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Found 29 results

  1. Welcome to the Suri Polomare Fan Club! Suri Polomare is a fashion designer who first met Rarity at a knitting competition in Ponyville before meeting her once more at a fashion show in Manehattan, in addition she is also clever, manipulative, loves coffee, and had her very own assistant for a while. RULES: -No Spamming the group to become the biggest fan. -No NSFW material (though certain suggestive images may be acceptable-PM me if you are unsure) -No hating on this group or any other. -Do not post material unrelated to Suri, m'kay? -Be respectful of other members -All rules of MLP forums apply here.
  2. Well, I want to know what you guys think will be the season when chrysalis returns. Season 7? Or later? And why you think that.
  3. So since there are enough villains that are reformed now I figured we could make a list of favorite ways a villain/antagonist reformed, and a list of favorite reformed villains. Also beware there are spoilers for the comics here. Now here's mine. Top 10 Favorite Way a Villain/Antagonist was Reformed: 10. EQG Twilight Sparkle aka. Sci-Twi (To start off the list lets begin with Sci-Twi she was initially a side antagonist in the movie Friendship Games that became the main threat after going out of control with the magic she stole from Sunset and the others that turned her into Midnight Sparkle. She was reformed after being defeated in a magical beam struggle against Sunset Shimmer's new form Daydream Shimmer after she was distracted by Spike the Dog.) 9. Princess Luna (Lets be honest here there technically aren't anymore good reformed villains/antagonists at the bottom of this list most are just shot by Rainbow or defeated. However the one thing that makes Luna stand out compared to the other shot by rainbow villains is that even after getting reformed she still decides to punish herself by creating the Tantabus to prevent her from ever becoming evil again. Although in the end Twilight and her friends did convince her forgive and to stop punishing herself.) 8. Changelings (The only group of antagonist on this list. They were initially dark shape shifting bug ponies, but after Spike became friends with Thorax which led to an adventure of reformed villains/antagonists they changed from dark bugs to colorful rainbow bugs. After finding out they can just share the love inside of them to no longer feel hungry. Some believe it's stupid how they all decided to reform, but I guess it's because Thorax became a king and they act like a hive mind plus they didn't really want to stay hungry anymore.) 7. Gilda (One of the first antagonist that has appeared in a normal episode of my little pony. She was a griffon that was rude even when Pinkie Pie threw a party for her. She wasn't seen again until Season 5 where she saved Rainbow Dash after Pinkie Pie convinced her they were still friends.) 6. Diamond Tiara (The only character on the list that is still a foal. She started off as a bully for the Cutie Mark Crusaders before they got their cutie mark with a terrible mother that basically told her to act and be superior because of their status as rich ponies. However this all changed when the CMC's convinced her to do what she wants and be the pony she wants to be. Now a reformed antagonist who has became a friend of the CMCs.) 5. Trixie Lulamoon (The Great and Powerful Trixie was a antagonist who was basically jealous of Twilight's talent. She didn't really start to reformed until her second appearance in the show. It was finally in her third appearance in Season 6 after she became friends with Starlight that she was truly reformed. She felt sorry for hurting Starlight's feelings as a friend to the point where her bottled up emotions came pouring out, right before she almost committed suicide.) 4. King Sombra (This is pretty much a villain reformation that was really hated in the comics for no apparent reason. Seriously Sombra literally has one of the best backstory' that I've read and his motivations were also pretty good. But when it came to his reformation I don't know why everybody says it's just like Starlight Glimmer's terrible, however I personally think it was awesome. He was reformed after his foalhood friend Radiant Hope told him it is possible to deny the destiny to become evil that he saw in the Crystal Heart as she denied her destiny to become a princess. Which led to him betraying his race that used him since childhood and almost getting sealed along with them until Hope and the four princesses saved him and turned him into a real unicorn.) 3. Starlight Glimmer (To be honest I never knew what was the hate for Starlight's reformation. Almost everybody says she was instant reformed in a one minute montage when Sunset needed a movie to reform. But literally none of this is true. Let's see here when Sunset reformed everybody allowed her to have a second movie to show her reformation, but when it comes to Starlight the moment Season 5 ends everybody just starts to hate her without giving her a chance in Season 6. Not to mention she was the first villain to ever be convinced to stop.) 2. Sunset Shimmer (Some may think she was reformed right after getting blasted by a magical rainbow laser beam, but this isn't true. In the Rainbow Rocks she pretty much had the entire movie dedicated to her reformation. Since everybody also knows this I'll just keep it short and simple.) Honorable Mention: Gloriosa Daisy (Not really a villain or antagonist.) 1. Discord (Let's be honest here who didn't see this coming. I guess this is also pretty self-explanatory. He was pretty much one of the best reformed villains in the whole series. He was reformed after becoming afraid of losing Fluttershy as a friend. Although his true reformation didn't really come around until after Season 4.) Now for my Favorite Reformed Villains/Antagonists: 10. Gloriosa Daisy 9. King Sombra 8. Diamond Tiara 7. Thorax 6. Sci-Twi 5. Trixie Lulamoon 4. Discord 3. Sunset Shimmer 2. Starlight Glimmer 1. Princess Luna
  4. If you were a character from an anime, would you be an antagonist or a protagonist? Why?
  5. Now, this theory might seem a bit of a stretch, but I do have a personal idea about this: I believe that each villain in MLP are based off a real life criminal or evil trait. Now I'm not sure of each one yet, but I will list the ones I know and together we can discuss the rest. THE CHANGELINGS: Terrorists This one is the idea I like the most. A different species/race invades a country to kill all it's inhabitants in order to make the invaders happy (Changelings want to eat ponies, terrorists kill Americans to stabilize their "religion"). STARLIGHT GLIMMER: Joseph Stalin Bronies have already been comparing Starlight's Town to communism/socialism/capitalism, so I'm not surprised that Stalin fits her. I was thinking of putting her as Adolf Hitler, but I'm saving that. NIGHTMARE MOON: Count Dracula Yeah, technically this doesn't count since he's fictional, but he is basically an icon of evil, so I'm going along with it. Anyway, they're practically twins! Sharp teeth, love of the night, they live in old castles, even Nightmare Moon is the opposite of Celestia similar to how Dracula is an unholy creature. KING SOMBRA: Adolf Hitler King Sombra enslaved the Crystal Empire (Hitler enslaved Jews). King Sombra wanted to take over the world (Hitler did too). King Sombra slowly took over the Crystal Empire (Hitler slowly took over Europe). DISCORD: Saddam Hussein Think of the fact that Saddam Hussein ruined countries like Iraq. Personally it kind of reminds me of Discord. Middle Eastern countries are a mess right now, and Saddam truly made it worse. What did Discord do? Mess up Equestria. LORD TIREK: Satan First off, no, this is not because he has horns and is red. It's because, let's see: he comes from Tartarus (A.K.A. discount Hell), that's a good start. But what really made me think this was his treatment of Discord. Discord turned good and now lives in Equestria with his friends and Celestia. However Tirek tempts him to to turn evil again, and he does. But once Tirek is powerful enough, he betrays Discord. So? Read more about "Satan" and you'll see the true comparison. So if anyone else has any other ideas for other villains or want to give your own ideas on the mentioned villains, go ahead.
  6. On Wikipedia, it said that the major antagonists of MLP: FiM were Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, andy my opinion of the best and baddest villain, King Sombra. Who do you think of these major antagonists has done the most evil thing in Equestrian history? Here are some pointers: Nightmare Moon: tried to destroy the Elements Discord: Turned Ponyville into an upside=down world Chrysalis: Invaded Canterlot with her Changeling army Tirek: stole everpony's magic King Sombra: enslaved the Crystal Empire, and also made it disappear for 1000 years.
  7. I was just wondering if they are going they bring back Lightning Dust to the how again,since hey already did that to Gilda are they going to do it anytime soon?
