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Found 22 results

  1. I've always found myself quite interested about the idea of thinking what will be, in our future. A few decades, a few centuries... Of course the former is much, much easier to do with a ready degree of certainty (even if with that you're bound to be wrong on at least half of any predictions that may be made), and the latter is pretty much impossible. I've always wanted to compile a list of things that would happen in our future and really think about how things might turn out. Now that I've said enough times that I find the topic fascinating in different words, before getting to the topic at hand, this prediction assumes we don't annihilate ourselves, and is also as optimistic as I think it can be: Global warming will have ravaged the planet in such a way where vast parts of the globe are uninhabitable, whether to do with heat or with going underwater. Some coastal areas will need to be evacuated, with an estimated roughly 3 foot rise in sea level by 2070. Globally, the average temperature will be roughly 3 degrees Celsius (or 5.5 degrees Fahreinheit) warmer than today. Most of the Middle East, northern Africa, and parts of Central America will be rendered unsuitable for human life. The global population will be roughly 11 billion, even after the near extinction of middle-easterners by xenophobic lawmakers (the likes of Trump of course). We will have chips implanted into us plausibly in the first days of our lives. These chips will track your movements and can also be modified to grant you a heads-up display of sorts. These chips will likely also allow you to have mental access to the equivalent of today's internet. The US, China, and India will all no longer be world powers. I personally predict, though this will likely be wrong, that we will have a single state spanning the globe whose biggest influences are the districts that are today's Norway and Japan. This will more than likely have been prompted by yet another close call with nuclear annihilation. Cars will pretty much have made a complete transition away from gasoline, to a different source of energy altogether. Perhaps smaller scale nuclear fusion engines (using the fusion of hydrogen atoms to create energy much like our Sun) will be available to the richer of the public, while everyone else will end up with electric cars. Yes, nuclear fusion energy will be a thing and will quite likely power most of what we do. It will be substantially cleaner than our current unrenewable sources of power. However, it will still require some sort of backbone from a more primitive source of power, plausibly solar after new innovations in the area (one is taking place right now). Poverty will be pretty much solved for the most part by the implementation of a global Universal Basic Income or Negative Income Tax. Healthcare will be payed by the state from money they get through taxes. Education will be free at all levels, as is already the case in some more developed nations (and yes, it DOES work, stop politicizing a one-sided issue). We will have colonies on the Moon and Mars, maybe also on Venus. These colonies will likely be very culturally different from us here on Earth and from all indications will end up outlasting our civilization on Earth, thanks to global warming and the more conservative/centrist and corrupt mainstream of our times failing to act. Quantum computers will be much more than a reality, they'll run most all of the supercomputers and private network servers of tomorrow. Human memories will be able to be downloaded onto computers, however they will still not have figured out quite how to emulate consciousness in machines, so the memories will sit. I'll probably put more predictions here in the not so distant future. Also locked because I know if I don't somebody's going to be angry about how certain facts don't align with their feelings.
  2. I don't know a lot of details about this, but a popular comic-maker on Devianart named EStories who makes Think Pink recently had a member of his family attempt suicide: Those of you who are religiously inclined, please do pray for him, his family, and the poor family member who attempted it!
  3. I know its pretty bad but when i drew this i was inspired about anime and i wanted to create something, I was planning on second character to go along with her but i wasnt inspired enough and now im not quite sure what to do about it i mean i would like to continue but im not really satisfied of how she looks mostly my issue is in her face since i dont really know how to draw eyes or other facial featured and it irritates me t o a point where i dont really have much inspiration so if anyone have any suggestions how to improve the face feel free to say them
  4. So I made my OC Ironhide using Inkscape, and here's the result: This is better then the original, sadly. Advice for future projects would be nice.
