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Found 35 results

  1. So I have traumatic flashbacks when I see the word "brony" because it's so close in pronunciation to a mis-shortening of my name. I'm pretty sure none of these actually happened, but it doesn't make the images in my head any less real. It has to do with my name and being a little too close to my first real friend in HS. Don't look at me that way when reading this. It was platonic, ok? We're still platonic. When someone mentions the shortening and my name somehow being related to pony I claim complete ignorance. I really do. I ask what a pony is. People post the image for the show title or try to explain, then someone says Google It. I then say I'd rather not, and that I heard it was cancer. The general agreement in these circles is that it is, so the conversation about that stops. Eventually. Recently someone said I'm an anti-brony, and I love it. The mask I'm given allows me to peer into their world. Don't love the head image I just got from typing that, but sacrifices have to be made. And basically I think I've infiltrated some kind of pony hating cult or something now. It gets to that when someone shortens my name badly again, purely by accident, and the conversation comes up again the same way. Every time it does though, I see more of the hate for pony. People really talk badly about pony on this other forum I frequent. I try to shut it down of course by saying it's cancer just to get agreement from them and end the topic, but that doesn't always work. Guys, the hate sickens me. Truly it does. Has anyone else somehow "infiltrated" the pony hate train and wants to share their experiences too?
  2. Hello its handlerc this is a chat room for your ideas on our haters
  3. handalerc here, but forget about that becuase i am mad! not at anti-bronies, not at people like "Dylan the hacker" but alas i am looking at the thing many a redneck use for fuel for anti-bronys. FOX news. Being British makes things hard to hear about things like this but when i watched balled of the brony last night i was shocked to here about what fox news says (i would make a what does the fox say joke but nah.) it was somewhere in the 40:00 mark when he showed a clip of FOX news talking about MLP: FIM makes people jobless because they quit their jobs to watch it! anyway rant over!
  4. I was just wondering how many people that are currently on the forums were brony haters before becoming a brony. I have included a poll, and If you answered yes, then please explain how you got into the show in the first place. Thanks!
  5. What if anyone recreated an MLP episode as an anime? All characters made as humans, and the colors and general style would be normalized and look like a regular anime. However the story, plot and moral would still be in place. Everything would be identical in that regard. EDIT: The characters and setting doesn't have to reveal what it's based off. It could be different looking characters in a different looking town, but the morals and story would remain the same. Now, what if an anti-brony watched this and liked it, not knowing what it was based on. What would that mean? The sad thing is that I think more people would enjoy it, actually giving it a chance before dismissing it. What's your thoughts about this? A couple of pictures for inspiration
  6. this is a full list to why anti-bronies should leave us bronies alone. 1. anti-bronies will wreak there own reputation with the internet 2. being a brony is like being a Trekkie but more into ponies 3. causing trouble than actually watching the show and liking it will cause bronies to not accept them 4. its just a persons opinion so (to anti-bronies) don't go crazy with hating them 5. most of their friends will be bronies so this will cause problems 6. i don't attack them because they dont like it so they shouldn't do it to us 7. (to anti-bronies) some soldiers are bronies so your argument is invalid 8. calling someone gay is like if i called you dumb so they should manly stop it 9. its like being racist (as there are many of us) and they should think twice 10. i hope you agree with some of this unreadable mess
  7. So, I have a brony account on iFunny that I hardly even put publish on. I post one of my drawings from my art attraction, and this guy commented. I like to do the whole old "Pinkie Love" trick. So this came up. Feast your eyes on such hilarity.
