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Found 10 results

  1. Well seeing as there's a thread about Christian bronies, I think it's only fair we have an atheist brony thread! So, how many of you reject all that religious non-sense?
  2. There's no question that we've made an enormous amount of social and scientific progress over the centuries, perhaps most of that progress being in the last half century or so. Even though the current political landscape and discourse can make us feel the contrary, things are definitely the best and most evolved that they've ever been in the history of our species. However, as I see it, there remains one major hurdle that desperately needs to be overcome in the near future: clearing up misconceptions about atheism, which is the purpose of this essay. Whether you are an atheist or not, we need to start having more honest conversations about the topic. We can still have disagreements, of course. People can disagree about the existence of a god(s), but do so in a civil way in which no one is portrayed as a villain. Here's the short of it: atheism is nothing more than a lack of a belief in a god, but an inordinate amount of people, still today, believe that atheism is some sort of immoral doctrine. This insanity has to stop. Let me explain this very plainly. Atheism is not a doctrine nor a dogma, it's not a belief "system", nor a choice. It simply means that one hasn't been convinced that a god exists. That's it. "I've seen the arguments for and the evidence against, I've read the books, and I'm simply not convinced that a god exists." Nothing more. And yet, it seems that there are still a lot of people who think that atheism is some sort of unethical, immoral, evil, dogmatic belief system, some sort of hedonistic chaos doctrine that says, "nothing matters, so let's all just have orgies willy nilly and kill each other." Nothing could be further from the truth. Atheists, by and large, belief that life matters a great deal. In fact, it is specifically because of the finality of death that we believe every moment is precious, but that's a larger tangent that I don't want to get into right now. The point is that atheism isn't a set of rules or some sort of satanic belief system. It just means one isn't convinced. If I handed you a copy of Harry Potter and said, "Now, do you believe that Lord Voldemort is real?", you would obviously say no. Even if the book itself said that every word was literally true, you probably still wouldn't be convinced. Not without evidence. What if I asked you if you believe in fairies? Unicorns? Dragons? You wouldn't be convinced of the existence of any of those without evidence. It's not outright impossible for any of those to exist, but we have no reason to believe they do. We've never seen a shred of evidence. So, you wouldn't be convinced. It's no different with respect to atheists and god(s). We're just not convinced. It's not a choice, and it's not an active rejection of any of the good teachings of god or the bible (of which there aren't many. :/ ) It's simply a position of looking at the bible and going, "Eh, I just don't see any evidence. I'm not convinced." Before continuing, I'd like to add that atheist are not dogmatic. We don't say that it's impossible for a god to exist, and absolutely nothing can change our minds. No, not at all. Quite the contrary. You show us some evidence, and our minds will be changed accordingly. If a god descends from the clouds and says, "Here I am," they by golly, I'll be a believer. I simply don't believe in things for no reason with no evidence. Not being convinced that a god exists is clearly an amoral belief--neither moral nor immoral. It has nothing to do with whether you're a good person or not, just as not being convinced that unicorns are real has nothing to do with morals. Arguably, not believing in a god often results in better morals because one must get their morals from themselves and other people, and modern people are far more moral, and far better arbiters of morality than an ancient book. Moreover, most religious people don't get the majority of their morality from their holy book. If they did, they'd be executing gays and stoning their children to death for back-talk. Religious people still get the vast majority of their morality from the other people in their culture, and that morality is a product of centuries of secular progress. For instance, figuring out that gay people are just people, and deserving of the same respect, rights, and compassion as everyone else, was the result of secular ideas and pressure. This realization didn't come from rereading and reinterpreting the bible. We have become more moral and more ethical throughout the ages because we are thinking beings with an innate ability to reason, to tell right from wrong, and improve our morality. Morality doesn't come from a god. It comes from us. But whether or not you believe in a god, it's time we stop thinking that atheism is inherently immoral. I chose the subtitle for this essay because there have been so many social hurdles that have been cleared, and are now commonplace and widely accepted, but atheism still has so far to go. In the not too distant past, the issue of the day was civil rights, racial equality and