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Found 31 results

  1. Something struck me when looking over Princess ember in the newest episode and her armor; Is it just me or are helmets in this show often just really uncomely? Like, armor often looks really good, but when it comes tot the helmets or headgear that they package alongside body armor for characters, they tend to fall flat. Ember's helment looked way too "Busy", being overly large and obstructive, and past helmets, like the generic and over used Spartan helmet that all ponies seem to wear with armor, just look like a turn off. It just seems like the artists of the show have a hard time coming up with good headgear designs.
  2. drew some shining aromor todayyy
  3. I've been working on this project for some time now, and mustered the will needed to finish it in spite of the consistent hindrances I found within my schedule. So, here it is. If you do find any inconsistency, do point it out to lend a hand to my improvement. After all, if I truly want to dedicate to art every single error must be corrected. Cheers! (Eeyup, I got remarkably lazy with the door)
  4. For those of you familiar with league of legends, you should be able to recognize this as azir in pony form! For those of you not familiar with league of legends, this looks like a pony in (hopefully) cool looking armor! As always, critique is accepted and appreciated. This is just a sketch, though I may go ahead and color this. It's mainly just practice for armor on ponies. Fitting, since azir is one of my favorite champions.
  5. Here's a question: If the show were to make a toy of one of the characters with armor, as an accessory that could be taken on or off, do you think the item would sell well enough to justify it as a collectible type item (Along the same lines of things like shadowbolt rainbow dash or queen chrysalis in its marketing)? The toys are aimed at little girls primarily after all, and even the collectible ones aimed at bronies are still meant to get a few of the target audience in sales. So do you think a toy of one of the mane six with armor and armor accessories (helmet, royal guard style armor to put on/take off the body) would sell? Such as something based on the royal guard armor dash's commander hurricane costume?
  6. Hello all! I'm new here, so I'll just go ahead and share a bit of my artwork. Let's start with my OC (my ponysona to be exact) in some armour! And now, Twilight with some armour! Let me know what you think!
  7. Hi there. Well, I've been working a bit with greyscales lately. It's been a remarkable struggle, but I think that finally something decent came out of it. Original. Alternative. Any feedback?
  8. newest addition to the DnD universe characters I have been working on for some friends hope you enjoy
  9. I poured my heart and soul into this one and I love how it turned out and I hope you all enjoy it as much as me please comment and critique here is the base I used, also made by me. and for all of you who needed a color version thank Phoenix
  10. another addition to the RP universe me and a few friends have created please comment and critique
  11. This took a freaking long time to finish due to an exaggerated amount of random issues that thought that haunting my poor soul was entertaining. So, here's my OC with an armor: Darker version: Brighter version (Too notice more details): What do you guys think?
  12. While I was looking at the armor in Castle Mane-ia, and I notice something about the armor. The muzzle piece of the helmets are pointed and curved, like a mare's, not blunt and straight, like a stallion's. With this observation, it seems that most, if not all, of the guards were females. Also, all of suits also have horns, giving the impression that they were all unicorns as well. This brings the question of when did they change from a female, singular race system to the male, multi-race system the currently have? I guessing shortly after the Nightmare Moon insentient, but feel free to give my your thoughts and theories.
  13. Armored Rainbow Dash Here's one of my drawings of my project, following the collection of armor, hope you like it, to Rainbow Dash should only give something to the time of his incredible potential with its elegant wings and her extraordinary speed.
