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Found 77 results

  1. monikakryza


    Hi! Welcome to my first professional shop with my drawings. This is my price list Purchase here! And my website: I'm taking commissions for: -anthro -furry -pony -anime manga -and other (please send me a note with your idea) MY STUFF: ... I will start taking comission as soon as I get my own escrow and shop
  2. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Anthro and Non-Anthro Creatures

    So due to Capper, an anthro cat, basically being canon, I was wondering what he would think and feel about non-antho cats, like Opal, and how his species evolved into such a way as to become more human-like. I would assume there might also be anthro dogs as well and how they possibly evolved to go away from how we perceive dogs in their universe, like Winona. How is it that these two creature are very similar and yet very different when they are so close and how did one become so anthro, because, I’m assuming, it too at least a millennium for cats to evolve into such a way for Capper to be the way he is.
  3. This Thread is for all my non-MLP art work! Mostly furry art, personal work, fanart, and commissions! I won't upload EVERYTHING but I'll update this on occasion! you can view my full Gallery here: (commission for Bugscrap) ( Commission for infernalpume )
  4. Denim&Venom

    Anthro Ponies Fan Club

    Hey you! Yes you. You like anthropomorphically designed equines AKA anthro ponies? Well this is the place to be for you! A place where you, I and many others can post and discuss ponies of the anthro variety to our hearts content. If they stand on two hooves, have hands and/or are wearing clothes, than it can work here. Now for the legalities. Rules: 1. Don't spam. Try to keep things relevant 2. Don't post images that are graphically violent, containing nudity or graphic sex. Let's keep the images to a TV-14 level here folks, at the very least. 3. Don't come here to post negative comments. (If you don't like anthro ponies, then I'm pretty sure you have better things to do with your time than to be here talking smack about them). 4. Forum rules still hold application here (Don't see why or how that would change now). Abide by the rules, and we can keep this club going for a nice long while, and everyone can have a good time here. Now that's all been said, we can have some fun. And sorry no, Equestria Girls do not count as anthro in my book. You need to have more than just the ears and wings to qualify here. Now that the battlefield has been chosen, it's time for you to charge and get to posting my loyal army!
  5. YOU ARE STUDENTS WHO HAS EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES AND ARE THE ULTIMATE IN SOMETHING. WHETHER YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER, ULTIMATE POP SENSATION, ULTIMATE BASEBALL STAR ETC.. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING THE CHANCE TO ATTEND HOPE'S PEAK HIGH SCHOOL, THE HIGH SCHOOL WHERE GRADUATES ARE GUARANTEED SUCCESS FOR LIFE! HOW-EVER, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS... Premise: As you are the ultimate whatever (baseball star, pop sensation, gambler etc..) you have been given the chance to attend Hope's Peak High School, where graduates are guaranteed success for life. How-ever, nothing as it seems, the moment you go to the main hall to meet with everyone else, you find yourself getting dizzy and then you find yourself in a class room by yourself, your head resting on a desk. When you leave the classroom, you find out that it wasn't just you that it happened to, but to all the other 14 students that were invited to attend. You are then all called to the gymnasium, where you meet Headmaster Monokuma, where he gives you the low down of what has happened, and then tells you, the only way to graduate is to kill someone else and not be caught. So, the question is.. Can you all survive in a communal life in this warped version of the academy, will you become friends and team up to try and find a way out without killing, or will you succumb to the pressure and kill a fellow student and friend in the hopes you won't get caught and graduate to freedom? Only time will tell Rules: 1. this is a murder/horror mystery, but even then, I still wish to stay on here, so keep everything to PG 13+ only (that means swearing, violence, level of gore, stuff like that)| 2. Obviously both RP section and Forum rules applies here 3. While this will be ultimately based in Equestria, it will be following the storyline of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it is best you brush up on your knowledge of the game and anime 4. I will be playing as my own OC, but from time to time will also act as the Headmaster Monokuma 5. Above all else have fun! Sign ups: (maximum of 14) 1. @driz has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Lorianne "Lory" Vox (as the Ultimate voice actor) 2. @Acnologia has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Clayton (as the Ultimate Smith) and Orion (as the Ultimate Strongman) 3. @Techno Universal has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Techno Universal and Glitch Universal (as the Ultimate Computer Program Designers) 4. @Drago Ryder has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Maia (as the Ultimate Musician) and Gale (as the Ultimate Companion)
  6. Astral Flame is a ten year old batpony filly who has spent half a year searching for her missing parents, as such she has decided to settle down in a dark area of the Everfree Forest near the Ponyville central park. There she has the privacy to live in peace without the xenophobia of the other races and she has the privacy and space to train so that she can achieve her dream of one day getting accepted into the night Guard and serving under Luna... However, there comes a time when she gets found out...but the pony (Your OC or a canon character of your choice) who finds her out, isn't xenophobic or superstitious like most others, instead he or she will take her in, help her in any way they can to search for her parents and to even help her train and achieve her dream. This is primarily going to be a mixture of slice of life and adventure, but perhaps as Astral gets older, a romance is possible. Rules: 1. Obviously both the RP section and the Forum rules apply, so please keep everything to a maximum of PG 13+ (meaning coarse language, violence (if any), romantic sort of things...) 2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu OCs 3. All races/species allowed, but Alicorns must have limitations 4. If unsure about anything, ask me about it 5. Please try to post as often as possible 6. Also please try to type at least one paragraph per reply, but no fillers 7. Above all else, have fun!
  7. javaleen

