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Found 7 results

  1. I just posted my first post in the welcoming thread, and I was really impressed with how it was all organized. However, when I pressed the edit button to fix a word or two, everything excepth the 'about me' section was automatically wiped. Being myself, I put a lot of time into my posts and then only make small adjustments. I refuse to spend another twenty minutes rewriting my post. xP So I suggest this problem is fixed before someone else also accidentally destroys their post, because I'm sure that there are plenty of others like me who love to put time and/or thought into each and every post. Thank you very much for reading my rantings. : ) (Special thanks to Lightwing for moving my thread to the proper place. Navigation here is actually painstakingly difficult on my iPad)
  2. So lately a few friends of mine have been banned...I feel generally sad about the whole thing. I support the staff on the reasons, but I don't support the punishments. What I hate is that friends of mine don't take a breath and talk it out...It's immediately "they are evil and corrupt" Friends. Let's just sit together and talk it out. No use starting a riot. It just seals it... )': Been really sick because of a lot of drama...whether it being from friends being manipulated, or just bad news in general. I stay awake all night...I want everyone to be happy, and it kills me every time something bad happens to them... I pray that we listen to reason, and get reason in return. This is more of a my emotional state update I guess (typical blog stuff) But at this time. I can't draw, I can't eat very much, I wanna sleep all day, and I cry every night... Sorry for making a depressing post...Just thought it was too long ago since the last one, and I didn't get into a better mood, so I just decided to make it public that I feel kinda bad... Though, I will say I'm still absolutely up for chatting. I can't just leave you like that *hugs* Don't hesitate to send a PM if you feel down. I can give advice and vent )':
  3. Troblems

    Stop Staring.

    I don't generally so blatantly rant, but this has been an issue with me lately, so I'm going to bitch. Fair warning, don't read it if you don't want to hear me whine. I have a physical disability. Sometimes, it's worse than others, but basically because of a severe laxity of the collagens in my body, I'm double jointed in every mobile joint. If the joint moves, mine goes beyond what would be considered the normal range of motion. This makes the joints unstable, and easily dislocate. The actual disorder I have is Elher-Danlos Syndrome (EDS for short) either type 3, or hypermobility type. It also makes me extremely clumsy. It hurts, it sucks, and at this point I'm used to it. Right now I have three joints that are particularly bothering me. My right thumb, right hip, and left shoulder. The worst of the three is my hip. Now, I would normally wear a thumb brace all the time, but because my hip is bothering me more than my thumb, I have forgone the thumb brace in favor of a cane, because I cannot use the thumb brace and cane together. Which brings me to the actual point of my rant. I'm 28, but because of the whole collagens being lax, I look like I'm in my early 20s. I usually look about 10 years younger than I actually am. Anyways, I look to be in my early 20s, and I'm using a cane with a heavy limp. I walk funny right now. Not because I want to, but because it hurts. And people stare. A lot. I hate it. I am aware that people are curious as to why a perfectly normal looking 20 something is walking the way I do and using a disability placard to park. People are curious, and if anyone asked, I would gladly tell them what was going on. I'm very open with my condition. I write a blog about it. I try to raise awareness in any way possible. But nobody asks. Ever. Instead they stare. Because I am who I am, I generally stare back at them, to make them uncomfortable, because what they are doing is damned rude. I work a full time job. I am not on disability, although I do qualify. Sometimes, I am able to function at a higher level than other times, so I don't always have to use a cane, but I always have some sort of brace. My thumb doesn't heal. It never will. Again, this is a rant, so take this any way you wish, but honestly, love, tolerate, and don't stare at the gimp girl. She's carrying a three foot long metal implement that could "accidentally" get tangled in your legs and trip you, because you're too busy staring to notice. Ooops, so sorry about that.
  4. Just a fun thing I tried to do within 30 minutes. You can find it here as well. Enjoy!
  5. When, how and why did this annoying little phrase become the fandom's unofficial catchphrase? The show doesn't preach this message, so why is it there? Also, am I the only one who finds it annoying?
  6. I don't understand why I continue to play games like League of legends anymore. It just seems like every time I play it I just get mad and frustrated. People are always bitching and going ape shit at the slightest thing. Its bloody stupid Prime example zDashiez is me. My team starts a bad fight which causes us to lose the game and I'M the one that gets blamed. It seems like this with any online games these days and its kinda retarded. I don't know why I wrote this. I guess I am just frustrated and needed to vent. - Rev
  7. No offense to her or her fans, but OMG... it gets on my nerves.