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Found 44 results

  1. OK, so the outbreak has begun. The army is unprepared and is barely holding the line. They are shipping their wonded (bitten) to hospitals behind the lines and now there outbreaks all over. You have a few friends with you. Most everyone you love became Purina Zombie Chow. The gov't is collapsing. and you have a brief window of time to work out a plan before lityerally millions of zombies overrun the region you are in. Where will you go? What will you do? Your friends are looking to you to decide. I'll tell you my plan in a while, but I don't want to influence any of your ideas.
  2. Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended), but every recent generation seems to have felt that it was the last (WWII, Vietnam, etc.). Seeing how we came dangerously close to nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, does anyone else feel that things could reheat? Are we really on the brink of World War III or a nuclear holocaust? Obviously I'm not saying that I want such things to happen but I do worry. I'm not yet 30 years old and I'd like to live to at least 90 but I can't help but feel that something is looming. Not to go on a rant, but as Christian, I was frequently taught about the book of Revelation and Judgement Day and I pretty much have a morose feeling all the time and wonder about how things will really turn out.
  3. Warning: This fanfiction contains letters, spaces and words. Read at your own risk. Dead Hooves: Survivors(take 1) Chapter1: The End Greetings. My name is Thunder Strike. And, today I am here to tell you a story. My story. Are you ready? What? You don't want it? Well, that ain't stopping me. Eleven years ago, there still were the good times. Well, not perfect. Still had some problems. But at least no bloody monsters running across the street. I was eleven. I remember it like it was yesterday... it was the first day of school A.K.A. The anti-student day. *ring* And the sound everybody hated. The sound of an alarm clock. A bright yellow hoof reached for it and pressed a button to make it stop. That was me. I let out a groan, and tried as hard as I could to get on my hooves. In the end I did it, leaving some of my feathers in my bed. "*sigh* Another school day... another torture day..." I went out of my room and went to my bathroom, the fluffy clouds on which I was stepping reminding me of my bed. I brushed my teeth while looking at my mane. I have low to no standards, but this was below them. When I finished, I spat the toothpaste foam out and cleaned my toothbrush. I tried to order my black mane a bit. Still messy, but it looked better. I took a look at my brown eyes. Then I tought why I did that. I took a quick look at my cutie mark. A thunder cloud. I got it at a flying race. *Flashback* It was race day. Sure, just a race for the P.E., but I was so excited! And nervous. It was a big day. I really wanted that trophy. I needed it. Why? I don't know either. But I needed it. I was ten at the moment, it was normal to want shiny stuff, right? Right? Anyways, I took my mind from the trophy and put it on the race. I had to focus. And the pony that was doing the countdown 'til the begining of the race was already counting. 5... I was thinking of a good route to get first... 4... "Good luck!" I said to the other ponies... 3... I took a take-off stance... 2... Opened my wings... 1... Motivational self talking. Start! I took off. The race was made from four parts. Each was testing diferent skills we had. Part one was the climb. It was made from a straight climb where the route was blocked by a wall made of climbs which lead to a higher section. After that were the hoops. Just some hoops. Then was a steep descend and the last was a simple race on who's faster. I was going higher at the climb. Flying in circles seemed like the best tactic. So, we all were doing it. When one pony gets in front of me. A grey colt with a black mane. Hmm... How do I get past him? Making a tighter turn sounded like a good ideea. So I did it. It actualy worked. We were at the same distance apart of each other. Now, I only needed to catch a portion where I can descend, and I'll gain enough speed to get ahead. The climb was over. Hoops! I goed up higher. Once I had the height I wanted, I began aiming for a hoop that was lower down. The descent should give me enough speed to get ahead. And so I did. Now it was the higher descent. I had this in my hoof. Or so I tought so. The same pony that got ahead