integration. Even though racism is still a problem, there is absolutely no comparison to how it was in the 1960's and prior. We've had a black president, interracial relationships are completely commonplace, and there's lots of black people in the entertainment industry, and in media, and has been for many years. Even though it's not perfect, I'd say we're basically past that hurdle. In my generation, the big issue has been homosexuality. I'd say we are by and large past that hurdle as well. We got gay marriage, and there's a quite a lot of gay representation in entertainment. I mean, you've got sitcoms like Will & Grace, you've got gay characters on shows and in movies, you've got entire LGBT networks, and hell, just the other day I say a jewelry commercial--y'know, one of these "a diamond is forever" things--that featured a lesbian couple. Sure, there's still lots of gay hatred and intolerance, but homosexuality is brazenly out there in the media, and most people seem cool with it. Most shows/movies/networks don't seem afraid to have a gay character. Most filmmakers or tv show producers, or game developers for that matter, don't seem to be scared that if they include a gay character, they'll lose their audience. It's not an issue. But atheism hasn't made much headway, here. Atheism is still kept in the shadows, and having an openly atheist character is taboo. The only openly atheist characters on tv are edgy cartoon characters like Brian Griffin and Rick Sanchez. The makers of these shows get away with it, in part because of their target audience, but also, I believe, because people have an easier time stomaching this position from a cartoon character who isn't real. I suspect that if live action sitcom characters were openly atheist, people would have a completely different and objectionable reaction. I suspect they'd become soured, start hating the show and the character, and possibly even conflate the character with the actor, thinking that they are immoral and such. Cartoon characters don't seem to have this problem as they are so much further removed from the real world. Personally, I think it's tragic that the Big Bang Theory guys are not openly atheist. Of all people, they absolutely should be, and yet with some of them, they just don't mention it, and with others, they are "culturally" religious--they identify as a particular religion, but don't seem to really practice it. I have no doubt that the writers felt that openly atheist characters would drive the audience away. This is absolutely shameful. It is time that we have atheists represented in entertainment at the same level as gays. One of the only openly atheist characters in television history was Mike from All in the Family, a show that was far ahead of its time. Atheism needs to be commonplace in the media. The misconceptions about it will probably never stop until people start seeing atheists in the media and realizing that they're just people, not a cult of vampires or something. We need to start talking honestly about atheism. We need to stop tiptoeing around the word, saying it hushed tones, and being afraid to admit that we're not convinced that a god exists. Regardless of one's beliefs about a god, it needs to be understood that atheism absolutely is not something unnatural, sinister, or immoral. You may have noticed that I always used the phrase "a god", not just, "god", like a name. I do this intentionally to raise awareness that the Abrahamic god is not unique, special, or different from the thousands of other gods that have been created throughout history, thousands of which are still worshipped today. The god of the bible is just one god--one among many. Every believer is an atheist with respect to every other god that's ever been worshipped. We non-believers just take it one god further.
  3. Basically I saw the Christian Brony Blog and thought it was a good idea and thus I have created the Atheist Alternate Note: Though this shouldn't need to be said I am not against religion, I just have a different way of thinking.
  4. Sources for things I regularly debate. fite me
  5. Saw the Cristian Bronies thread and thought it would be cool if there was one for atheist bronies such as myself. Agnostics are welcome as well. Heck this is an open forum so anybody can post here and I won't have it any other way cuz you know free speech. Just be ready to have your opinions challenged. So, logically speaking, how are you doing this evening?
  6. Hello guys! After a week of planning and editing, here it is: An Atheist Dubstep. It is sort of crappy and wobbly, in my opinion, but I just wanted to share. Checkmate, Atheists! Dubstep.mp3 What is, specifically, that music, huh? Is just an regular dubstep edit (my first though ) of a video I found in youtube of EdwardCurrent, an youtuber actor who roleplays a brainwashed Christian just to mock them in his comedy videos. In this video, his character uses bunch of fallacious Christians arguments, trying to refute atheism and agnosticism. It is ver fun XD His channel: Observation: Made in FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition), using only native plug-ins(Seriously, I didn't use Massive Plugin ). If you got any question about how to make amazing wobble basses in that program, feel free to ask.
