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Found 12 results

  1. I simply wanted to know if anyone here is in fact not currently a fan of MLP:FiM, but has been in the past, and is here because of the community or whatever.
  2. Alright; the long and short of it is that I have my heart set on doing this animation. Chances are you've seen this genre before, meta, actors, you know the type. I will need... A Queens/New York (female) voice (Starlight Glimmers Actress) Something along the lines of Mick Jagger/ Aerosmith lead singer (King Sombras Actor) A spoiled diva voice (female) (Sunset Shimmers Actress) An American Blonde (female) (Trixies Actress) Hulk Hogan or The Rock ( either is preferable) (Tireks Actor) Ben Stine/ Monotone (Chancellor Neighsays Actor) Two English accents; One Cockney and one Yorkshire (both male) (Flim and Flams actors) A motherly, but somewhat threatening voice (think Zira from Lion King 2) (Queen Chrysalis' Actress) A Southern Welsh accent (male) (Discords Actor) SEND ANY IN AUDACITY MP3 FILES VIA E-MAIL TO: Give your E-Mail as well I will send a full script to each after I've decided. Cheers, Lights Action
  3. I was watching the trailer to Moana. I wish for the movie's success (because Disney) but I just feel so tired of CGI movies. I mean, are they just doing CGI because it's popular? It's not because it's cost efficient right? I feel like it's the wrong thing to say one things art while the other one isn't. And it is wrong. But what is true is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I am a beholder of traditional hand drawn animation. The Kickstarter project Hullabaloo was an exciting thing for me to hear. Old Disney animators coming together to bring back what made me want to be an animator when I was a kid. Now looking at Moana makes me just feel like I'm incapable of being hired as a 2d animator for movies. Yeah there is the TV route with Adventure Time and all that, but I wanted to animate for movies. Yeah there is the whole practice makes perfect thing with CGI. But I practiced drawing back when I was a kid, now I am 29 years old (as of this post) and I have little to no practice with CGI. It just sucks feeling old when I'm not.
  4. If you could convert one person into a brony who would it be and why? This person can be anyone you want it to be, so be creative. Who would I convert: I would probably convert Larry Page. Why: Because he is the CEO of Google, and things could happen being. What things I do not know, it is Google when do you ever know what they will do next.
  5. Sorry if this thread had already been made. Couldn't find it if it has... So has anypony here went up to one of your friends, teachers, parents, siblings, etc. And said, "YOH! Check this out!" Then they actually like MLP and start watching it and stuff? Ive gotten my sister and possibly one of the teachers in my school to like MLP XD I say possibly cause i requested that he would watch A Brony Tale on netflix and he did, and he was all like "Yeah, I think im gonna sit down with the niece and watch this." I'm so excited to possibly know a brony teacher
  6. Since Derpy officially reappeared in "Rainbow Falls", there have been Bronies (such as myself) who were elated, and satisfied with her making a a return in recent episodes, at long last, while some, i'm sure, were a little less enthusiastic about her not- and likely never will- having a speaking role from then on, so as not to offend anyone; especially since it wou;d've been a no-win situation had she been given her original voice back, which some Bronies liked but offense by iTunes and soccer momes was taken toward it, much like the fandom wouldn't be satisfied had Derpy's edited voice been given to her. However, I think that there is a way, albeit old-fashioned, that would allow Derpy to talk, and that's only through a silent movie (or...episode). (I said talk, not speak). And seeing as how I can't see a full silent 20-ish minute kids' cartoon working sucessfully, I'm thinking that something of this nature could be done best as a shpinoff short that-if the creators saw potential to give Derpy even more spotlight of her own- could be aired after the main MLP series. What does everyone think of this?
  7. Now I know there are adults here, and teens and the such like myself. However as long as I've been here I can't say I know of any people off the top of my head who are parents. Or if any are here even. I'm just curious frankly. Since i don't know if there are any at all. But regardless maybe if you are here I'll know your a parent after this thread . There's not much reason besides curiosity for this really, so yeah. Are you a parent? And if you are feel free to talk about whatever pertains to parenting I guess that you feel comfortable discussing. Maybe how parenting is, if you like it, what's the hardest part, how many kids you have, and how old they are. Whatever . I guess if your expecting you can also count that. If your not a parent, well then idk, either ignore the thread or um idk I guess as long as it isn't going to cause any issues talk about whatever without straying the topic to if pigs can fly or something... Again just curious but yeah. Hopefully I don't make this only to feel dumb and get 0 people who are parents posting. Oh well, I tried . Ps. (I am 16 in case anyone doesn't know and is curious. I do plan to be a parent in the future though.)
