepared to part ways until next year, I saw a few tears issued. I’ll gladly admit that I bawled my eyes out in my car later. But it’s still hard for me to fathom how a few strangers from the internet can stumble upon a little pony forum and become so inextricably bound. As the forum grew and Poniverse began to coalesce, I’ve heard people say that it’s just not what it once was communally. That it’s become too big to get to know anyone or enjoy old friends in the same way. This is a sentiment I’ve understood yet not shared, and BronyCon served only to solidify my position. We forum friends from around the nation and some from across the world arrived separately to a massive event of over 8000 people. Throughout our time there, we stuck together, doing as we pleased and making new friends along the way. We gained a few things and lost nothing. It’s really no different here. Your friends are still your friends and you are still you. No amount of growth or restructuring will change that. ~Artemis No evolution without change. No future without a past. It would be an understatement to assert that MLP Forums has undergone tremendous change within a span of two years. A website that began as a nascent idea among the collective machinations of Feld0 and Kurtiss has emerged as a sprawling community, the largest brony forum on the internet. BronyCon, believe or not, may only be just the tip of the iceberg. As anyone who knows Feld0 would admit, he is never satisfied with complacency. Neither are we, the MLP Forums staff. We echo Feld0’s commitment to making MLP Forums the place to discuss all things pony. But MLP Forums is nothing without you, the community. All the bells and whistles, the stats and accolades—these things ring hallow if no one can give them life. In the past two years all of you have, in some shape or form, contributed to the sustained success of MLP Forums. From participating in discussions to collaborating on projects, each one of you serves as part of the forums’ lifeblood. Rather than simply end by thanking you for all you have contributed, I want to ask each one of you something: Is MLP Forums a part of your future? The fact of the matter is that MLP Forums, as part of the grand scheme that is the Poniverse, is on the cusp of becoming truly special. At the risk of sounding trite, there is almost an element of magic (See what I did there?) to the meteoric rise of this community. It very much mirrors the profound success of the fandom overall. With growth comes change, and sometimes that change is very painful. We could all cite the growing pains of the brony fandom. There are definitely darker moments we’d like to forget. Will we seek to define our challenges rather than let them define us? It may appear easier to shirk these trials by retreating. Rejecting the novel in favor of the comforts of the predictable can offer fleeting satisfaction. Yet that is exactly what it is: fleeting. Eventually one will be forced to retreat from new experiences, over and over again. When the dust finally settles, rather than embracing the past for what it is, the history we seek is often a new reality shaped by a distorted sense of continuity. In truth, change can reconnect us with the past, enriching our history rather than causing it to stagnate. MLP Forums is moving onto the next stage of its short yet winding history. It is nothing so dramatic or earth-shattering so as to leave us without continuity; but we are evolving. Our community will be riding the train of the Poniverse—with Feld0 wearing the conductor’s hat—into uncharted territory. Even better is the fact that we can pursue this journey together. Nobody is a stranger. In Jeff Pearlman’s book, The Bad Guys Won, an account of the 1986 New York Mets championship season, there is a short story about Mike, a batboy, who considered joining the Mets. Mike was working with the Yankees, a historically successful ball club, while the Mets were only beginning to recover from years of successive losing seasons. Uncertain about his future, Mike asked Bobby Valentine, then third-base coach for the Mets, about whether he should stay with the predictable yet aging Yankees or take a risk with the budding Mets. Valentine replied by asking, “Son, do you want the elevator on the way up or the elevator on the way down?” After two years of constant growth and change for MLP Forums, we can’t be certain as to exactly how or when we may arrive at our destination; but we do know where we are going. MLP Forums has rapidly evolved from a single hub for bronies into an expanding network of artists, musicians, writers, and avid fans. The Poniverse is bound and ready to take off, and MLP Forums will be at its heart. The elevator is on the way up. Do you want to be on board? ~Thereisnospoon303 On Initiative (originally released to staff on June 28, 2013, as an internal memo) Let it be said: Poniverse is complicated. We have a community to run, a film project to host, a dashboard to build, and a video site to launch. We're bringing our stuff to the world's largest brony convention, and we provide one of the best outlets there is for bronies to interact. Even if it was Kurtiss and I who got the ball rolling on MLP Forums in 2011, the combined contributions of all users and staff