of me a few minutes ago. I knew what to do. I took a steeper descent. More speed. I was first again. Now, this is the part where there are no descents. There were clouds to stop that. So, it was simply who gets first. Once again we where next to each other. He began talking to me. "You've got no chance to win." He said. I was thinking of a thing to say. An ideea came in my head. "Look! Your tail fell off!" I said as I pointed a hoof to a cloud. "Huh?" He said as he stopped and looked at the cloud. I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe it! He bit it! Anyways, I did it. I won. I just passed the finish line when I was blinded by a flash. "Wha-" I said before spotting the new thing on my flanks. "I got my cutie mark!" *End of Flashback* I finished first. And I got the trophy. And something so better than a trophy. A cutie mark. Anyway, let's get back to the story. Skipping some unimportant details, I took a school hot air baloon to get me to school. The school looked exactly the same. The playground, a hallway to the classes, the class, everything. (This is the end of the piece, I will keep editing the things I got wrong and you pointed out and expanding itwhen I got time. Let me know if you like it , if you don't like it and where I could have done better. Thank you for reading my giberish)
  4. Out of the 4 users above, what is their survival status? Is everyone separated? Do they team up and live? Are they armed but unprepared? Dose one sacrifice themselves for the other? Dose one betray the other only to then die deservingly? First, choose the type of apocalypse. For example: Zombie Outbreak, Alien Invasion, Cloned Dinosaurs, Time Paradox, etc.. Next, state the situation of each of the 4 users above you. Since no one is above me, I'll just add 4 characters to start us off. ⁂ Zombie Outbreak Rarity: She prepared to hold off the undead for a night, boarding up her windows with dresses (the less fabulous ones). She quickly escaped during the day, using only a frying pan with her magic as a weapon. Apple Jack: With the help of her family, the whole farm was on least for a while. AJ ended up cornered inside the barn, surrounded by hundreds of the them, wielding only a pitchfork. It is unknown if she made it out alive. Vinyl Scratch: Having her headphones on, she didn't even notice an apocalypse was occurring. She got bit and is now a zompony. Spike: Being so lazy, he ended up sleeping through the entire outbreak and survived without a tale to tell.
  5. Rp link: Desperado Hills, a small village that despite the name, is pretty happy with where they are at, until a militia calling themselves The New World moves close by. At first they were friendly, but after a few weeks they started asking to take the children to join their militia, the town kindly denied but the militia wouldn't have it, threats were issued and finally after a month, they attacked the town. Being in the town for your own reason, you got caught in the middle and decided to help the ponies keep their children. Unfortunately, the militia were able to snag a few foals, and the town wants a group of elites to take out the militia and bring back their beloved foals. And that is the beginning of the story, Now as rules go just leave a character that is related to fallout and say you want to join there are six spots remaining. Now if your OC isn't fallout related I am open to suggestions but otherwise nothing OP if you want to get to level standards level 15 is the max, and only 33 SPECIAL points max and if you have some perks, name and description, those are limited to 5 perks at the start. Don't care about guns so much as long as they fit your character and if they have like an ability, 15% more damage to bugs for example, type it down. Anyways here is how this'll start. You will start in the town a few minutes before the attack. I don't care what you are doing just make it fit the story. I will control all non-hostile NPCs such as merchants, the mayor, etc. The only hostile ponies I will control are ponies willing to talk, and the leader of a militia group, I will also be in charge of what may attack us in the wasteland, otherwise that is it. Rules: 1) follow all forum guidelines 2) no controlling other ponies that are not yours 3) you can't get out of everything so you may have to request help and you can die, but only by me (not character wise) 4) have fun and remember no OP characters One more thing, just leave a link or if you feel like it make a character up but make sure they are detailed.
  6. Disclaimer 1: I did not come up with the idea that MLP is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth nor that it is in fact in the same Universe as Adventure Time, howver, this is merely my thoughts on how the timeline would fit. Disclaimer 2: I have only watched 13 episodes of Adventure Time Disclaimer 3: I may ramble at times, but I try to keep everything linked together. 2016-3000s: Humanity continues with it's advancement in technology and the number of scientists and inventors grows more frequent. This leads to Space and even portal travel and contact with extraterrestrial races. Relationships between humans and extraterrestrials is surprisingly good as extraterrestrials agree to help humans with their development of technology and healthcare in exchange for a raid of Earth's natural resources. 5000: The adventures of Captain Picard and his Star Trek crew takes place. The crew end up coming into contact with an omnipotent being known as Q who instantly takes a fascination with Captain Picard and Humans. 10000-50000: Advancement in science and technology leads to huge advancement in animal breeding, giving some animals basic human intelligence. This would normally be for human service with humans taking particular interest in equines. Rare horses, usually owned by royalty, would be bred to survive a few thousand years. Humans also discover how to merge previously unrelated animals through breeding (e.g. lions and eagles). Lizards would often be breeded into dragons for military purposes. Domesticated animals would occasionally be subject to this breeding but were normally left alone, and smaller mammals, fish and amphibians were completely ignored. As breeding became more advanced, equines in particular would be bred to contain large amounts of energy, which would often manifest itself as magic of varying quantity. This energy would also produce symbols on the rear of equines which would make it easier for humans to understand what the equine should be trained to do. These symbols would later be dubbed cutie marks by ponies who evolved into the ponies we see on MLP. 50000: The peace between humans and extraterrestrials breaks which leads to the mushroom war. Desperate to find a means of defence scientists end up planting the tree of harmony which bears the elements of harmony. These elements would have the ability to do powerful things to whatever is seen as a threat by the bearer, however, the elements will only respond to humans who possess the virtues of honesty, kindness, laughter, generousity, loyalty and gracious power to prevent them being stolen and used by enemies. The elements failed to respond to humans however, as no human truly possessed such virtues. The majority of humans and larger equines die during battle in the mushroom war and Earth is left behind with what is portrayed in Adventure Time. The various strange creatures in this series are orphaned extraterrestrial races. Finn is one of the last surviving humans and whilst dogs were not known to possess such levels of magic, Jake proves a prodigy with the ability. 60000: Humans have now been long since extinct and all extraterrestrial races see no need to disrupt Earth anymore and have long returned to their own worlds. Ponies have now taken over as Earth's dominant species. 85000: Disaster strikes as the Earth ceases to spin, which leads to evaporation of nearly all weather and seasons (with isolated exceptions such as the Everfree Forest). By this time some ponies have evolved into unicorns whilst pegasi were bred by humans. Out of desperation the unicorns resort to continuing the Earth's rotation with their magic, this proves extremely difficult however and requires groups of unicorns. Pegasi respond by founding Cloudsdale and producing their own weather. 97000: Meanwhile, Q is banished from his homeworld for causing disruption amongst his own kind. Fondly remembering his time playing with Captain Picard, he comes across the idea of visiting Earth and seeing what humans are up to. Upon arriving on Earth however, he finds that it is not what he originally had in mind. He proceeds to spend a few hundred years exploring the planet relatively unseen. As no Earth species can comprehend his true form, he takes the form of various creatures that he had discovered. When he finally comes into contact with ponies they give him the name Discord due to his appearence and his overly playful antics. He eventually becomes settled enough to take over. 98000-99000: The historical events shown on the show play out around this time, starting with the founding of Equestria and ending with Luna's banishment. Ponies are so concerned with valuing friendship because their ancestors witnessed the mushroom war and and the fall of humanity due to a lack of friendship within humans. The energy containted within ponies lives on for awile as Whindigo's which suffer distress when conflict is present. As ponies do not have hands however history is poorly recorded and ponies have overtime taken for granted that they raise the sun and moon and control weather. 100000: Present day MLP I understand this timeline will have a number of problems and plot holes but it was mainly written for fun. Please leave suggestions on how you would improve the timeline. If you want to criticize please at least keep mind I've put alot of time and effort into writing this post.
