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Found 13 results

  1. It is one of the most iconic repeated phrases in the show, (there are other similar words like somppony obviously) being a pun for "anyone"/"anybody etc." is clever, but how would it translate in other languages? In English, it is easy to replace "-body" with "-pony," however in other languages it would be morr difficult to have am equivalent it seems to me. I have heard the Japanese version some, and they say "ponitachi"/ "ponytachi" in it, which works very well. Poni is the Japanese loan word based on how it sounds, so it means pony. Tachi is a polite added word to make it plural or rather collective. So pretty much the same, and works just as well for it. Of course not just anypony, but other pony puns would be nice to know. What do you think?
  2. I would like to know what you all think the mane six would look like if the where humans. Race/Enthicity- Skin Tone- Height- Build( Slim, Curvy, Thick, Muscular) Features-(describe facial features if you want) Now bear in mind Race Does not only equal skin tone. People can be the same race but have different skin tones (eg sun exposure). What I think: Twilight- White, light olive skin, 5'7 slim build Pinkie Pie- White, Peachy, 5'6 , a little on the thick side, Rainbowdash- White, Tanned, 5'7 Muscular Rarity- White, Peachy, 5'8 Curvy Applejack-White Tanned, Muscular, 5'8 Fluttershy- White, very light, 5'8, Slim What do you think I would like to her you own opinions and please no bashing I dunno why but I guess Celestia would be 5'10
  3. ...who would you write to and what would you say to him/her? I would write a letter to Pinkie Pie asking her what her favorite type of cake is and if she can send me some of it. What about you? Rules: You may only choose one character to write to. He/she doesn't have to be a pony. Have fun!
  4. I was thinking we could kinda make a brony hall of fame, for all of the greatest figureheads and content creators of all time. I'll start by pointing out the obvious ones.... 1) Digibrony Aka Digibro 2) Tommy Oliver Aka Brony Curious 3) Saberspark 4) Gibbontake 5) The Living Tombstone 6) ILoveKimPossibleALot Aka KP 7) Drwolf 8) Jhaller 9) Anypony 10) SilverQuill Add any more you think I missed!
  5. Post the absolute most absurd picture you have of your favorite pony of the show (doesn't have to be mane six).
  6. Can anypony please draw my Ponysona and her boyfriend in Equestria Girls form? I would greatly appreciate it. The girl pony has gray wings and wears clothing like the girl in the picture i posted below, except that her belt buckle is her cutie mark and her shirt says forbidden. I would like her to be wearing the Wonder Colts ears and tail from the movie. And her eyes are vivid green. Crimson Fame wears the same jacket as below but open, and with a black tshirt underneath with his cutie mark on it. The jacket should have a blue body with yellow sleeves and accents and the Wonder Colts emblem on it.Otherwise Crimsons clothing is dark jeans with a black belt and silver horse shoe belt buckle, and like below his jacket shows his wrists, which his left should be wrapped in a bandage. Also Night Shades skin tone should match the girls in the picture below and Crimsons should match Flash Sentrys human skin tone.
  7. Basically exactly what the title says. Is anypony from here going to the Edmonton Comic Expo? The reason I ask is because at the Edmonton Comic Expo this Sunday there will be a panel with Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman. So I was just curious if anypony was actually going. It would be fun to actually meet some other Edmontonian bronies and maybe have a little meet up for the panel.
  8. Hai everypony i decided to open up a ask Derpy topic!!! Ask me any question you feel! Either post it here or if you prefer PM it to me! Muffins~ Derpy
  9. As I watch the show I have begun to notice more and more familiar traits in a lot of the ponies and I don't just mean ones that I share with them either but ones that kind of remind me of people I know personally. Applejack: Applejack reminds me of two people in my life my Mother and this one cousin I have that was into G1 MLP when she was younger and who I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she was into Friendship Is Magic. My Mom often gets way ahead of herself and has pulled an Applejack by overdoing it more times than I can count. She also detests liars and lying, highly values being true to yourself and being honest and faithful. Family is also extremely important to her and has sacrificed a great deal for my brother and I and has helped me take care of my Dad who was sick with kidney failure. My cousin like Applejack has that cowgirl vibe to her and as rancher is not afraid to get her hands dirty and has been known to be fairly blunt and can sometimes be a bit of a smartass so she has a bit Rainbow Dash in her as well. Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie reminds me of my Dad, while he is not as hyper as her he shared her positive attitude appreciated alot of the simple things in life and tried to make everyone happy. He suffered more than anyone else I know thanks to kidney failure but still stayed positive and kept his sense of humor even until the end. Twilight Sparkle/Rarity: This one aunt I have is a bit of an odd mix of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity she is fairly intelligent and reads quite a bit but often lacks basic common sense and dosen't have very good people skills. She also has a strong creative side which she occasionally shows through various arts and crafts. Fluttershy: Fluttershy reminds me of my Grandma mainly due to her love of animals and nature though she also had a strong backbone and was not afraid to speak her mind so she has a bit of Applejack in the mix as well. Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash reminds me of my brother, from a young age my brother though in his younger years was very weak and frail always had a strong interest and sports and athletics and though wasn't as cocky as Rainbow Dash does have a bit of competitive streak.
  10. Hey anypony wanna ask me some questions? you can either post them in this forum or personal message accepting all requests
  11. It can be a Christmas Classic e.g. A Christmas Story or an alternate Christmas film e.g. Lethal Weapon. It can be one of the Mane 6, non-Mane 6 character, background pony or a selection of your choice (it can be as many as you want).
  12. Does anypony use the program GIMP to make sigs and avatars? If so.. lets exchange advice! I'm learning, and if others are learning or have nearly mastered it, we should all give each other helpful tips. I will post anything I've finished in this OP, so everypony can critique my work, to help me make it better.
  13. Guest

    Anypony a Singer?

    A while back Hinochi (火の皇帝の血), Vex3d, and I wrote this song ponyfication: I also wrote this ponyfication of a song: If you're going to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you're going to Equestria You're gonna meet some gentle ponies there For those who come to Equestria All the time will be kindness to share In the land of Equestria Gentle ponies who all love and care All across the nation A new pony sensation Bronies in motion There's a whole Brony nation With a new explanation Bronies in motion Bronies in motion For those who come to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there Song: http-~~-// Lyrics: http://www.songmeani...22107858539777/ I think there were plans to get people to sing Mrs. Pinkie Pie, but nothing came out of it. I was just wondering if anypony out there would be interested in singing either of the songs? As long as we are given credit for the lyrics you could even try your hand at uploading a youtube video if you want! If anypony wanted to do some of the instrumentals that would be awesome too!