members, past and present, have shaped the community into the huge forum it is today - and the way we all see and participate in MLP Forums and the other Poniverse communities will continue shaping them as long as the brony fandom lasts. And let it be said: Poniverse is big. By all possible metrics, MLP Forums is a "big board". We've amassed nearly 14,000 members and 1.6 million posts in less than two years. About 100 new topics and 4000 new posts are made here every day. The amount of time the community has spent on MLP Forums, combined, exceeds a human lifetime. This community is bigger than any one of us staff members, and it means something special to an awful lot of real people. Naturally, the expectations people have of this community are high, and it's our task as its stewards to continue hosting an active, friendly, and welcoming environment for everyone who likes these cute little equines. Like the individual contributions of a community's members add up to a huge breadth of content in an impressive environment, the individual contributions of its staff add up to a huge breadth of skills and interests that are represented in the community's operations. Even if within this forum, we all have our own circles of friends that we hang out with - and within Poniverse, our own favourite areas and sites that we frequent - the fact that we can all unite in the name of an even bigger picture is a testament to what we can accomplish when we all put in a piece of ourselves. Finally, let it be said: Poniverse is a platform. A platform for bronies to find fellow bronies. A platform for communities and friendships to form. A platform for projects to come together and present themselves to the world. A platform for dreams to come true. When Kurtiss and I found support from fellow fans for the idea, MLP Forums was born. Later, MLP Forums evolved from a place to simply discuss a colourful TV show into a multifaceted community representing nearly every interest this fandom has. Now, it's all set to become a pillar of a network that will connect bronies in meaningful new ways. When Elvis realized that a lot of other people enjoyed watching pony videos, Synchtube Fridays were born, later evolving into a dedicated site. Now, is poised to become a video-sharing community itself. When Arylett Dawnsborough wanted to create a place for MLP-themed roleplays to thrive, Roleplay World was born. Aureity and Key Gear took the vision further with various technical enhancements and the creation of the Advanced Roleplays section. And now, Ice Storm is heading up the ambitious new World of Equestria project that takes place in a fully realized Equestria, complete with lore and characters all its own. When Cast wanted to make this fandom's first full-length feature film, he found his team here on MLP Forums and set to work. Many months later, a very real movie is visibly coming together and he joined forces with us as partners to give The Last Stand of Harmony a place on the Internet to call home. In the future, this project will serve as an excellent portfolio piece for all of his team members who wish to break into the animation industry. When Nelson wanted to build a music hosting site for bronies, he found and joined forces with me to bring a feature-rich music platform to the world. Now, he's working to build it into an even greater experience to rival the likes of SoundCloud and Google Music. It's far from an exhaustive list, but a consistent theme should be emerging by now: if you have a project you want to realize, Poniverse can give you the resources and community support to make it happen. All you have to do is take charge of your idea and start using the resources on offer. I may be installed as Poniverse's owner, but that doesn't mean I have to be the guy in charge of every last operation here - nor should I. With the sheer number of projects, interests, and passions that Poniverse can represent, there simply isn't enough time in any one person's day to personally handle everything. All of this community's greatest achievements happened when someone took charge of their idea and pushed it into reality. While most of us have a staff title that implies certain responsibilities, we all have the ability to strike up a conversation with any other staff members via private messages, Skype, or by posting a Star Swirl announcement. Whether you want to start a weekly gaming event or launch an entire new Poniverse website, the true realization of your idea will always start with one person... You. Want to make something happen? It's up to you. And if you need the assistance of people with specific skills or traits - artists, administrators, writers, moderators, coders, night owls, project managers, video producers, etcetera et al - find them in the community, pitch your idea to them, and let them know how they will play a role in making it real. Poniverse is here for all of us. How will you make it yours? ~ Feld0 I began this post with a song about coming together. In closing, have one about not splitting apart once we're there. You know what's a strange thought? All of us have, collectively, put over 114 years' worth of time into crafting this site into the community it is today. 