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Found 12 results

  1. Hay everypony! I know that there some Railfans on here that are pretty obvious. But what about the non obvious ones? If you like trains or any thing RR related drop a comment below.
  2. I'm leading towards Twi having OCD, Pinkie having Depression, and Fluttershy *maybe* having Aspergers what are your thoughts?
  3. We had a topic about our favorite anime openings, but what about our favorite anime ending themes? Just like before, post your favorite ending themes from animes, and I mean the song following the credits at the end of the episode, not the series finale or something. lol My personal favorite has to be the one from Sonic X, the jap dub, called Mi-Ra-I start! it's happy and exciting attitude to be energetic and full of life is always a catchy tune that never leaves my head. Also the ending theme from the pokemon X and Y series, it's not the best, but it's okay for me to say the least to be catchy and stuck in my head to sing along.
  4. Not sure if a topic like this has been posted before. Searched, but no cigar. Ah well. So just tell us who your favorite character is out of everything you've watched, read, or even made yourself. It just has to be fictional, or a character that's fictionalized but is actually real, like this guy here: ... Something like that. Anyway, my favorite character constantly changes depending on which fandom I am in at the current time. Before I watched a certain anime, my favorite show was MLP and I was obsessing over Orangesexy. Damn girl, you're hot. As of right now, Akemi Homura from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my waifu!!! <3 Surprising, I know. You probably can't tell from my avatar and username. Just look at her. Even if you have no idea what I'm talking about... admit it, she's bucking gorgeous. *sways on spot* *ahem* So, uh... right. What's yours?
  5. I was just curious as to wether or not we had any triplets on here, or quadruplets, quintuplets, etc. I'm a twin, and I've met many twins before, but only twins (and normal siblings, of course) so I thought it would be neat to see if anyone on here was a triplet, or from a set of more than 3 kids at birth.
  6. Your about to go out on a great friday night. Yes, i relize i'm suggesting "Wait For No Good Reason, there's a pony to hang out with and i'm going out? GTFO." Fine, your hanging out with another pony LOL if that's your answer, and you can get a pony to watch your appropriate rug rat, son, daughter, sibling. Who is it? And is it your favorite? Or do you realize your favorite isn't suited for the job lol. I don't have any kids myself, but I think coming home to flutter shy giving my kids the stare would be awesome if i did lol. I would tape it on my Driod and keep it as black male material for all time.
  7. If you could buy a company for a set price. What would it be and which one would it be? This is an interesting question for me because I've always been fascinated by the concept and I want to discuss it with all you guys! Don't forget to add a reason! Also, make it reasonable!
  8. I was just wondering if there are any good, Cheap gaming laptops or PC's preferably laptops (Small Gaming budget:)) I also wanna get a mic, I wanna be able to play + skype at same time, also I wanna start a gaming youtube channel I preferably want one £400 or under, If any of you play minecraft I want it to be able to be on at lest render distance normal (maybe even far) with a good texture pack + maybe optifine, also it can't be laggy if I wanna record it! I found a few cheap ones and wanna know if they are decent Samsung NP350E7C-A04UK Laptop, Pentium B970, 6GB, 750GB, Windows 8 64, = £342.99 TOSHIBA Satellite C850D-11Q 15.6" Laptop = £289.97 Samsung NP355V5C-A06UK Laptop, AMD A6-4400M Dual Core, 6GB, 500GB, = £322.99 okay so are these good laptops and good prices!
  9. I was just wondering if there were fans of the band: Coldplay. It is probably my favorite band ever, but there seems to be very few fans other than me on this site. So I decided to create this thread to find more fans. If you are a fan, I guess post something below. Perhaps your favorite song or album. My favorite is Strawberry Swing. It is so nice and the music video is so unique. My favorite album would be Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends.
  10. Just wondering, does anyone here play on the Nintendo Wii U? I need more brony friends to play with lol. I mainly play Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you own a Wii U and want to add another fellow brony, my gamertags are: AngryUnicorn zFluttershy I think/hope this is the right discussion to post this in >.<
  11. Hello le forum. I want to play a game. This game is where you describe the person who posted right before you with a Pokemon. Example: ForumUser1: Geodude ForumUser2: Deoxys Forumuser3: Jigglypuff! Let the descriptions begin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mudkip ^
  12. I (very recently) listened to a song for bronies, and the creator called it "Bronystep". It was dubstep, but for bronies. Does anypony have any ideas of what to name pony dubstep? Put a suggestion in the comments, vote for a name, and comment on other people's suggestions. Also, should I allow publicity of the votes and multiple choice?