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Found 465 results

  1. °˖✧ Pandora's Doodles ✧˖° Doe's artwork goes here All artworks I create will be dropped here but requests will soon open up in the request page. Please do not: Use, edit, redistribute my works in anyway. (Unless artwork was made for you specifically, I'd still like you to leave my watermark on.)
  2. Does anyone hear contribute to the community? By contribute, I mean do fanwork like fanfiction, art, animation, cosplay, ect. Personally, I don't. I am a terrible artist, not willing to write fanfiction, and have no knowledge in cosplay.
  3. I got my first GIMP Photo done last night, as a test for getting used to the tools and such. I do terribly need some Criticism though, it just feel like there's something wrong in my photos, or that I need to do better . Help, tips, advice, tricks, anything of the like would help me a great deal if anypony could be so willingly to. (Made this in an hour with a mouse)
  4. This is a Google Doc containing most of my more recent art, particularly art done on ProCreate (but also containing a piece done on Notability, as well as several traditional sketches). It was originally created for my friends to view, so ignore any parts that look like would have been addressed to them. However, since it’s on view, you should be unable to view any Google users with access to the document. The dragons here are not dragons from My Little Pony. There is a pony section, though. ((I painstakingly made sure there is no personal information contained in the document.)) ((Please let me know if this is not permitted or otherwise breaks the rules.))
  5. Welcome to my AT (Art Trade) / DT (Design Trade) Shop! I might move to the Comissions area later, but for now I decided to exercise my equine (pony) drawing ‘skills’ through art/design trades! ART TRADES: I’ll trade with practically anyone, BUT depending on the quality of what my art gets traded with, the person/pony I trade with will receive one of the following: Kind of Not Great Art: I give you a sketch (digital or traditional, your choice) Decent but Not Great Art / Decent but Not Original Style: I give you lineart (with a transparent background) Good Art: I give you colored lineart with basic shading Amazing Art: I give you colored lineart with textured shading or blended shading, your choice You may not use a base for any AT with me. Some things I am looking to get are; - A signature banner thing featuring my current ponysona, [Daydream Symphony] - EG designs for my ponies (if they have a shattered heart necklace, it needs to be also present in their EG form), which can apply to casual wear or w/ dresses - Redesigns of some of my old OCs - References of my ponies in the show style - My ponies in story-specific poses or just any pose, really! DESIGN TRADES: Once again, I’ll trade with practically anyone, AS LONG AS the complexity and quality of both sides of the DT are the same*. For example, I expect any design I receive to have a good color palette. You MAY request any specific type of complexity that is equal or below your own. *However, I will not trade for / want to receive ridiculously complex designs because I do not like having to deal with tons of details, BUT if your designs are good enough then you can request one from me. Don’t underestimate yourself, though - just know if you can handle a crowded design. You MAY use a base for DTs, but you must make sure the base is FTU (free to use), and credit the base owner. It’s just the right thing to do FOR BOTH: Some rules (or whatever you call them, idek): 1. I can accept or refuse any trade at any time. 2. I will not post/send my part of the AT/DT until you have posted/sent yours, unless if my activity on this site declines. 3. My signature will be present on any art piece I trade. 4. If you post your end of the AT/DT anywhere on the Internet, please acknowledge that it was an AT/DT with me and if it is my character. 5. I can judge art pieces and designs as I see fit. 6. I have the right to change these ‘rules’ at any time as I see fit, and I will do so justly. This is my art gallery thing, which ultimately just gives you a link to for my art. My reference sheet for all my poonies is here: Similarly to my “art gallery” Google Doc, my pony ref sheet was originally created for my friends, but has been modified as to be friendly to this website. I think that’s it. Yaay.
  6. Hello there. I see you've stumbled upon my thread. I've decided to share a few of my pictures with you. I hope you'll like them. I do mostly traditional art because I'm not that good at digital yet. I'd love to try that more often, though.
  7. Well, here is my second "serious" drawing. Inspired by an r/letsnotmeet narration. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but given that I don't know digital, this is the best I can do. If it wasn't obvious, I don't know anything about light sources and stuff. However, this artwork has encouraged me to look into the basics of art and drawing in particular. Any advice is appreciated. If you're interested, I've got some old monster doodles here, too.
  8. About a week ago, I was babysitting my niece when I decided to show her my UV flashlight. This led to us looking for fluorescent markers and crayons and we ended up doodling. Later, I decided to add some glow to one of my old sketches. Here it is in normal lighting: And here it is under blacklight: Thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing.
  9. I come back yet again to the MLPForums to... ... Just show some art I've made over the past half a year. Been working on drawing digitally so I'm just curious what you all think. Feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  10. Rebellious

    Look at her

    Doodle of my oc Jace I love this so much.
