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Found 20 results

  1. This thread is dedicated to bat ponies, as well as The Vampony Army of MLPforums. Group of vampire bats slowly taking over the forums. With bats and cute stuff, like bats. Here you can discuss everything bat pony related and of course plans for overtaking the forums. The Vampony Army marshes on, either you're with us or you're against us. Here you can post bat ponies and pretty much everything bat related. The Vampony Army strives for a better forum, a more bat orientated forum. So yeah, we're cool we do bite but what do you expect. So what are you waiting for, get bitten today. Become the night.
  2. Meson Bolt

    Staff Duty

    Imagine yourself in this situation. You're on the last leg of your 8-hour work shift, and it's Friday. You're tired because you didn't sleep too well the night previous. You've been nothing but a caffeine-driven machine for the entire week, and you're watching the clock tick down the last few minutes of your shift. Five minutes. Three minutes. Two minutes. One minute... And then "Bam!", your shift is over, and you get to go home. And you feel that rush of relief wash over you, knowing that you're able to go home, take a shower or something, and sleep for like 10 hours. Now take that feeling, and multiply it by three. And that's what coming off staff duty feels like. - Staff duty. What is it? Well, I'm sure it differs from unit to unit, but in my experience, staff duty is simultaneously one of the best and worst things you could ever possibly put yourself through. Staff duty refers to a work that you spend at a Staff Duty desk, also known as Charge of Quarters (CQ) desk at the barracks. Usually you're on duty with one NCO (Sergeant or higher) and two runners (Specialist and lower). The NCO is in charge of the shift, and the runners fulfill extra duties throughout the day, like road guard during morning PT or administrative work at the dining facilities. When you're not on extra duty (which is the majority of the time you're there), you're sitting at the desk doing pretty much nothing. My unit allows people to bring their own electronics, so a lot of people just spend the majority of the shift gaming, watching videos, etc. The staff duty shift starts at 9 in the morning, which is great, since you get to sleep in a little bit (yes, 9 AM is considered sleeping in for me). What's not great is when the shift ends, which is also 9 AM. The next day. A full 24-hour work shift where you're not allowed to fall asleep, and you're just stuck at a desk all day and all night with whatever entertainment devices you brought. Now, on paper, it doesn't sound too bad. Sure, it's long, but you get to sleep in, you don't have to do morning PT, you don't have to go to work, and you can spend most of the day on your electronics. You also get the next day off, so that you can sleep and "recover" from your shift, so that's two days of PT you get to miss. The only real issue is the fact that, despite being able to chill out for a while, you're forced to stay awake for the whole time. Like, when it's 6 PM and your friends are all coming off work and going to their beds to... I dunno, sleep, since they have to get up early the next day, you feel pretty left out, knowing that you have about 15 more hours before you can do the same. Some NCO's are cool, and will divide up the time during the night so that his runners can get some sleep. I remember on my first staff duty shift, my NCO let me go to my room and sleep for about 4 hours, then called me back so the other runner could sleep. They're not "supposed" to do that, but technically you only need one person at the desk at all times, so it's not breaking any of the rules. But my last staff duty shift (aka last night, which is why I'm talking about it), my NCO didn't give me breaks at all.. I would have to go to the dining facility to do that aforementioned administrative work, which took two hours and I did it three times (lunch, dinner, breakfast the next day), and after that I'd run over to the gas station to get some coffee and gatorade, but other than that, I never left the desk. I ended up staying up for about 27 hours total yesterday/today, most of that time was spent gaming. Most of it was EVE Online. I get that it's probably weird to hear someone complaining about gaming for several hours on end... and yeah, I've done longer marathons before. The difference there was that I wasn't forced to stay awake; I chose to stay up for 35 hours so that I could finally finish that one perfect Middleweight robot design that would look oh-so-cool on my team and make me only the third worst in the league... like, I chose to do that. But if you're forced to stay awake for a long period of time, especially when you're not used to it... you end up feeling like crap. Here's my, well... my "stats" of what I did last night, just in case you wanted to know: Time spent awake -- 27 hours, since 7 AM on Thursday to about 10 AM on Friday Time spent on staff duty -- 24 hours, since 9 AM on Thursday to 9 AM on Friday Time spent gaming -- about 18 hours Longest unbroken gaming streak -- about 13 hours, from 6 PM Thursday to 7 AM Friday Coffee consumed -- about 60 oz. Again, I don't really know why I'm complaining about this stuff, since it's really not too bad. Maybe it's because it's just such a long shift that I feel like it's an accomplishment or something, like "oh look, I stayed up super late last night and had nothing but coffee!" but... I dunno. Maybe I just wanted to share an experience in my life that I had recently. At any rate, I won't forget that for a while. :v
