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Found 17 results

  1. WHAT TIME IS IT? ! From the characters, to the animation, this is MLPF'S one stop for AT chat! ---------- RUN BY: galaxies ---------- Some questions..... 1-Fave character? 2-Least fave character? 3-Fave episode? 4-Least fave episode? 5-Best voiceactor? 6-Worst voiceactor? 7-Fave shipping? 8-Least fave shipping? -Top 5 heroes? -Top 5 villians? -------- My answers; 1-Fave character? -marceline. 2-Least fave character? -um um um uhhh the lich?? 3-Fave episode? -what was missing 4-Least fave episode? -mortal recoil 5-Best voiceactor? -olivia olson 6-Worst voiceactor? -(none) 7-Fave shipping? -BUBBLINE 8-Least fave shipping? -pb x finn -Top 5 heroes? -marceline -finn -jake -bmo -pb -Top 5 villians? -donny -why-wolves -ice king -magic man -pb (monster from mortal recoil) ---------- Have a mathematical day!
  2. Hello~! In case you guys weren't aware; I made a remix of The Living Tombstone's "It's Been So Long" back in December. Enjoy~! ---
  3. At parties I love to do the shuffle! Its so freaking fun to do and my friends love it! I am curious on what you guys do to dance or if you created your own dance!
  4. Well, it's 3:00 here in Germany and I can't fall asleep. Too much pony on my mind. Anyways, I have a question. Are there my creepypastas that kept you all awake at night?
  5. ✦ Come one! Come all! ✦ ~ And prepare yourself for sights most horrid and alluring alike! ~ ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅【♠ ♦ ♣ ♥】▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ Hello, and welcome to my art thread. Pay no heed to the red ink about the place; I wasn't expecting guests. This first piece I drew for the purpose of an avatar. Also, this.
  6. I've decided to do a series of blogs in which I discuss episodes of MLP that are generally criticized by the Brony community. The first is on Spike at Your Service. I would type everything out, but this image says it perfectly.
  7. So I recently started skating and love it so I decided to take it to the next level so i film my mates and make a edit so what do you think? After all that hastle its finally here I had to upload it to youtube cuz I couldwnt uploud it direct because I am using my phone.
  8. Forum Game! Post what you're currently programming, including some source code and an explanation. Doesn't need to be fancy, just a little thing or two about it. Post as often as you can with your latest coding endeavors! I'll start. void __asm led_operations4(void) { push_button_mask dcd 0x00800000 byte_mask dcd 0x000000FF bit_mask dcd 0x00000003 mov r8, #0 // counter ldr r6, =0x2009C034 // P1 ldr r7, =0x2009C054 // P2 ldr r4, push_button_mask __loop ldr r5, [r6] and r5, r4 teq r5, #0 bne __loop add r8, #1 ldr r4, byte_mask and r8, r4 mov r9, r8 asr r9, #3 lsl r9, #2 str r9, [r7] mov r9, r8 asr r9, #2 lsl r9, #31 mov r10, r8 ldr r4, bit_mask and r10, r4 orr r9, r10, lsl #28 str r9, [r6] ldr r4, push_button_mask __loop2 ldr r5, [r6] and r5, r4 teq r5, #0 beq __loop2 b __loop } Some ARM-v7 Assembly code for a class I'm helping a professor teach to 4th year CE and EE undergrad students. Coming up with a few solutions to a lab where the students have to keep track of a pushbutton input and update the 8 LEDs on the dev board they're using to show in binary the amount of times the button's been pressed.
  9. I was just doing nothing when I realized something. When I first watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought my favorite character would be Applejack due to her accent and awesome hat. But as I continued watching the show, she turned out to be my least favorite character out of the Mane 6. My favorite now, is Fluttershy. Which character did you think you would like when you first watched the show and post if that has changed now that you watched more of the show. Post below.
  10. So this is my first time drawing Pinkie. Her face is easy, so I started with that. It's in crayon, sorry. Please tell me what I did right+wrong!
  11. I made this about what happened today. It involves Chigens's OC, so ya. Here is said rage comic. DRUMROLL, PLEASE! Dumdudumdumdumdumdum.... TADA! So, wadda ya think?
  12. Lifehax

    Halloween party at school

    The party ended up going well. My mau5head gladly had its ears intact all through the day. I ALMOST won the costume contest (You can only enter the contest if you made your costume yourself) But get this. The people who won did not even make their own costumes. I paid attention and there were TAGS on the costume. Luckily I can catch things like that.
  13. SPECS: intel core i7-860 gen 2 radeon 5870 sapphire HD asus p7p55d-e pro motherboard monitor: unimportant sound: on motherboard I get a crash at desktop. and i cant update the drivers for the video card.(i believe the videocard is the source of the bluescreen) this is really annoying. i need my fallout 3!!!
  14. Hello Once Again Audience! OK I just had to do Toby... :3 So generate a Minecraft Achievement! The rules are: Post a achievement (Can't be from the game.) Wait for someone else to post. Rate it. (If your the next person) Do it all over again... Here is the link Here is mine!
  15. Hello, Here is my first attempt at pony art, it is of my OC "Equity Court" (meaning fair court, based off of my Criminal Justice major in college) This is really my first time drawing since... like i was 11 xD The background was just thrown together, I mainly focused on the pony itself.. Also, for some reason, the jpg is not as high quality as the origional, so it may be a bit blurry, I will attempt to fix it later... hopefully that fixed it
  16. Anyways, I decided to not be lazy and (read: somewhat) take my time on a song. Quick MP3:
  17. Well... screw it I'm copypasta-ing the video description. http-~~-// A remix of a song which is a remix of a song from MLP while it is also supposed to emulate the style of a famous remix artist. Wait, wut? It's funny how a little idea I had 2:30 AM on Saturday Morning can somehow start stuff. MP3: WAV/Soundcloud: