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Found 57 results

  1. Let's see about it here. Keep in mind that I'm a 15 year old girl, so that's a bit important: For liking MLP, Sonic, and Pokemon. My looks, which drove my self-esteem into hell. For making mistakes every now and then; a bit of clumsiness. For being quiet... Maybe some other things as well.
  2. i just ****ing want to kill those b*tches -.- i've got lots, but too tired to come up with another hated mario character...
  3. i always avoid these girls and toad to some point, especially when playing mario party and mario kart. nowadays, i found them too haughty and bratty whenever they win or lose a game. Their attitudes were much like your average popular girls you bump across high school (e.g. diamond tiara). Share your thoughts
  4. Lately I keep getting a single song temporarily imprinted on my brain. This time it's "Do You Believe in Life After Love" by Cher, and prior to that it was "Love Me Cheerilee". What I do to get it out of my head is let it run its course... and by that I mean listen to it once or twice a day until it's out. you believe in life after love? after love, after love, after love, after love... I can feel something inside me say, 'I really don't think you're strong enough now.'.... Anyways yeah just tell me what you do. XP
  5. Are there things that people do everyday, small, simple stuff that are very common occurrences that should not annoy you, but it does anyway. I hate being asked how I'm doing. I don't think about it very often. It's not high on my priorities, thinking about how I'm doing. Most of the time, I feel indifferent or apathetic. But most people don't want to hear that. But I don't want to lie to them either and say I'm good when I'm not. But is it really any of their business to know how I'm doing? Why should they care? What do they get out of it? Am I a bad person for getting asked "How are you doing today?" and saying "None of your business"? How about you? Any little things things people do everyday that irritate you?
  6. Out of a scale of 1 - 10, how annoying are your parents? My dad is about a.... 2/10 He can be very annoying but he is still awesome XD So, how annoying can your parents be?
  7. You know, I'm going to get my brothers for this. In case you guys didn't know, I'm only able to eat certain foods. So when my little brothers decide to take all of the rest of that certain food, then leave half of that to rot on the table, THEN I have to clean up that (It mocks me as I carry the plates to the sink)... *sigh* Now I have to cut into my sleeping time to make more for tommorow. So any suggestions on how to hide food that needs to be refridgerated? I'm getting sick of this and I don't want to wake up again with nothing to eat for breakfest or lunch. Any ideas? I'm three steps away from taking the food container, putting it in a cooler, filling it with ice, and hiding it in my closet.
  8. Tell you what... The most random thing that annoys me a ridiculous amount are peppers on pizza. I don't like the peppers, they don't taste nice! I always pick them off the pizza and put them on the side of the plate. Another random thing that gets on my nerves is when I tap the wrong button on my iPad. I always end up visiting the wrong topic on the forums XD but what annoys you the most? And why?
  9. Has anypony else here worked with retail? If so, what are some of the most annoying customers you've had? I once had a customer call me stupid because I didn't understand what he meant at first and once I worked at a toy store and there was this toddler that kept throwing everything on the ground and the parents couldn't care less.
  10. I don't see the appeal of them. Even family parties. They're full of crappy music, people dancing (I can't dance for sh*t), my aunt gets mad at me for not talking (WTF!?), some of my cousins look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo and 98% of the time I don't eat cake. Yea, I hate birthday cake, It's very generic tasting. Problem? I'd rather have pumpkin pie or better yet cheese cake. Why don't they at least have cheese cake? Why is it always the same cake that taste like cardboard? Oh and those stupid little horns they give to kids that make noise, I hate those. But, at least that's a party with family members and not strangers. I can't imagine a party full of people I've never met. No wait I can, and I'd rather go to a dentist appointment or get a shot from the doctor then attend a party full of strangers. The fact that my cousin has been stabbed at a party before TWICE (Don't worry he's OK) before scares the sh*t out of me. So I don't just hate parties, I'm kinda scared of them (just the big ones full of strangers). My worst nightmare would be attending a huge part full of strangers only. I know that sounds crazy but, at least I'm not scared of clowns. I do find them creepy, and at parties... *sigh* Even when I was little I didn't like parties. I only ever went in the jumper when there was nobody in it. The worst part is when I forced to go like if there's a wedding. Luckily I have a way of surviving them. I've been to a few weddings receptions and all I was interested was the food. If the food sucked well that ruins it for me. OK, so I eat the food and do nothing else. It's that simple, while everyone else is dancing and doing whatever, I'm sitting at the table waiting to leave and eating something. That way I'll be to busy eating so I won't be forced to dance. (It happened once luckily it was just side stepping.) So do you hate parties? Do you like them? Do you LUVZ them? Is Pinkie Pie mad at me?