  5. So these are some terrible attempts at drawing... I had better you go. Do you have any advice on how to improve?
  6. Although Fluttershy is my favorite pony in the mane six, I never wanted to draw her in fear if screwing up too badly. I finally managed to gather the courage to attempt a drawing of Fluttershy. Completion time is about 1-2 hours. Tell me what you think
  7. Hey all, recently I've been looking at a lot of space art on DeviantArt, and I got quite curious in how it is done. I looked up a couple of tutorials on Youtube, which helped immensely, and these are the final products made on Photoshop, I am rather happy with them: The texture of the planet was made on a planet generator website (Can't remember name :/), and with the help of photoshop, it was made. This one was more of a challenge. The textures are from google images. The planet on the left is made from a rock, and the one on the left is water. The Nebula was made using brushes I downloaded off of DeviantArt, by Tsayre. Everything was made from scratch, aside from the planet textures, which belong to their respectful owners in the second picture. I know these are first attempts, and A LOT can be improved, so please, if you have any criticism please say it! Thanks a lot!!
  8. Well well... this will be the first time I become a critic when it comes to movies. It's an exciting experience, but at the same time, one has to be aware of fairness towards every angle in a movie, what the producers want to portray, and what I felt could have been done better. That being said, I have a lot to say about Equestria Girls. First off: It was too short. The average full length feature movie should at the very VERY least be 90 minutes. There are exceptions to this rule though. For example, The Emperor's New Groove was 78 minutes. Nevertheless, Equestria Girls was even shorter than that, standing at only 72 minutes. If you can get a good story done in that time frame, that's fine by me, but the impression that emanated from this movie was that it would better fit as a movie directly broadcast on TV; not enough character development and conflict was introduced to Equestria Girls that warranted it a full length movie (I'll get to that soon). Even The Emperor's New Groove developed the timeless relationship between Pacha and Kuzco very well in that short time frame. Now for character development. There was so much potential that the producers could have feasted on when creating this movie. The best example of this was Sunset Shimmer, the antagonist of the film. There could have been an extra scene or two that could legitimize her hatred against Twilight and Celestia. She just spoke it like a stereotypical villain would. Why not delve deeper into the mind of Sunset Shimmer and dissuade us from believing that Sunset Shimmer could have been a better villain? Maybe provide a flashback of her life and draw us to feeling empathy towards Sunset. Like I said, if you're putting the movie on theatres, you're allowed to make it longer if you need it. Another example of character development would be Twilight and Flash as a couple. A lot of potential was there to add significant romance and not make it too cheesy or cliche. For example, maybe we could actually get Twilight and Flash to talk to each other about interests and get them on a date. Then Sunset Shimmer could sabotage their date because Flash was his ex-girlfriend or even ruin Twilight's reputation by sending Snips and Snails to take pictures of their failures. I was particularly disappointed that Flash and Twilight didn't speak all that much and had already propelled themselves to a dance at the end of the movie. Like I said, they have a full-length feature going on. Seize the opportunity and make the movie longer if you need to. Even though these perks came on my mind, I still had some nice feelings about the movie as I watched. I loved the humour it gave, from the time the CMC teens were reading comments about their Youtube video ("EPIC FAIL." that made me lol) to The Great and Powerful Trixie wanting to get a bar from the snack dispenser. It kept me entertained that's for sure. Contrary to what parents said about their attire and wear, the humans were very modest and well-dressed too. The characters still became good models for children to live out their daily lives by being themselves with the power of friendship and understanding decency. So all in all, I'd give the movie a 65/100. Hasbro had a lot of opportunities to make the movie good, but they didn't capitalize of them. They could have made the movie much deeper and wholesome by developing Sunset Shimmer and could have established the relationship of Flash and Twilight much more intrinsically. Too bad they didn't. Nonetheless, the humour and the morals were clearly there, so I can't argue against that. Equestria Girls was a disappointment, but it wasn't the worst movie I've seen.
  9. Well, I finally bought some paper and pencils... Not sure if it's good. Actually I have seen many better ones out here and I know what my mistakes are, but I simply lack in skill and practice, I guess. Or even in talent... But anyways... Here, have one Applejack! Criticism is welcome!
