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Found 20 results

  1. I'm really psyched to make some of these bottled pony cutouts for people! I love adding all sorts of decorative elements and backgrounds to my cutouts. I decided that I would like to trade some customs for art of Iris in return. I can make it anyway you want! I can even send the cutout if you request me to. Any takers? LunaLusterdust is my Instagram name.
  2. Hello! I'm on the hunt for some trading! ♡ I'd like to do a few, so no worries if you think I'm all out of slots! I'd like art of either of my pony-ocs, Fay or Ravenna! Below are their refs, doubling as examples of my art style! (I can also do painterly, example here ) Fay's eyes are light blue, though she rarely has them open! Ravenna has a broken horn, and her shoes are optional! And then there's this unnamed bat pony!
  3. So. I will give this a go. What I am looking for: someone who can do a show style pony version of Rosebud! Nothing complicated, just her standing and smiling with either her wings open or closed. What you get in return: a full body flat colored request of any character of your choice, pony or non pony. you can check out my art threads The Rose Arts and The Rose Arts Etc for examples of my work. thank you!
  4. Hi! I've recently rejoined the mlp world as a veteran G1 collector and enthusiast! G4 finally started growing on me and I eventually succumbed. Now my G1 styled ponysona, Sabina, needs a G4 rendition. Anyone interested? My art style is definitely not G4 sorry! I've been influenced by G1 animation styles like the traditional cartoons as well as the G1 Tales series. I'll post my examples, who also happen to be my ponysona. Any takers?
  5. Welcome ! My name is Spectral Spectrum, Artist and designer! Im looking for some art of some of my precious Equine babies. If you wish to art trade, Comment down below! THESE ARE EXAMPLES OF MY WORK!
  6. Okay I'm bored and in the mood for an art trade to work on, will only accept someone with equal quality! <--- Deviant art gallery to show my work! If I brohoof your post you have been chosen, if I don't choose you, sorry!
  7. Hey, hello. I'm new to the whole MLP forums thing and I thought the best way to get to know people would be through art trades! I don't really have any specific rules or anything I just want to get to know people. So just leave a reply with an offer and we'll work something out. :3 There are examples of art on my DA: And I only have two characters that I would like to be drawn so you can take your pick:
  8. Read the tags. But for real I could write any fan fic you wanted. It would take me at least a week too finish depending on length. And you could draw my oc's? Tell me how you feel.
  9. Art Trade I did with Tangle. Her OC Mintyheart.
  10. Drew StarNote's oc as an art trade.
  11. My part of an art Trade with
  12. Decided to close my art trade shop.
  13. Hello everypony! Since I cannot open my commission shop yet and I feel like drawing, I would like to open temporary trade art thread! Just simply send me some example of your work and character you want me to draw I may, but dont have to accept art trade. It depends on if I like art or design of your character. Im sorry, cus I can be really picky. My art sketch examples: The sketch will be any color you want. You can also lineart it and color.
  14. The Art in Question is an Art Trade. It was also an opportunity to try out a new artstyle I've been working on for some time now. Tell me what you think!
  15. This is Thundercloud by
  16. Heyo! After experimenting with it on DeviantArt, I have decided to start an Art Trade! Only there's something unique about this one. You give me art, and I will write you a One-Shot FanFic of at least a thousand words. Sound cool? Then request away, I'm ready! Just draw one of these OCs: Acrylic: Lupus: Damien: Flash: Available Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  17. Hello! I see that you have stumbled upon my very own Trade Ya! thread. (That, or you saw the tirtle and you were like "Ah! I want my pony OC drawn in chibi form!") Either works! What i'm looking for: I would really appreciate it if you could draw a photo of my pony OC doing something cute with one of her husbandos. However, her husbandos are anime characters and I would like them drawn in pony form. That way, the picture all comes together nicely. For example: If you look up a photo of Kakashi Hatake, you'll see that he's, well, a human. I would like him drawn as a pony to go along with my pony OC. What can I give to you in return?: I can draw up a chibi form of your pony OC! By "chibi", I mean the style that was introduced in the season two finale of MLP; A Canterlot Wedding. Rules/restrictions: - NOTHING NSFW - Pictures you offer can be drawn digitally or on paper. - Please do not pester me about your photo, and I promise I won't pester you about yours! - Cutie marks are not my strong point; so they may not come out perfect on my end. Should you decide to take part in this anime mancandy-obsessed girl's art trade, just tell me that you accept and I will provide you a photo of the anime character to be ponified. (I can also provide their cutie marks) At the same time, you provide a reference of your pony OC for me to hang onto. My pony OC: What do you think? Can you handle the hottness?
  18. Done with my part of an art trade for . I decided not to put my sig on it, and, added some glimmers because I was bored. How does everypony think of it?
  19. I just did an art trade and it was so much fun i decided to open 5 slots for people go ahead and ether comment on my da,
  20. This is my first time posting here But I thought I'd give it a try. I've recently been drawing more traditional work because my tablet broke. I'm trying to get better of course, but I'd like to share with you a picture I drew earlier ^^ It's for an art trade on deviant art. You can always check mine out ( I took a few shots but this one is my favourite