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Found 5 results

  1. So, yeah, a bit of an astrology buff here. I'm curious to know what y'alls Sun and Moon signs are, for those of you who know. I'm an Aquarius sun and Leo moon myself.
  2. Welcome Everyone! I am Mori, your guide to the stars! I adore Zodiac Signs, and even if you see them as silly or untrue, we are just here to have fun and explore! I have extensive information on the star signs, and if you'd like, I'd be willing to share them with you! Did you know that you have a Zodiac personality description down to the very day you were born!? So come on down, and discover your Zodiac! Let me know which information you would want, and let's have some fun! 1. Basic General Zodiac Description This includes your Zodiac's Stones and Uses, What body part your Sign rules, Keys and Compositions (music pieces) associated and recommended for your sign's enjoyment, Plants/Trees/Shrubs associated with your sign, and finally, What signs you tend to be more attracted to! 2. Which of the Forty-Eight Periods of each sign are you? 3. Your Tarot Card based on the day you were born 4. Strengths and Weaknesses 5. Advice, Health, Meditation and Lucky Numbers & Planets And the Super Duper Mega Package: 6.The Entire Description on your Personality down to the very day that includes all of the above! Do note that due to lengthy descriptions for this package, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply! They are at least 6 pages long! **LET'S REACH FOR THE STARS!**
  3. For my last suggestion, I have something that may honestly work better during a year when either Nicole or Tabitha can attend the convention. Although since Starswirl’s V/A is attending, I suppose it could still work. In this panel, a group of folks who are fairly well versed in astrology, will delve into the signs of each of the Mane 6 (although I suppose it’s Mane 7 now with the inclusion of Starlight Shimmer - I mean Sunset Glimmer... oh screw it they’re the same character). Although it would obviously take way too long to do a complete run down of what each character’s sign meant, this would be an interesting way to learn about astrology.
  4. So yeah, another "What's your" thread, do you even believe in your date of birth determining what your personality is like? Or do you think astrology is a load of nonsense? Write your thoughts below.
  5. Do you believe what a horoscope reading actually tells you about yourself and the future that lies ahead? Like, for example: My sun sign is Pisces, my ruling planets are Neptune and the Moon, and my gemstones are Aquamarine and the Moonstone. Thoughts? Opinions to be shared?