    JavaLeen's Dream Factory [OPEN]

    Welcome, friends Please make yourself at home to to the place where your dreams can get shape, color and dimension. We have everything your heart may desire, just look around! The Dream Factory Shop (click title for shop) (message me here or e-mail me at and come buy here after confirmation) Simple Full Body Sketch (pony/feral) or bust (anthro/human) - 8$ Other completed commissions/requests/personal of this style Colored Full Body Sketch - 12$ (pony/feral/chibi) Other completed commissions/requests/personal of this style Lineart flat colors full body - 23$ (pony/feral) Cell shaded full body - 35$ (pony/feral) Other completed commissions/requests/personal of this style Complex coloring Full body - 40$ (pony/feral) +Simple Background (up to 3 items/generic background) 10$ +Complex Background (over 4 items/specific detail background) 20$ (a defined color with an effect for background is free of charge) Other completed commissions/requests/personal of this style Avatar (full color 200x200px bust + cm) 8$ Colored sketch of anthro/human character 17$ Every now and then, the sweetness meter goes wacky and special offers may occur, so do come around often.
  8. (If you wanna cut to the chase skip to paragraph 2) Nopony expected the first war to end the way it did, but then again, nopony expected a second war to come soon after. The first war was between good and evil, the four princesses and their armies against the four greatest evils and their armies, Tirek, Sombra, Chrysalis, and Nightmare Moon (now her own form). The war lasted for seven years until finally, evil won. Tirek gained half of Equestria, Sombra had the other, Nightmare had her eternal night, and Chrysalis got her food source. The elements of harmony were destroyed, along with the princesses and the lives of everypony were shattered. Four years later the second war started, the forces if evil had a new enemy, The Wild Cards, Discord, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, and the reformed changeling, Thorax started a rebellion that led to the war. Unfortunately the rebels are losing the war and after Discord called a retreat, most of Platoon 372 is killed for holding the evil forces off while everypony else left. Now stuck behind enemy lines, low on ammo, and no way to contact the base for help, the remaining Blood Wolves must find a way to get home, but how? And that is the plot for this epic story. Now to the rules, 1) this is anthro and has guns so that is allowed. 2) cursing is allowed 3)no op characters please (no alicorns) 4) have fun Application (please fill out) Name: Gender: Race: Appearance: Apparel: Personality: Rank: nothing past senior master sergeant Role: medic, heavy etc Weapons: Other: If possible try to fill one of the roles that we may need. Needed roles: Platoon leader- Silvermoon Medic- Sniper- Heavy- Assault- Scout- Those are the roles. Hope you enjoy peace out.
  9. Hi there guys! Here's my fanfic I made and posted over at Fimfiction and seeing as I've join this site I decided to post my fanfic stories here. This is a T rating story and no Sex (though I might have a separate one, but ONLY on Fimfiction as no NSFW stuff here) and no Gore (there might be a few scratches and bruises, but nothing overly dark). I hope you guys enjoy my tale on Anthro Ponies! SUMMARY There are many worlds out there, each different from our and the same applies to them as well. But they all share the same sky, the same destiny. Though this is a tale of a young man with a different loft of life until he is mysterious thrown into another world... one like his but at the same time vastly different. In this new land, Christopher Cornelius Corona, explores a world filled of wonder and delight with magic at every turn that is inhabitable by ponies, but not just normal ponies! A world filled with technicolor anthropomorphic ponies. And what new adventure is without friends? Upon his arrival in this strange