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Found 5 results

  1. Do you, have you or are you planning on using a VPN service? I've been using FrootVPN for a while, I first got it cause it was a Swedish service and I wanted to try it out. Lately I've been getting slower speeds and there hasn't been much I could do about it so I'm looking into getting another one. At first I mainly used it while downloading torrents but nowaday I don't really torrent stuff anymore but DDoS attacks on multiplayer games has become an issue instead so I need something with more reliable servers.
  2. anon some pony tf2 members and more ask them anything anon>help me
  3. (Oh and I almost forgot, if this thread should not be posted her please move it, I was not really sure because it cross over the different forums) Hello, This post is about some things I have thought about lately. Well, to begin, if you have not heard about the Lizzards situation and the PSN Network(and other gaming servers) being down, here´s a video explaining the hole situation. And the newest information on this is that anonymous has chosen to help FBI with catching Lizzardsquad. All this got me thinking about, how far are we actually are from a dystopian or cyberpunk situation. But before I draw my conclusion that subject. Let me tell you about another link between our world and the dystopian/cyberpunk world. What I´m talking about is a game called, ingress. It´s a gps based game where you defend and take over portals. When you move around with say your phone for example, you also move around in the ingress world. But now, how do I link this to the real world. Well, let´s say that these portals where servers and that the where protecting secret and important data, have you begun to feel that cyberpunk feeling yet? Then it would not be a game anymore. The guys playing this games would not be players any more, they would be hackers. It would be a perfect setting for a cyberpunk or dystopian novel. And now for the last scaring touch to it all, all this that the lizzard squad is doing, as I referred to in the beginning of this post, is so incredible simple to do. Of course I´m not going to give you any instructions because these things is extremely illegal. But imagine a world where you have the power to take down massive servers with only your smartphone, some would call this a cyberpunk/dystopian story but with the right knowledge, then this is reality. So what thoughts do you have about all this, is the world already a cyberpunk story despite the fact that the dystopian catastrophe has not happen...just yet - Sonicrainboom97
  4. So I've been wondering what the point of showing "Time Online" is on a user's profile page is. The only reason I could think of is to remind you of how much time you've sunk into the forums, which I feel doesn't necessarily need to be public information. I think the user should have the option to disable it. It also isn't accurate, as it sometimes seems to count your time in other tabs, time when you're AFK, etc. You could say that it helps someone judge another user's activity, but I believe that "Last Online ___ minute/days/hours ago" and a user's post count reflect that fairly well. Another thing I've seen a lot of people bring up is anonymous browsing. From what I've gathered, it used to be a feature on this site (and still is for a select few members), but was removed. I believe this would be a welcome feature, but can see why it might not be. I was just wondering if there's an official reason for it's absence as I've yet to come across one. I would like to know everyone's opinion on this. Thanks
  5. Okay. So, I'm doing a new image from another sketch. It's Leo the Zodiac pony along with Anonymous. I saw this and really wanted to do a colored version, so yeah. As usual, I do the sketch (Done by AtlasPony), then lineart, then color, then final product.