  11. What fanfictions or headcanons really annoy you? I personally really dislike any stories shipping members of the Mane Six. Why would they have a romantic relationship anyway? I am also really annoyed by crossover fics involving the narrator becoming X and getting sent to Equestria, especially when the annoyingly generic "A merchant sold me X and now I'm X in Equestria" story is used. If you're gonna transform into a Pokemon, be in the Pokemon universe.
  12. My friend started watching Degrassi: The Next Generation after I told him that I watch it. It's funny because he used to make fun of his mom and brother for watching it because he thought it was stupid and over the top(which it can be) but now he loves it and is already at season 4 and decided to purchase seasons 1 through 10 off amazon. Unfortunately for me Drake plays one of the main characters on the show and when he first appeared my friend sent me a message saying "You used to call me on my cellphone." and I "Please don't tell me you're going to send that every-time Jimmy is on screen." and he "I probably will." That continued for a few days till I broke responded with this. We had a good laugh with that one and he stopped after awhile thank god.
  13. Since the forum update, consecutive PMs made within a short period of time have been merged together instead of appearing as distinct messages. This is irritating because it's now more difficult to resume a conversation if there's a short break in the middle. If I finish some work and want to let a friend know I'm available to talk again, my messages are simply merged together and no notification is sent to the person I'm trying to talk to. Which means I have to either wait several minutes to get their attention, or contact them in some other way. It's also much easier to miss messages in general if conversations are moving at a moderate pace. If one person wants to add a detail or share something they forgot to mention, that addendum is now merged onto the end of a message that the other person can think they've already read. I know that tech people have a million other things to do, but if it's feasible to turn off message merging in the PM system, I think it'd make it a much more effective way to talk to people.
  14. The minimum character limit text/box covers part of the text area. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is hard to see in that area, and can cause typing mistakes. The only way around it is to make a new line, but all of this can be avoided by moving the character limit box up.
  15. Hrm... Anaconda, by Nicki Minaj. Every time I hear it. I wake up hours later with covered in blood. It annoys me so much. Not even gonna link it, I might kill my cat. :okiedokielokie: What song annoys/fills you with hate? EDIT: Wow, some of these replies surprised me.
  16. So, do any of you guys get frustrated when people type a word the wrong way? Mine: -Instead of angel, angle Imagine in the Phantom Of The Opera, The Phantom sings this. "Sing, my ANGLE of music!" I hate that typo. -Instead of Alana, Alan This isn't a misspelling, but since my username on ROBLOX is alana554, some people shorten Alana down to Alan.. HATE IT!
  17. Welcome to my new blog series, A Vine Whipping rant. In this series, I will go on a rant about stuff that bother me. So lets start with the first rant, 90s kids. Now let me get this out of the way first, I'm OK if you are a 90s kid or get nostalgic over your childhood, it's human nature to want to go back and relive your childhood due to how stressful life is when you're older. Heck, even me at 16 sometimes wish I was younger again so I wouldn't have much homework and life felt more innocent. However, what I don't like about some 90s kids is how elitist and arrogant some of them act. They will constantly talk about how the 90s was like "TEH BEST DECADE EVER MAN!" and everyone respected their parents, nothing bad happened (uh LA Riots and Columbine shooting anyone?), and how everything in existence was much better. And when they talk about the 2000s, the usually talk about like it's some post apocalyptic wasteland with constant war going on, and every kid is just some spoiled brat raised by Justin Bieber. See what I mean? Now let me just say that I was born in 1998, so I qualify as what they cal a 2000s kid, you know the spoiled brat they would think I am. If you know me on the forums, do I act like that? No. They're just generalizing everyone my age as if they're screwed for life. They will sometimes even tell them this on the internet in the most elitist way possible. Yeah, they say this to people who are much younger than them. What if they did this in real life? That sure would make you look mature *sarcasm* It doesn't help that people around my age (aka people born in the late 90s) try to say how much 90s kids they are, without even remembering a second of the decade. At least I don't deny I'm a 2000s kid. Also, 90s kids usually wonder why they do that. Do you wanna know why? It's because you guys preach that the 90s was like heaven on earth and that their childhood was like hell on earth, so then the younger ones will think that and start wanting to be 90s kids. So in reality, it's your fault they do that. Even I fell for this at one point. Then I realized how stupid that is, and valued what I did have in my childhood, especially since I grew up in the early to mid 2000s, when people really feared terrorism. Also no, networks can't bring back the old shows, especially with new episodes. The way networks make money is making new shows, not being stuck in 1994. I will admit that the networks aren't as good as they used to be, but do I think bringing back the old shows is the solution to improve them? No. Making new and creative shows is the way to go. Also, they say that people like Justin Bieber and One Direction are bad (OK I agree with that) and that their music was better. Uh, they still had pop artists that sang virtually the same things as they did like Arron Carter and the Backstreet Boys. Also, isn't music taste largely subjective? So don't act like just because someone likes those stuff, they're stupid. I don't like those people, but I don't say that to fans of them who don't act stupid. I know some people who like them, and hey, they're not like that. Finally, they say that kids are just hooked on electronics. Uh. you guys had stuff like Game Boys, Tamagachis, and video games in general. Also they say how much modern tech sucks, on Facebook with their iphones. Hypocrites much? Overall, I'm OK with someone reminiscing about anything in their childhood. It's just if they act like an elitist prick to people who didn't grow up with their stuff, then I have a problem. Here's a funny 90s kid story. I was reading a 90s kid Facebook page out of boredom and they posted a picture of an older My Little Pony. The comments were saying about how this is so much better than the new one and how it's mlp before it got so annoying. Did you even watch G4?
  18. You suddenly find your self in ponyville and try to talk to the ponies they run away from you except for the one pony that find the most annoying is the only one that is willing to at least speak with you. How would you react . try not to turn this into a debate of who is the most annoying pony
  19. So going as a sister thread by the "Something you can't stand the smell of" thread, what noises you can't stand? For me it's honking from other cars, screeching on a chalkboard
  20. It bothers me how so many of the female characters in action movies and stuff are like the same. The character is a attractive young adult, usually white woman, but the appearance isn't what really bugs me. It's the personality. They are often insensitive, confident, bold, "bad", flirty, athletic, "cool", etc, and act uninterested but fall in love with lead male. It's tiring. Where are the awkward, nerdy girls? Where's the emotional, artsy, unconfident girl who works to gain confidence? Where's the strategic girl who hates battle and tries to find better, more clever ways? Anyone else feel similarly about it?
  21. You know, when your eating popcorn, and one of those stupid kernel skins gets stuck between your teeth, or when your eating Beef Jerky, and a small string of it gets caught. Ugh, it is the most annoying mildly uncomfortable thing that can ruin your day. Anyway, Have any of you ponies experienced this?
  22. So, it's basically as the title implies. If there's anything that's really irking you or you need to get some weight off your shoulders, this is the place. Post your anger and just let it all out. I guess I'll start: I have this friend who insists on being superior and undermines me all the time. I can't tell her how I feel because even giving her the tiniest hint that she's being a jerk will result in her completely overreacting and I'll be "the traitor". We've been friends for so long that I don't want to loose her friendship but she's treating me like I don't matter. I don't think she even knows she's doing it! Jesus Christ! I just want to be able to freely speak my mind to her! Fire Away!
  23. This has been happening to everyone and it must be stopped. Sometimes, it won't let us on the forums or poniverse and will say 502 bad gateway nginx on the screen. Is there an explanation to this, it's starting to bug me and everybody else on the forum.
  24. In my opinion it would have to be pewdiepie everything about him is annoying to me and it pisses me off how he has the most subscribers on YouTube when he doesn't even deserve them and don't even get me started on how annoying his fans can be but that's for another topic altogether.
  25. Well I was digging through my iTunes and was thinking about some songs in there. I have songs from the 60's through today, mostly rock/alternative and some lighter/smoother sounding electronic music (not a fan of Dubstep). There are some songs I just wonder why I even like enough to even have in there. Come on Eileen (80's) Country House- Blur (90's) m Jane- Barenaked Ladies (90's) Waterfalls-TLC (90's) Mad World-Tears For Fears (90's) Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer (90's) Let 'Em In- Paul McCartney (70's) really what's the point of this song LOL New Shoes- Paolo Nutini (00's) All The Right Moves- OneRepublic (00's) How'd You Like That- The Kooks (10's) Move Your Feet- Junior Senior (00's) Smile- Lilly Allen (00's) So what are some songs you have that you like but don't really know why?