73 of those years were spent between our last anniversary and today's. Talk about dedication. The sands of time have been heralding change through all that time as the forum staff were, continue to, and will always be challenged with the tall order of meeting your high expectations of this ever-growing community. Much like the site and community change over time, so do the staff maintaining it. As former staff pass their responsibilities off to new generations of members, each leave their personal touch irreversibly ingrained in the community. Stewarding MLP Forums or any of Poniverse's projects is more than a "job" to fritter away time you'd normally spend playing video games. It is an opportunity to volunteer your skills and passions for the benefit of a community much larger than yourself. An opportunity to help this community receive a noncommercial social experience only possible at the scale of a multitalented, multinational, multifaceted organization committed to making the ponynet a better place. An opportunity to contribute toward something larger than the sum of its parts. Many of the staff that previously served Poniverse may no longer with us, but everything the current team does is influenced by and built on the work of all who came before them. On the behalf of the current team that carries Poniverse forward today, I'd like to express a sincere thank-you to the many more who came before. In a time when something as seemingly trivial as a certain purple unicorn sprouting wings creates more controversy among bronies than many real-life political hot potatoes, I think it's safe to say that the fandom's future lies in acknowledging our differences not as grounds for war, but justification for cooperation. The more of us hop on this ride, the more fun we'll all have reveling in the magic of friendship. See ya 'round the Poniverse!
  23. Tomorrow marks the 50 anniversary of the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy. Those of you with access to US media sources will probably see some coverage of this. A lot of people will be asked, "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" The strange thing is, I'm not aware of any active member of this board who is old enough to have a first hand memory of that day. Even I wasn't born for almost another decade. But because we like to mark major anniversaries of major events, this is going to get some attention in US news outlets and elsewhere. The first thing that comes to my mind is the endlessly replayed film of TV news anchorman Walter Cronkite breaking the news to a stunned national audience. Because of clips like that and memorials like the eternal flame, a lot of us feel a palpable connection to this tragedy even though it took place well before we were born. And I'm not even going to get into the conspiracy theories. Those debates will rage on after we die of old age. What does JFK, his legacy, his death, and this commemoration mean to you?
  24. Fifty years ago, on November 23rd 1963, two curious schoolteachers followed an unearthly child into a scrapyard only to find a magic blue box and the daft old man who stole it from his people and ran. And he's been running ever since. The continuing escapades of the grumpy, bumbling, dashing, crazy, sweet, bombastic, cunning, caring, damaged, heroic, and raggedy Doctor and his friends is one of popular culture's greatest adventures and has earned its title as one of the most beloved cult shows (if not the most beloved) of all time. To celebrate this once in a lifetime milestone in the life of one of my favorite things ever, I might as well share a quick list of my all time favorite episodes from every era of the series. This is by no means a definitive list; not every Doctor is represented equally, and there many "essential" episodes I have not yet seen ("Talons of Weng Chiang", "Curse of Fenric" just to name a few). Heck, some of these rankings might change later. These are just the stories that I think best define what I love about show and just plain entertain me the most. And hey, I've provided a link to the episodes I could find so you can check them out for yourself if you haven't already. So... 20. The Mind Robber Some would argue that the only episode in this serial worth watching is the first one (which does end on an awesome cliffhanger the rest of the story may not be able to live up to), but not me. It's a wild departure from the stories the Second Doctor usually found himself in, and features some of the best scenes of his run. And seriously, any story where the possibility that the Doctor may be killed by a unicorn is present deserves a watch. 19. The Green Death Karate fights, chase scenes, giant alien maggots, an environmental message that was way ahead of its time on television, insight into how the Third Doctor's attitude towards humanity had changed, and one of the more subtle and well-done of the companion departures. This episode has the works, baby. Did I mention the Doctor in drag? 18. The Girl in the Fireplace This was back when Steven Moffat's "girl who waited" concept was fresh and new, and he gets every emotion and laugh he can out of the Tenth Doctor's doomed sorta-romance with Madame de Pompadour. The clockwork repair droids are make for some cool enemies, the means by which all the strange sci-fi shenanigans are occurring is really clever, and David Tennant knocks it out of the park. But above all else, the episode serves as a microcosm of the tragedy of the Doctor's relationship with his companions. The curse of the Time Lords, if you will. 17. A Christmas Carol The best of the reboot's Christmas specials, offering a really clever twist on the tired recreation of A Christams Carol you see every show do at least once. Visually inventive, funny, and moving all at once, and the Doctor is at his most whimsical. One of my favorite Christmas specials period. 