  7. First blog entry and I am already going to spark some controversy Here is some of my life story if you want to know where I come from. Disclaimer: This is what I think of religions. I will seem to generalize, but that doesn't mean it applies to all religious people, or even all religions. I am sure there are great religious people out there. First off I think religion has done a lot of harm in the earths history. I won't condemn any current believers for what happened in the past. You all are different people. Second, I think religion is a failed science, and as such, a human creation. Science is trying to understand and explain how nature works, and religion has tried to do just that. Although, sometimes it was to get power over others. Third, I do think religion has done some good. For example, the compassion project and other charities. More even I think they do want good to happen in the world. Finally, I think some religions need to retire. They were useful in the past, but now seem to be trying to hard to stay relevant in a ever changing world. Ask me questions if you like. If you must point out grammar errors, please add something to the conversation while you do it.
  8. I noticed this while searching on Google Trends. It lists atheism as a religion. A religion is defined as 'belief in, or the worship of, a god or gods'. Atheism is a religion in the same way not collecting stamps is a hobby, or not smoking is an addiction. What are Google's motives? A multi million dollar information company making an innocent mistake? Or something more?
  9. I've been meaning to post some blogs, and today I took a walk and I did some thinking. Usually I think about writing and the future but my thoughts wandered towards the religious side of things. Reason being is because I actually got into an after-class debate with my Algebra teacher. I was debating Evolution Vs Creation. We lingered on that debate for a good thirty minutes after-school. Once it had been concluded there was no bad-blood between us, he's a really great person and a great teacher. I think I came out on the good side of things generally capable to detest his claims on various things. This is an example of when a creationist can peacefully debate with someone such as myself. This doesn't commonly happen around where I live, militant-creationists are abroad. I will not consider myself the modern atheist definition I get unwilling branded with, I simply reject deities and the supernatural. In particular Pagan and Christian supernatural non-sense. Back to the subject, as I was taking my walk thinking of religious matters I thought upon atheism. Is it destructive, does the goods outweigh the bad? Atheism in the past was a somewhat good thing in politics in recent history (1800's). Reason being was as-long as they kept to 'freedom of religion' they wouldn't have any religious bias towards one form of religion. Now when it came to Communism vs Democracy, this is when the Atheist community got there label of being the bad-guys. It usually comes down to the person to determine if they are smart or not. I have seen that the Atheist community particularly around where I live are more open to knowledge. They have more critical-thinking skills, and generally can hold more intelligent topics. However, Atheism does cause some very heated arguments. Typically when the atheist says he hates god, to him god is some imaginary friend and not a real thing. Why hate an imaginary friend? Then it goes into the realm of ridiculousness with various claims from both sides. Each side treats each-other as-if they already know what each-others real beliefs are. Both sides are very close-minded when it comes to opinions on one-another. Many Theists think atheists believe all science. I do not one-hundred percent believe evolution nor do I believe in the "Big Bang." I can only accept them as logical explanations, evolution makes more sense to me than The Big Bang. In the end it's just science, science is changing which is nice and the reason why I take none of it as fact unless it is without a doubt proven. Many atheists believe Theists believe all there religious stuff. No generally all Theists believe in a loving and caring god that is not going to kill your family. Yes the concept of hell is bad, but more and more theists are becoming more intelligent in there beliefs. Religion changes just as science does, in one-hundred years the science we believe might be considered dumb and primitive. My dad who is a Christian believes earlier Christians were very dumb. He also does not refute scientific claims and believes most of them. In-conclusion, Atheism is just about as bad and at-times just about as stupid as Theism. We cling onto faulty proof just as Theists do. However, this is why humans are such awesome creatures. We can independently think and break off of the herd every once and a while to defend what we think, which is always nice. So I encourage both sides of the spectrum to not think so lowly of one-another like I use too. If anyone wishes to suggest a topic PM me, or if you wish to discuss this topic you may also PM me. - MxT