  11. A recent speedpaint of mine! I was a little less active on YouTube for a while, and it seems like my account is dead now xD. I would really appreciate it if you guys were to give it a thumbs up if you liked the process of my art! <3
  12. I'm in the process of designing a dragon oc for roleplay purposes. I have a general idea of what I want to do but hearing the thoughts of others always helps me get creative. So here's what I have so far, if you have thoughts or ideas to help me add to it then I would appreciate it Name: Knasher ( Knash ) Species: Dragon Age: 23 Still working on a color scheme but as of now I am interested in something metallic or cool in color along with the concept of blue or purple flames. Size is just around the height of an Alicorn on all fours but about 25% longer and bigger in mass. On two legs he's about twice the height of Celestia. Some character traits as of now include flirtatious, teasing, laid back, indifferent to most issues, drama fueled, and helpful only when it benefits him. He isn't meant to be a straight protagonist, kind of an anti character of sorts.
  13. A true, true friend helps a friend in need A friend will be there to help them see A true, true friend helps a friend in need To see the light that shines from a true, true friend There’s a pretty good chance that you know someone who is going through a difficult time in their life. Perhaps they’ve lost their job, had a family member pass away, or are generally feeling blue. You’d like to help, but it isn’t always easy to gauge what exactly you can do for them. That’s why I’m happy to announce the opening of the Gallery of Goodwill. This project, devised and managed by skysweep, provides an opportunity to put the spirit of generosity into action. The concept is simple: donations are submitted into a fund created by skysweep which allows people to request artwork to be made for someone they know who could use a pick-me-up. Those making the requests don’t need to spend a dime of their own money. This means you can spread some much needed cheer simply by putting in a request. Thanks to skysweep’s efforts and the abundance of talent in our community, several of our own artists who sell commissions here on MLP Forums have agreed to help out. They’ll be compensated for their work through the fund. We’re eager to have more artists come aboard; so drop skysweep and I a PM if you’re interested. If you’re interested in participating in the Gallery of Goodwill, you’re welcome to poke your head into the official event thread found here. You can submit donations, requests, and post any questions you may have. I should add that those who donate may receive handmade goodies from skysweep. Keep your eyes peeled! The Gallery of Goodwill, like all good things, won’t last forever, though. The project is slated to end on June 14 or when the fund is depleted -- whichever comes first. If you want to brighten someone’s day with a piece of excellent fan art, you should get in on this as soon as you can. In the end, this community has proven to be incredibly charitable and loving. Whether it’s through Making Christmas Merrier or simply posting about ponies, your big-heartedness knows no boundaries or (quite literally) borders. I know that desire to give to others continues to burn strong within each of you. By joining the Gallery of Goodwill, you’ll help make an enormous difference in someone’s life -- no reality-bending magic required.
  14. So my Girlfriend and I are going to different colleges in about 8 weeks. She is going to college in Washington state, U.S. and I'm going to college just 3 hours east of where I currently live xD. Anyways i drew something with to commemorate our friendship and something to remember the both of us by. I drew a human form of her Minecraft character since she doesn't have a pony OC (her OC is human) as well as my OC (Which is a pony) that i made myself (Altscar). This artwork was 100% done by me, i used no reference pictures nor bases in the making of said "artwork". As i said, feedback is much appreciated. So go ahead, tear my soul in half if you have to xD So here is the artwork:
  15. POKEMON! Not too long ago, I completed this simple little digital painting of a Bulbasaur from the pokemon franchise. My intention is to eventually paint each and every one of the pokemon as listed in the official pokedex. I won't be starting quite yet, but hopefully soon, and that means a new pokemon will need to be drawn EVERY day (or almost every day). Currently there are 802 pokemon, without including their alola and mega evolution forms (which I also hope to include in the series, though shinies will be drawn as extras- not apart of the series itself). Wish me luck! Feedback is appreciated. Bulbasaur is #001 in the pokedex.
  16. With this concludes the countdown till season 7. Are you guys ready for tomorrow's new episode? I'm certainly impatient and excited! Remember that you can watch the episode on TV, or in a livestream. For example, BronyDE on youtube is going to stream it as it goes. Here's the link: Remember to be there early! I'll be on BabsCON this year, so hopefully i'll upload a drawing or two after the episode. Oh, the memes are glorious. The princesses are getting ready. Remember to rest till then Twitter! deviantArt!