  14. just thought i´d share this with you guys. messed up a lot of things here, but all in all i learned a lot from painting it. it still needs a name, anyone can think of something fancy?^^
  15. I have a deviantART account if y'all wanna see it, and I drew a picture of MY version of Dash in armor! She's all mature in this picture. :3
  16. I've been working on these two drawings since a few days ago, and I just finished these. Personally, I'm a big fan of Rarity and Flash, and of course for other ponies out there, but here I just want to focus on these two. Traditional artwork for Flash Sentry I like Flash Sentry because I find him a really cool character, even though he's not that interesting concerning about his personality according to canon results, but even so I tried to bring out something different from him were he's practically doing something. I imagine him that he's in a battle, in which he lost his helmet, and got a scratch, etc. but still has the guts to courageously continue the fight. Digital artwork for Rarity And Rarity, we all know the fabulous Rarity. I really like her because I can really relate to her when it comes to her admiration to fashion. I myself am very familiar with fashion, even for the women, so all her dress-making capabilities are not much of a mystery to me. I also added the gems in the drawing because that is her trademark design to her creations. So, I hope you like it guys
  17. So. This is the design of the Equestrian Cavalry's armor. First off, the cav. The Cavalry is basically Equestria's main infantry force for combatting foreign threats. Their specialty is attacking from the air, and quickly moving to secure objectives. They are much like the 1st air cav early in the Vietnam war, but rather than helicopters, they ride in chariots pulled by pegasi. Their armor is protective, but allows them to move freely, as opposed to a full suit of armor. The shoulder pieces are marked with the symbol of Celestia's cutie mark, the sun. In addition to the armor, The soldiers wear leggings over their shoes, on all four legs. The tail is uncovered, as is the flank, allowing for more freedom of movement. Their weapon is a magical energy rifle. When the Changelings attacked Canterlot, a weapons designer witnessed Pinkie Pie using Twilight Sparkle as a weapon. He then set out to design a weapon usable by Earth ponies, and pegasi as well as Unicorns. This weapon was powered by a magical crystal, and the energy was converted to bolts of lethal or nonlethal energy. Other crystals are housed in a detachable 'magazine' and types of magic can be swapped simply by changing the mag. Some types may light enemies on fire, while some types might stun, or paralize them. So... Eeyup... As you can see, mares are allowed to serve as well, unlike the Royal Guard.
  18. So I kinda burned an hour or three doing a digital sketch inspired by the requests section, namely this post here: I don't fully know why, but I just found myself liking Aquaspark (and her ref) enough to give it a shot. Anyways, it's not far from midnight here, I'm kinda stalling until I hear back from them about the coloration, so... I kinda felt like sharing what I have so far in the meantime. Relatedly, I've been meaning to do like, some kind of art dump bit on this forum and/or just tacking on requests/ocs/random crud as I go about them. But I'm not quite there yet. So yeah. Here's some art of some sort. *Character is obviously not mine; see above link Lineart (though sadly I deleted the initial gesture sketch): After adding bases and easy-to-swap-out color layers... EDIT: Shading is done, and honestly, I'm quite proud of how it turned out. Still awaiting color correction instructions. For kicks, and evidence of why I think I'll keep separate color layers for all my works now: Layers are my best friend now.
  19. We've all heard the Mane 6 sing, as well as Kadence and even Queen both her own form and Kadences. With the latest newer singing voice we've heard being Spikes, it makes me wonder if well ever get to hear Shining Armor sing. Id personally love to see him get a song. How about you? .
  20. Here it is! my favourite alicorn (and oc)! of my dear and great great amazing and umbelivable Lighting Bliss!, i know i know.. she is supposed to be cute and thing.. but that's how i roll sorry!!! (tired of making those gifs.. if you want the steps just ask, also, thisis the 4th OC in my 7 ocs list, next will be Skilar!) added the gif with some steps
  21. Hello everypony! this time for my 7 ocs project i have made my own oc! that's right guys! here is Volt! field engineer! my ponysona! as usual picture and animated gif with steps!!!
  22. Hello, everypony sorry I can't put my other art on here it's explicit adults but hopely you will like my Megaman-x Fanart later!
  23. Hello Everypony, I have a group about gaming and ponies and wanted to invite you guys along to join us. We are wanting to be a group that are active and plays games and have a good time. We started about 6 months so its kinda hanging in there we need new faces atm. We hope to get some people will to help out. We are not posting this to promote away from MLP forums we are simply asking if you want to play games in a group. Name:Shadow Colony What we play: we play Minecraft, TF2, Dota 2, Ghost Recon: Online, League, GMod, Arma 2 (DayZ Only), Arma 3 and Battlefield 4 What jobs we need: artist, musicians, writers, editors, admins, and more. (not paying atm maybe down the road) How to join: you tell us if you want to battle for skill, take a test, or just comment or anything the choice is yours. We would love to see new people join and play with us. There was alot more to cover but i hope i got the basics down. For more Details friend me on either Skype(MrGamer Pony_1) Origin (MrGamerPony) or steam (MrGamerPony) I have more info I would add but i got a warning for this older post saying i was doing stuff wrong so this is a CLAN recruitment forum. We have many more suppires for you. Hurry To cause we have posted this and its updated now so. Recruitment closes December 15th 2013.
  24. There we go, now have have my own jousting armor.
  25. ok so i posted before asking for help deciding on something for this and now that ive gotten enough votes i started, i just finished the helm eairler today, ill post pics as i finish each piece, the full set will consist of a helm, chest piece, back piece, shin guards, bracers, sheild, sword, cape, and possiably an armored skirt. if anyone has any questions i am more then happy to answer