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Found 23 results

  1. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  2. Fellow Bronies! today i we still are going to cover the audio, but this time instead of heard disturbing audio we are going to cover music, we all know that music is a important factor for emotions, so today ill show you the 7 most weird, disturbing music. these do not need further explanation, they are just songs made by artist with the purpose of give you a chilling ambience Cheers! Hamburger Lady Karl Meyer Jupiter and Beyond Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball send your reactions and smash that brohoof buttom for more of this saga!
  3. I recently made a collection of 'creature' sounds, and I would like you magnificent pone pones to guess what I used as a source sound effect to make the sound file. It's a dumb idea, but honestly, I'm just curious to see if people can guess where I get the bases for some of my crazy files from. Anyways, audio file is right HERE! Soundcloud link.
  4. Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering. But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right? Greetings, everybrony! We are happy (and just a little bit terrified) to introduce the English translation project for The Broken Toy! What is The Broken Toy? The Broken Toy (orig. "Сломанная Игрушка"- rus.) is an epic dark novel by DarkKnight, who is well known and appreciated throughout the Russian-speaking brony community. The story takes place in the future of the Earth, where advanced genetic engineering allows humans to mass produce sapient technicolor ponies synthetic living beings with programmable minds and memories. If you want to get the basic understanding of what this novel is, just imagine the crazy mix of Do Hippoids Dream of Electric Parasprites by Filly K. Buck and Who Framed Roger Pegasus film. The novel contains 150K words, has been published as a book with an art-book, there is an audio version and also a spread of fan-made artworks and fics. Warning! Novel contains scenes of violence, coarse language, adult themes, and random combinations of the foregoing! Rated “M”: appropriate for mature teens and older. What’s our plan? Basically, our goal is to adapt and translate the original novel for the English-speaking community, chapter by chapter. We are also working on an English audio book and a set of illustrations for every chapter. Check the links below! In the longer term, we plan to publish the novel as an illustrated book. The Broken Toy team There are currently four of us, in alphabetical order: 1. Cerulean Starlight, editor of the English version. 2. Icy Shake, editor of the English version. 3. Slaaneshi, translator and charismatic PR-managing guy. 4. V_Korneev, one no fun jerk. Does: • Editing and adaptation of Russian version in coordination with DarkKnight; • Rough English translation; • Voice-acting and sound-editing for novel's audio version; • Artworks; • Whine. Links to the story • Project web-page • Illustrations on DeviantArt • Audiobook on YouTube • The Broken Toy on FIMFiction
  5. Hey guys I'm having trouble with an ongoing series of that is currently on hiatus. We have problems with finding an Editor. I would prefer to have someone with some experience but if you have a hard work ethic but new to it ill consider you. Send an email to me at also here is a link to the channel
  6. READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST This is my very first hypnosis audiofile and i thought i start with something that most people are familiar with, which is integrating the personality of my OC. It's really of the upmost importance, that you go into it without any sort of doubt. If you do, this thing won't work in the first place. But i assure you, that nothing bad will happen when you listen to it. Lay yourself down and relax. Try to make your room as dark as possible. Use headphones for the recordings, to achieve the best effect. Let yourself fall and don't think and trussssst in me. Feedback would be appreciated.
  7. So, every now and again for the past 3 or 4 years I had been searching for an EQ (sound equalizer) add-on for Chrome. Well, as luck would have it, I found one. Audio EQ It works amazing on YouTube I hope that many of you find this as beneficial as I have; I'm sure I wasn't alone in the search for an audio EQ for Chrome. Mods - I could see it fathomable that you might want to say this is "better suited for a blog" ... but, I don't think as many people would see it if it were. Thus, to give reason for making this a topic rather than blog: Folks - post your preferred EQ settings! ~ Miles
  8. ----- "Welp, there we go, I have two songs all written down. Now all I need is the music!" Tech said triumphantly. He looked around for instruments, then realized he doesn't play any. "Oh yeah. Well I'm sure music making isn't THAT hard. I'll just make it online." Tech proceeded to use royalty free loops to make his song. 5 minutes later he realized it wasn't working, it sounded bad, and he has no idea what he's doing. "I'm gonna need help." Tech fled to the MLPForums and began to write a post, in search for a musician that could assist him. ----- So yep, that's my situation As mentioned, I do have two songs that I've written. The only thing I lack is that knowledge and talent needed to make music happen. So that's why I need YOU! I know the tune that the lyrics go to, all you need to do is form a musical track to match. One song I'd like to be in a similar style to the music in the MLP "B.B.B.F.F. Song", the other is more like Pop/Rock. I'm not looking for just some simple audio loop. I do want something that will end up sounding like a real song. And you will be credited for providing the music. So if you'd like to help out, then PM me. I'll share the lyrics with you and send you a rough draft of how the song is sung. I hope to hear from you soon!
  9. I have recently been wanting to have the ability to record audio, including voice, acoustic and electric instruments. I was hoping there was somebody out there who has some experience in this and could offer any advice, such as an adequate interface, dynamic or condenser microphone, boom setups, good software, etc. I use an early 2011 MacBook Pro. So, if you have some advice for a total audio noob, any help is appreciated!
  10. Looking for you, audio enthusiasts Our team consists of VA's, artists, programmers, writers, and all sorts of other talented and enthusiastic people. The one enthusiast we seem to be missing is someone who can help us edit and compile audio really well. Most of us can work with Audacity, but it's different from when someone is really into it and has a great time doing it. It's like how people know how to use paint or text processors. Knowing how to use the tools, does not mean you're able to make a great picture or write a great story. Knowing how to use audacity/etc simply doesn't equate to being able to produce quality audio. If you are someone who likes working with audio/voice work/music in a group on a to-do basis, you're very welcome to join us. If you aren't but maybe know someone who'd be interested, feel free to give them and/or us a heads up about this. About us In short, we're a very welcoming team of my little pony fans all around the world, striving to make great pony content. A lot of it is based off of fanfictions we've read over the past few years and they're pretty great. We have our own website with user profiles and portfolios based on what they've contributed, for all the world to see (if they so desire). It's something to show off to others and something our group shares around as well. We used to do live recordings and have over 700 stories in our archives. Over the past year we've switched to doing pre-recordings for higher quality which has worked fairly well for us. We now have higher quality audio in terms of voice, sfx and music. Feel free to read up on our profile/other pages.
  11. A slightly discontinued story. If you like me to continue, do tell. Kind of been low on motivation lately, especially due to classes and stuff. This is an alternate origin to one of my friends/characters, DP. Enjoy. July 15, 2013 /AUDIO LOG STARTS.../ This is Dr.█████ of the H-A Project, and this is the very first audio log for our current observation of subject DP40-A, one of many of our test subjects to be determined as defective and viewed for a few weeks then sent to deconstruction. DP01 through DP39 were considered special cases outside our regular A0s. Yet, with suggestions from my inferiors below me, from those of Dr.██ and Dr. ███████, proven failures and purely from ignorance. A waste of time, from DP22 destroying our test sites to DP05 hacking our networks. Sigh... As of now, I decided to have DP40-A be my chose for observation. Others have requested certain subjects to be place into my new testing site. I refused. I do not want uncertainty of further incidents to occur, especially within my own test site. A tier 4 site, only I and a few other trustworthy assistants have access to both the observation room and the test site. As creator of the new site, I call it "The Box." Technical term, the Realistic Real Time Simulation Room, or RRTS. "The Box" consist of at least 300 high-def cameras equipped with clear sound recording devices and stats checker to identify errors, codes or transmissions, or, highly in rare cases, emotions. Now, to this day, H-A Project has not encounter such a rare occurrence of our subjects earning humanistic traits besides curiosity. "The Box" is a simple and complex design, the floors, the walls, and the ceiling are suited with pure white hue, decent room size to remove claustrophobic essence, and a pure white comforting cube for the subject to rest or sleep mode in their language. Simple by design, complex for its purpose. I had a special technician by the name of Welsh ██████████ to coat the room with a middle and soundproof layer with a special mental device that reads the subject's mind and perform and project mental images of places, objects, or persons. Thus the pure white walls and floors will "paint" the mental images, making it realistic for both us and the subject. Why did I choose a random subject? Specifically a unique machine? DP40-A, depicted as "Mistake by operator" by our records, showed unusual signs of disobedience and shut offs. Troubleshooters kept him locked up for quite sometime, hiding him away from