  8. I have some unpopular opinions regarding Mlp, but this seems to be the biggest. I LOVED Rainbow Rocks, but i just prefered the original EG, for a few reasons The overlaying reasons: Everything was so new, twilight going into the human world, the new location, everything was something to explore, in RR i felt like i already knew the place, so it wasnt as exiting I felt the songs in RR were much more pop, or concerty (thats a really bad adjective), which is fine and dandy, but the original felt more theatrical and sing-along like the original show. The Specific Reasons: Another unpopular opinion of mine was i felt sunset shimmer was better as a villian, she had worked 2 1/2 years (100 moons) on getting to be the most popular with her bad girl reputation, and it was all kinda thrown away, she was still good as a protagonist though so i can look over this point My second point is that my favorite songs were in the original, The cafeteria song, and friend for life, which is still my go-to humming song to this day. My favorite parts in the original were twilight getting used to being a human, like the funny parts were she would hit the keyboard, or write with her mouth. There were none if those in RR (since shed already been there) I also loved the first half of the movie, being introduced to the Hu-mane 5 and getting the group back together My biggest point, a point that i could agrue was the single most important reason: The main character. There was none. Where in Equestria girls 1 the protagonist was undoubtably twilight, in RR the story couldnt decide. Is it Twilight? Sunset? The humane 5? I couldnt tell it kept jumping. Sunset was watching from the sidelines and twilight was paniking over the counter spell, but the humane 5 didnt give enough to the story. Now Im comparing a foot and a meter here, they were both FANTASTIC movies that i loved, i just liked the original a little better So does anyone agree? Give me a good argument why or why not, try not to just say "i liked x the best"
  9. Hello Everypony ! Some of you who've see my new signature or some of my recent RPs might have seen or heard me mention a tram of ponies I put together consisting of chaotic characters from the show . Known as the EOD or the elements of disharmony . For those that don't know my version of this group consists of 13 characters . Here is the full list Discord ( who is obviously their leader .) The cmc Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Sunset Shimmer Dash Pinkie ( co leader ) Trixie Spike. Lightening Dust Gilda .( Gilda isn't in my sig due to space but she's in the group ) So you may ask why is there 13 well 13 is thought to be a unlucky number and that makes it chaotic . Plus its a odd number . Anyway now I have a few questions for you 1. What should their ekenents be ? 2. Should the younger member be honorary or full fledged ? Who will replace Dash and Pinkie ? Finally should everyone of them have an opposite element of harmony ? I'd appreciate your answers . Also if I posted this on the wrong section I apologuze I honestly had no idea where to put thus ? And yes I now the title of thus topic sucjs before anyone says anything ! Anyway that's to all of you in advance
  10. So, after watching through MLP:FiM as well as Equestria Girls and Rainbow rocks i would like to know.... who is your favorite villain or antagonist through the whole show/movies and why?? Personally i like the type of antagonists like the flim flam brothers, not bad enough in the sense they want to rule over somewhere or scare ponies but bad enough that they want to beat sompony else almost no matter what the cause. (I also liked them in the 'A Case for the Base' short) BUT my favorite is Discored and yes i know thats sort of contradicting what i said but there something about how he causes the mischief and turning each of the mane six (excluding Twilight Sparkle) into the opposites of their elements. I don't know why but that was really cool in my eyes. But who's your favorite and why??
  11. Hey guys I've been something over for a while now who is the protagonist villain for MLP Now before answering this question you must answer this one . What is a protagonist villain? Well by definition a protagonist villain is a character that is a protagonist but also causes conflict and is a jerk . To give you a better idea here are some examples from other fandoms . Venom ( spider man ) Squidward , mr krabs and Plankton ( spongebob ) Bloo ( fosters home for imaginary friends ). Eddy ( Ed Edd and Eddy ) Gorgonzola ( chowder ) Stewie and Peter griffin ( family guy ) Cartman and Butters ( South Park ) Bender ( Futurerama ) There are other names they go by Luke anti hero and as I like to call them the douchebag / asshole in every group . So if you had to pick one or multiple protagonist villians for MLP who would they be ?
  12. Hey everybody it's me again ! Have any of you ever heard of the YouTube series Disney villains vs non Disney villains ? Well I was going to Create a spin off of that where villains and antagonists from various animated films take on the villains, antagonists and anti heroes of MLP.hetes how it works you send me your suggestions for hyped either by commenting or private message. All battles must contain a combatant from each side . Please note I'll to get to as many suggestion as I can but not all of them will get chosen . Anyway give me your first suggestions!
  13. Hey guys as some of you may know I'm starting a very big story very soon called friendship is chaos so I looked at all the characters that would be appearing In it and decided to make a list of theme songs based there actions in the story . Discord : miracle of sound ( jokers song ) Twilight we the champions Applejack : I hate everything about you Fluttershy : I am Pinkie pie : trouble is a friend Rarity :mine mine mine Big Mac i'll make a man out if you Spitfire : I can go the distance Luna / nightmare moon monster Shinning armor : no particular theme just valiant knight type music Candace : I need a hero Chrysalis : either bad romance or toxic love King Sombra : in the dark of the night Zecora upendi Trixie : poor Unfortunate souks Gilda riot Sunset shimmer revenge Rainbow Dash : either cold wind blows or big bright beautiful world Spike : hellfire Lightnig dust : she wants me r Rover : uptown girl ( from the point of view of the singer )@ Applebloom : money money money Sweetie belle : angel of darkness Scootaloo : it's gonna be me Babs seed : fuck you Diamond tiara : either I'm a bitch or world is mine Silver spoon apologize Twist I'm just a kid Flim and flam the Virginia company Celestia : he lives in you Once agin keep in mind that there songs represent their actions in the story not other show related thing. If you have a question leave a comment below
