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Found 36 results

  1. This has only been a little irksome for me to deal with for a while now, now but this incident has really pushed my patience over the line. To explain as calmly and clearly as I can, I want to know, why text cannot be saved in PMs? Why is it only actual posts and blogs that have the auto save function? ...and not PMs? That blank text box used to be a huge essay worth of text to my girlfriend by the way. That was... until I accidentally clicked the dreaded enter button. Such genuineness of words that I can never get back now. I really need a good explanation for this. -_-
  2. I believe as we approach towards the actual end, that is when the moments we hope for & want to see become official will occur. From ships cannoned in the show (RarityxSpike,,FluttershyxDiscord, etc,,) to Twilight's ascent , and other loose ends & questions tied up and answered, from just the clue/quote we get from the show staff, is "can't say what maybe or maybe not forthcoming..", along with their legit "NDA" reasoning, to fans like myself, it speaks volumes, and indicates they know 'something' will happen, like let's say with Spike and Rarity. Just those answers from the show staff, (writers, VA's), is the MAJOR and most OBVIOUS Clue/hint that moments we've been waiting to see and wanting to happen, will indeed occur, along with other questions will that still need answers too. #mlpseason9 #MLPFIM #SaturdayThoughts
  3. (Note: She's an OC from my HiE fanfic. I wanted to make a topic for her so I made one.) Hiya! My name's Bubble Heart. But you can call me Bubble. I've been living in Canterlot and Manehattan. I'm a singer and a supermodel. But mostly I like to look simple and plain. Singing isn't only my job, it's my passion. I love to spend time with my coltfriend. (Yeah, he's a human so what!?). He's the nicest person in whole of Equestria. If you want to know something about me, my friends, or my dear coltfriend just feel free to ask. (I'm new at such things so please go easy on me.)
  4. Ask me anything Ask me things on TV, Movies, Music, Book, History, MLP, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Politics, British Things, World, Anime/Manga, life, sport, people, anything There maybe question I ingore or unable to answer
  5. Yep, I am joining this train of *Ask the person and get answers* I'll answer whenever I have time
  6. Hello everypony! I’ve decided that I want to join in the fun! so go on, ASK ANYTHING!
  7. Feel free to ask me something. I love answering all sorts of questions! (Especially if anime-related)
  8. What is up guys, IsraelYabuki here (yes the creator of the rogue 6, my O.Cs.) Anyway, I've decided I wanted to answer a few questions since I've already brought my O.Cs out in to light. So go ahead and ask me anything (as long as it isn't offensive or personal) and I will answer honestly.
  9. All right third Ask thread I made. In honor of making 1,000 posts I made another as thread So ask me anything.
  10. Well, here it is folks! Here, you can ask my ponysona any questions. If you want to know more about him, then you've come to the right place. "Sup guys! My name is Gumball! Equestria's No. 1 DJ of all time! You can ask me anything you want, from what my favourite food is, to how my life as a DJ is going! If you really want to know more about me, go ahead and type down any question you like!" ~ Gumball
  11. Well, it's been a while since I've actually done one of these, probably a year or so, and I'm sure I, and my OC, have changed. Go ahead, ask me anything! Or ask my OC, Paradox, anything! Just, like, specify who it's for.
  12. Hello all. I am FM Synthy Bassilicious Poniest Ponypony Pony. I am a member of this website. Yay. Let's see how this goes... Ask me all kinds of stuffs! I am online very often.
  13. I may not be a pony, but I am a blood relative of a wolf (not literally, but hey, I can dream, right?), so if you've got a problem with that, you can take it up with my personal assistant. Ask away!
  14. These "Ask" topics seem fun, so I'll try! Hello everypony! It looks like my friends have all these asking topics going on, so why don't I make one? Go head, ask me anything!
  15. My introduction post By request of Senpai~ I have opened this topic, and it looks like a good bit of social fun. So you can ask me whatever you feel like and I shall try to answer!
  16. Sure, i'll do one of these, why not. Ask away!
  17. Ask my OCs, Caliber and Violet, anything you want. you could also ask Rebilac something.
  18. Feel free to ask me anything you want, . I would be happy to answer it for you.
  19. Hi, guys. I would really appreciate it if you would ask me all sorts of questions. I want to make this thread big!
  20. All right, here's a blog where you can ask me various questions. So just do it. Go ask and stuff.
  21. I've seen recently several threads appeared with different kinds of questions, more or less serious/strange/etc., but I guess all simply coming out of curiosity. I asked some myself, too. (Guilty.) This has got me an idea: I bet anyone of you has some nagging questions, which you carry in your head since long time, and no one ever could answer you to them. Right? E.g. why is there that white crayon in the crayon box? Or why is the sky blue at day, red at sunset, and black at night? Or why are we being forced to remove irrationality from the denominator of our fractions in math classes? Or where do we know the digits of the number pi from? Or why is the heat flowing from hotter to colder objects and not the other way around? Or what is time anyway? Or how can a high-jumper jump higher than his own height? Or why are some thick objects transparent, when some other, thinner object are not? And lots & lots of other questions, I guess... But I also noticed that many of these questions I can answer (I'm a smart pony after all, if you didn't notice ). And I guess that many of you could know the answers for some other people's nagging questions, too. So why don't we just make a bargain? I like solving problems, and I'm unstoppable in my drive for knowing the answers. This way I found (or discovered) answers to many of the nagging questions from my childhood and adult life. And many people come to me and start asking more questions as soon as they notice I can answer them. That's why I'm curious of your nagging questions. What bothers you from your earliest childhood to this day? Do you have some questions which no teacher in your school could answer? Or something you always wanted to understood but no one could explain it to you in a comprehensible manner? (People tell me that I have a talent for simplifying things and explaining in a comprehensible manner, so you can count on me ). Please ask your questions here in this thread. And if you see a question of your peer you think you know the answer, feel free to help your friend I'll try to answer them too, if not here, then I'll try to write a whole article about that on my website if I find something interesting enough (There are some interesting articles already you can check out. E.g. about solving quadratic equations in your head, using simple geometry instead of the dreaded quadratic formula.) What do you think of this idea? And don't forget to post your nagging questions
  22. Hey guys. I made a Q&A thread a few days ago, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to ask me questions. I know I'm not the most well known guy here but that's the point of why I made this thread, so you guys can know me better. If you want to come and ask me stuff, feel free!
  23. Zygen

    Ask Zygen!

    Ok so I've been contemplating whether I should do one of these or not, but I finally gave in and decided to. So yeah you know the drill, ask me whatever you feel like asking, and as long as its appropriate and nothing I feel uncomfortable answering it shall be answered . So if for some reason you've been dieing to know about me and my boring self, well then the wait is over! . I'll reply to them whenever I can get to them, it all depends on when I get on and when I have the time and whatnot, so yeah. Ask away .
  24. So many probably know the site, aka Wiki Answers. Well I happen to be a supervisor on that site, and you can find me there, as same as I am here. But be warned, I have the power to get you blocked from the site XD Anyways, they recently did the Summer AnswerThon which is a contest lasting so many days for supers, and members, that whoever answers the most questions about anything in the time period, wins prizes. Well I've partaced in them before, but barely answered many, especially due to they are usually on Weekends, and I had no internet at home to do them. But now we got internet, and I got notified that it was going to be going on Thrusday-Sunday. So I prepared myself. I wrote down all the topics I would look thru unanswered questions such as mlp, skyrim, roman numerals, trans, etc. Anyways, In the time being I had to stay up to 2am answering question, because I wasn't able to get off work for this time. Then my grandma also came making me get less time, so I had to work even harder. I basically thought there was no chance of wining 1st place, and I was correct, I didn't. However, I just got notified that I did win 3rd place! So as my first online contest ever, I won (not first, but still wining). I get a $25 Amazon gift card for it. Perhaps next contest, I will be able to get off work, and I will get that 1st place. Muhahaha.
  25. Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart *Nightmare style* Is it real? Or are you just screwin' around? Why is it not "Doing hurtful things to your waifu"? Is it bloody? Is it violent? Is it stupid? Do bears REALLY shit in the woods? Why are the requests taking so long? Why am i reading this? Why should i care about your shitty OC when i requested you to draw my awesome OC? Why have you barely been on the Forums lately? When will my questions be answered? ^So... Yeah. I've been busy lately. And my interest in My Little Pony has gone down significantly. Due to "not great" writing, and poor story lines in season 3 and 4 (My opinion) I've lost interest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, So doing anything MLP related is more of a chore. I needed a break from MLP so i've been working on mostly non-MLP projects lately *I'm not allowed to discuss them yet*. However, i am back to doing MLP stuff, so i should be back up and running very, very soon. I am working on requests again, and should be back to releasing them daily.... I hope. I also plan on being a bigger member of these Forums, since i never really interacted with anyone before. We'll see how that turns out. I am still packing and getting ready to move to California, so that will slow me down for another 3 weeks to a month. But after that, it's game on when it comes to the drawings. Soooo yeah..... ~Thanks for being patient with me guys. Oh, and as for the "Not doing hurtful things to your waifu chart" picture..... Is it real? or was i just screwing around? Well..... Just wait and see