  3. Fairly simple,but with a twist! I feel like the Changlings don’t get enough attention from some of us. So I’ve decided to have you guys interview a changeling! I couldn’t find a major changeling,but I found this guy here! He doesn’t have a name so we’ll refer to him as Claw (for now at least) Feel free to ask claw anything about the changelings! Have fun! Hello I’m Claw! Since our Army is down,I couldn’t really do I’ll answer a couple of questions...for now.
  4. Do you have anyone in your family (currently alive or not) who served in the military? I just found out recently that my Great-Grandfather was a Lance Sergeant who served as an ANZAC soldier in World War 1.
  5. Awesome video of a Black Hawk Helicopter transporting Artillery by Daily Military Defense Archive. Superb Channel to Subscribe to if you're into Military stuff.
  6. So I enlisted in the US Navy the other day and will go through basic training in July of this year and ship out after completing my senior year of high school. I know there are other military bronies out there but I want to know, what should I do? I was thinking something in the medical field. Any thoughts?
  7. So as some of you may know I'm writing a narrative for school. Guns have an important role in the novel having one of the characters being a nut for anything to do with the military and weapons. I've never really had an interest in guns myself, but I know there are plenty of people, whether it's gamers or actual soldiers who are gun enthusiasts. I need to know common and powerful guns that they use in the military, although you have to be legally able to own them. I'd also like to know the name of a common pistol that's useful for teaching beginners to use a gun. Anyone know any?
  8. Poodle Army -Dehominis (enderpoodle) -Ephah (Goth Poodle) -Lucrece (Pink Canadien Poodle) -Explodus ( creeper poodle)
  9. Hello Everypony, I'm rascal. And I'm the producer and creator of a multi media studio, that do ponies! We do all sorts of things like animations, audio plays, dramatic readings and the like. And well, we're in need of some serious help. We have an organisation/ government, that is a part of several projects were working on. And we need OCs to fill all the positions and roles in this organisation. Your Ocs may get drawn, animated, voiced, mentioned or anything else. The government your Oc would be working for is the Inquisition, an organisation that deals with all evil and corruption in Equestria. They fight demons and others who want to destroy, control, corrupt, or do any harm to the world. And so they are a big organization, with many wings and divisions, and ponies running show. And so this is why we need peoples OCs, because we've come up with some characters, but we can't possibly do all of them. We need 42 OCs, from all of you guys. ((I'll be updating the count)) We can take any ponies, of any race and gender. Though I would like to request no one's with ridiculous colour schemes or no alicorns. But with so many needed I'm happy to overlook those factors, but when we do finally productions we may cut off someone's wings or horns. But when we do, we come by to ask you. These are your ponies and we wont do anything with them without your position. These are your characters. And it doesn't matter if your pony doesn't quite exactly fit in with this, we can always find a way! Though, out of those 539 Ocs that are needed, we need 6 changelings. I hope that we can gather all the characters needed, and please do tell your friends about this as well. We need every character we can get. I hope to see some characters soon, And I love it if people would give us links to the characters, it makes it easier on us. So please, post a character page link. We can not use just names or pictures, we can only use profile links because we can organise them properly then and be able to use them. And I will also say this, giving us advice on your character right now is probably not needed. Right now we are collecting ocs and telling us information that may be useful in the future can be easily lost on this thread, there for when we go to ask for your permission we will also ask for your advice on how your character acts and such. But if you've got that all sorted in your profile then we won't be knocking on your virtual door as much. And if you want to learn more, go to our website: We have a lot of information there for everybody about our projects and you'll be able to see your oc's picture when we've processed them and got them done. All ocs on those lists as well are the ones we have processed, if your oc isn't on there it's because we still have to put them in a suitable branch of the Inquisition. What is required when posting - A character profile link that can be provided in the character database Not is required when posting - A picture of your oc - A description of how they fight in a situation or something like that - Where you want your character to go. Thank you, from everybody at Tartarus productions
  10. H-h-hows it goin bros? This post's about PEEWWWWWdiepahhh, and what I want to know is: Are you a bro? How many people out there are bros? How many people haven't heard of him? Do you have bro friends? Do you know any barrels? And more importantly, why do you like pewds? (If you do) Not all these questions need to be answered but answer what you can! ^-^ 1. Yes, I am a bro. 2. I don't know, over 22 million apparently are bros 3. Lots haven't heard of him believe it or not 4. I have one bro-friend, and my gf is a bro 5 I DO know barrels, and they suck, because they are BARRELS 6. I like pewds because when I'm upset and I DON'T have access to MLP at the time, I watch his vids and within a few minutes I'm already laughing my ass off, instantly brightening up that moment, much like MLP actually, but realistic and swearing. So, I'd like to see some of you talk about pewds! ^-^ As long as you don't personally insult anyone here... Thanks!
  11. Hello Everypony, I have a group about gaming and ponies and wanted to invite you guys along to join us. We are wanting to be a group that are active and plays games and have a good time. We started about 6 months so its kinda hanging in there we need new faces atm. We hope to get some people will to help out. We are not posting this to promote away from MLP forums we are simply asking if you want to play games in a group. Name:Shadow Colony What we play: we play Minecraft, TF2, Dota 2, Ghost Recon: Online, League, GMod, Arma 2 (DayZ Only), Arma 3 and Battlefield 4 What jobs we need: artist, musicians, writers, editors, admins, and more. (not paying atm maybe down the road) How to join: you tell us if you want to battle for skill, take a test, or just comment or anything the choice is yours. We would love to see new people join and play with us. There was alot more to cover but i hope i got the basics down. For more Details friend me on either Skype(MrGamer Pony_1) Origin (MrGamerPony) or steam (MrGamerPony) I have more info I would add but i got a warning for this older post saying i was doing stuff wrong so this is a CLAN recruitment forum. We have many more suppires for you. Hurry To cause we have posted this and its updated now so. Recruitment closes December 15th 2013.
  12. I was having an argument with my brother who said that all bronies are on the lower end of the masculine side of the human race(typical hater stuff) and I asked him what he thinks is the most masculine thing he could think if and he said a soldier. I (unlike most in this generation) understand the sacrafice and hardships soldiers endure to keep us safe so i was wondering: has anypony ever, present or past served in war? If it's not too much to ask of course.
  13. Russian Army Zoidberg's Run. That is all.
  14. I was just wondering if there are any other military ponies on the forums? Reason for the random question is because I am currently at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA and I am kind of alone out here. Public showers, public sleeping quarters and no real privacy. Want to see if any of my brothers/sisters out there are also my bronies or pegasisters in here. If so, what branch? What job, where are you stationed? What do you do and do you let your buddies know about your brony hood? I myself am stationed at Ft. Drum. Me and my wife(Pegasister!) are always looking to hang out as well. If anyone is up in north western NY, love to hear from ya some time. I was kind of despised last night in the showers last night cause I was approached by a group of what I would assume to be infantry guys. They saw my Rainbow Dash tattoo and decided to mess with me. Really embarassing considering it's usually a no go to really talk to anyone in the showers you dont know. The strange thing is that I've also been approached by someone, just one person, that said he really liked my tattoo, said I was brave for getting it and sporting it and that he was actually a big fan of Fluttershy. (Thus, part of the reason I made this thread Progress! By wild chance you're here and proud of your bronyhood, brother, I hang out in the Czee zone!)
