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Found 6 results

  1. Note: This episode is scheduled to air on Australia's Boomerang Channel on June 21 at 1:40AM EST, 10:40PM PST. Title: The Perfect Pear Air Date (Australia/Boomerang): June 21, 2017, scheduled time 3:40 PM in one of Australia's time zones. Air Date (U.S./Discovery Family): August 5, 12 noon EST Writer: N/A Summary: "The Apple Siblings learn about their parent's love story and find out that they're half Pear." Streams: If it does air, and someone uploads it onto DailyMotion and/or YT, I'll link it. Poll's added! Credit to @Jeric for all but the top and bottom. DM (early-aired, Standard Def): DM (Discovery Family, HD):
  2. So, the most recent episode pretty much confirmed 100% that AJ's parents are dead: So here's the million dollar question that has been asked a million times before: How do you think they died?
  3. So, this idea needs a lot of work and any plot holes or anything like that are because this is only starting to form. So, I was thinking, I really want the show to end with a big, game-changing finale in a similar vein to shows like Gravity Falls and Avatar: The Last Airbender, so me and my 8-year old sister have been discussing what the last ever MLP episode would be if it were up to us. It would be a three-parter, because there really is a lot to our idea. It would take too long to explain the plot, so I'm gonna go over each featured character and explain their arc. However, I will say the basic plot is that it is revealed that Celestia and Luna actually have a brother (let's call him TBA because we don't have a name tbh), who was meant to return from his banishment at the same time as Nightmare Moon (there's a twist - it's revealed that Luna turned evil because of TBA's power to do so and NOT because of jealousy). It has been four years at the time of this finale since Luna returned, so everyone is on red alert. Well, of course he does so (he's an allicorn and harbors extremely powerful magic and manipulation powers) and it's up to all these characters to stop him. Twilight Sparkle: - Helps to defeat TBA. Her and the rest of the Mane Six attempt to use the Elements of Harmony but they are useless against him At the end of Part 3, she becomes the new Princess of the Moon, taking Luna's place (read on and it'll make sense). Applejack: - It is revealed that there is an afterlife in the MLP universe and in that scene, she gets to finally see Pear Butter and Bright McIntosh again. Rainbow Dash: - Has been giving Scootaloo flying lessons for several months and with the help of Tirek (more of that later), she performs a sonic rainboom with her at one point. Fluttershy: - When TBA announces his plans to enslave other dimensions as well as Equestria (there may be an Equestria Girls link!!), Fluttershy immediately heads to Discord's and a romance between the pair is developed across the parts. Discord helps defeat TBA. Pinkie Pie: Don't know really. Rarity: She is forced to reject Spike when he finally confesses to her, but they remain friends. The CMC: We finally see them fight alongside The Mane Six They are the ones who fetch the Elements and there is a possible Timberwolf fight scene in the Everfree Forest when they do so. Princess Celestia: Is killed by TBA. Now, this sounds CRAZY, but hear me out: we see both Luna (who is also killed) and Celestia in the afterlife sequence, so they aren't completely gone. Princess Cadance: Becomes the new Princess of the Sun. Flurry Heart: All I'm gonna say is she is the key to defeating TBA. Tirek: Queen Chrysalis helps him break out of prison and they go to exact revenge on both Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six; however, after Chrysalis is enslaved by TBA, he decides to join forces with the Mane Six. His power is what enables Cadance and Twilight to take Luna and Celestia's places, and enable Scootaloo to finally be equal to Rainbow Dash in flying!! Starlight Glimmer: Becomes the new Princess of Friendship!!! OTHER NOTES: Starswirl the Bearded is also the KEY to defeating TBA. I don't know how yet but there has to be something about him in there. G1 and G2 characters like the Seaponies Wavedancer and Seawinkle will make appearances.
  4. This is my first brony song ever. And the first song I've ever put on youtube. I hope you'll excuse the way less than professional music, but do you like the lyrics?
  5. I have always loved Applejack and it is something I have said many times but with today being the 2nd anniversary of my fathers death I am reminded of one of the reasons that I believe really sealed the deal for me and made me have a strong bond with Applejack in particular and there is a hint in the picture below. The death of Applejacks parents, orphans have been a long time trope in literature, TV, comics, cartoons, video games and just every media that has ever existed and ever will exist but something about Applejack's case in particular is special to me. It is never explicitly stated in the show itself because it was judged to be too tragic for the show's "target audience" but is confirmed by the writers and was hinted at in Apple Family Reunion which is my favorite episode of the series. But again what about Applejack's story pulls at my heartstrings? It is because these experiences remind me a great deal of my own. Applejack faced hardship early on by having to take responsibility for the family farm and to help raise her younger sister Applebloom and while my experience wasn't exactly like that there is a lot of similarity. I was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism after exhibiting severe behavioral problems and losing what little language I had, I had to work a lot harder just to learn things that most people take for granted like basic socialization, what is appropriate and innapropriate, how to handle stress and even learning how to talk. Fast forward to age 12 and though I still had many issues I was on the school honor role and though I did go through bullying did have some friends but it was at this time that my grandmother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 64 which is only 4 years older than my mother is now. Fast forward to my early 20's and my grandfather is in a coma due to complications of trying to remove a brain tumor and as per his will the feeding tube was pulled which I had serious moral concerns with and still do to this day. And then there is of course my father he was sick for most of his adult life he nearly died from Polio during his childhood, and nearly died from Lupus sometime in his 20's or 30's and one of his kidneys failed in 1995. My Mom stepped in at the time and gave him one of her kidneys which lasted 8 years. After that kidney failed he despite some difficulties was able to take care of himself albeit with some assistance but after a nasty infection and drug interaction in 2008 his condition slowly deteriorated to the point where my Mom and I had to help take care of him. He wasn't strong enough to go through another transplant so that was out and after years of suffering his body finally gave out on March 13th, 2012. My Dad has been there for me since I could remember, no matter how sick he was and how much he suffered he always thought of me, my brother and my mom and I am glad that I could be there for him in the last few years of his life. While Applejack's younger sister Applebloom unlike my father was is actually healthy the fact that she along with her older brother Big Macintosh and Granny Smith had to all help take care of her still reminds me of my mom and I banding together to take care of my dad and to me is a sad but also very inspiring story. The fact that Applejack was able to go through something like that which would destroy so many and come out of it stronger to me shows a lesson that is important for everyone and it is that even when times are tough that hope can still burn bright.