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Found 42 results

  1. Guest

    Ask CopperSpirit/Flynn

    Hey I'm Flynn and I'm still very new to this forum. Ask me anything!
  2. Being a huge Disney Fan, especially of the characters that are part of the Disney Princess franchise, I figured I could do an Ask Me page for all the Disney Princesses from Snow White to Moana, and beyond. I'll even include Merida from Brave, even though she's from the other studio. Here's a handy chart of them in the original forms along with their crossover cameo from a recent film The lovely ladies are: Left side: I won't do Rapunzel, since she's done by @Sparklefan1234 Merida Aurora/Briar Rose Cinderella Ariel Belle Jasmine Right side: Pocahontas Mulan Tiana Moana Elsa Anna Snow White So go ahead and ask away
  3. I have a new pony OC everpony! Her name is Miskunn. Miskunn Cross to be exact. She's uh... not the most socially acceptable mare. She tends to be super blunt, a bit eccentric and very flamboyant. Go ahead and ask some stuff! Careful, she likes to nibble on ponies ears when they aren't looking.
  4. CatCat

    Ask CatCat!

    This question thing seems like fun so imma do it as well
  5. That’s right, it’s your old pal Freddy Krueger here to answer any questions you might have. I’ll try to be as ‘Forum Friendly’ as possible. So go on fire away.
  6. So I know I am not very active on here compared to some, but I do like answering questions, so feel free to ask me anything if you are interested!
  7. "Alright everypony, listen up, the name's Limestone Pie and don't forget it! Lately business has been slow on the rock farm, and Pinkie said doing one of these 'AMA' things would help get our name out there. Personally I don't buy it, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. So ask your questions I guess, me and my sisters will answer what you got." "But because I'm in charge you should ask me the most questions! Just keep 'em short, I got work to get back to - ain't that right Marble?" "Mhmm!" -------------- Welcome to the Pie Family thread, where you may feel free to ask questions of any of the sisters at your leisure! Have fun with it, but be sure to oblige by a couple ground rules if you'd be so kind Keep questions safe and within site rules Be mindful not to ask repeat questions Don't spam I look forward to your questions!
  8. Note: @Writer Rhyme had another version of me, but if you want to ask me here, then I'll answer for you!
  9. Ask me stuff. Ask me about my day. Ask me about methods of disposing of a body. Ask me for relationship advice. Ask me about my opinion on pickles. To thine questions, the answers I shall seek. Please ask me some questions I'm very bored right now
  10. will answer literally ANYTHING Warning the answer will probably be dumb for obvious reasons
  11. will answer literally ANYTHING Warning the answer will probably be dumb for obvious reasons
  12. Hi, my name is Ginger Ale! Since I am almost new to this amazing MLP forums, I would be glad and curious to see and answer your questions. Feel free and ask about anything. 0w0.
  13. Howdy ya'll. Queen Cassie here, ready and waiting to answer any and all questions that do not violate the rules of this forum. Ask away and ye shall receive answers.
  14. Hello everypony~! I'm FallBreeze. Some of you have seen me on my introductory post, but still don't know much about me~! Feel free to ask questions here!
  15. I'm not sure if it's too early for me to start an Ask a Pony thread. However, I did want to make one as soon as I passed the 200 posts mark. So without any further ado, ask right ahead.
  16. This seems like a good way to get to know people, so go ahead and ask me anything!
  17. Go on ahead, Ask me anything! just to let you know If I don't feel comfortable answering a question, I won't answer it. Don't take it personally... [edit: fixed my grammar.]
  18. Well hello their my Pony Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to my Ask blog. Now for you all who are just joining, I ask that you please read this before posting a question. #1- Please nothing sinful or rude - This goes for Blasphemy, Insults, and Most Swearing. #2- You can ask me anything you want #3- I will be very blunt in most of my answers, so if you get offended easily (Not like I'm intending to do that) then maybe this post isn't for you. #4- Just like I said above in #3, I AM NOT a politically correct individual. - I am a nice guy and I do not say these things to offend, however, I am bound by the Law of Christ my God to answer all things truthfully and without hesitation. #5- I may not be a Priest yet, but you are free to ask anything about the Bible, the Faith, and anything else that you want. (Provided that it is not insulting, or demeaning) I hope everypony enjoys this blog, and I hope to hear from you all soon. Until then, have fun.
  19. Helloooo! I am Wolves, you might have seen me around here! I decided to start this topic so you guys can ask me anything. Literally anything, so long as it's not rude or too personal So go ahead! That is all. Bwahahaha
  20. Hi! People call me Sid though that's not my name. I'm from Australia and welcome to my ask page! Ask me anything below.
  21. Ask teh Koukatsu! Here's my dying AMA blog that came before the thread~ (It includes my Meet the Staff! post!) The original ask; "Why are you so crazy about Derpy?" TL;DR: Ask me something!
  22. I have been a member on here for a long while and I figured it was time to open up an AMA thread. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know. I love answering questions! :grin2:
  23. I always love doing these for people to get to know me better on forums. I am RunDevilRun007. I am known as "Sev The Cynical Brony" on YouTube. And yes, I am indeed the most cynical brony. Ask Me Anything! Yes, even that. I am an open book.
  24. Have any questions for Aura Dusk the Dragon, Galaxy Starfall the Changeling, or me? Put them in here! Feel free to ask anything! Galaxy: Aura: