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Found 4 results

  1. You can't play a piano with hooves. You just can't.
  2. Well when i became a brony i saw lots of clopping art and pony re34 art. Now i used to also be a furry too and i saw the same thing. Someone asked me why to so many people like making porn out of cartoons and kids’ stuff like that. i had something i had shown them about the reason why but i lost this. What i did find was this from Ph.D. Research psychologist Jesse Bering the author of the book Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us. by age 17 males erotic profiles are pretty much fix, like it or not nobody knows why some people are more prone to developing unusual patterns of attraction than others. But whether it's a penchant for pokeman,feet,underwear,ponies or etc.. The best available evidence suggests that some people- mostly males- have a genetic predisposition for being "sexually imprinted during development". So , at some point during sexual development people who like clopping art imprinted on that. (from the Creative Loafing paper tampa).
  3. Beauty is not just for women. Looking fabulous is for everyone to enjoy. Got acne? Dry skin? Flakes? I can help. When I first hit puberty I had terrible acne, it was horrible. Now I have perfect skin, and you can too :3 . Dos&Don'ts 1. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. The less oil and dirt, the less breakouts. 2. Wash your hands often. The average person touches their face hundreds of times a day, so keep it clean. 3. Wash your face every morning and night (I like to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser or Exact facial cleansing gel). 4. Take shorter showers in medium cold water. Hot showers dries skin out like crazy, leaving it wrinkled and dry. 5. Use facial moisturiser (I like to use Clean&Clear advantage oil free moisturiser). Gets ride of flakes instantly. 6. Take lots of Vitamin A (the recommended does is one a day, I take 5-7). Vitamin A is key in skin health. 7. Don't eat chocolate or other high sugar foods (pop & juice included). Knowns to cause breakouts. 8. Don't drink milk. Known to cause break-outs. 9. Sleep on a difference surface every night (either chance your pillow case every night or sleep on a different towel, on top of your pillow, every night). Dead skin cells and oils from past days are known to clog your pours. 10. NEVER go to bed with make-up on your face. This gives the make-up time to lock dirt and oil into your skin. 11. Use 'zit cream' even if you don't have any zits, they prevent break-outs. (I use Clean&Clear advantage plus 3-in-1 cleanser, but what is most important is that it says 5% benzoyl peroxide) Apply to your entire face, (excluding the 'circles' under your eyes) leave on for about 30 minutes to an hour and a half and then remove with WATER ONLY. There will still be a thin layer on your face, go to sleep with this and then wash it off with a cleanser in the morning. 12. If you have a 'white-head' pop it with a sowing pin ON THE SIDE of the white head. Then using a tissue paper, squeeze all the puss and blood out. If you have any specific skin problems quote this post and I'll try to help out ~
  4. Hello, fellow bronies! Okay, one day I talked with a fellow brony friend of mine. He told me that his favorite pony was Fluttershy, and I suddenly remembered his crush - she's a cute and quiet girl, who's kind to everypony. So that got me thinking... Maybe one's favorite pony reflects the desire what someone wants in his/her companion. There are certain characteristics in ponies - stereotypical things. I've done a list of the mane six, for example... Twilight Sparkle - intellectual, likes reading, curious, organized, hard-working Rainbow Dash - adventurous, sporty, likes attention, likes racing, loyal, spontaneous, lazy, has attitude Rarity - likes attention, lady-like, into fashion and beauty, generous, has class Applejack - honest, sporty, family's important, hard-working, likes to bake and help Pinkie Pie - Fun, humorous, musical, never boring, loves to laugh, parties Fluttershy - cute, quiet, loves animals, gentle, caring, kind I think you get the picture. It's also a "mix-and-match" type of thing - you might like, for example, that Pinkie's constant randomness is annoying but you love her attitude and her willingness to get everypony smile. So, what do you ponies think of my theory~?