  10. I hope this works... I won't lie, I needed some...assistance for that. But small steps first. Technically it's a pony-creator-picture ripoff, combined with advice from here,-big-mac.htm ...But nonetheless; let me introduce you to my ponysona, Tender Voice! Before somepony asks, his Cutiemark is a diapason and an olive branch. I thought about that a lot, and in real life, I think I am more of the conflict solver, who talks after he listened to what has been said. But enough from me. Your critic is welcome.
  11. This is the first human type drawing I've ever really done, with that in mind I think it came out nicely. I'm not a fan of Humanized ponies, but I couldn't help myself. So here's a human RD.
  12. Yeah, I tried doing a wallpaper again. If you like it please tell me, if not then please tell me whats wrong with it. I'm trying to get better at doing this kind of thing.
  13. Ok, It's been a while since I attempted a wallpaper... My last one, not so good, but I think this ones better. Also the eyes are supposed to be blurry. Please if you see anything wrong tell me, I would like to get better.
  14. DA link Copy-pasted from the DA description: - The reason I put Rarity as my least favorite, is because of her double standards. She's being generous to others like her who're touchy about their appearance (also her friends), but her greed causes her to anger the dragon in Dragonshy and take a fire ruby Spike's been nurturing for so long. Rarity also joins her friends to teach RD a humility lesson in Mare-Do-Well, forgetting that she herself loves to show off whenever given the chance as she did in the Sonic Rainboom ep. - When drawing Spike, I thought I was asked to draw him being cute OR as an adult OR as a pony. Though, maybe my question still applies. Because the meme tells you to draw him being cute and adult/pony SEPARATELY, whereas I pulled a paradox and made him cute+pony in the same picture (yes, I find confused dragons adorable, shaddap). - The madness frame was really random. I put in plenty of music notes and signs because I constantly have music in my head, "chosen" at random and playing in loops.
  15. A couple of days ago I made an avatar for a person on another forum, so I decided to take the idea and put it in wallpaper form. Yeah I just wanted to try something, so here you go...
  16. So I've been practicing and here's my latest one. Feel free to give me your feedback and opinions. Did I do alright?
  17. I took some advice to practice a bit on my drawing, and I tried it out, I did do a little tracing, but this came out pretty good, and it is, by far, my best drawing yet. Thoughts? Advice?
  18. Totally proving Bohtty wrong, I drew Rarity WITHOUT tracing. For one of my first attempts at drawing Rarity, I think it's pretty good!
  19. What do you think? these are my first attempts at human emotions
  20. Hello, Here is my first attempt at pony art, it is of my OC "Equity Court" (meaning fair court, based off of my Criminal Justice major in college) This is really my first time drawing since... like i was 11 xD The background was just thrown together, I mainly focused on the pony itself.. Also, for some reason, the jpg is not as high quality as the origional, so it may be a bit blurry, I will attempt to fix it later... hopefully that fixed it
  21. I'm creating an instrumental cover of Tornado by Jónsi, and I decided that I'd want some vocals in the cover. But my brother, father and I are mostly in the same room the entire day, and I live with some of my relatives. If I sang, my brother and father would ask and be annoyed at my singing, and they would ask me to stop. There is no quiet place anywhere near my house, and it's too noisy for me to record clearly. So I'm looking for somepony who has a falsetto voice, or who can at least imitate that, who lives in a sort of quiet environment, and can record something clearly, him singing the lyrics of Tornado. http-~~-// You grow, you roar Although disguised I know you You'll learn to know You grow, you grow like tornado You grow from the inside Destroy everything through Destroy from the inside Erupt like volcano You flow through the inside You kill everything through You kill from the inside You'll... You'll learn to know I wonder if I'm allowed ever to see I wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free You sound so blue You now are gloom You sound so blue You now are gloom I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be Also, if that pony can make those sounds that play at certain points in the song(sounds made by pony vocals, of course), then that's better. EDIT: I already finished most of the cover. The uploader seems to fail when I upload the song. And it's only 40MB. Whoever volunteers to sing, just give me your Skype name and I'll send you the song from there.