new world he is greeted and befriended by the most magical set of friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the lovable Pinkie Pie who quickly take him in and become his closest friends at the start. Though underneath all the magic and wonders of friendship, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Who brought him to this world of Equestria? Why him? And along the way as he becomes a citizen of this new world perhaps more than friendship will bloom between him and his friends? Perhaps... true love? And what's this... YOU'RE ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE IF YOU CHOOSE TO? A Harem, a Herd? Oh dear... life has turned upside for the young lad with plenty of ecchiness as well. How will he survive the beautiful bountiful vixens that are all around him as well as the mysterious of this world... and maybe his world as well? - Human x Anthro Pony Harem Story Author's Notes: Just a few details I like to share with you all, first and foremost: - There will be no swearing or cussing in the story (though mild swearing I might allowed) - There will be NO alcohol in the story though playful references and jabs will be in place, like with the doughnut scene with Spike in the Season 1 finale - There will be some Japanese Otaku Ecchiness involved, but nothing too crazy - No Same Sex Pairing, everyone is Straight in this story so don't expect any romance between the same sex at all. No offense to fans of it or people who are into that sort of thing, but I've seen it done to death so many times and in a lot of romance stores here on Fimfiction I've grown a little tired of it - NO HEAT CYCLE like a good portion of other Anthro Pony stories I've read, though unless there's demand of it I might make a spin-off one-shot of it. Though I have an idea to work around this in a way. - Like with no heat cycle there is no Clop (or Lemon) in this story, though if people are interested I might do a side-story that focuses on it but no promises. - All the characters, dialogue, and violence will be closely matched the same as the show so don't expect blood or gore at all in this story (maybe a few scrapping, but that's it). That is all and I hope you enjoy this new tale of mine! SOURCE My Little Anthro Ponies: Love Troubles Corona CHAPTERS CH01: Prologue: A Story as Old as Time CH02: Arrival of the Century CH03: An Alien's Friendly Welcome Party [Coming soon] PS: Funny thing about Chapter 3 is my PC's HDD crashed and I nearly lost all of my data on it (well the HDD can be brought up it's just the files can't be accessed) and I barely started on Chapter 3 so I really didn't have much. Though I was going to re-write anyway and with how Season 7 ended it gives me more ideas to work with. I'll try to see what I can do. Please tell me what you think!
  10. hi! so me and my friend have these two oc's that are..well, with eachother in story. and he drew an adorable picture of it. and i was wondering..what do you guys think of his awesome art work? i would link you guys to one of his drawin sites, buut he does post some NSFW stuff, and i rather not put that on the forums, just in case theres any below 18 year olds here..hehe. anyway! First we got Starlet Light, a dark blue, nerdy wolf girl. And then we got The green Silver haired Dingo, Vladicarus ^W^
  11. ThePiDay

    Fluttershy standing up

    This is a drawing I made some time ago, thought I'd post it here.
  12. Princess Periwinkle

    Movies/TV Zootopia

    All aboard the Zootopia hype thread! So today this trailer went up. As someone who is super in to anthro, this caught my eye immediately. It's been a while since we've seen an anthro movie from Disney (I thought of Robin Hood right away). Anyway, I have more thoughts on this for later, but I wanted to know what people think of this movie - both in how it will compare to past Disney movies, and what kind of light it will shine on the furry fandom.
  13. VG_Addict

    Feelings on anthro ponies?