  17. It's been a month since I've started doing a daily drawing. And Oh Boy, it's been a blast. I didn't liked it at first, but little by little I think I became better... Maybe. It all started with this "thing" which I didn't take too seriously, but it was my first pony in a while. Close to 5 years without even touching a pen to draw. It hurted. Then I did this. I like this style better. It reminds me about those old joke magazines like MAD. I tried to replicate the last drawing's style, but didn't work. Her face is derpy without the cute. I actually like this Octavia, but i have to admit, the lightning doesn't make sense. It's a problem I'm struggle with even today, but sooner or later I'll overcome such flaws. Aaand, here I began to make those horrible intrusive text highlights. They take a lot of space and later when it's not 22 days anymore, it became useless. With this one I took a little risk. I like the colors, but they're oversaturated. Here's when I tried to do a background that wasn't just clouds or two colors. I didn't detailed that much, but I liked it when I did it. Today, not so much, but I kinda have respect to it.Was the first time that I tried to do a good shading... "good" xD well, it's not that bad. With this one, I tried an old, OLD comic book style which I didn't know how to do. It turned out decent, but it's nothing compared with other styles. I kinda like it even today though. This Luna brings me issues. I liked the concept, but the final results are... Special. The perspective is so messy, oh goodness. This I don't like. Not at all. Moving on! This was the first one that I really liked how it turned out. I like the highlights, the background is okay, and the lineart is charming. It was the best I did since the beginning imo. Besides, Dashie with Tank is an idea that I'd love to do more often. This was the time that I've started to do certain things, like the mane style, the shadows and highlights, and more "dynamic" poses. They're still stiffy, but here I noticed that I was improving after a long time. ... And I watch this one, and I laugh. Oh god, look at the expression, the proportions, the background! I thought it was ok, but now I realize that it wasn't that good as I expected xD It's not terrible, and it's better than the others, but still, it's not as good as the next ones, thankfully. That's a good sign. I like to mess with the ways of doing the magic effect. This one is... weird. The style is weird, the expressions are weird, and even the shading is. I kinda, sorta, maybe like it, but I feel ashamed every time I look at it well, it was more than 2 weeks ago. I think I've improved. Maybe. Now, this is one of my personal favourites. This is when I really liked how it was turning out, and I can't find any major flaws besides Luna's face. But even still, I think it's funny and doesn't ruin the whole image. Here's when my shading started to look good. I mess up sometimes, but I've learned my lesson since the Crusaders one. Oh geez... Welp, this was the image when all my mane styles started to be like silk... Not really, but I love Celestia's. And this one... I messed up with the shading in a couple of ponys, specially in Rarity, but I LOVE the feeling I receive from it. It reminds me about those promotional posters from movie theaters. And I love how Sunset, Pinkie, Starlight and Twilight look. With this one I tried to do a "good" background, but... Well, it's not that bad, but the pony proportions are messy, and the color is oversaturated again. I try to improve that even today. Keep it light and smooth, Eifie. Don't over do it. This one was simple. Notice the sense of movement and the way the ponys point to the next part of the text like they're dancing. They point to each other in a way, and I think it's fun. I really like to do Pinkie's mane, it's so messy and weird Even when I like the Fluttercord idea, I don't really like this one that much. The background is weird, and I could do the characters better. even though, I like the feeling it emanates. what I enjoy the most are Discord's wings. This one was fun to do. I love the Crusaders, and I enjoy doing them whenever I can. Even if the "18 days" image was just... Ugh. It's my least favourite. But this one redeemes that, right? (Redeemes? That's how you spell it? English is not my mother language, so don't mind me D: ). Oh my. The Apple-Pie family is tricky, but certainly fun. My thing is doing portrait drawings, and the style is weird but charming to me, haha! (Marble's mane is my favourite. Maud's expression is priceless.). And this one right there is special. Why? It was the first one that I send to Equestria Daily. And it was published. I won't lie to you, I was happy the rest of the day after I noticed that. Then Sethisto started to notice my drawings, and ever since many more of them were published on the page. I'm truly glad of that. I'm willing to do so much more because I have a little more feedback. The brony community is the best. Oh, and another one following the trend of the "13 days" one. Notice how now they're more balanced. Now is Twilight who has her eyes open, and the rest has them closed. She really is the princess of friendship, and I'd love to do more tributes about this fact. Kinda reminds me about the PPG. I think this one is my favourite. The shading is the best 've done in my opinion, and the message is fun. Celestia is used to be captured, so we don't have to worry. Some magical thing will save the day at the end of the afternoon. Should i say i really like the manes? This has a special place in my heart. Ember looks good, and the lightning is divine. (Sounds bad when it's my own drawing. I'm sorry! ) This one is a close second because the colors. This one is charming, and it's okay, but not of my favourites. I think I messed un a bit with the background, and the proportions are a little bit off. And Oh MY, what happenned to Sunburst's beard? That's not right! Besides Starlight's magic is light blue. Whoops. (Oh, you noticed the tea cup? Trixie approves. And the prediction came true, Spike and her shared a moment in the season premiere!). This was fun to do, but MY GOODNESS it take a lot of time, and it isn't even that great. The shading could be better, but that happens when you're on a schedule and try to do so many characters. Don't do that, people! Outside that, it's fun to watch and the illustration looks okay. This was the last one. Was the day before the season premiere, and I couldn't be happier. Notice how I get rid of the intrusive text since the "7 days left" one. I'm so glad about it. The countdown remains in the title, not in the image. And here's some others before and after the episode. The "meme" ones are too fun. I'll do some more this week. The title of this one is "Hiatus was just a nightmare, everypony!". It was published before the episodes aired. Those ones, you know. I hope you like watching them as I love doing them! Twitter! Follow me on dA for more!