  8. As I watch the show I have begun to notice more and more familiar traits in a lot of the ponies and I don't just mean ones that I share with them either but ones that kind of remind me of people I know personally. Applejack: Applejack reminds me of two people in my life my Mother and this one cousin I have that was into G1 MLP when she was younger and who I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she was into Friendship Is Magic. My Mom often gets way ahead of herself and has pulled an Applejack by overdoing it more times than I can count. She also detests liars and lying, highly values being true to yourself and being honest and faithful. Family is also extremely important to her and has sacrificed a great deal for my brother and I and has helped me take care of my Dad who was sick with kidney failure. My cousin like Applejack has that cowgirl vibe to her and as rancher is not afraid to get her hands dirty and has been known to be fairly blunt and can sometimes be a bit of a smartass so she has a bit Rainbow Dash in her as well. Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie reminds me of my Dad, while he is not as hyper as her he shared her positive attitude appreciated alot of the simple things in life and tried to make everyone happy. He suffered more than anyone else I know thanks to kidney failure but still stayed positive and kept his sense of humor even until the end. Twilight Sparkle/Rarity: This one aunt I have is a bit of an odd mix of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity she is fairly intelligent and reads quite a bit but often lacks basic common sense and dosen't have very good people skills. She also has a strong creative side which she occasionally shows through various arts and crafts. Fluttershy: Fluttershy reminds me of my Grandma mainly due to her love of animals and nature though she also had a strong backbone and was not afraid to speak her mind so she has a bit of Applejack in the mix as well. Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash reminds me of my brother, from a young age my brother though in his younger years was very weak and frail always had a strong interest and sports and athletics and though wasn't as cocky as Rainbow Dash does have a bit of competitive streak.
  9. This is a thread where I will keep all my art. If you have any ideas not related to OC's, I'd be more then happy to draw them ALICORNS: UNICORNS: PEGASI: PONIES: PONYFIED: NON-PONY: Please tell me what you think, and which is your favorite
  10. Recently there has been quite a fervor over Disney acquiring Lucasfilms, and the natural direction to take such a conversation is towards speculations of Disney acquiring Hasbro (and MLP within that). For me personally, I don't believe Hasbro would sell out any time soon. Think about it; what's the draw for Hasbro? In all of the years that they've been in business, they've attained their most popular show ever just two years ago - they still have years of projected growth and earnings before things begin to level off. But follow me on a journey. I'd like to pose a theoretical ending to this story. The year is 2017. After seven years of growth, the MLP franchise has hit it's peak, and is slowly settling down. Hasbro is looking to sell. They have many options, and each one will be highly lucrative. In fact, even the "lesser" offers will be incredibly appealing. It's only a matter of time until the power shifts, the administration changes, and the fans suddenly become disconnected from the "powers at be" and must adjust to the new ones. Rules will change, and misunderstandings will occur. It's just part of the transition. But what if, say, we bought the MLP franchise? What if a fandom collective bought the rights to the very show they follow so closely? It would be incredible. Where would our limits end? We could create the show ourselves. If there's a new trend in the fandom, we could make it canon. If someone writes a fanfic that spreads like wildfire, we can throw in references to it. Best of all: as long as we own the rights to the show, restrictions on fanworks would disappear. Nobody has to worry about infringing on copyright laws, nobody has to censor their YouTube uploads, and the artists that create the epic paintings that sit on our walls and the adorable plushies that adorn our bedrooms could sell their works without fear of lawsuits. It would be the first open source story to grace screens across the globe. Will there be any restrictions? Of course. There must be. For example, we should leave the episode drafting to a select few, and simply give them influences - since the mystique and "newness" of every new episode is what gives the show it's "draw". If everyone knew what the episodes would contain, they wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch. And if someone suddenly starts making their millions off of a franchise that wasn't started by them, it wouldn't quite sit right with me. The solution? Well, we would need a way to continue funding the essentials of the franchise - so why not hire on the artist's creative genius? But aside from keeping the core show creation afloat, there would be little need to monitor the fandom's actions. It would spark unbounded imagination! If millions of dedicated fans suddenly received a sky with no limits, we'd see a creativity unparalleled by anything else. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the current staff for anyone on planet Earth. In fact, I'd rather they keep MLP safely in their hands for right now. But when the time comes and they want to retire from the business, I believe that there are countless minds who have the talent to pick up their legacy where they left off. I would buy the MLP franchise. Would you? *EDIT: Apparently there's some misunderstandings as to what I said, so I'll break it down into very simple sentences. No, I don't think we could ever feasibly buy MLP. No, we shouldn't suddenly hand total writing control over to the fandom. I agree with you, it would quickly turn into the world's largest collection of shipping stories. Ownership would be an issue, although there are legal frameworks that one can set up before hand to level the playing field. I'm saying that we keep the old staff (if possible), and simply let them throw in little references here and there. (NOT shipping.) The only real difference in mechanics would be how fan works are handled. The show would be written the same way, animated the same way, etc., but perhaps we'd see more head nods from the dev team. This was only an idea I had for fun...that probably won't need to stress over it...
  11. Does anyone else out there have a problem with heading to sleep when you know that a big day is ahead of you? For myself, my big day is that it is the first day of Junior year. It is not that I am nervous about going to school, but that I KNOW it is important. I've been laying awake for a few hours, and sleep is seeming like a distant memory. The reason for this is that: I have had a bad virus all weekend, and have been sleeping throughout the days. Now that I have school the next morning, I worry about how it will go. Lord knows I will not be able to rest tonight, so I am in big trouble. So, question time guys! Answer these in the comment section below: Do you have trouble sleeping (In general)? Do you have trouble sleeping when you know a big day is ahead? Thanks for reading you guys! Don't forget to follow my blog, comment, and brohoof c: Crona, out~
  12. Made by coolrainbowdash12 originally for Now available on MLP Forums for the first time in history! Here is Rage Anyone! What you do here is simple! Just Get the screams from something bad happening outta your system so you don't have to do it in public!! Just Don't Swear And if there is a problem Just PM me and i will get a admin onto it or I will sort it out