  7. Anyways, as the topic says, I'd kind of like it if in either a comic or an other episode (Most probably a comic since I know the show hates to get into depth on stuff like this) they tried to revisit the bad timelines of the cutie remark. While the plot between Twilight and Starlight was good, it kind of threw out the real payoff of an alternate timeline plot, letting you see and talk to alternate reality versions of the characters, like interacting with alternate Pinkie, fluttershy, rainbow dash, ect. I honestly don't care about seeing them revisit the concept of a villain altering time, but it'd be cool if they established those timelines existing as a "many worlds" type deal and had the mane six in some way end up back in the alternate timeline and having to help their alternate selves. (Hell, according to what Discord says in the comics about Time travel altering the past being utterly impossible, it kind of makes it seem like it should almost be canon that they were being just shifted into alternate timelines instead of altering a single time flow) There's a rich bit of plot potential in having the mane six meet their alternate selves (like Rainbow dash meeting her soldier self from the crystal timeline) and talking to them to have them kind of discuss the differences in their lives. Plus, the mane six helping their alternate selves succeed in saving their timeline seems like it would be a more epic plot than just talking someone out of childhood trauma XD I just think closing the book on the timelines we saw without exploring them seems like it was throwing out a vast amount of potential.
  8. Watch at your own risk guys. it's not gory or bloody, but it's incredibly weird and creepy.
  9. Hello my friends! This is the first post I have done in a while here at otherfans work, Still it was here everything begun, It was here that I gathered my first. It brings back some really good memories, does it not. Since I last posted in this part of the forum I have been doing a lot of stuff. While producing some new pmv´s I started to realise that everytime I did not promote my videos here my views was not Increasing as much. So I thought I would show off you my latest two projects, here we go! First up is a bit of pure PonyPunk. A great mix betwheen the blended feelings of teenagers and some really good punk rock. The song I used is "TEENAGE ANARCHIST" by the ass-kicking american band "AGAINST ME" (I REALLY SUGGESTS, WATCHING THE ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO IT CAN BE FOUND IUN THE DESCRIPTION) Next up is something from the more post-apocalyptic spirit, This shows what had happen if Equestria went really,really dark. The song I used is "LOVE IN A COLD WORLD" by the mysterious band "GRAVE PLEASURES" (former known as BEASTMILK) (CHECK OUT THERE NEW SINGLE
  10. I'm making a new fan fic and I need ideas so here is my description for it: Trixie wake up a year after an incident almost killing her but what she doesn't know is a few weeks later an apoclypse started with very few survivors will her and her friends survive? And who will die?
  11. You find out that the show is over. Cancelled for sure. How would Bronies react? How would the internet react? How would the world react? But most importantly, how would YOU react? Personally? I'd feel terrible for a few days, wondering the potential that could have been if the show had been allowed to keep going. Probably would write a fanfic or draw a picture to give the show a proper goodbye.
  12. hello, im looking for someone to rp with because i used to rp with someone else but he left me and i have an unfinished rp with i think a fairly good story, i would like a replacement for the roleplayer that left me, the rp is on the files i have, the story involves a pokemon/.hack/mlp crossover with lucario from eight movie, contact my steam account for further information part 1 lucario arrives equestria, meets applejack and twilight, but lucario accidentaly hurts twilight with his aura powers and applejack sacrifices to save her but luna thinks that lucario killed applejack and send him to the moon, 1500 years later, dialga destroys the multiverse except some planets including equestria, twilight rescues lucario from the moon and they rebuild the civilization and a plan to go back in time to save the world, lucario and twilight fall in love and they make a son and they get new friends and new struggles with sombra, shadow demons, changelings, robots and the brigade (from .hack) part 2 lucario, twilight and their offspring make it to canterlot were there are the blueprints of the magic mirror and go back to the past and lucario clears his name of being applejack's assassin but they get into many troubles, everypony still hate lucario and his cub,a rudeless officer threaten their wellfare and celestia holds a secret that hardens everything, and the solutions seem the be harder and harder each time part 3 all problems set past, celestia a lucario prepares every pony to the battle against dialga and also some unknown things to be revealed (unfinished part)