  18. Only one week, people. Next saturday we'll have the season premiere, after all these weeks of waiting. I'm getting so excited already. The super-duper party pony is getting ready, too. I wonder how many creamy, creamy frosting she'll have today. I hope you're watching previous seasons until next saturday. It's good to keep in touch with what happenned to date Twitter! deviantArt!
  19. I have always respected Queen Chrysalis as a character, and as an antagonist. She's clever, manipulative, and before the season 6 finale, she had a complete army behind her. Just like Cadence, she was design to be a perfect ruler, to depend on love. She's Cadence's perfect shadow, obscure and terrifying. But the thing that calls my attention, is that she's in fact a mother. She has lost her reign, her subjects and her childrens. She's alone, and all she has known is now a reflection of treason. That's why it hurts me a little when she loses it all. At the same time, I can only wonder if she's capable of raise a whole new swarm by her own, or if she needs some, *cough*, partner. Equestrian biology is something I would take in college for sure. And this is not a surprise, we'll have a Chrysalis episode in season 7. It would surely surprise me if they forget about her for a whole season, haha. Please don't, Hasbro. We need either a revenge or a redemption episode. Twitter! deviantArt!
  20. Yes, it is a reference of the TMNT, Ninja Turtles. Ah, Ember, my love. You have demonstrated that you're an awesome character, and that Spike has still so much to offer after all. I'd be pleased if they include an episode about you again, and not only featured you in random cameos. Please, DHX and Hasbro, only this time. Twitter! deviantArt!
  21. There's something about the concept of sharing traditions that drives me to think how wonderful differences are. We don't see the world on the same way; each one of us have our motivations, experiences and dreams to accomplish. We want to share our own perspective with the world, and also want to see what others have to offer. That's one of the bases of fandoms, expand what we think we know and learn about different ways to see one particular thing. To make it work, we have to learn how to listen, and try to understand why other person thinks differently than you, and be grateful that this idea can be not only spoken, but heard. Season 5 episode "Heartbreakers" portraits this idea wonderfully. It's not perfect, but goes well with the standards of the show. I enjoy seeing Pinkie Pie and Applejack interact like the knew each other for years. I mean, like a childhood best friend. It's heartwarming, and anyone with that one friend can relate. The are almost opposites in personality sometimes, but also share a lot in common, particularly the silly sense of humor. If you want Pinkie to be your best friend, just go along with that. The pies are also unique and interesting. The 4 sisters are three extremes and a neutral centerpoint in the spectrum of emotions. Limestone is anger, Marble is timidness, Pinkie is joy, and Maud is... Maud. It's a clever way to make a character. I'd love to see them around on season 7. A family related episode is always welcome to my list of personal favourites. Bring me the Pie and the Maud, gud sir. Twitter! deviantArt!
  22. Oh boy, I simply don't get why some people in the fandom dislikes the Crusaders. I've always thought that they're funny to watch, and each of them has at least one heartwarming moment. I love their interactions and the episode when they got their cutie marks is one of my favourites... Welp, not really, but you get the point. Also, they sold me with their disguises of Glam Rock stars. I swear the series has one or two Bowie references. Of course the galore goes to the Beatles, but that's a story for another day. There's a gif version and the original Twitter! deviantArt!
  23. Yes, the title reference was intentional. Yes, I kinda like a lot Littlest Pet Shop. I was thinking about making a reference about David Bowie's Let's dance song, but I think this one's a little more related Maybe tomorrow I'll make a Bowie reference with the Crusaders. Or not. I just love seeing ponies dance. ♫ Twitter! deviantArt!
  24. Who's your favourite stage performance pony? The crowd slowly starts to warm up: Trixie! Trixie Lulamoon! This character is to be celebrated. We love to hate her, and surely we hate to love her. Her Ego, the accent, her lack of magic talent and still her capability to surprise makes it all around a perfect comical anti-hero. We have learned to be delighted by this character's humor, and me personally, find her relation with Starlight one of the bests of the series. I'll be charmed if we have to see her around on the next seasons. She has some potential to grow and show the best of herself. (By the way, I've started to love her because of the fans creations, like "Magic" the song, and of course, the "Turnabout Storm" series which is a crossover of the Ace Attorney series and MLP. I LOVE IT. I highly recommend you to watch it all. It's perfect). Can you find the Easter Egg? Twitter! deviantArt!