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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am MisterPyrite. I am here because I have commited a terrible sin. I have unintentionally stolen from what I thought were abandoned buildings, and for that, I sincerely apologize. Please, let me atone for my sins and repay those who I have taken from. It is the only way I can redeem myself. I will not make the mistake of assumption again, and will learn from this. and before you ask, no, the admins didn't put me up to this, I'm doing this on my own accord. I cannot be forgiven, until I have atoned for my sins.
  2. I noticed yesterday one or two people came up with an idea of an apology thread so i did this for everyone just call your user and apologise just like this im sorry for losing contact with you do you accept my apology?
  3. I want you to know that I never meant to hurt you
  4. Say Hasbro really did something to cross us, something that either involves the show to cause a ratings drop, and or something involving the community that outrages us enough to cause a significant drop in MLP & EQG product sales as well as overwhelming hate mail for months on end. Hasbro extends the olive branch to it's most important demographic, the fanatical adult males w/ disposable income. It opens discussion as to what you would want to see happen regarding the show, the merchandise, what's legal and not legal regarding fan works, what types of MLP related products & media you would want made, etc. Basically, you get one wish from Hasbro regarding FiM. What would you ask for? What would you like to most see from the show, it's merch or hasbro itself? What fan work or character would like to see referenced, canonized or completely focused on? How would you like to see the community helped, supported and acknowledged? Up in the poll are just a few ideas. If you've got any of your own, please do list them. But try to be reasonable, and make sure it pertains to MLP, kay?
  5. This is a new monologue I wrote based on my apology letter to Bronies. I hope you guys like it and I would love to get feedback from you guy! Thank You!
  6. Hey guys... By now, many of you will have already read my most recent blog post that expressed my frustration at the forums, particularly the higher-ups, for not doing enough to be involved with the rest of the community and making them feel welcome. Well I wanted to apologize for harshness of tone and the manner through which I presented my frustrations. I happily say that the forums does do a fabulous job helping people out. While I still think the forums can do more for those less popular people who have their own talents to share, I realize that venting it out in anger wasn't the best way to express such concerns. Much of my frustration boiled over after my parents were hostile towards my intentions to pursue a Masters degree in Biochemistry in order to pursue a pharmacological career. My mom even called the professor's life "an easy one", and expressed nonchalantly and angrily that it was my life and that she didn't want anything to do with it anymore. Looking at the forums, I hastily saw that ignorant and cold-hearted spirit being played at many spheres in the forum community and that got me very frustrated. That being said, I still disagree in a forum that places hierarchy and popularity first. These are characteristics any forum should avoid at all costs. When I first joined the forums two years, I was never popular, but I never asked for it. I was already content with Feld0 continually interacting with the rest of us that made us realize that the mods were indeed human beings. Nowadays, that view is being jeopardized, most likely because of the massive growth the forums underwent, particularly in the last year, and an apparent complacency of forum members like me who have felt they've done enough to make the forums a better place. With a larger forums comes greater responsibilities for the mods. They've been less available due to the immense work they have to put in here and their real lives. I myself have undergone that same strain as a guild master in a free MMOPRG known as Spiral Knights. The fact the forums are still together now after this incredible size change says a lot about them. Although I see technical and social quirks and issues here and there, it's to be expected with such a large forum. Size is something we cannot control, but at least we can better organize our time for everyone. At least we can reply to people when we say we're busy, or at least we can give assurance that we read an interesting status update by replying to it. It's those little things that make members feel welcome here. We're not perfect, but at least we can try. That brings me to the World Cup itself. Despite the issues, the forums did a wonderful job helping me promote the 2014 MLPF World Cup, a tournament that had many aims, some of which were as follows: 1. To raise awareness of 2014 being a World Cup year and soccer as a worldwide sport brings people together. 2. To gather bronies together to share in their love for their favourite character, from the strongholds of the Mane 6 to the minnows of Mayor Mare and Dinky Doo. 3. To help artistic bronies realize their talents by drawing banners, trophies, and mascots through art contests. 4. To realize my dream of hosting a massive World Cup where a large chunk of the forums is involved (ie, at least 200-300 voters regularly) While the World Cup was largely successful in fulfilling the former two objectives, I still feel that the third and fourth objectives need fulfilling. While I realize that the final objective may be impossible, the third objective is still possible, and I was frustrated that the mods weren't getting to my request to update the announcement for the World Cup to include the contests for the artists. That was part of the issue that left me angered. Ok... now that I've said everything that needs to be said. I just wanted to conclude by apologizing again for any hostility I created through my anger. I was becoming frustrated at the people who felt left out, those people who I agreed with it. I was frustrated at my family for not caring about my future. I was frustrated with my friends for ignoring me when I tried to say anything. Finally, I was frustrated with my closest friends because they were always unable to reply promptly to private messages. The anger let out, and I couldn't control it. I will make sure to better control them from now on, and I will make sure to respond by contributing to the forums by making new friends with people who don't have any friends. That's what I wanted to end with. See a friend feeling lonely? Talk to em. See someone referring to something you know about in a status update? Reply to em. They may seem really small, but for someone feeling lonely, it means the whole world. That's what I aimed with the World Cup. Those wonderful pictures you guys post of very cute ponies and talking about your favourite pony. That's a huge step to making people feel welcome.
  7. If you remember that blog I made about playing through Pokemon Emerald, then I have news for all of you. It isn't good news...I ran into too many technical problems with that whole recording fiasco, and unfortunately had to close that project down. I am very, truly sorry. I know there were a few people who wanted to see that. To those people, I can only apologize for my failure. Don't lose hope yet though. Since I had to close it down, I will do something to make it up to all of you. As for what that is, I leave that for you to decide. Yes, I am putting myself at the forums mercy, oh boy...this won't end well. Unfortunately, it can't involve recording videos since that is where my problems lie, but I can attempt to do something else. Just name it. ANYTHING...ALMOST ANYTHING! All I ask is that you go easy on poor, silly me.
  8. Well, now that I've got your attention, HELLO EVERYPONY, I'M BACK!!! Wow, been awhile hasn't it? So as you can see, no, I am not dead thankfully. The truth is, well, I said some not so nice things about Thereisnospoon's Bane cosplay, and, well... he didn't take it too kindly. Things happened... Yeah, I'd rather not talk about i- wait, what am I saying, that's just the bad dream I had the other night after eating all those tacos. Anyways, where was I? Oh right, sorry, that's not what happened. I have two things for all you guys and gals today: a thank you and an apology. First, to each and every one of you on the forums, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the company, laughs, and fellowship you gave me this summer. I'm not gonna lie, this was a long and oftentimes trying summer; for those who don't know, I was interning up in Northern Michigan with a small nonprofit group, and working part time with a grocery store to get some money since I only got a limited stipend from the nonprofit. I had long hours and was in a very isolated location, away from friends, family, and even home wi-fi or reliable phone service. Basically, for almost 3 months, my most reliable means of communication with anyone has been through these forums. I couldn't go on Xbox Live, and it was even difficult to get in touch at times with my family given the poor phone reception and our busy schedules. On top of these difficulties, I had a pretty lousy supervisor at my internship; she was nice enough, but she was a poor motivator, not very organized, and despite having a lot of good ideas, she was not very good at getting volunteers to help out with our group. What that meant was that I got loaded with a crap ton of busy-work and didn't get much appreciation for it; it was kinda like working for a cross of OCD Twilight and stubborn, "A'hm not gonna take no help from nopony" Applejack, if that helps any of you picture what I was dealing with. So basically, I had to deal with a lot of stress from my supervisor, the cabin fever given the isolated nature of where I was at, how busy my two jobs kept me, and also a feeling of helplessness concerning some struggles my family's going through back home that I just haven't been in a position to help with this summer. That said, it's not like this was an entirely bad experience. I actually loved my second job at the grocery store; the coworkers and managers were great and actually appreciated my work, it was air conditioned, and I made some great friends. Heck, they even gave me a raise halfway through my stint! I also got a lot of great experience out of this whole thing, despite its difficulties. I think maybe another reason it was difficult was because I was coming down from my college graduation "the world's at my fingertips" high, but hey, that's life for ya. Still, in spite of these admitted positives I have no doubt that one of the most important blessings God's kept in my life to get me through this whole experience has been you guys. Whenever I needed cheering up, a good laugh, and some virtual shoulders to lean on for support, you guys have always been here this summer. I cannot begin to express just how very much everything you guys have done for me this summer has meant nor how it's helped me get through any stress or hard times I've had to deal with. From the bottom of my heart, just, thank you guys for always being there and for being such great friends. I couldn't have gotten through this without the magic of your friendship! Come here you guys!!! Huh, where did they come from? Darn kids, gotta stop leaving the door open... Anyways, now that that's said, on to the second part of this blog post: the apology. "But Batbrony, what could you possibly be apologizing for?" you may ask. Good question random citizen, allow me to explain from the beginning. But in order to do so properly, I'm gonna need some help from the only man, or rather, anchorman more capable of doing so than me: Ron Burgundy. What? We dabble in jazz flute together. Anywho, let's start from the beginning. Basically, I made a mistake last week. A BIG mistake. Like, ginormous, "Holy-cow-why-did-you-just-do-that?" mistake. It took two seconds stupidity to make, but hey, that's all that was needed for the damage to be done. Basically, it was tantamount to this: And at the time, I was just as unaware I'd done anything wrong as Ron was. But what I did was wrong. It was stupid, inexcusable, crass, unchristian, and blatantly against the forum's rules, and I am truly ashamed for what I did. When I did finally learn just what a mistake I'd made, I was this shocked: Despite the fact that this was a completely unintentional mistake, it was hardly innocent, and for any mistake there must be consequences. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, so I'll just come out and say it; I was suspended. I won't say who suspended me, nor what for specifically, but it did definitely hurt. For about the first couple hours I fell pretty hard (brace yourselves people, we're going to some dark places ): Then after I got over the initial shock, I fell a little harder: That was about... the first 12 hours or so. I couldn't get in touch with anyone, not even on FimFic, and I was just petrified that a few friendships had been jeopardized by all this. But, this is where the story takes a turn for the better. After going to God in prayer, and finally getting in touch with one of my best buddy's from the forums, I was able to considerably calm down and figure out the best course of action. I realized that there was no point in bitching and moaning about this; I made a mistake, and just because I've been around for awhile that does not put me above the rules. The forums have rules, I broke one, and for that I needed to suffer the consequences. I'm thankful to the moderators for cracking down on this, because it truly goes to show that nobody is above the rules in the slightest. More importantly for me personally, it humbled me in a good way; I think things had been going so well on the forums for awhile, that I actually may have developed a bit of a pride problem even. Not much, but I certainly didn't see something like this coming and should've known it would after the boneheaded mistake I made. Anyways, once I realized just what a poor judgment I'd made and that this suspension was the right response to my poor decision, I concluded that the best thing to do would be, not come back angry, hotheaded, and full of bitterness, but rather, FIX IT, starting now. And so, to Feld0, the staff, my friends and brony and pegasister companions, and the whole MLP Forums community, I say this: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for letting you all down, I'm sorry for breaking the rules and doing what I did, and overall I'm just sorry for doing something I shouldn't have done in the first place. It was wrong, and I am going to do my best to ensure that it never happens again. I pledge to more than ever be the best forum member I can possibly be, to spread friendship and fellowship to as many of you as I can, and to do my best to uphold and promote the principles and virtues that both MLP and the forums strive to embody and promote themselves, namely, pure, sincere friendship. I'm going to try my best to tone down however crass my humor may have gotten, given the younger ages of some forum goers; after all, the last thing I'd ever want to do is reflect badly on these forums, especially as such an old, longtime member. All I can ask of you is that you might accept this apology and have me back. The best thing I can do at this point