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Found 205 results

  1. Note: @Writer Rhyme had another version of me, but if you want to ask me here, then I'll answer for you!
  2. Ask me things. Things about science, maths, the theory of relativity, grammar, quantum physics, fluffy animals, string theory, what life as a puddle of water is like, [insert impressive-sounding scientific theory here], what life as a lump of squishy skin-coated intestines is like, why hugs are like the best thing ever, or literally anything else. Whatever vile and malformed query your twisted mind may concoct, I shall try desperately to answer it. Also, I can tell you nifty archaic insults to use on your worst enemies. I'm pretty good at that. EDIT: Just to disperse any suspiciously plausible rumours of stagnancy in my intellectual development, I now know stuff about infinity too. Plus M-theory, Noether's theorem, Ramanujan's terrifyingly numerous forays into unexplored corners of number theory, and how to classify dirt. Odds are that the dirt you're thinking of is either topsoil (organic clayey SILT, dark brown. Firm, wet, low plasticity) or some normie sub-topsoil dirt (probably something like silty CLAY, orange streaked light grey. Very stiff, moist, low plasticity). Show me vivid turquoise dirt and I'll show you alluvial sandy clay. Make my day, punk.
  3. Hi there everypony! Spike here, and I'm gonna answer any questions you got for me! So ask me anything the #1 assisstant will answer truthfully
  4. Hewoooo!! ฅ(=චᆽච=ฅ) Welcome to my Ask Me! Predefined, you can ask anything! (preferably, not homework, plez, I'm horribly bad at those, don't ask for my IQ,) You can generally ask me anything! But please keep it a proper question and PG13. These are some subjects I'm most familiar with: ~Suffrage Societies, although most people don't really care 'bout those anymore. I became interested in this subject ever since I've read the "My Story: Suffragette" book. ~International Culture ~Ever After High ~International Languages ~History ~MBTI -Myers Briggs Type Indicator (I’m in the process of studying the cognitive functions) ~AI Development ~The Future ~Minecraft (No, I’ve never built huge monuments,) ~How random things work ~Me (Anything about myself) However, you could really ask anything you like. I hope to learn a few things or two from this thread, so don't be afraid to exchange information with me if my answers are inaccurate/incorrect and/or you just feel like it.
  5. That’s right, it’s your old pal Freddy Krueger here to answer any questions you might have. I’ll try to be as ‘Forum Friendly’ as possible. So go on fire away.
  6. Well, here's a thread to ask a proud weirdo some questions of whatever nature. The only limitation would be to keep it PG13, but I think we should all know that's sort of a rule here. So whatever, whatever you've been dying to know about me (and I suppose I'm not already open about), you may ask here.
  7. Go ahead ask me any questions you’ve got and I’ll answer them.
  8. You can probably guess what's going on here; I'll be answering any sort of question you ask me, if you feel inclined! It can be anything; my favorite color, the day of the week I eat the most granola bars, my favorite brand of keyboard... anything, as long as it's not way too personal! So if you ever wanted to ask me any questions, feel free to, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible!
  9. 'Le ask thread, back from the dead. Woop woop!
  10. Get to know me buy asking questions. Dont be shy.
  11. Your friendly neighborhood catpone, The Cerberus is here to hear you questions. You shall ask, and I shall answer. (<- random picture from internet)
  12. Want to know better of my OCs? Ask them everything you want to ask! (But don't ask anything which involves Mature Content) Note: OCs would be available when they are posted in the ‘Post your OC’ topic Available: Stormlight Moonlight Crystal Wishes Writer Rhyme Guardian Blonde Iree Heaven Taffy Hot Blue Wings Windy Breeze Swift Shot Tomato Sweet Fluorescent Shield Fruity Vine Whirl Crates Thunderroar Maya Nature
  13. Hello Everypony! this is me! the person behind my OCs! feel free to ask me anything and i mean everything: personal questions, stupid questions, funny questions, life advise, motivation help, suggestions or anything you want!
  14. Okay, there's apparently a thing where folks put up these 'Ask Blah' threads, and there are occasionally folks who will actually post questions on it, and the people in question answer those inquiries, usually to the best of their abilities. But honestly, what fun is there in making sense? *chuckle* But yes, I have followed suit and put one of these things out there. Honestly, I am uncertain if I'll even get a single question, but hey - be prepared, right? Might as well have and not need, then need and not have. So, this thing is actually happening... That being said, I welcome any and all questions tossed out there at me - and I shall endeavor to answer them as quickly as possible. Of course, I am WELL aware that I might not even get a single response... but, such is life, sometimes. At least the thread is here, right? So, without further ado - fire away! [NOW WAITING FOR QUESTIONS]
  15. Ask the tiger-obsessed geek that lurks the forum games a question. Literally any question. Literally. I shall try my best to answer it.
  16. Hello everyone. My name is Eternal Flames, and this is my younger brother, Heat Blitz. We've decided to give this whole asking thing a try, so I hope you all won't mind. You can ask us anything you, just so long as it's appropriate Yeah, we really don't want to get in trouble. So, anyways, let's begin
  17. Hello! My name is Fangirl Mode. I also go by Kimi or Adorbz. :3 You can ask me anything as long as it's not some overly silly question. I'm pretty open to anything you ask, but it might take me sometime to do so. My mind is slow, and answering might take me a little while... don't be alarmed! Ask away~
  18. Just ask me anything. I'll answer your question ASAP.
  19. HELLO EVERYPONY! That's right! The Lord of all Chaos is here! Anypony who wishes to ask me a question, feel free to ask me anytime!
  20. Hi everypony sunset here! Go ahead and ask me anything (EQG and pony questions)
  21. Ask me anything Ask me things on TV, Movies, Music, Book, History, MLP, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Politics, British Things, World, Anime/Manga, life, sport, people, anything There maybe question I ingore or unable to answer
  22. Wow. I can't believe I have been here for a year and a half and I haven't made a Q&A thread. Ask me things.
  23. She's surprised to see you. She doesn't get many pony's attention.
  24. Veil

    Ask Veil.

    I'll try this again. Ask me any question.