16. Remembrance of the Daleks After years of shoddy writing, debatable creative decisions and two Doctors who weren't allowed to be as great as they could have been, a change in producers results in the best Doctor story in ages. There's tons of great stuff that makes this serial worth watching: Sylvester McCoy is marvelous as the Doctor and takes the character into a new and interesting direction, the Daleks are presented as an intimidating military force with actual strategies and different classes (the Special Weapons Dalek is the best thing ever), there's a fanboy's treasure trove of callbacks to the very first story, and it's the debut of Ace, one of the most badass companions ever, as evidenced by the scene in which she messes up a Dalek with a baseball bat charged up with Time Lord technology. 15. The Waters of Mars Starts off as a pretty basic Doctor story, albeit one with a very creepy and visully unique central monster, but turns out to be much, much more: a dark exploration of the Doctor's evolving morals and what happens when he doesn't give a f***. It's not nearly as funny as Tumblr gifs would have have you believe. 14. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways The best finale of the reboot so far and the last time the Daleks really worked. Relentless and religious in their desire to exterminate the human race, they cut the scheming weirdos schtick and become genuinely scary again, which in turn leads to my favorite Doctor/Dalek confrontation ever. It's exciting, emotional, instantly iconic, and it even ends with possibly the best regeneration scene ever. 13. The Aztecs My favorite of the First Doctor's purely historic adventures. The rule here, that history cannot be changed ("not one line") is promptly broken in the also very good "The Romans" (and how broken it is is explored further in "The Time Meddler"), but One's insistence upon it and his sympathising with Barabra as she struggles to save a doomed civilization offers a lot of insight into his personality and makes him much more three-dimensional; underneath that stern face and Edwardian jacket, the Doctor does indeed have a heart. Two, actually. 12. Vincent and the Doctor It may or may not make you cry, but if you don't feel anything during these forty minutes, I do not want to meet you. A beautiful and respectful tribute to one of the most tragic artists of all time, this story ends with an mature meditation on sorrow and happiness: a single good day may not be able to change a sad life, but it makes all the difference in the world. 11. The Pirate Planet The first Classic story I ever watched, and woo boy, is this a doozy. It's an very entertaining adventure with some fantastic stuff from Tom Baker, a great villain, clever comedy, one of the best uses of jelly babies ever, K-9 having a laser duel with a robot parrot, and enough out-there ideas for several stories. You expect nothing less of writer Douglas Adams, creator of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 10. Genesis of the Daleks The Daleks are finally given an origin story and a creator in the form of Davros, who gives us some of the greatest moments of villainy in the whole of Doctor Who. Using only a handful of sets to create a tragedy on an epic scale, what really makes this story is the Doctor's ultimate decision on whether to wipe out the Daleks. While it's sort of obvious he ends up not doing that (you can't eliminate the things that sell the toys), the way he reaches his conclusion is thought-provoking and says a lot about his character. It was never about whether the Daleks deserved to be destroyed; it was about whether anybody has the right to make that decision at all. 9. Inferno Doctor Who's answer to Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror", but with less facial hair. A well-paced and intense serial from eerie start to explosive end, the Third Doctor's best story sees him witnessing what happens when he fails to save the Earth in time in all its horrifying detail. All the weird elements in the story, from the impending apocalypse to the weird primordial zombie people fit together surprisingly well, and the alternate universe twist at the end of the first act is the kind of big, strange ideas that the best of series does well. MVP is Nicholas Courtney, who's great as the always twinkling Brigadier and his evil counterpart, the Brigade Leader. 8. City of Death Douglas Adam's other Doctor story is one of the most beloved of the Fourth Doctor's adventures, and with good reason. It's an utter delight of an episode, with a twisty and creative plot that swings between big idea sci-fi, light-hearted comedy, and a surreal caper that involves several clones of the Mona Lisa. The chemistry between Four and Time Lady companion Romana is at its absolute best, the resolution to the plot is one of the funniest moments in all of Doctor Who, and it comes complete with a random Monty Python cameo. That should be reason enough to watch this story. 