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Found 2 results

  1. Surprised nopony else is talking about this. So article 13 pretty much threatens the creative foundations of the internet. And yes, people outside of the EU will be effected. And yes, this effects us bronies. Most likely Hasbro will not want to bother with every review, every parody, every PMV, every fan animation, every convention vlog, and most certainly not every bit of fan art. So a blanket ban would be introduced to every major content platform. This entire fandom will be clipped at the knees if this passes, and that'll be the least of the damage if it does. So what can be done? Well first, take the time to read up here. Knowledge is power. Do sign the petition and spread the word here. And most importantly, discuss.
  2. So I made a similar topic for discussion, but I'd like to know how MLPForums and Poniverse themselves would be effected by the passing of Article 13? I know we're not on a major platform but Article 13 isn't exactly clear on what counts as a major platform or what the status of forums and independent websites would be. Could something like Ponyville live or cause the site to get canned due to using copyrighted material in remixes and live broadcasts? Could Equestria.TV go down for movie nights and episode showings? Could the forums be brought down by our banner art alone? Should this be a more immediate concern for the members of our community?