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Found 7 results

  1. I did a search; 120 results, none of which looked quite like what I wanted. What was the best day in your entire life up to this point and time? Or if applicable, What is going to be your best day ever? I've had a few really good days, but I also have a horrible memory so finding my best day ever amongst all the rest of my memory-spaghetti would take awhile. So this thread will be about YOU. Yes fillies and gentle-colts this is not about moi, It's just strictly you. This way I'll get to know some of the wonderfull ponies on this forum without sounding overly egotistical. Alright you heard it! Best day, Go!
  2. Hey guys, have a seat, have some refreshments. If you remember me, hey, nice to see you again. If you don't, its always great to make new friends. It's been a long while since I've been on these forums. Two years?, already? wow. Time really is relative. Anyways, what brought me back here is the fact that I took off without notice. I guess you could say I forgot. about this forum, got caught up in so many things that my brain pushed this all the way to the back. I got really lonely for some odd reason too. The newer episode, "Amending Fences", Is what reminded me... So I guess you could say the same thing that happened to Viva (Immatoonlink), happened to me: so uh hi again If you want to stay in constant contact with me, my steam is TheOneAndOnlyButtonMash, I think I have facebook stuff on my profile or whateverr , Im more active on that I guess. It's just that this forum became much less relevant in my life I would suppose. I kinda just kept to myself and my programming kinda like how moondancer did it. I guess.
  3. So I made this and uploaded it to YouTube a while ago and thought I should share it with you guys and gals to see if you like it. Enjoy
  4. Yes, I keep trying, don't I? Some of you probably know that when I first joined this site, I was Leaf Shade. She was my first ever OC, originally as a green pegasus with a darker green mane, created in... what else, Pony Creator! How very generic looking! This is the username I adopted first, used on the MLP wiki, used on literally everything pony-related back when I was thirteen. But wait, that's not the point... why am I even giving this introduction?! And then there was that period where I became obsessed with Pokemon, and I was like, why not turn this generic-looking pony into a Ponymon hybrid? Those who hate crossovers will hate this, but I thought it was a great idea. I drew this last year, and I know it is bad, so bear with me. Then, heck yeah, I took a template form deviantART and basically drew some crap over it. (Apologies for the abundant amount of images.) And this will get better, I promise. So lately I've taken up digital art. I've drawn one of my other OCs, Raven Wing, to try it out. I got encouraged (not really) to draw this filly out as well. Here is the final result: Clearly a major improvement, I'd think Also made an alternate with a different smile and unshaded eyes: Critiques are much appreciated! Thank you for reading.
  5. Well, it's here, and with no Tombstone, still really well-done and funny like the others though XD Can't believe it's been almost a year since asdfmovie5 My favorite sketch was "Knock-knock" "Who's there?" *Slam* "THE DOOR" I lol'd so hard
  6. Sooo.... I got bored a while back when watching ASDF movie, and I thought up of this. I couldn't let it sit in my head, so I decided to draw it on Photoshop. (I have CS4. DX) I had to find a tutorial on how to draw Luna, but other than that, I did it all myself. It's kinda small, but if you mysteriously manage to enlarge it, tell me what you think!
  7. ~asdf~


    Ok everypony I want to do a fan song made with all of the beautiful lyrics of the bronies and pegasisters of this forum. I can play guitar and I have a basic sound editing program so if any one wants to contribute (singing, sound clips, playing an instrument) that would be nice. I also might make an appeal to TheLivingTombstone and see if he could edit it for me (or us if others join) - incase anyone has music to send me. So come on everypony! Dig inside those wonderful, creative heads of yours and pull out some gold for the brony community.