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Found 56 results

  1. So which do you prefer? Apple or Android? For me, it's gotta be Android all the way
  2. Considering how Windows XP support's demise is just around the corner ( April 8th ), what are your plans? me myself, I've gone Linux, and haven't really looked back ( in fact my newly installed win7 install is ticking me off. lol ).
  3. The Pony above gives you an apple. How do you respond?
  4. This is going to scare you, but that is exactly what the truth does. All information is directly from this website: Also, thanks to my college's Executive Director of Information Technology for making me aware of this issue through email. The following is the direct words of the website, all credit goes to them: (Quote begins) "Mobile surveillance apps and programs remain prevalent in the free apps we use every day. This problem mainly affects Android users, however jailbroken iPhones are victims as well. As of this writing, Android represents about 85% of all mobile smartphones sold worldwide. A much larger attack vector for bad actors. The main difference in Android and iPhone apps lies in the marketplaces. Google allows third party marketplaces while Apple iPhones use a store controlled by Apple (called a walled garden). All apps coming through the iTunes Store has to be approved by Apple. This has pros and cons depending on who you ask, but without doubt it gives Apple more control over the security in the apps. A jailbroken iPhone is where the owners perform an unapproved action to unlock the phone from Apple's control. This allows unapproved third party marketplaces and apps to be installed. Many Google users love the open architecture of the Android and its ability to use multiple sources for apps and content. This very openness is what opens those phones up to more security risks. There are a large number of cyber security people that are also interested in privacy. The short reason is that when you share data, use social media, allow location tracking, and allow access to your data you open yourself up to more security risks. You are creating a larger attack surface for someone to steal your ID, manipulate you, be the victim of a phish, or worse. So to me, privacy and security are related. Free apps often come with a large price tag. The ToS, also known as the Terms of Service, often give the app makers access to your private data and other information you may not be aware of. One example is Angry Birds. This popular app collected so much information that government agencies just hacked Rovio instead of hacking users to get information on private citizens, and why not? The plethora of data Angry Birds collected was impressive, all while you were shooting birds at green pigs. Some of these "free" apps can also come with surveillance software bundled in behind the scenes, secretly stealing even more information. After extensive research into current surveillance packages on the market. Here is what attackers can get from your Android phone: Turn on Microphone and Record Audio Track Device Location (Current and Historical) Record Screen Through Applications Like What's App Drop Calls From Blacklists Get Device Information (IMEI, Phone Number, Battery Life, Storage usage, Etc) Record Keystrokes (to steal passwords) Access Videos and Music Read and Delete Text Messages Retrieve Contacts Get Further Instructions So how is all this possible on an Android phone? You allow it. The phones prompt you when launching the app to give it access to this information. most users just click Yes or Okay. So to reiterate that point, this software is not an exploit. You are allowing it. Why do they get this data? So they can sell it. That is how the pay for the apps. You are not a customer, you are the product. They are selling you and your identity. So next time you want to grab a free app, think carefully." (Quote ends) That conclusion was very scary and bone-chilling. Alarming, isn't it? Well for me, it's goodbye to my Android tablet. It won't be missed. This reminds me of Facebook, how people get into your information and sell it online. Looks like it can happen on Android as well. At least we can trust Apple. How can we tell that what was said in the quote is 100% accurate? Look at your Android apps permissions, they say it all. Look at what your Android apps can do to your device. It's stupid when you think about it. Why the heck (I'm really pissed just thinking about it) would your games and apps need those stupid permissions for? Are you going to let Android hold your life in it's unprotective hands? What are your thoughts on this?
  5. As seen on the newest episode of My Little Pony, there was a mysterious Apple Family member playing the violin during the "Raise This Barn" song. Does she have a name, or am I just missing out? If she doesn't have a name, then I wonder what she will be called...
  6. Special thanks to Whompy for finding this for me: So Apple is cutting production of the iPhone X in half from the expected 40 million units. This in effect lost over $45 billion for the company in share value. Now this is not to say the company is danger, but it's clear they got a little cocky with the iPhone X. At the value of $1,000 a phone it was perhaps foolish to expect to sell so many. This strikes me as good news for Apple because it might get them back into the mentality they had with the Plus size phones and the higher storage option models where they only produced a small number recognized they were niche market items. The iPhone X wasn't a terrible idea, but for the price of $1,000 Apple vastly overestimated what consumers were willing to pay. I'm glad this move failed because we actually were starting to see a slightly more price effective Apple before it with the cheap new iPad, the improving value of their laptops and iMacs, and the iPhone SE being an economy iPhone. I am hoping by the failure of this overpriced item Apple gets back on track to making more low cost items for consumers. Thoughts?
  7. Mesme convinces AJ, that it wouldn't hurt to just relax and eat one apple from her trees. At first, AJ wasn't sure, but the very stubborn pony soon felt deeply relaxed by Mesmes eyes, thinking that his idea dosen't sound so bad, making her smile a bit.
  8. Hi, everypony, No offense at all, I loved the movie a lot and it was really more than I expected, but there were still couple of things I wanted to see, although I knew some of them would not happen, so I want your idea by voting, which one of the cases disappointed you the most? Which One Did You Dislike The Most About The Movie? -Starlight and Trixie had no dialogues at all. -We only saw the CMC at one scene, in a cage. -Fluttershy only had few lines. -There was no Discord at all. (not counting the balloon that Pinkie Pie made xD) Vote for it, I wanna see your opinion. Not in the section? Still just pick the one that you wished to happen the most then. Peace!
  9. So I have been thinking this over some. Ponies and their naming policy. By far they seem arbitrary in the generation but since logic can be inserted into them I have done just that. First inspection to pony names seems rather shallow and whimsical, but then after dissecting the names and some open speculation I've gathered a few pony name rules. Let's start fro the first ball of yarn: Apple family. What we have here,is a family that has been introduced to us in a relatively thorough manner and from our given knowledge Apple is the family name and any conjuncture to Apple is the actual name of the individual. This however presents us few problems, sure names like Bloom and Pie and Caramel are easy to understand as female names, but with names like Jack, from Applejack is not too feminine and AJ therefore was named with a masculine name or her name is actually shortened from something like Jacqueline or other Jackish name. And the fact that Caramel Apple as well as Apple Fritter are both names that are not combined up to a single name like Applejack means that Applejack likely is not Applejacks proper name but a nickname. Also the placement of pony last name seems generally random in the case of apple family and names are then paired in a manner that sounds good vocally rather than by order of first name -> last name or the reverse. Also then there are cases like Big Macintosh and Granny Smith who both are of course breeds of apple but are not named with a family name indicating several possibilities. In case of Big Mac we have obviously a case of name where family name is omitted for convenience, his real name likely is Apple Macintosh and he just got named "Big" due his most outstanding feature of size. Then the case of Granny Smith. Another case of masculine name or last name that differs from family name. With her we have the generation excuse at play. It could be that Granny smith marries to family of Smiths and her daughter then married to family of Apple, Making Granny AJ's maternal grandparent. And her maiden-name was likely something else. Her cutiemark suggests that she might be even related to Pie family. Then let's move on to the Family of Pie since we have a little bridge here to cross. Pie family Pie family, Granny Pie as well as Pinkamina Diane Pie share a last name, and Mrs Cake likely was named Pie before marrying Mr. Cake, making her Pinkies possible aunt. Bellamina Marie Pie, Pinkies dark grayish lavender sister also can be assumed to share Pinkies style of name. Her parents names we do not know but what we do know is that Pinkie Pie does share a similar strict naming we can assign to Twilight Sparkle. Sparkle Family Sparkles are unicorns, and likely then follow a more strict name policy in general. Sparkle family seems small and it can be that Unicorns due extremely long lifespan are allowed to have a limited number of offspring to prevent population growth, making generally unicorn family names a little less commonplace. Rarity's last name we don't know but I assume it to be same as Sweetie Belle's: Belle But since this is all speculation I will leave it at that. But Rarity Belle has a nice ring to it. Dash Rainbow Dash's family name likely is Dash, Until there's more Dash Background I dare not venture there either. And then the more complex cases like Fluttershy and Scootaloo pose questions whether these are combination names like Applejack or their last names just are not revealed.
  10. Bat ponies, race of ponies who have bat-like features, often with extra fluff at the end of their ears, have fangs, and slitted-pupil eyes. Most of them have grayish coats and can screech. People are often divided on head-canons, especially when it comes to diet (blood drinkers vs fruit eaters), but most agree that they are affiliated with the night, as well as Princess Luna and her Night Guard. Though, most people agree that the Hollow Shades is one of the only towns populated mostly/solely by bat ponies, if not the only town. Another possible location for the bat ponies is the Equestrian Badlands. However; What if bat ponies were able to infect others, crave blood instead of fruits and willing to bite other ponies? How would Equestria be like?
  11. Applebloom is my favorite CMC member! x3
  12. Well I'm LONG overdue for a phone. I have an old Samsung sliding keyboard phone that isn't even Android. It's battery is pretty toasted and it doesn't pick up a signal as good as it used to. Anyway, I'm wondering if I should get an iPhone or Android phone next. I've used both and don't have a preference one way or the other at this point. I'm going to use it for calls, texting, and some internet use- although not too much because the small size aggravates the crap out of me being used to my multi-monitor computer setup. I will also be using apps for various devices such as a smart thermostat in my house. I'm good with technology but in general am not super interested in phones or researching them. So, what type should I get? My carrier will be Verizon. Please be useful and specific with your answers and reasons.
