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Found 60 results

  1. Well, here's a thread to ask a proud weirdo some questions of whatever nature. The only limitation would be to keep it PG13, but I think we should all know that's sort of a rule here. So whatever, whatever you've been dying to know about me (and I suppose I'm not already open about), you may ask here.
  2. Ponify anything! Take a book, place, famous person, game, song, band, movie, TV show, etc. and turn it into a pony pun or a reference to MLP: FiM. For ideas, I suggest looking at some episode titles; there are some great ones like "Castle Mane-ia," "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks," and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark." I'll start... Tom Petty & the Hearthbreakers
  3. You can ask me anything you want!
  4. Hello, I am here to analysis the MLP Fandom. If anyone would like to provide any info then I would appreciate it. It can be any kind of info, it does not matter.
  5. I'm very new to this site and I believe a great way to get to know each other is for you guys to ask questions about me, I'll be willing to answer anything, although, ifyou ask certain questions I might just PM you the answer.
  6. She's surprised to see you. She doesn't get many pony's attention.
  7. So, make a statement! Just say something I agree with, And even if I don't agree with it, I will brohoof it! so post away!
  8. what is the things that you have recently seen/read/watched/listened to i'll show mine way to make it funnier: close your eyes and think with a dirty mind
  9. The Equestria Hunters Cyborg Pulse (Brains Inventor) Firestarter (Fire Warrior) Viral Virus (Plague Alchemist) Heh heh, well gentlemen we do have time on our hands to do an ask thread. Now do we. ​Absolutely, we hunters of Equestria will be more than willing to do a thread to take any question from either good or bad doesn't matter. Don't you agree Firestarter. I couldn't agree anymore and Viral what are you doing? I am testing to see if my special plague bombs are up to taking out those pesky Equestrian girls!! Heh heh, they really annoy me!! Just shut up Viral! We all know you complain a lot, yet you are pretty intellectual with your work. Hee hee, I couldn't say more Cyborg. Unless you get the dang formula wrong. What was that you said, you blazing fool!! Now guys! We have questions needed to be answered! There is no need for such nonsense like this! ....Fine! Just as long if he doesn't question my intelligence. So, I won't throw a potion at him to put his birthday candle out! Birthday candle!! Look at you wearing that mask, looking like a pelican! Why you I'll-- ENOUGH!!!!! ...... ......He started it. *face palms* *sighs* Yet I have to treat them like a spoiled child. Just quit it already! We are wasting time arguing like this! If you don't do as I say. Then I will have you heads is that CLEAR!! ..Yes Whatever.. *clears throat* So, everyone just ask us your questions and we will certainly answer them. {Waiting for questions}
  10. Well hello there everyone. I am one of the guardians that keeps watch of our fearsome ruler Lord Necrodeus and his people. He may seem a scary person at first, but he has a soft side towards people like us and the good people in Equestria. ^ _^ Any who, I am here today to answer questions if its regarding what I do around here, our ruler, the people, Equestria, etc. Well you get the picture. So please do ask away in any way you desire and I shall RESPOND!! Necrodeus: QUIET DOWN THERE !! :=: AHH!! I'M S-SORRY S-SIR!! :awuh: Ahem, anyways just ask away, thanks.
  11. Why hello there you must know me if you go to canterlot high of course anything you want to know I will answer so feel free to ask me anything.
  12. Type in those and google image them, you can also google search and snap with snipping tools. I'll start What do you get when you cross MLPForums with Stockings?
  13. I don't really mind giving out info about my private life lol so yeah ask away
  14. Ask anything we will answer any questions you have Radish text:SId Greenish text: Chris have fun
  15. Which celebrity should become a brony? I think it's pretty obvious.
  16. Ask me anything you want & I'll answer any kind/type of question that you have!
  17. Maxos

    Ask Maxos

    You get to ask me questions to see what my points of views are or I answer those questions that have been lurking about in you're mind for such a long time. I will answer them at best, but don't be confused if I'm just having a little fun! - Maxos
  18. Hello, My name is Damonater, You can read my BIO here if you need any background information from me. I look forward to seeing any questions that may be asked. Or if there is going to be no questions asked by anypony, well that just proves how lonely I really am. But if you do, thanks for taking the time out your day to ask me anything
  19. Rhod

    Ask Le Rhod

    Bring it on! Ask any question! And since my OC is technically me.. you're getting combined answers Anything may be asked.
  20. Dewdlz

    Ask Agent Luna

    I might not be even slightly popular here, but an ask topic wouldn't hurt I suppose. Ask anything, or ignore, whichever you desire!
  21. My name is Puck and if anyone is interested you can always ask me a question. Seriously, I'm really open about everything so I'll probably answer any question asked. My ponysona Panic Moon ^w^ If you want to ask a question to my oc's, here are the links: Trivy and Captain Caramel.
  22. Can't believe I'm only just now making one of these lol. Watch my friends run in here to put me on the spot. xD Rules: I haven't thought of any. That sounds like work. Though questions pertaining to Lovecraft, octopuses or spiders, Super Mario, or tuna fish are certainly welcome.