    How do you feel about anthro? In case you don't know, anthro is making ponies bipedal and giving then hands and/or feet.
  14. Prophet

    I have a Problem

    I Love drawing Anthros to much... I love... Drawing...Them... Help Me I Can't stop drawing Help I can't staup
  15. I typically work in 3d but I have tried branching out into more illustrative work using my 3d skills as a tool. I was wondering if I could get some critique and/or opinions on my two takes on the same picture. Which do you like better? What conveys the image best for your? If you're going more technical what does or doesn't work and why in X picture? I am always trying to learn and improve so this is just another step in that journey. My usual 3d style. I messed the lighting up a little and neglected to make it as dramatic as in the following picture, but I can make it look the same. That being said, does this type of lighting/shading look better than if there were shadows as in the next one? My new attempt. As you can see I used the 3d model as a base and worked on inking, coloring and shading from there. I'm still learning on the mouth part and I neglect the other eye for reasons Thanks again for the input!
  16. I typically work in 3d but I have tried branching out into more illustrative work using my 3d skills as a tool. I was wondering if I could get some critique and/or opinions on my two takes on the same picture. Which do you like better? What conveys the image best for your? If you're going more technical what does or doesn't work and why in X picture? I am always trying to learn and improve so this is just another step in that journey. My usual 3d style. I messed the lighting up a little and neglected to make it as dramatic as in the following picture, but I can make it look the same. That being said, does this type of lighting/shading look better than if there were shadows as in the next one? My new attempt. As you can see I used the 3d model as a base and worked on inking, coloring and shading from there. I'm still learning on the mouth part and I neglect the other eye for reasons Thanks again for the input! [Edit: Posted in this subforum after suggestion from request guild]
  17. What if back on 10-10-10, Lauren Faust made FiM to actually have equine anthro characters instead of quadrupedal ponies? The faces, the characters, the colors, the animation styles, the stories, morals, voices and dialogue stayed the same, but everypony is a furry. How would the show had developed had that been the case? Would it still have gone on to this length? Would there still be Bronies? How popular would it be among the target demographic? Would anthro pony dolls have sold better than pony figurines? And how much involvement, attention and crossover would this have gotten from the Furry community? Basically, hwo would FiM have changed had there been anthro ponies the whole time?
  18. Wanted to show off some Non-MLP artwork. I do a variety of things but i do a lot of Anthro illustrations. All the images link to my Deviantart gallery. :3 Let me know what you think. Feel free to critique provided its constructive and you point out flaws as well as things you think i did well. Thanks! Deviantart WildElement Studios (missing the twitter widget atm but everything else is there. :3 ) *UPDATED WITH NEW ART 11/7/2013*
  19. So I've been a furry for about half a year now and I kind of wanted to make a fursona, o.c., thingy, and I chatted with a few guys about it and so far I've decided on being an otter. Why? Because otters are cool... I guess. That and I don't really want to be just another wolf/fox out in the crowd of furries on the internet. So what now? I have the species I want, and I don't know what to do beyond that.
  20. PencilSketchPony

    Pencil Sketch anthro I drew my oc as an anthro! this is my first anthro drawing, any tips?
  21. Guillotines

    Visual Art Anthro Fox Girl I Drew

    So I wanted to redraw the original character I got going as my avatar and here was the result that I got from that. I'm sure I still need lots of practice, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  22. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Anthro stuff~

    Hey ppl, been a time that I don't post something not related to mlp, right? Well, I came back to post my furry/anthro stuff, and when I do more, i'll post here :3 Have icons, sprays and can have full body too. PS: All the pics that I can post here are either mine or to other people that requested, so you cannot use it. Eireli's profile picture Werner's profile picture Werner's TF2 spray Eireli's spray(aka my spray)
  23. RarityFan01

    Visual Art Anthro Otter (Furry)

    He isn't my fursona. I don't actually know what my fursona should be, actually. He's just an anthro otter I decided to draw.
  24. RarityFan01

    Visual Art Anthro Lion

    This is the first time I have ever drawn a lion by trying. (Meaning doing more than just lines coming out of a circle which I did as a little kid.)
  25. RarityFan01

    Visual Art Anthro Degu Head

    Even though it may not look like it, this is the head of an anthropomorphic degu.