  8. I wondered about this when I recalled my first ever Markiplier video (which happened to be "My Little Foundation"). During one of the videos in the series concerning that game, Mark mentions that he's not a Brony and he will never watch the show. It sprang to my mind that he probably just saved himself from a bunch of people unsubscribing to him with that sentence. Considering how Bronies sometimes get treated on forums (being banned for having a pony icon, for example), I imagine it would cause a major stink if a popular YouTuber declared he or she had joined the herd. So, opinions? And please don't say "If they don't like them being a Brony, they'll just ignore it unless it pops up in their videos". Sadly, that's not how the Internet works. You can devote 99% of your channel to everything else under the sun, but if a pony pops up anywhere there's going to be hate comments. I've seen the comments posted on some major YouTube channels that made one (literally ONE) video concerning ponies, as opposed to their thousands concerning other stuff. Needless to say, there was much swearing and cursing those "dang-blasted pny fgts fr infectin evrything!!!".
  9. Okay, l've been fiddling around with an Idea of Changelings coming to earth, bare with me disguesd as all our favorite ponies, the Changelings start popping up all over the world. We of course could care less of what they are, they look like our ponies and act like our ponies, so what do we care, right? Well the govenments of the world Ban anyone from interacting with these creatures. With tiny pockets of inter diminsional space popping up at random all over our earth, taking things and giving things. The people who have anytype of bond with the Friendship is Magic diminsion literally, becomes infected. All the Bronies aren't in their right state of minds and start spreadding love and tolerance where ever they go. Bronies become an infectious hazard and sections of the earth with the largest density of the brony disease are quarantined, but that's not enough to stop them, their love for ponies becomes air born, tainting the air. The world has no other way to get rid of this , aside from shoving them right up Celetia's plot hole and sending them to Equestria..... So any Ideas on how I could get this story started? I had a few but ultamitly scapped them. PS~ this site blocks my auto correct D:
  10. Let's Just start speaking hypothetically. Let's say you've been a brony for a while (which most of you most likely have) and your best friend doesn't know that you are a brony. One day, you go to casually approach him/her but then he turns out to be an anti-brony, BEFORE you mention it to him, he goes off about hating bronies with all those stereotypical insults you've grown to known and love (Ex. Autistic shut ins who have neck-beards and where those strapping fedoras). Note: this isn't me asking for advice through hypothetical speech, it's just me being curious about what you would do in a situation like this. speaking of which... What would you do?
  11. I've noticed a lot of posts about anti-bronies on this forum and I find they are all about the same thing (why are anti-bronies so stupid etc) and get the same replies. This is exactly what they want us to do. I suggest we just accept them and ignore them. For me they are just like school bullies: I don't find them insulting and offensive at all. They are human too, guys. I hope you see anti-bronies like this too. This way we can keep our reputation up and love and tolerate for real Edit: I'm kinda contradicting myself here but I can't make my point any other way
  12. The Main Issue Between Bronies and Anti Bronies: Everypony should watch this and watch his other anti brony videos. He explains in his videos that we shouldn't take example from the most vocal in our groups as they are not the majority amongst us. In another video he has a podcast with an anti-brony and believe it or not the anti brony makes valid points and is friendly with those in the comments (Whether they disagreed or not...). I hope DrWolf's videos can show you the light and make you rethink the debate.
  13. -I know by the title, it may seem a bit confusing to most of you. We receive hate, very disgusting and disturbing hate, from those that hate the fandom and us, that we call Anti-Bronies. However, lately I have been thinking about why I love the fandom so much myself. -I believe I have grown to love and appreciate the fandom because of the community members' ability to bond, and agree to stand against such hate as the Anti-Bronies. -Now imagine if the Anti-Bronies never existed, and we were just a fandom that grew like every other one did, without the hate along with it. What I believe would happen, is our fandom would have its downfall, or at least a great decrease in the number of its members. -Why? Simply because no one would really have the drive to be a dedicated member of it. Yes, there are few who love the show, and have the drive because of the show, but some (or at least me) have a drive to be a part of this community for its members, and their ability to get creative and spread their love for the show, knowing that Anti-Bronies cant do anything to us. I wrote in a recent post: No Anti-Bronies = less motivation less motivation = less art and creativity less creativity = less noticeable less noticeable = less members less members = fandom downfall (Or something along those lines) THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, and I wanted to get your opinion on the topic. I will have to admit, that I have grown a little obsessed with the fandom because of this issue, so what do you think?
  14. This post is only to show that anti-bronies make no sense and should be ignored. I'm not worked up or anything, I just want to send a message. Anti-Brony Logic I had this thought in my head before getting to sleep, and I felt the need to let it out. Personally I don't call them anti-bronies, but just haters. Anyway, I have a problem with two of the most popular things the haters say. 1. "Bronies are gay and are attracted to ponies." I'm sure we've all seen this before, and it's probably a lot more vulgar but since children are on here too I don't want to go too far. This statement contradicts (I hope that's the right word) itself. It's implying we are attracted to the mane 6, which is also why they call us pedophiles because they think the mane 6 are underage girls. Because of this, we must be attracted to girls, too. Gay guys wouldn't get excited over a cartoon girl. Therefore, we can't be gay. Also, as Shire Pony Malinter said, the gay bronies were gay before they knew what My Little Pony was. This makes the haters homophobes. 2. "Bronies are cancer and need to go die." This one is ironic. Cancer tries to kill people and sometimes succeeds. As far as I know, bronies have never tried to commit murder. This sentence is basically trying to kill us by sending us death threats. This makes the hater closer to cancer than bronies. Yes, there are haters of every fandom, but the bronies are probably the ones who get these two "insults" (doesn't offend me, really) the most out of any fandom.
  15. I've been seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr about bronies leaving the fandom because they see it as "corrupt" or "stupid". A large argument is that Bronies really shouldn't exist. Bronies are just fans of the show, just like everyone else. I disagree, but I'll get into that in a second. I think that when people say Bronies are "corrupt", they are referencing the R34 content/ or the myth that Bronies alienate girls. Well, first, I guess I should give my thoughts on what a Brony is. I believe there is a distinct difference between a Brony and a fan of My Little Pony. Simply, a fan of My Little Pony will watch the show, and maybe talk about it with some friends when it comes up. I was a fan of My Little Pony long before I actually became a Brony. Now, a Brony (in my opinion) is a fan of My Little Pony that goes beyond just watching the show. This doesn't necessarily mean you are a content creator or role-player. If you listen to Brony themed-music regularly, look up fanart every now and again, or have merchandise, I think you are a Brony at that point. Personally, I started calling myself a "brony" when I started listening to The Living Tombstone and such. However, my friend argues that I officially became a brony when I started writing fanfiction, so I guess it's relative. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Basically- A brony is a fan of the show that supports it by doing more than just watching it. Well, I have a problem with people saying they are leaving the fandom. Sort of. I understand if they leave because they just don't enjoy the show anymore. Interests come and go. It's when people claim that the "bronies" are the problem. See, it doesn't make any sense (to me at least) because it's like they are saying "If I stay in this fandom, I will become like the bad people in the group." Now, are there people in this fandom that fit in the negative stereotypes? Most definitely. And I'm not talking about the R34 artists, you guys do your thing. If you want to draw it, go ahead. I'm talking about the bronies that actually alienate the target audience for the show. I can't really think of any more examples, but I hope that you guys understand what I mean. If you're thinking about leaving this fandom because you see a lot of "bronies" reinforcing the negative stereotype, consider this. At that point, you accept just because someone has a title, they become the stereotype that title comes with. Another example is if someone says "I'm leaving Tumblr because everyone on this site are social justice people!" That's just my thoughts though. Personally, I don't think I'll ever leave the Brony community. The show isn't even a big part of the reason I joined the community to begin with. It's the fan-art, fan-fics, and the people. As long as the community continues to thrive and create content, I'll be here a while.
  16. The other day, I read an article called, "The problem with bronies: a look at the corruption of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," and if you'd like to see for yourself, the link is here:,0,1667255.story My question after reading the article is this, "Why can't guys be sensitive?" Since I began watching MLP: FiM, i've become a much better person, because through these characters, I feel like a I learn a little bit about myself everyday. I admit that I've been bullied long before I liked MLP, and probably will be long after, but being called a "greasy nerd" and "pedophile" by a legitimate news company? It's just sad. I thought that America was a land of Racial and (beginning to be) Sexually tolerant country. I understand not everyone feels this way. I'd be ignorant to think otherwise, but just because I watch a show designed for kids does not mean I'm a "pedophile" and into "Clopping" and "Horse Fetish's" I love forum like this around the internet because I believe it's a medium for people to express thier minds freely with people who understand and respect opinions. Sorry for standing on a soap box, but I hate people who don't know what they are writing calling something I'm not. Thank you all for reading
  17. Is how big of hypocrites some of them can be. For example, they will say that bronies are butthurt, and then they will get even more butthurt if someone even brings up mlp, or has a pony avatar. They will say they hate mlp because it's for little girls, and then go worship other forms of media meant for children (mario, Pokemon, classic cartoons, Transformers, Disney, etc.) They will say they hate it when bronies force the show down the throats, and then they will go to a pony video, and type something like "This sucks!" or, "This is for little girls, stop watching it!" They will say bronies can't accept opinions when they aren't respecting bronies opinions of mlp That's all I have to say!
  18. Bit of backstory, then onto the point. I recently watched a YouTuber's videos explaining that he had talked to and discussed things about the ongoing conflict between bronies and Anti-bronies. He used the words "Anti-brony community", and people seemed to agree with him. Now to the point. There are two different types of Anti-bronies... 1)An ignorant person, that uses racial/homophobic slurs to entice a reaction from a brony. 2)A person who is opposed to the show, and goes out of their way to ruin the days and lives of bronies. No.1 is the type of person you would find online hiding under a username. Commenting for the sheer effect to sh*t-stir. No. 2 is just a bully, who has found a particular group of people that they know are usually emotionally or mentally scarred. I have never seen a "Anti-brony community" in my life. These are communities that consist of people getting together, discussing the elimination and degradation of the fandom. --SARCASM ALERT!-- What would they do? Tell each-other how proud they are for making another person feel like sh*t for being who he/she really is? Trade slurs that they can use to further hurt someone, who preaches no harm? Maybe even use the term "Horsef**ker" continuously, untill it loses all meaning. (That one comes from a personal experience.) --SARCASM DEACTIVATED!-- These "Anti-brony communities" don't exist. In a attempt to characterise our opposition, we forgot that they are just random people trying to justify their own existence, by taking it out on us. I have an example of such an event. While playing a popular video game, "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2", My customised logo was a picture of Rainbow Dash. I was defeating another player, 6-1, He didn't notice my logo. The game continued, I kept winning. As soon as it went to the "lobby", where everyone's logo and "Calling Card" was displayed. He saw my logo. He plugged in his Microphone, and then swiftly called me a "f*g", "8 Year old girl", "Creep" and finally "Dumbass pony-lover." All he tried to do was elicit an emotional reaction, So I didn't give him one. Cool and calmly I told him: "Sir, either calm down, or I will kick you from my lobby." Eventually I had to kick him. He even changed his logo to "WunderWaffen f**ks ponies!" I wish I was joking. Remember, he was just trying to troll me. He sure as hell didn't gather his friends around later and tell them about how he "so messed with that, wierd guy." Apologies for the long post. Tell me what you think, I would love to hear about it down below. -WunderWaffen