  13. hello, im looking for someone to rp with because i used to rp with someone else but he left me and i have an unfinished rp with i think a fairly good story, i would like a replacement for the roleplayer that left me, the rp is on the files i have, the story involves a pokemon/.hack/mlp crossover with lucario from eight movie, contact my steam account for further information part 1 lucario arrives equestria, meets applejack and twilight, but lucario accidentaly hurts twilight with his aura powers and applejack sacrifices to save her but luna thinks that lucario killed applejack and send him to the moon, 1500 years later, dialga destroys the multiverse except some planets including equestria, twilight rescues lucario from the moon and they rebuild the civilization and a plan to go back in time to save the world, lucario and twilight fall in love and they make a son and they get new friends and new struggles with sombra, shadow demons, changelings, robots and the brigade (from .hack) part 2 lucario, twilight and their offspring make it to canterlot were there are the blueprints of the magic mirror and go back to the past and lucario clears his name of being applejack's assassin but they get into many troubles, everypony still hate lucario and his cub, a rudeless officer threaten their wellfare and celestia holds a secret that hardens everything, and the solutions seem the be harder and harder each time part 3 all problems set past, celestia a lucario prepares every pony to the battle against dialga and also some unknown things to be revealed (unfinished part)
  14. Here's some questions I came up with today: Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic situation. This can be a zombie apocalypse, an extremely devastating world war, a pandemic wiping out most of humanity, maybe a widespread, devastating natural disaster, anything you want to imagine. Let's say this disaster ended for some reason or is not as pervasive as it used to be, and human civilization ended or nearly ended and the government fell. You survived through this apocalypse. If you had a group, they either all died or left you or something. Imagine what you want, but I want you to get this idea: You are a post-apocalyptic survivor, civilization has been destroyed or almost destroyed. The world is anarchic now with a much smaller population and you are alone. What will you do? You are alone and out in this wild, anarchic world to survive. Taking into consideration scarce resources, the fact that you can't trust everybody, your chances of survival, and more, answer these questions: How much will morals and ethics matter to you at this point? Will you try to manipulate, steal from, and even kill people to get what you want/need or more of what you want/need? Will you give things to anybody who asks (even if you need that stuff) and do as much as you can to help people? Something else? Where will you be? Will you be in a city, where there could be a bigger presence of people? Will you be in the countryside, where there would most likely be less people and you could grow food? Perhaps you'll be in the woods or jungle or something, where there would be more food but there could be animals that could kill you easy? How would you feel about groups? Will you try to go it alone and avoid people as much as people where you won't have to worry about trust or conflict or anything? Or would you try to find a group, where there'd be people to support you, solve problems together, even though there's the risk of being killed by someone, there being conflict, losing friends, and such? What about weapons? What would you carry? Let's be realistic and not pick any fictional weapons, rare weapons, and such. Think about easily accessible weapons. What would you carry and why? Think about weight, too. Feel free to discuss this and maybe give a critique of someone else's answers. Also, should I add a poll? Tell me if I should or shouldn't.
  15. So, the world is full of zombies...and you have to survive... Choose and answer what is your strategy Choose your class (Pegasus/Unicorn/Earth) Choose your weapon (Spear/Sword/Bow) Choose your last company (You can choose only 1 of the mane 6) In my case: I choose to be a pegasus (incase of troble I just fly away or stay in a cloud) Then I should use a bow (I don't want to have a Zombie close to me... better keep them as far as posible) And as a company I would choose Rainbowdash (we are trying to survive... is better to not fight and stay in clousdale.... but.... the food will probably run out... we can find a way)
  16. Watch out guys! Evil overpowered pastel horses are coming to destroy us all! Our doom is at hand! Unless we can give Nicolas Cage the finest of chocolate cake to stop The Conversion Bureau. Anyway, anyone here find the doom of Humanity by pastel Ponies a little ridiculous?
