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Found 400 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Ask the Mane 6 & TGAP Trixie

    Greetings, Ponies of the MLP Forums! This is a topic in which, you are allowed to ask questions to me and any of my five amazing friends. Sup? Hello, Darlings. Howdy! Hiya! Um...Hello? I show up, too sometimes. Before we begin, I would like to thank our friends @Totally Lyra & Lyra Heartstrings for giving us this idea. Rules: Please keep your questions clean. No shipping questions.
  2. Luna's Admirer

    Ask Screwball

    "Hiya, I'm Screwball! You know the "Daughter of Discord" and all. But you might already know me, don't you? Now don't deny this! I know ya'll have a lots of questions to ask! So, I will take some time and will answer to all of your silly villy questions! So, who's ready? I know I am!"
  3. Matraxial Artemi

    Ask the Nexolians

    Greetings, My name is Artrexus Hope, born in Nexolian that takes care of the earth and protects the defenseless! Feel free to ask me or my Relatives, anything Sky Typhoon: It's a pleasure! Sapphire Sparkle: Hello! Titanium Burst: Nice to meet you! Thunderbolt: What'up! Butler Serve: How do you do?
  4. Will Guide

    Ask Will Guide

    Hello, everyone! My name is Will Guide and I'm an Unicorn who'd be glad to answer any questions! (Unicorn Will Guide) Don't forget me, the soul of a homosexual Changeling who shares the body and name of my Unicorn Soul Mate. (Main Changeling Form as seen from S6 Finale to Maybe Late Season 7 or Perhaps Season 8. Time will tell.) (Metamorphosed C. Will Guide. My "Butterfly" form after I've succeed in earning it. Either in late Season 7 or Season 8; time will tell; Image only 90% what I envisioned) Important to know: The answers I give here are part of my Head Fanon, not Head Canon of the show. Head Fanon doesn't override what happens in the show nor my Head Canon of what I hope happens in the show. It's just my personal "What If" scenario if my characters were part of the Friendship is Magic world; an alternative world, if you will. So please don't hate me for "breaking show canon". 2/2/18 EDIT: OKAY, GUYS. I WILL NOW ALSO ANSWER IRL QUESTIONS, BUT ONLY IF I DEEM THEM APPROPRIATE.
  5. PumpkinPie59

    Spoiler Ask Thorax

    Hello, everyone! My name is Thorax. As many of you probably know, I'm the king of the changelings. Spike told me that since I'm a king now, it'd be good for creatures to get to know me. So, ask away!
  6. Soren Peregrine

    Ask Søren anything!

    So I know I am not very active on here compared to some, but I do like answering questions, so feel free to ask me anything if you are interested!
  7. Lucky Bolt

    Ask Lucky Bolt!

    Get to know me by asking me literally anything you like! Don't be shy, fire away!
  8. George150

    Ask Spike George 150

    Hi, there everypony! Spike here, and I'm gonna answer any questions you got for me! So ask me anything the #1 assistant will answer truthfully(I am continuing the work that IsraelYabuki started)
  9. Totally Totally

    Ask Lyra and Lyra

    Hiya everypony! *waves enthusiastically to the onlooking crowds of... no one?* Don't worry, they'll come by eventually. Maybe somepony will find us and spread the word that we're here. Oh, umm, ok. If you say so. Anyway, without getting further sidetracked I've come to announce that after much thought I've decided to open one of these "Ask a Pony" things. So here goes. Lyra and I (the user behind the "Totally Lyra" account) have come to answer any and all questions you would like to put to us. Come right up and ask whatever you'd like. There's no need to ask both of us questions. If your curiosities only require asking one of us, go right ahead. Just be sure to specify who you're talking to if it's not readily obvious. Oh and I'm sure you're wondering about the odd switches in text color. Well that's to specify which of us is answering your question. I (Totally Lyra) will be using this blue text here to talk. And Lyra here... That's me! ...will be using the green text. Hey, is it my turn to talk yet? Yeah, go ahead Lyra. Hiiiiii everypony! *squeeee* This is gonna be exciting! I'm looking forward to talking to every one of you. That is, if this guy doesn't drown me out. He talks a lot, like, a LOT! Hey! Ok, sorry I'm kidding. But really, ask me anything! Don't let Totally Lyra steal the show, he's already stole my name, which I'm still holding a grudge for that by the way. You're getting sidetracked Lyra. Oh, woopsie! Well that's because there's not really a lot more to say, let's get this thing going. You heard her, we'll stop talking now so you all can have a chance. We're looking forward to your curiosity!
  10. Lucky Bolt

    Ask Rainbow Dash!

