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Found 438 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    donald duck Ask Donald Duck

    This is the moment you've ALL been waiting for! The MOST FAMOUS Disney character of ALL-TIME is here to answer YOUR questions!* Please give a warm MLPF welcome to Donald Duck! *applause* *cheering* *PLEASE KEEP YOUR QUESTIONS CLEAN.
  2. Sparklefan1234

    rapunzel Ask Rapunzel

    Whoa...That was weird. I know Twilight Sparkle said going through the portal from Toontown would be disorienting but I had no idea it would send me to a land filled with talking ponies. Greetings, Everyone! My name is Princess Rapunzel of Corona & I am here to answer any questions you might have regarding me.* *Please keep the questions clean.
  3. Hey, all I could not dig up my old ask thread so I figured I would create a new one. Ask me something...anything.
  4. Aureity

    Ask Applejack!

    Howdy, everypony! Just noticed that my friends had their "ask" threads up, and ah was feelin mighty left out, so here we are! Ah may not be as popular to ya'll as my friends are, but ah'll try my best to give an honest answer to whatever ya ask, as soon as I can find time for it-apples don't buck themselves! So ask away, everypony!
  5. Sherbert MGS

    Ask Lovestruck Twilight

    Hello, I am Princess Twilight Sparkle and I'm the most lucky princess in the world! Ask me anything now excuse me while I gaze into Sherbert's eyes!
  6. Catpone Cerberus

    Ask The Cerberus

    Your friendly neighborhood catpone, The Cerberus is here to hear you questions. You shall ask, and I shall answer. (<- random picture from internet)
  7. The Recherche

    The Recherché's Ask Thread

    You can probably guess what's going on here; I'll be answering any sort of question you ask me, if you feel inclined! It can be anything; my favorite color, the day of the week I eat the most granola bars, my favorite brand of keyboard... anything, as long as it's not way too personal! So if you ever wanted to ask me any questions, feel free to, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible!
  8. Blood-Moon

    Ask Blood Moon!

    Hello fellow ponies! Ask me anything you want!
  9. Sherem

    Ask Sherem

    Some may be intersted some others not, if you're gonna flame the poor Sherem, do it nicely plz
  10. Twisted Cyclone

    Ask Me Anything

    Just ask me anything. I'll answer your question ASAP.
  11. Izel

    Ask Izel!

    Hi! Ask anything about my Oc,Izel. She is the Pegasus in my profile pic, and lives in the Everfree forest. Ask in the comments, and I'll reply asap.
  12. NewCalamity

    Ask a Staffer!

    After a little bit of discussion, we came to the conclusion that making an all-inclusive “Ask a Staffer” thread would be a great opportunity for members to get to know our team! How it works: Anyone may simply ask a question in here, no matter the subject (so long as it remains appropriate of course) and a random staff member will come around to answer you. The questions can be serious, fun, pertain to certain individual staff members, whatever! All in the name of getting more familiar with our hard-working staff members. There’s no telling who’ll be the one to answer your question, as it will simply be answered by whoever is available at the time. Here is a very handy index of each staffer:
  13. Scarlett ChB

    Ask Nature Tune!

    Okay, since I don’t anypony knows about my other Ask A Pony I decided to make a new one. Ask away! And please keep it appropriate
  14. Abstract Chaos

    Ask the Magical Skeleton Dude

    I may not be a pony, but i still exist. And like, member is an option so, like. Skeletons. Got any questions on how a skeleton even works? Why he cares about ponies in the slightest bit? How he... i don't know anymore. How're you even supposed to start these-
  15. Izel

    Ask Izel

    Ask my OC anything you want! Please keep age appropriate Let's start!
  16. As far as I'm concerned, not much is known about south american politics and culture in general, so you can ask anything here.
  17. Hey everypony, appears that I have made a thing! Probably won't get many replies but at least I can say that I tried. I love our community and would like to get to know you guys better! If there are any questions, ask away, weather it be rapid fire questions like the *Spanish Inquisition* or a sixteen-syllable, falsely punctuated sentence! I'm open to any questions except my age, IRL name, location, or post office box number. And please, keep it SFW. Anything else? Ask away, my little ponies.
  18. Sherbert MGS

    Ask a Scot

    This is just a topic so that ponies can ask me questions
  19. Thorgir the Mighty

    Ask a Changling!

    Fairly simple,but with a twist! I feel like the Changlings don’t get enough attention from some of us. So I’ve decided to have you guys interview a changeling! I couldn’t find a major changeling,but I found this guy here! He doesn’t have a name so we’ll refer to him as Claw (for now at least) Feel free to ask claw anything about the changelings! Have fun! Hello I’m Claw! Since our Army is down,I couldn’t really do I’ll answer a couple of questions...for now.
  20. Messy Mane

    Ask Messy Mane (aka Scruffy)

    Well,here it goes.I thought it was about time I made myself one of these. The title says it all,You can choose to ask the (Self Proclaimed) messiest pony in Equestria a question or....completely ignore this and move on. :3
  21. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Ask Slipstream Anything

    I'm very new to this site and I believe a great way to get to know each other is for you guys to ask questions about me, I'll be willing to answer anything, although, ifyou ask certain questions I might just PM you the answer.
  22. SkyDive

    Ask SkyDive (almost) Anything!

    Feel free to ask my OC, SkyDive just about anything you want, From questions about his alternate dimension and timeline, to more personal ones. To find more information on him, here's the link to his character page:
  23. Prospekt

    Ask Prospekt!

    Wow. I can't believe I have been here for a year and a half and I haven't made a Q&A thread. Ask me things.
  24. Thunderstrike

    Ask Tiger Feather

    Name's Tiger Feather. I'm a rather new resident of Equestria (from Gryphonstone). I'll answer any questions that you guys have.
  25. Ginger Ale

    Ask Celestia!

    - ASK PRINCESS CELESTIA - Greetings my little ponies, your highness is here to reply your questions within the framework of mutual respect... Ask me some questions to find out the things you were wondering about me... Inappropriate or non-related questions will not be replied and the askers will be taken to the dungeon. - RULES - 1- Answers will have emotive vectors. 2- No overly suggestive questions, please. 3- You can ask more than one question, please do not spam. 4- Follow up questions are allowed. 5- Other characters occasionally cameo.