  17. Hi! This is a small little story I whipped together real quick for extra credit in my history class xD Anyways, here it is and i know there's ALOT of grammar errors but yolo. Here it is! Rebels I was born in a concentration camp during the war. They told me my father died here, and my mother during my birth. Even if I never knew them, it still hurt to see other kids have parents to love at night. I was constantly persecuted by the prison guards and the enemy for God-knows-what. The prison conditions were terrible, pretty much underground all my life-but to hear the stories from the few elderly (dying out, due to the conditions)-oh, what a sight it must’ve been! The skies, clouds, and the warmth of the sun! Oh, first I should probably explain how we all got here. It was the year 2043, when Russia and North Korea had formed a disturbing alliance with each other. At the same time, The United States’ debt had risen so high, other countries started making threats to the country slowly running down, and they were forced to sell parts of their country to other countries instead. Little had the falling, desperate country know this was all a strategy of the R.A.N.K.(Russia and North Korea). R.A.N.K. slowly led up to putting everyone into huge buildings that would go for miles and seemed to go forever. No one really knows how they led up to this, as it is forbidden to talk about anything outside. And I was lucky enough to have a friend who would tell me about how there are people fighting for us outside, that there were colonies of these people, and how I would someday be one of these “rebels”. “You’re going to be a rebel someday…”, he would say. “One who will end this war…” I appreciated his confidence in me, but it all did seem like a lost cause. Every day I would wake up to the same grey walls. With the same diseased water, now looking like mud. In the same grey clothes, ripped and too small. My daily routine was simply working for whatever the monsters called “Watchers” in there said. Lately, it had been wasting our only limited water supply to wash the dirty grey walls, only getting them dirtier. *** *** *** Tonight, Luke(my friend) woke me up in the middle of the night, saying he found a way out. He said that we couldn’t take anyone else with us, and that we would go on an adventure. “There’s a way, but first we have to get rid of those Watchers…” he whispered to me as we snuck around the corner. “We need to sneak the munition away from them…” “How?” “Watch…” I was surprised to see how easily he grabbed the man’s rifle as he was turned around. He then took cover again with his rifle across the room and fired the silenced rifle at the Watcher. He lead me through the prison the next few days, and every now and then we would have to hide and wait somewhere dark and small(like a sulter wagon), or sneak away a few rations. Finally, we stopped sneaking. I never thought how easy it was to sneak by the garrison everywhere. Luke led me up to a vent that I could barely fit through, much less Luke. “Get out a-and...never come back.” He had a look of concern. I was shocked. “Luke, you’re coming with me...right?” “I can’t” He said hesitantly. “Why not?!” I screamed. “Not my purpose...” he said with a smirk on his face. There were some Watchers shouting in the background. Crap. They saw us. “Get out! NOW!” Thinking fast, I crawled through the vent as fast as I could without looking back. Even if I could, I wouldn’t. Luke made sure they couldn’t even see me by staying in front of the vent and resisting. All I could here for what seemed like hours was the sound of my only friend beaten to death… I could hear the calvary through the vent which eventually widened to be a tunnel. Walking through those underground tunnels I saw a poster that read “Henceforward Shall Be Free-Emancipation Proclamation-Abraham Lincoln-1863”. Well that was weird. Finally walking out of a tunnel, I had a sudden shock of daylight. Daylight. The warmth, the smell, everything was pure ecstasy. And to know that Luke had risked his life for me...just to get out and then most likely get caught and put to death as well. I made my way up to a hill to take in my visuals and surroundings. Next to me was a tattered old assault rifle that looked like it would do more harm to me then the person I shot at. Reluctantly, I picked up the rifle and checked it for ammunition. It had 5 rounds, so this would serve to be very handy. I heard some shouting and the sound of some Watchers running over. Acting fast, I yanked up my rifle and waited for the two soldiers to get closer. Two shots, two deaths. My precision even scared me a little. The reality set in that I had just revolted against the current government...but that was the same government that took away my ability to live. Luke gave me that today. I heard leaves and sticks crunch behind me. Thinking fast, I spun around, aiming down my sights, to see two adults around twenty, on male, one female. “Welcome to the blockade.” Said the guy. “And the blockade runners.” Said the other.