    What up! Ask me, the one and only Rainbow Dash, whatever you want!
  11. Catpone Cerberus

    Ask The Cerberus

    Your friendly neighborhood catpone, The Cerberus is here to hear you questions. You shall ask, and I shall answer. (<- random picture from internet)
  12. The Recherche

    The Recherché's Ask Thread

    You can probably guess what's going on here; I'll be answering any sort of question you ask me, if you feel inclined! It can be anything; my favorite color, the day of the week I eat the most granola bars, my favorite brand of keyboard... anything, as long as it's not way too personal! So if you ever wanted to ask me any questions, feel free to, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible!
  13. dream_star1235

    Ask Queen Chrysalis

    Hello little ponies, stupid little ponies, creatures of love........ anyway, you can ask me anything you want. *mutters: for a price, of course. they all must pay* Oh, I didn't say anything! ask anything, please! Queen Chrysalis
  14. Twisted Cyclone

    Ask Me Anything

    Just ask me anything. I'll answer your question ASAP.
  15. Luna's Admirer

    Spoiler Ask Scorpan

    Greeting Ponies! I am Scorpan. Most of you might not knew of me but you do know about my power crazy brother Tirek. *sigh* I know he was a fool to refuse my advise, and go on with his madness. But I am glad I decided to back off on time. I only wish my brother could do the same. I am here now, so if you wanna ask me anything, then go ahead...
  16. Hey everypony, appears that I have made a thing! Probably won't get many replies but at least I can say that I tried. I love our community and would like to get to know you guys better! If there are any questions, ask away, weather it be rapid fire questions like the *Spanish Inquisition* or a sixteen-syllable, falsely punctuated sentence! I'm open to any questions except my age, IRL name, location, or post office box number. And please, keep it SFW. Anything else? Ask away, my little ponies.
  17. sherri

    ask Jubilee Dreams!

    hi, i'm Jubilee Dreams & this is my pet cat, penny feel free to ask me anything.. it can be anything .... but please keep it appropriate I'll try to reply as soon as possible! 
  18. Luna's Admirer

    Ask Bubble Heart

    (Note: She's an OC from my HiE fanfic. I wanted to make a topic for her so I made one.) Hiya! My name's Bubble Heart. But you can call me Bubble. I've been living in Canterlot and Manehattan. I'm a singer and a supermodel. But mostly I like to look simple and plain. Singing isn't only my job, it's my passion. I love to spend time with my coltfriend. (Yeah, he's a human so what!?). He's the nicest person in whole of Equestria. If you want to know something about me, my friends, or my dear coltfriend just feel free to ask. (I'm new at such things so please go easy on me.)
  19. Luna's Admirer

    Ask an admirer

    I like to talk about ponies. Ask me about my opinion at mane 6, princesses, back ground ponies and others. Also you can even ask me my opinions about HiE. My personal fevorite is Human child in Equestria fictions. I'd love to share my opinion on writing fanfics as well. Just feel free to ask anything. Now let's start.
  20. IsraelYabuki

    Ask Discord

    HELLO EVERYPONY! That's right! The Lord of all Chaos is here! Anypony who wishes to ask me a question, feel free to ask me anytime!
  21. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Ask an Emperor!

    Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the Trains Empire! I shall present myself: I am Emperor Blu Traincrown, and I rule this Empire. I heard I was about to have questions to answer, so please ask!
  22. sherri

    ask posey!

    hi.. i'm posey .. & this is my pet, silverdust *poppy swirl is her old name* feel free to ask me whatever questions you like i'll answer them as soon as i can
  23. Emperor Blu Traincrown

    Ask Blue Trainsfeather!

    Hey everypony! I am Blue Trainsfeather and I'm not from Ponyville, not even Equestria. I heard that you would ask me questions, so feel free to do it!
  24. LonnaKitty

    Ask Aloette aka Dj Phas3r

    Hi, I'm Aloette, I figured I could do this ask me anything kind of thing. It seemed like fun!
  25. Matraxial Artemi

    Ask Matraxial Artemis

    Hello Everypony! I am Matraxial Artemis! It’s been a few weeks that I joined the herd and live in Equestria, so I heard that you can ask question to anypony Feel free to ask any questions everypony! *squee*