7. The Doctor's Wife This may depend on whether you like Neil Gaiman's writing (because this is very much a Gaiman story), but it's an absolutely brilliant science-fantasy tale that provides some of the best moments of Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor and introduces us to a new perspective that changes the context of everything we've seen so far. The TARDIS always had character (a quality the Doctor loves in any vehicle he uses), but now it is a character, and it's here that we learn, cheesy as it is, that the Doctor's love for his TARDIS is only matched by the TARDIS's love for her thief. 6. Blink An episode I keep thinking is overrated after a while, but then I watch it again and remember that it totally is as good as the hype says it is. The Doctor is only in it for a few minutes, but that's okay, because Carrey Mulligan is amazing as heroine Sally Sparrow, bolstered by a great supporting cast and a high production value that's much more cinematic than we've seen before. It helps that it has a ingenious script that utilizes time travel in an interesting way and dialogue that would later become some of the most meme worthy of the entire series. And of course... Probably the scariest Doctor Who story ever, and that's saying something. 5. The Caves of Andronzani The episode that is most often picked as the greatest story ever, and it certainly deserves every accolade it gets. Gripping and exciting from start to finish, the Fifth Doctor's final adventure features him at his most heroic and badass (leading to the show's best cliffhanger, in which the Doctor makes it quite clear that he has had it), pitted against fantastic villains in an intense situation that just keeps getting more dangerous and complex as it goes on. Penned by the all-time master of writing Doctor Who, Robert Holmes, this is how you have a Doctor go out in style. Even Colin Baker's tiny moment at the end is awesome. Seriously, go watch this. 4. The Deadly Assassin The first story to take place on Gallifrey, this is the episode that defines who the Time Lords are as a race, and more importantly, how they are as vulnerable as anyone else. It's a great conspiracy plot full of huge ideas (it had the Matrix before the Matrix was ever cool), bolstered by Tom Baker's excellent performance in the first Doctor story to not feature a companion. It's also the greatest Master story ever, despite the fact that he's absolutely nothing like his regular self. Gone is the suave, charismatic mannerisms of Roger Delgado, and this isn't the manic fun of John Simms. The Master here is a monster, fueled by pure vengeance and a need to prolong whatever life he has left, at any cost. 3. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Starts off simple enough, but soon becomes much more emotionally complex. I could go on and on about the near-perfect recreation of war-torn London and the interesting perspective of the the event that it takes, the glorious coolness that is Captain Jack Harkness, and one of the greatest and creepiest Doctor Who monsters ever (which has one of the more creative origins we've seen). But what makes this episode freaking sublime is the ending. It easily could have ended up being sappy or clumsy, but it ends up being a genuinely touching moment (I actually remember tearing up a bit) that perfectly sums up who the Doctor is. It adds a whole new level of sadness to any loss of life the Doctor suffers, because now e know how much saving people means to him. 2. The War Games The Second Doctor's adventures (and the black and white era) go out with a literal bang in the most exciting and subversive story the show had ever attempted to do at that point, and it delivers. Yeah, it's a whopping ten episodes, but there's so many new details about the nature of the War Games and crazy scenarios being added that the pacing just works and the story never drags. There's some great satire regarding the futility of war and the kind of people who would perpetuate it, as well as some great action scenes for 1960's television. But what makes this story an important classic (possibly the most important of the whole series) is the introduction of the Time Lords (who are actually kind of scary here) and the explanation that the Doctor's exile is a self-inflicted one. In one fell swoop, the show now has a mythology to tap into and the Doctor is given a level of pathos nobody knew he was capable of. Bonus points for one of the sadder companion departures and the awesome title card. 1. Human Nature Not a Doctor story in the traditional sense at all, but still a masterpiece of science fiction and fantasy television. Despite technically not featuring the Doctor at all, this is the story that best demonstrates that, once you get past the charm and the wonder, the Doctor can be an extremely dark character that borders on inhuman. But you can get past that, there's still something wonderful and worthwhile about his existence, and no matter how much pain he may seemingly bring