  15. I do not know much about armies, so I shall type this: Hello, this is the Pinkie Army. If you put Pinkie or Pinkie Pie in your username, you will be part of the Pinkie army! It's going to end when I turn 9 (which is a long way off) so feel free to join! You can drop out at any time. Plus, if you join the Pinkie Army, you will be PM'd every Monday for a Pinkie-a-thon! A Pinkie-a-thon is a day where you watch every episode where Pinkie Pie is the star. The first official army Pinkie-a-thon is in 3 days. Please join! (All opposers will be attacked by the Pinkie Army the day before I turn 9, so do not oppose unless you want PM's saying:SPAMSPAMSPAM Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie.)
  17. Just a thought, How do you think the Equestrian Miliary works? They obviously have one, It's easy to see all the guards the princess has. Twilight's brother is part of the Royal Guard, so I guess thats one branch. Is there an Air Force with Pegasi? A navy with ships ran by ponies? Army with unicorns? Do they have a multi gendered military? If they have multiple branches, can anypony join any branch (ie earth pony joining the airforce)? DO they need a military? Who are they defending themselves from? Please don't think to deeply about politics and such, not nessary. This has nothing to do with the American Military, SO DONT TALK ABOUT IT! THIS IS ONLY ABOUT EQUESTRIA! I am not trying to bring up contriversy, so dont bring it into this...please
  18. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about making it. Even though I'm a bit late
  19. This will be the Ask thread for Naughty Bear, and all the other bears of Paradise Island! It's a place full of happy teddy bears! And ninjas! And the army! And zombies, S.W.A.T., robots, aliens, super-heros, pirates, and even vampires! Either ask a question for a specific bear, or just ask, in which case it could be any of the slightly-over 100 bears available! Maybe even the twisted mind of the Narrator...but enough of that I suppose. I will draw as many of the responses as I can, so I might be a tad slow on returning questions with answers. But alright! Any questions?
  20. Just thought I would share. It was fun. Me and the other Army recruits from around the Golden-Denver-Boulder area all gathered at a park yesterday. We practiced formations, something I had very little experience with so far, and then went on a 1.6 mile hike up and down a mountain. After the hike we got back into formation, listened to some speeches, and then did pushups. After that we got to eat big subway sandwiches and cookies for lunch. And then, after eating a big lunch, we got smoked (We all knew it was coming o-o It always does) At first we just had to stand in formation, do a few drills and watch some awards and promotions being given, but then we were seperated out into our platoons (All the people from Golden together, all the people from Lakewood together, etc.) And we did 100 overhand claps, and 100 jumping Jacks. Anyone who couldn't stay in Cadence was eliminated. After doing the jumping jacks, we had to stand with our arms straight out to the side until we were told to drop them, and anyone who dropped their arms even a little bit was eliminated. After the first eliminations, all the remaining people gathered into formation in the middle and had to do about 800 more in sets of 200 (I only got to 600), and hold their arms to the side for about 2 minutes in between each set. I lasted quite a while, the encouragement I got during the process really helped. I was finally eliminated when I let my arms drop a tiny bit. It sucked, I wanted to keep going. I was the last person from Golden to get eliminated, and I felt a real feeling of accomplishment after. Sure I didn't WIN, but it was one hell of a workout. My shoulders are really sore today (And I am sunburned pretty badly XD). The guy who DID win was also from Golden. In the end it was him and a girl from Boulder. After I was eliminated I went and grabbed a bottle of water and another Cookie. A few of the Sergeants asked me why the heck I was eating after all that we did, and I honestly didn't really know either o-o The cookie just looked good. The event made me really excited to ship out. I cant wait to just get everything started