  14. Which antagonist do you think is the most intimidating? And they don't have to be villains, just antagonists - so Trixie and King Sombra would both be antagonists. I'll add more questions for you to think about to this post as they come along, so everyone can see them. Here's a few to ask yourself: General: Who is the most intimidating in each season? In the show all together? What makes them so intimidating? Are they only intimidating to a certain group of characters, or to everyone? What makes character x more intimidating than character y? Who would you not want to have a run-in with? What is it about what the characters are trying to do that makes them so intimidating? And, does their appearance reflect how intimidating they are? Does it say anything about their personality? (Example: Queen Chrysalis, eating love, but she is full of holes. . .) Bullies: In terms of lower levels of antagonism, in this case, bullying; who would be the worst bully? Babs, Gilda, Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon. What do you think of them? Why do you think that they do what they do (aside from the obvious reasons why Babs did what she did)? Who do you think is the most intimidating? Why? Do you think Trixie should be counted as a bully, or something else? Discord vs King Sombra: So Discord instantly messes with your head, to turn you against one another, and he happily watches as the world crumbles from disharmony. This will result in physical pain, the longer it lasts. Spreads all over Equestria. Sombra enslaves ponies, causing physical issues from the beginning, which then cause emotional and mental issues. It then spreads across all of Equestria as well. So, some more stuff to think about . . . Which is worse? The physical or emotional/mental troubles? Are they equal? Is it situational? Which one would cause a more rapid deterioration of a land/country/area/etc.? Or is that situational, too? How about for Equestria, then? Related: Here's a somewhat off-topic thought: Queen Chrysalis and her people feed off of love. King Sombra took away all of the Crystal Ponies' feelings of love/happiness by enslaving them. Do you think that these two have any connection, or is it just coincidence? Is it something the creators put in the show for us to think about, or is it just some good fanfic fodder?
  15. I can't decide who's the most evil villain on the show. Discord or Queen Chrysalis? (I'd add Mare in the moon, but really she's just Princess Luna who I think is awesome.) And please give REASONS! Also, if there's a topic similar to this than please tell me! I don't know so please don't be mad if there is!
  16. (Example: if I were to run "Rarity Takes Manehattan", I would most likely expand on whatever happened to Suri, rather than leave her behind to viewers' guesses.) I considered doing similar things to much of the stories I am planning to write: the plot not only focuses on the protagonists, but also (almost always) focuses on the antagonists/villains, and focuses on their triumphs, defeats, and fates. Do you think this is a good idea? Or is it better to leave the bad guys' fate to the imagination?
  17. So the Lightning Dust/Suri thread got me thinking, and I realized that each of the Mane 6 has had a personal antagonist in an episode, except for Rarity (who's had two IMO). Which of them is your favorite?
  18. I have noticed that a lot of antagonist are vary controversial. So feel free to discus you opinions, head canon, and ideas involving them here. I know I will.
  19. I have recently noticed that 3 characters have a 'Antagonist Self'.Twilight has Trixie,RD has Lightning Dust,and Rarity has Suri.The thing about those Antagonists is that they almost are the opposites of their elements of harmony.Trixie was into the "I don't need friends" thing.Lightning Dust was completly aware of other people in danger,but ignored it. Suri...She basiclly stole Raritys fashion line.Do you think that all of the Mane 6 might get an antagonist similar to themselves?Do you think it would make for a good plot? I'm kind of on both sides for this.I think they make good episodes with them but at the same time it feels weird.What are yout opinions?
  20. As the title suggests, there is an ongoing project called 'Shards of Disharmony', which i thought I would mention here, since it seems relevant and some might be interested in making some music for/buying the album(s). Basically, it's music set into albums by genre, genres chosen by a specific antagonist of the show. For more information, go here;
  21. So a bit of time ago i was on the wiki and i went to the antagonists page. On this page in the list of antagonists i saw rarity. I speculate that it is because she didn't have an episode in season 3 so she wanted revenge. If for any reason do you see rarity as any sort of antagonist?
  22. Alright this has been nagging me from Episode 6 of season 1 Why is it that Snips and Snails are always the sidekicks for some of the antagonists? Is it that they're the most gullible? Is it that they just want attention? Your thoughts?
  23. So I was thinking that this season, instead of having a magical enemy like they usually do, they introduce a new pony enemy. Kind of like Trixie, but more dangerous and serious. People might argue that Nightmare Moon and Sunshine Shimmer. But Nightmare was a version of Luna and not an actual enemy, and Sunshine Shimmer was a demon-like creature and wasn't apart of the actual show.
  24. I am a pony who needs no introduction, in fact, everypony in Ponyville knows me! I am important enough that I even have my very own crown, see? I bet you all are anxious to ask me anything, even the blank flanks (yuck), so go on, ask. In fact, my best friend and now Associate Silverspoon will dictate said questions to me, and then rely them back to you. If your questions are rude, consider yourself out! Silver, if you please?