along with him, the universe needs its Doctor. The entire thing plot is thematically charged, from the loss of innocence, to sacrifice and love, to the thin line that separates justice from vengeance. The production values are high, the villains are hammy in the best possible way, David Tennant turns in his greatest performance, I count at least three different tear-jerkers, and if there was ever a story to prove Martha Jones was a great companion, it's this one. And any show story that tells kids that there is an evil alien girl staring at them whenever they look in a mirror is worth a look in my book. Runner-ups: Midnight: Reaches John Carpenter levels of creepiness and paranoia, the Doctor's alien-ness is turned against him in an interesting way and the cast includes Merlin and Patrick Troughton's son. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead: Cathrine Tate turns in some great stuff, the Vashta Nerada are great monsters, and the character of River Song, whether you liked how she ended up or not, is a fantastic concept. Pyramids of Mars: Awesome villain and sense of urgency that just increases as the story moves along. Planet of the Spiders: Jon Pertwee's final episode, which features a satisfying end to his interpretation of the Doctor and uber-creepy back-spiders. Turn Left: A mind blowing observation of how the smallest change in history can have the heaviest consequences, and a dark vision of what a world without the Doctor there to save it looks like. School Reunion: Sarah Jane Smith returned. That is all. Happy Birthday, Doctor. May you keep running forever more. Wait, this is a brony site. Better whip out the Forest Rain. Agree? Disagree? Think I'm an idiot? Rattle off in the comments with your favorites.
  25. Let’s set the mood with some fitting music, shall we? One year! When I first arrived, I couldn’t imagine that I’d be here today with over 1,300 posts, 2,000 brohoofs, and a friends page filled to capacity. Dare I say I might even be getting...popular? The day I joined, work was canceled due to hurricane Sandy. If I wasn't stuck at home with time on my hands, I might not be here now. My only wish is that I joined sooner. I've only been onboard since Season 3. Too bad I missed the lively season 2 episode discussions when they were brand new. I could easily write a much larger blog than this. But to mark this occasion, I will bring up three basic points and expound on each one. This is the liveliest message board I’ve been on since 2005! Back then I was on a very popular fansite called Powerpuff Girls World. It was a forum that had pretty much everything this place does: Great ideas, raging debates, trolls, good moderators, romance between members, people getting banned, and more. I was heartbroken the day it shut down for good without warning. JUST as I got my 1,000th post there, no less. But even PPGW never had anything as exotic as the love fest that recently swept through here. Witnessing that phenomenon up close and personal was a real blast! Can an older fan fit in on a forum that has so many teens? YES! But when I first arrived, I wasn’t sure. Should I reveal how old I am or what sex I was? I soon decided to go ahead on both counts. The Brony culture is supposed to be welcoming first and foremost. A shared love of a great TV program transcends age, gender, racial, national, and many other barriers. Other than a few old man jokes from the peanut gallery, age has been a total non-factor for me. Really, the notion that anybody over a certain age who likes some kinds of cartoons is a creep needs to go the way of the Edsel. Besides myself, check out people like Fhaolan, Cutiecindyhoney, PonyHag, Thunderchild, and many more. We’re all normal adults with jobs, families, and lives who just happen to have a little room in our hearts for ponies too. Why I came here. I first became a Brony due in part to a best friend who introduced me to the show in the fall of 2011. We spent a good deal of time discussing MLP. But soon I became an even bigger fan than she was so she nagged me to find somebody else to talk to about it. That’s why I joined MLP Forums. Remember how Twilight originally set out to Ponyville to do a job and then go home? I came here only to talk about ponies and that was it. I had no intention of becoming emotionally attached to anybody. But fate had other plans for Twilight...and for me. That turned out to be an unexpected but wonderful blessing. Do you know what the most ironic twist of all is? The person who led me to become a fan of MLP is now a former friend. She and I had a painful parting of the ways earlier this year. Believe it or not, it happened on the same day Magical Mystery Cure first aired with its beautiful message about being a true, true friend. Without a doubt, that was a sad day for me. But the good news is that the people I’ve grown close to here have more than made up for that loss. It sounds corny, but I can honestly say that MLP Forums is magic. Finally, I want to thank everyone who has helped me make it to this point. As you may know, I don’t like doing individual shout outs. I just know I’ll overlook someone very important and I’d rather not do that. But rest assured, I value you and everything you’ve done for me very much. Thank you again!