  13. Now, I know I'm on hiatus, but I really wanted to get this one off my chest. Consider this entry as a bonus episode, mkay? I like to stay up to date on all things computers. Whether it be the announcement of the Nintendo NX, or the release of Intel's new 10-Core Processor line. It doesn't matter to me; knowing it's out there is good enough to satisfy my craving for faster Specs. Recently, I received the honor of watching the Apple Conference, who, presented their new iPhone 7. Do I have anything against the iPhone? Yes, actually I do. I despise Apple products and their company. Why? It's quite simple. People, this generation of brats, keep trying to find "slim" products to satisfy their fetish for more space in their pockets. In a way, computers today have become a market of companies who compete to create the slimmest laptop. Why do I have a problem with this? Because it destroys the market! We're turning otherwise great computers into potatoes! Wanna get a Chromebook? Sure thing! Hold on while I remove the fan so it can fit in your pants. Wanna buy a top-of-the-line gaming laptop with 4K compatibility? Sure thing! Lemme just remove the Disk Drive so you can't take advantage of any of it! See what I'm going at? Thin computers are okay, but do we really have to sacrifice performance and capability to make it so? What's the point of a 4K gaming laptop if you can't watch 4K movies, or use install disks? I know people rarely buy physical copies, but I'm the kind of person who likes to have a large collection of DVDs or Game Cases. Sure, I'll buy a couple of games on Steam, but what's the point if you can't have that hard plastic to prove you bought it? Why do I give Apple so much crap? Because the computer market today is evolving and Apple is just holding us back. As I mentioned above, Intel released a new processor that completely destroys the rest. 10 Terabyte hard drives are being developed and Nvidia released one of the most powerful GPUs to date, the "Titan X". With these in mind, Apple is no longer the top of the food-chain. They keep trying to reinvent the same old idea like it's some kind of Call of Duty formula. The world's trying to become more powerful in technology, and Apple isn't helping. Their OS, El Capitan, is crap compared to Win10, and even the critics say so (go on, check the stars rating). Their hardware is about as powerful as my Nintendo 64. Apple 4K? Psh, crap. For a price that trumps the rest, you don't get much. Why we still have Apple is a mystery to me. I'd choose Linux XFCE4 over Apple any day. -RealityPublishing (Yes, I'm working on Season Finale Part 2)
  14. This is applejack bored I was out for along time but i came to see hows it going
  15. So I just had my first exposure to drop casting today and whoo-wee was it fun! For those who may not know, drop-casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold which contains a cavity carved in a certain shape and then allowing it to cool and solidify. Pewter is a "white metal" which means it has a very low melting point(450 F - 575 F) and hardens very quickly. It's something I've been wanting to try for a very long time and I'm pleased with the results. Still a little sprue cleanup to do but done for the most part. Note: The pendants are not flawed the holes are meant to be there. I wanted them to have an organic or eldritch look to them, originally vining plants but the channels weren't deep enough and it changed into something I found much cooler. Lemme know what y'all think!
  16. Grogar needs to be a thing in season 5, seriously
  17. OK, so I just started rewatching "Bloom and Gloom," and you'll never believe what I noticed Babs's scissor cutie mark looked like upon closer inspection! That's right, the base of the scissors looks like a sliced apple, with seeds near the center and even a little green stem on the side. I guess there's not much to discuss about this since it's just a fun little observation (probably signifies her being a part of the Apple family rather than anything to do with her special talent itself), but feel free to chat about any other fun observations you've all made about other cutie marks in the show.
  18. So, I dropped my iphone on the floor. Doesn't seem different since I've done it many times. But now, it won't turn on. The vibrate still works, but the screen doesn't.
  19. May be This was not the year for me. Not my year of great achievement, Not my year of Finding love or not my year for making a name for myself. No this has not been my year and it has not been Wolf's year. From my birth to the year 2000 I had something in me. I had courage, pride, joy, strength, will, curiosity and I had something here *Puts Paw on heart* However that Year...I lost it all and became a shell of who I truly was and became a ghost to all. I never fit in, I stayed to myself not giving anything. when I opened up I kept my cards close to my chest only showing what I wanted ponies and people to see and that was not much. I never kept a diary I never shared the full truth and I kept secrets that may never be heard ever again. I will admit I have heart Ponies and people, not often Physically in fact hardly Physically and some emotionally. Always non intentionally more often then not purely on accident. I have had friend become enemy's and some friends lost. I have made some enemy's friends and mixed with the good and the bad. However in the mist of it all I was always alone. since then I made a shell and many layers of walls to protect me. I had the skin of a dragon, the swiftness of a wolf, the cunning of a demon and the face of an angle. DDWA was what I created and they protected me from 2000 to 2013 it was in the last six months of 2013 I was introduced to a witch needs no introduction, but hay may as well. I was introduced to a show I thought was meant for girls "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" A friend suggested it so I thought I would indulge her request and watch the first two episodes as they were linked making one...literally the two episodes were streamed as one Part one and two. after watching the one episode i kept going and going and over six months of broken viewing I watched all of them up to 2014 January 1st so while I waited for new episodes I hunted answers as to when it will come out and I found the site MLPForums and By 29th January I developed a Pony sona/Wolf and began a true journey of my own. Little did i realize that yes the many years from 2000 to 2014 were not my years, Pain, anger, frustration, loss, bullying and having no real direction. However that changed because what died in 2000 was being born again. So no I had nothing, but now. I have been here just over a year January 29th was when Phoenix landed here and he is here to stay. We came here to find answers to a question we no longer remember and we came here finding more then we barged for. We met AppleGearRising. It was funny I was writing my first draft of my story and me and Apple had spoken a little and I liked his personality so I asked If I could use his OC or him in my book. Sadly he declined as he did not have an OC but he did offer assistance. We truly connected when he spoke of having a bad day so we had a PM chat hoping I could brighten it up and judging by what was said it helped. we then spoke on and off for a while until 20th of march and that is when I met Nick 1925. He Commented on a status Apple made and I could see he cared about Apple so I had a chat with him and went well I guess. He was a little uneasy about me but we quickly got traction in a conversation at the time. He strongly resembled Fluttershy because he was off and then I mentioned something he was passionate about he then went slightly excited but like Fluttershy quickly wound back down. However we kept talking until we has a stable ground in which he could confidently talk with me. then we, being me and Wolf, Nick and Apple began really communicating and we formed an almost brotherly tie, Like family. I have every message I ever sent them here on the forum and between them we have had over 1200 replies to one-another and in every reply we have been truthful and kind. I once said that between the three of us we could have used the Elements of harmony And I would not tread ether of them for anything...and I mean anything. you see over the past year I have been rebuilding my tru self and that is Phoenix, but I did not truly create him...My family did. My brothers, who I have never met. However I trust them more then any one else...I trust them like they were my true brothers and I love them the same way to....and unconditionally to. They could tell me anything and my view on them would not matter what they said. We are Family and that is all that matters to me.
  20. Granny Smith Source of vast knowledge and wisdom. Aged and respected member of the Ponyville community. Beloved member of the prolific Apple Family. Stern talker-to of Zap Apple Jam jars. Geriatric comedian. And, believe it or not, she was young once! Post, fellow Granny Smith fans. POST AWAY! Note: for the variety of apple (not the pony), seek out the produce section of the nearest grocery store.
  21. So we hear about how people becoming Bronies and how much it impacted their life. Many of us have that story. But right now, I'm curious about the non life changing things the show has done for you. Very small addtions/subtations to your life that wont change it but just make it different because you are a Brony With me, when I here of Apple, I no longer think of the Computer Company but an actual apple, not to mention our sweet friend Applejack It also Takes me a second to remember that is a cereal. "we're eating Applejacks, you want some?" *Horrid gasp by me for a second* Im not scared of butterflies now The MLP Forums have made me a bit less shy when I talk to people (im still working on approaching people) Im trying to convert a friend (i dont think it will work, but I hope so anyway) I subtly and unsubtly trying to see if people I know are bronies
  22. Alright, thanks to my baby sister, she cracked the glass on my Ipad. The one year warranty is up but there is the option of purchasing the Applecare+ plan to extend the warranty as I'm just under the two year window at the moment. Should I make this purchase as I need to get this ipad repaired. Thank you.
  23. Not all of us are fans of IOS games. But sometimes, one might stumble upon a surprisingly good game in the App Store. Or a really terrible one. My list includes; Best: - Plants Vs. Zombies 2. After the pay-to-win system was removed, it became a really fun game. - Despicable Me: Minion Rush. A really fun endless runner. Those Minions really crack me up! XD - Ninja Slash. Another fun endless runner. - Starwarfare: Alien Invasion. A fun third person shooter. Worst: - Dragon Box 2. This is supposed to be educational?! - Godzilla Strike Zone. I wish to forget how horrible those controls were... - Bounty Hunter Black Dawn. Such a boring game... How about you?
  24. I thought I might pair these two for pictures: Two generations...5 years apart from each other.
  25. Hi guys! Soooooo...I am EXTREMELY new to the Ponyverse, but I have a SERIOUS passion for music. Does anyone have any advice on how to get more involved in any musical projects? How to get involved more in my area (Orlando, FL)? Since I am new, I just thought there may be a forum, website, experienced Brony musician, etc. that may explain all of this somewhere. I am a singer/voice actor. Here is a snippet of my work...please listen all the way to the end as I do Applejack, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, AND Pinkie Pie's voices in this video. It's a cover of "Apples to the Core." Would appreciate any help/advice anyone out there can give...good or bad! Thanks in advance for the help! Tenacity