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Found 22 results

  1. Hey, don't look at me, this was @Hierok's idea. This is basically like the Mega Thread "Answer The Question Above You" but with a twist: you're only allowed to post love/romance/shipping questions and answers! Just follow the same rules as the original thread, just make sure your questions are love related...and, try to keep things non-NSFW please, or at least as much as we can in a silly romance/relationship related thread. With that, I'll go first... Who is your pony crush?
  2. I myself have found that My Little Pony has affected me in the best of ways. Before I got into the show I could easily relate my situation to Twilight's when she first entered. I used to be the lonely nerd who always thought the only thing that mattered were my grades. After this show I became one of those people you could be around and always feel comfortable with. My Little Pony even inspired me to create my own personal code that I strive to match each and every day. It simply states that you should be kind, generous, loyal, happy, and truthful (pretty much the elements of harmony) and that by following this you will be successful in making and keeping friends. So far it works above and beyond my expectations.
  3. I like to talk about ponies. Ask me about my opinion at mane 6, princesses, back ground ponies and others. Also you can even ask me my opinions about HiE. My personal fevorite is Human child in Equestria fictions. I'd love to share my opinion on writing fanfics as well. Just feel free to ask anything. Now let's start.
  4. Okay, for this forum game, you will need a music library of some kind (e.g. iPod, MP3 Player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) that has a shuffle option. You will be using the first song that plays in shuffle's title for the answer of the question above you, and then come up with a question (e.g. What will you name your first-born, What is your favorite color, How would you describe your love life, etc.) for the next member. Example: User 1 - What will you name your first-born? User 2 - Bad What were your first words? User 3 - This is War ...And so on. Okay, I shall start with this question: What makes you laugh?
  5. Just came up with these barrages of basic wrestling questions, that pretty much everybody asks me at some point, so i put them here in one blog, without any big intro or something. So, let's begin. 20. Who is the best announcer of all time? Jim Ross is the undeniable number 1 announcer of wrestling. His knowledge is second to none and he has been in this business for 40 years. Joey Styles is great too though. 19. Best PPV of all time? Wrestlemania X-7 blows everything out of the water. Austin vs. Rock, HHH vs. Undertaker, TLC II, Vince vs. Shane, Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, even the gimmick Battle Royal was kinda nice for nostalgia reasons. 18. Best wrestler on the mic ever? Ric Flair is the best promo ever. Give him a mic and it rains gold and everybody listens to him. 17. Best faction of all time? The Four Horsemen are the greatest faction in wrestling history. And i talk about the original group: Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn and Ole Anderson and their Manager JJ Dillon. 16. Least favorite wrestler ever? I would probably say New Jack. not Necessarily because of the things he did in ECW, but because this guy is a first class a hole. He fought with several fans during several wrestling shows, even attack a 68 year old. 15. Favorite wrestler? It's a tie between The Rock and Ric Flair. Flair probably a bit more though, since he is the better wrestler of the two. But Rocky is just incredibly entertaining. 14. Best entrance music? Ikari no Yushin from Jushin Thunder Liger. Whenever this music plays, i get incredibly pumpedm which is always the case With Jushin Liger. 13. Best tag team ever? This is another tie, with The Road Warriors and the Dudley Boyz. Both where very dominant during their peeks and both have won many tag titles in different promotions. The Dudleys became famous through the TLC matches, while the Road Warriors became famous through the Scarffold match at Starccade 86. 12. Greatest women wrestler of all time? I am a big Lita fan, so Lita is my pick. But i must say, that the current NXT women are incredibly good. 11. Best bump of all time? Mr.Perfect did the best bumps in history, no question. 10. Best finisher ever? No finisher in the history of wrestling, was more over then Jake Roberts DDT and this will forever be the case. 09. Best weapon ever used? I was a big fan of the Singapore canes in the old ECW days. 08. If you could have a dream match with any 2 wrestlers (alive or dead) who would they be? Since the day i've been a wrestling fan, i always dreamed of the day that Shawn Michaels and The Rock would get in the ring and battle it out. 07. What do you think the wrestling world would be like if WCW and ECW werent bought out? I could imagine that indie leagues like TNA and ROH would've never been build. But i also think that if WCW and ECW would still be here, that the wrestling audience would've still left after awhile, because the monday night wars where just a fad. Would the product be different today? Maybe. But i can't say for sure. 06. What wrestler do you wish had a run as world champ? I am a bit bias in this, but i wish that Claudio Castagnioli (AKA Cesaro) Would become champ at one point. I met him once personally 8 years ago and he is such a nice and cool guy. 05. Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan? Ric Flair. Hogan couldn't lace Flairs boots on his best day. 04. What 2 wrestlers have the best chemistry together? Steamboat and Flair have the best chemistry of all time. If you watch their 3 matches from 1989, you know why they are all 5 star matches and considered some of the greatest ever 03. Greatest ring entrance? The Undertaker. Him coming to the ring is always special, because he has an aura like no one else 02. Greatest wrestler of all time? Flair is the greatest ever. 16 time world champ. The biggest rivalries, with Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, etc. Wrestled all over the world and had all the big matches. 01. Greatest match of all time? I never have one match that i would consider the greatest ever, since i saw so many great matches. So don't ask me. (You can also answer those questions, in the comments, in your own blog, whatever. )
  6. Basically, the user posts a question either in the form of text or an image, and the user underneath you has to give an answer. In 3 seconds. I'll start.
  7. DQ stands for "Daily Question". Before MLP I always considered a true friend to be someone who you could tell anything to without worrying about how they reacted. Now I think of a true friend as someone who shows loyalty, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, and a happiness that can never be dampened when you're around. What do you think a friend needs to be a true friend?
  8. (preferably) stupid answer to question above you goes here. (preferably) stupid question goes here. Can I be Discord? (I know someone who might like this question...)
  9. Hi guys! I'm usually not the most outgoing pony, but I guess you have to start somewhere, and it might as well be here. So go ahead, talk to me. Or just ask me questions, and i'll try to answer as honestly as I can.
  10. As the title says, Ask me anything! and ill answer it!
  11. I thought it would be fun if you guys asked me questions and I responded to them. Sounds normal and all, right? Well, hold up. There is something more to this than me just simply answering questions. I will be answering the questions with my voice. That's right, I will answer the questions not with text, but with my actual vocal cords. Here is how it works. You type the question or questions, and I will respond to you with a recording of my voice answering your question(s). Easy enough, right? There are a few rules and they are as followed: No creepy or disturbing questions. Keep the questions safe within the forum rules. No spamming Have fun That's about it for the rules. As for other things to mention, the questions can be anything you can think of. I enjoy any type of question asked, random or not. Since I am on this site at least once everyday, I will continuously keep up with this blog and get right to answering ASAP. If for any reason something comes up, I'll let you guys know. So, without further ado, Let's get this party started!
  12. Okay, this game appeared in some forums, but not here. The game is simple, you just answer somepony's question with a question. Ex. Pony 1: When will MLP end? Pony 2: Will it really end? Pony 3: How can we avoid it to end? ...and it goes on. Okay, let's start! How can we build the portal to Equestria?
  13. Not too huge of a deal, but I feel like it would be nice if there was a way to let you know that your answers in Site Questions and Tech Support was approved. Preferably through an e-mail notification. To my knowledge, this doesn't already exist. Thoughts?
  14. Ok guys I know that there is already a thread out there that talks about meeting up with other bronys ay Bronycon and what you all plan to do there, but I have a few questions, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is the thread where you can ask questions about the con and hopefully receive some good answers! I'll start: 1) How much does BronyCon cost? 2) Who will be at BronyCon? 3) What kind of panels/entertainment will be there? 4) Will there be a vendors room? 5) Is the con strictly pony or are there other things mixed in as well? 6) Will it be safe? I am a 15 year old female and while I respect all bronys, I want my experience to be a good one 7) What will there be to do for fun? 8) What kind of brony fun activities are planned? 9) Will there be a photoshoot for all the wonderful cosplayers? (Including myself ) 10) Where will it be held? And any other information you guys want to know/share, please do!
  15. Hi there! It's Wheatley, if you have any questions about anything just make it here, please, do not spam me with questions in this thread or i may get overheated.
  16. Hey ponies! Rainbow Dash here! Ask me anything!
  17. This game's quite simple: Somebody posts a question beginning with "What if", the next one answers what would be then and makes up a new question, so ever on. I'll be starting. What if Pinkame Diane Pie invites you to her party?
  18. Ansser the previous question and make up your own what if type question. For example: What if Celestia is actually Chrysalis and Celestia from the Royal Wedding is actually Luna trying to take Celestia's position?
  19. I saw berry pie made one of these and thought it would be a great idea if i had one of my own!!! So ask away everypony
  20. Good evening mares and gentlecolts, I am here to answer any and all questions marking my return. I shall begin my describing a small amout about myself. Name: Saphira (very close companions may call me Phira) Age: Ageless Species: Alicorn (Goddess of all shadow and lust) Family: Eldest sister to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Companion: A large, magestic, and exotic green snake by the name of Esme Brief History: Abandoned at birth, Saphira has been forced to fend for herself for millions of years, secretly plotting against her royal family for their betrayal (far too complicated to go into depth at this particular moment....find out the rest for yourself) Cutie Mark: A blue rose symbolizing her virgin innocense at spirit aswell as her unnatural and unnatainable beauty. Saphira recieved her cutie mark upon being murdered by that of which she had been a fool to love. Personality: Saphira is a complex being that cannot be described through mear words alone. However, I can clearly and without hesitation state that she is increadably evil and intelligance, often using her appearance as a weapon against her foes. However, this doesn't mean she is without ability to fend for herself. The shadows are mighty allies. Abilities: Saphira has the ability to transform into a gracefull and magestic dragon (NO REFRENCE TO ERAGON) or wolf, by wrapping herself in shadows that seep into her person and transform her. This same method can be used to create fake ponies of which she uses to infultrate the domain of her enemies, but she cannot use this ability to turn herself into the forms of creatures who have ever actually existed. Any and all differences must be spoted it one wishes to defeat her. She can also call forth the help of the shadows which cannot be easily explained. As far as her abilities go for lust, Saphira's vampiric charm can be a deadly tool and she can even turn herself into a male of the species if she so desires. NOTE TO READER: If it takes me a while to respond to a question, that is because I draw pictures of Saphira to correspond with the question and her answer. (Saphira's companion and her dragon and wolf form will be designed very soon!)
  21. Hello, everypony! I decided to take up this whole "Q&A" thing after I heard one of my books helped somepony named "Rainbow Dash" through this wing injury. So, wh not take up one of these? Go ahead, ask away!
  22. Just to say I am not Celestia but I know almost everything about MLP; FIM. If you wish you can ask me a question about something you don't know. If you already know the answer to the questions then don't ask and waste my time. Mostly ask about royal facts because here I am Celestia on the computer so I know more about royalty. Like about Canterlot, but you can also ask about ponyville at some points. This is actually a good place for people who just started to know about MLP; FIM.