  18. I would choose a Glock 17 pistol with high capacity. A katana and an AK47 with high capacity.
  19. Alrighty, So Let us take a brake from the sorrows my readers, I will have posts regarding the next few days for those who have been following me. I just feel like not being sad right now. So this is another 15 min Rant brought to you today by the letter "A" "A" stands for app. What do you need? There's an app to assist with that. There is an app for anything and everything. It boggles me this dangum technology. I feel like I am having a mid life crisis! For goodness sake technology is advancing at such a rapid rate doesn't this worry anyone else?? We are going to wipe out the human race not with a bomb, not with over population (although I think this one is a valid contender.) We are going to destroy the human race via cyber wars. Technology will prove to be our greatest down fall. Before you know it I believe that we will owe our souls to the robot race.... This one gets me because people get their nickers in a knot over gay marriage... We are going to see robot marriage! People can already marry their phones... they will marry humanoids. And why you ask does it all lead to chaos? Because we are constantly evolving, becoming more efficient, more time consumed. We need more brain and man power to accomplish things. We hand our tasks over to machines. One day they will turn on us... It could be by our hand or it could be the Robopocalypse (<--- There is no right spelling for this... No Nazi's ) So after the zombie's be prepared for robots. This is all brought to us by the letter "A" as in "App" or "Apocalypse"
  20. The rules are simple, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies on Earth / Equestria universe, what do you do? There's no particular rules, simply respect the forum rules ( ), but I still have some idea : 1 - You can add, if you want, the cause of the said humans / ponies doom for the user below you. 2 - You can include one or two ponies / members above. (which make the title wrong, but anyway...) 3 - RP-ish acting would be cool, but just a little. 4 - You can choose if you want that the survivor below you act as a pony (OC or Avatar) or an human. Have fun in my first game.
  21. So I got to thinking, and a question came across my mind: "Could it be possible to create a zombie apocalypse?" With all the movies coming out like Resident Evil and whatnot, I guess you could say the possibility seems more and more real: some mad scientist creates a mutant virus that turns one guy into a flesh-eating zombie, send it out into the world, and your all set. What do you guys think?
  22. Greetings and salutations everyone, I'm looking for advice on how I could go about writing a decent sized fanfic surround the idea of Equestria after an apocalyptic situation. I've been working on this idea for a few months now and I've run into some trouble regarding character, the combination of the MLP universe and a post-apocalyptic one, and the oh so fun "I have no idea what to do with the second act," issue. If anyone could offer some advice on any of these or just general writing tips that would be a great help. Also, if anyone wanted to go one step further and open themselves to chat about this over an IM program, (mostly since I need some way to get these ideas out and pacing around my room isn't getting me a lot of feedback) I would be extremely grateful. I'm also looking for any good post-apocalyptic stories, novels or even a movie or two that would be good for inspiration. I'm also well aware of Fallout Equestria and I'm trying to avoid using it as much as I can since I don't want to end up with a story criticized for being a copy. Cheers~
  23. The scenario: You've just gotten home from work/school and you turn the TV on to hear a news report about a pandemic spreading through the area, You pay no attention and decide to make yourself a sammich, When you get back and plop yourself on the couch you try and change the channel but every channel has some news program on about this, The next thing you know you hear screaming outside and see your girlfriend* getting horribly eaten by some monster, Luckily for you, you have the ability to open portals and bring things through. You have to decide who to bring, You can't bring more than 5 because that would be to large a drain on your resources. You decide to bring one of the following. One of the mane six: One background pony: One anime character: One video game character: One member from the forums: Please do not bring through ridiculously over-powered things like goku --------------------------------------------------------My Picks-------------------------------------------------------------- Apple jack- Would probably be an excellent survivor and if we were to settle down at one spot she would have an excellent knowledge of farming. One of the hospital ponies- Knowledge of medicine would be very help full in a life or death situation. Forget his name, but that insane guy from H.O.T.D - You know that guy who like, made a gun out of a nail gun or something*? Leon Scott Kennedy- Knowledge of zombie like beings and marksmanship would be very useful. Red- I know almost no one on the forum and he's the closest thing to an actual friend i have on here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- srry for such a stupid plot ^^ *May or may not exist.
  24. Yes, I know this is a bit of a strange and perhaps odd question, but I was playing Fallout 3 earlier, after watching The Walking Dead (Which is amazing). This question popped into my head, which would be better for chances of survival? Zombie Apocalypse: While you may initially be safe, if most of the population becomes infected, there's no going back. Maybe a cure would be found, maybe not. Plus, being eaten doesn't sound nice. Nuclear Fallout: While yes, most of the population would probably be killed, those who survive may have a chance to rebuild. That's if radiation doesn't affect anything, and the world would be a much harsher place. Personally, I find it difficult to choose. If I had to, I'd probably go for Zombie Apocalypse. At least the world doesn't blow up...