  19. Hey guys. I'm bored as hell and I saw this guy recently. So, out of some boredom, I'm going to point out his bull crap for you guys to see. If you have already seen it, good for you. If not, prepare to be amazed. lets begin shall we. 0:10-Calling a fanbase a loser for liking something that he doesn't is pretty ballsy. even when a vast majority are have most likely done more with their lives than this guy. 0:12-Yes. All bronies are losers. Unless we support this guy and then we transend our loserdom for supporting this guy who has insulted us for liking something he does not. 0:23-Steal our lunch money? How old is this kid? 0:28-big daddy dillon... I dont have a joke for that. Sorry. 0:41-Yes. Our parents failed to teach us how to be adults. Even though most of the fandom have people with high paying jobs, organize charities for cancer, have supported those who have been bullied and are successful musicians. So obviously our parents f**ked up big time. 0:50-HAHAHAHA!... yes, stop watching cartoons and start watching two and a half men. Move from something with talent and effort for something with poor writing, repetitive humor, and less substance than my kitchen silverware. 1:09-I think he's confusing a mental illness for a taste in television because it is something he doesnt like. 1:17-Yes. We know it is a cruel and miserable place with racism, bigetry, and horrors unfathomable. And you are not helping with that. We are trying to make it a little less tolerable. A word he probably think is a town in Yorkshire. 1:22-Kid needs to stop watching snuff films. 1:42-yes we have. And we have donated money to send to those children in africa to make it better. Just sayin'. Also, I believe this guy has been sippin' way too much mountain dew. 1:49-We know magic is fake, we have a firm grasp on reality. Also, what the hell are these things? 2:01-I bring you back to my previous statement. 2:04-Has this guy actually hacked anyone? Seriously, is he even a real hacker or did he just pick the name because it sounded cewl. 2:09-The only thing I'm afraid of is seeing that head of his shift to a different color other than pink. Well there you have it. I know I didnt point it all out, but... I'm bored as sin and thought I'd do something fun for a few minutes.
  20. I thought I'd share a little musing on anti-bronies that occurred to me. I think most of us are familiar with what they say about us; they insult us for being disgusting, stupid, bigoted men, and claim that we alienate and exclude female fans. But, how can this be? If I am a brony, and I am a woman, am I excluding myself? Am I bigoted against myself? Am I a masculinity-obsessed dudebro who is also a very feminine lady? No, the answer, it would appear, is that I don't exist. I cannot be a brony because I am female, and myself and other women and nonbinary individuals are being erased from the fandom en masse by the very people who are "fighting for women's rights". They claim that bronies alienate female fans, but by doing so they themselves are erasing our existence as lady-bronies. Hypocrisy in action, if you ask me. What are your thoughts on this? Is it something you've noticed? Something you've called people out on? Or is it perhaps not as hypocritical as I see it to be?
  21. They seem to have a problem with grown men through their teens-adult, making immature comments and whatnot. Have you ever seen an incident where any of them has had a problem with female bronies watching the show through their teens-adulthood? If not, do you think so?
  22. I just wanted to see how many people in this forum have no brony friends. In my case, I don't have any brony friends , yet they know i am one. It's just that they really could care less if I watched colorful, scaled-down, magical horses. Tell me your story, or brag about how all your friends are bronies, idc.
  23. Matt20

    Hey Guys

    So it's been over a year since I've last been on. I hope everyone is doing very well. I am having in issue. I am in 8th grade and in English class I am doing a speech on MLP. It's been going well but the problem is there is an Anti-Brony who keeps belittling and bothering me. What should I do?
  24. im disqusted wuth what I found on the internet today. I looked up the word "brony" and searched through results, when I cam upon an anti-brony forums. I did not think much of it, (there are going to be people who hate in life) but then I saw this. he said they named this pony Twilight because thats the best time to kill kids.... he also said he would kill bronies this is why i hate facebook
  25. They are Dedicated So about a month ago I decided to marathon the most infamous/famous mlp fanimations, one being that pokemare one, I posted a comment and I quote "MOTHER OF CELESTIA! What did I just watch?!", anyway a few days ago I commented on a video which's comment section was dominated by brony haters, needless to say, I got hate, they only used one insult "horse-fucker"(and there were 5 or 6 haters), one decided to check my google+ feed, and found pokemare