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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, if you read the title you know exactly what this is. I just take requests to draw ponies. I'm mostly doing this for practice. So your requests will be inked in, just not colored (unless I feel I can do it justice). This will not be done digitally, until I get my drawing tablet (which might be a while) Also, I am in no way a professional. Uh, here is a... Sample?(My OC): ( One more thing, your request will not be done on lined paper)
  2. So. I drew some things. The only reason I am making this topic is because Sugar suggested it and was kinda sad when I refused. Anyway. Yea. Ponies. Idunno, it's not very good because I draw in microsoft paint with a mouse and it's kind of dodgy and terrible and stuff but hey, Sugar liked the stuff I drew for her. I dunnae use bases. Yes I do requests (but heaven forbid why would you ever want one from me?), but do not expect magical beauty or anything too quick, since I do have a life off this site as odd as it may seem. Possible OC? Sugar Cuddle's Sylveon Alicorn Ponysona Jazzy all Traditional Art style (which I still personally prefer over Digital, but Digital is easier to transfer and higher quality) That's all the stuff I really have for now. Any critique or advice or anything is super appreciated! Even a word of "O em gee it sux so badddd" is nice too
  3. I made this and I have no clue why I did. Might as well let strangers view it and judge me.... I put no time into it and I really have no idea why I drew it. I must have been tired. Well I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with all the computer parts...I have no idea what happened.
  4. Hey everypony! You may or may not know this but....generally I suck at drawing visual art. However, i was working on ideas for my next fanfic The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption when I though it would be awesome to create a concept for what the Element of Power (opposite of the Element of Magic) looked like. So i drew this: And then I thought it would be pretty cool to make it into a poster/ad/i don't even know for the whole fanfic, using the Power vs. Magic idea as a theme. With this i pretty much said 'screw it' and used stuff from a lot of sources, including Generalzoi's Pony Creator >.< However I did add further customizations to the design I got from Pony Creator. It seems like it wouldn't take a lot of time...but believe me it did. Especially with my inexperience and program choice. I used MS Paint, Game Maker 8, and Microsoft Powerpoint. Yes I know that my program choice is bad and I should feel bad.