is put this all behind me, move on and learn from my mistake, and get back to the way things were before, but only better. Before I sign off, I'd like to thank a few notable names. I'd like to thank Feld0 and the staff for always upholding and enforcing the rules of the forums; these guys rock and we should all appreciate the fine job they do to maintain this site. I'd like to thank anyone, particularly in the Christian Brony Group, who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Your support was much appreciated. And finally I'd like to thank DashForever for being about the best friend a guy could be through all this. Dude helped me get over my initial shock and determine to come back ready to be the best brony I can be, and also gave me some much needed company online during the past week. Also, as a thank you to the forums for all your support this summer, I'm going to dedicate the next chapter of my fanfic, "Batmare Begins" to all you guys! My friends, the moderators, anyone on the forums, Chapter 3 (which is currently being edited) will be dedicated to you and anyone else who helped get me through the summer! Finally, I'd like to ask that none of you delve further into this warning matter, because there's nothing more that need be said and publicly discussing warnings is strictly against forum rules. I made a mistake, I recognize that I made a mistake, and I rightfully suffered a consequence for that mistake; there is no controversy or complaint to be made here. All I intend to do as a result of this episode is learn from my mistake and correct my behavior in whatever ways I must. The rest of you should learn from this as well and just always strive to do your best to follow the rules in turn. After all, the rules are only there to help us build and maintain the absolutely best and most harmonious forum we possibly can have; they're there for our benefit and nothing else, and so just go and follow them guys, or at least do your best to. So, all that said, let's do what we do best and get back to some fun, friendly, forum shenanigans! Thank you everypony for your friendship, and by my muffiny fists of justice I swear that I will do my best not to let any of you down like this ever again. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit... to the forums... so really it's more like a return to the forums if you think about it, but, oh buck, you know what, buck it, I'm just off* Here's to more pony fun and shenanigans with all my friends on MLP Forums. Cheers!!!
  9. This is an idea of mine that I've come up with just today. I'm sure that some of you fellow bronies and pegasisters wish that everybody who heartlessly disowned Twilight after not believing her about the fake Cadence at the end of "A Canterlot Wedding: Part 1" all should have apologized to her one by one, eventhough I believe that it counts that Applejack herself apologized on behalf of all who turned on Twilight, so I personally invite all of you to come up with your own apology letters to Twilight written by Twilight's friends, brother, and mentor for the way they ditched her like she deserved it or something, which of course she didn't. I await your results!
  10. Just for fun, I'd like to post a campaign in these forums called "Apology Letters To Twilight" where users can come up with their own apology letters to Twilight Sparkle from her friends and brother and even Celestia for not believing Twilight about the evil Cadence in the Canterlot Wedding story. Is there anywhere in these forums where I can start this campaign?
  11. XrosOver


    This entry is an apology for me ranting and raving the last time I was on. I was simply being immature and lost my composure. I had no reason to be angry and again I apologize. I promise that this will be the final time I become enraged for no justifiable reason (on the internet, in real life all bets are off).
  12. Hello. For all of those who read my thread about drama and replied, I am very very sorry. This was the most stupid things I ever did on these forums. I was just getting tired of all the drama. It was my fault for making such a stupid thread. I just don't know why I did this heartless thing? Help and support on these forums really are useful. I know that because everypony is supposed to help someone when they have very terrible problems. That's what friends do for everypony. Please don't think of me as a mean, cruel jerk. That is not me. I felt so frustrated when I made that thread. I was actually expecting people talking about drama except for thinking that I do not want dramatic topics on the forums. I was getting fed up. And people mistaken me for not caring about other peoples problems. I care with all my heart for anypony. I was pretty much whining. I just want this to be over with. I don't want to be the hated one. Please forgive me for doing this crazy thing. That is not who I am. I hope that everpony will not hate me anymore for doing such a thing. I am completely honest that I am a caring person. I just didn't think twice to what I was doing. I will never ever in my life make such a ridiculous topic. So can we forget about this thing and have brohoofs and hugs?