me. Predictable of them. Only keeping subjects for spare parts for their...unusual fetish. If it wasn't for my assistants for find DP40-A, he would have become an obscenity. His appearance is rather intriguing by far. Light tan skin, black spiky hair, black pants with blue seams, white long sleeve shirt with a black overcoat with blue floral graphics, and black shoes. Fit body and perfect, 5'7. Besides clothing and body, the mask. That mask DP40-A is wearing. Dark, extremely black. But when he was brought to my office, and...and when I placed my hand on his mask, the flare of blue lines streamed across it. He was motionless, by far incredible. As many of our subjects, they would react to grabbing my hand to stop when I drew my hand across any faces. I bothered him, arms, legs, even groin. Nothing. But...perfect. So..."The Box" he goes. Today we put him inside. Cover him with heavy lead blankets to prevent him for acknowledging the exit. It has been and hour and 30 minutes and he has not moved. I await for further examination. Lets see if you'll budge. /AUDIO LOG ENDING.../
  12. I think I'll go with Jake Kaufman. Both Mighty Switch Force! soundtracks and the excellent Shovel Knight soundtrack tied me into buying both games.
  13. Does it count as cross-posting if it's from a completely unrelated forum? I posted this on another forum that focuses on creepypastas. Sadly, the forum isn't terribly active, so I haven't gotten a response despite posting it, like, a month ago. Well, here's my issue, if you can call it that. I'm aiming to start up a review show on creepypastas. I've created this character, Count Capellini, and this is sorta the format of the show: talking over still frames. Since it's primarily written word, I think that this style is fine. Here's the introduction: In this video, I echoed the voice and lowered the duplicate tracks in order to give a “demonic” effect. I think this was cool to do for the intro video, but I’m debating whether or not to do it for the reviews, too. My first video that I’m planning is probably gonna come in around 30 minutes. I’m wondering if the under-pinnings will be distracting to listen to for that amount of time. Should I just go with the straight-up voice without any duplicate tracks? Or does adding the demonic tones give it character and depth? And yes, it is supposed to sound slightly campy and flamboyant. One thing I was considering was to have this voice in the video do the review and maybe amplify the lower-pitched voice to narrate quotes. I thought that might break up the monologue a bit and give listeners an audio cue of when I've switched to a quote. (A minor peeve of mine with YT is when content creators let the visuals do the talking when it's primarily talking. I like to listen to stuff like this almost as podcasts, sometimes, but stuff like that takes you out of that illusion.) But let me know if that sounds dumb or something. I have sort of a semi-sample that I did, maybe I can post it for comparison. As for right now, though, my computer's borked and I'm on my partner's computer, so it may be difficult for me to upload that audio right now. But I'll try if anyone needs to get a better idea. I appreciate your opinions! Thanks!
  14. This is an acapella arrangement of the Mega Man 2 Wily Castle theme (I'm sure you've all heard it before). I do acapella harmonies like this all the time and share them with my friends. However, the main difference here is that I did nearly the entire thing while most of my arrangements last about 10 seconds. I sometimes make my own harmonies, but here I stuck with the song, except I also did each part an octave lower as well as in the correct octave. I do not think this is Smooth McGroove quality by any stretch of the imagination; The audio balance is terrible It's laughably obvious that I'm doing it in many segments I'm probably off beat My pathetic excuse for a beat is laughable But let's not trash my work just yet. You can all listen to it, and you can do all the trashing you want. But most importantly, please enjoy it; Wily Castle Acapella.wav
  15. Hey y'all! It's Zygen here! I decided to finally start this new blog, because i've had the idea of it for a while, but I've yet to go through with it. Basically, this blog is going to be more or less only random cover attempts and singing of stuff. However, these will all be singing attempts, which are mostlikely subpar, They may be good in some parts, but bleh in others. Or downright messy. My good clean runs that I feel are good will end up on my normal blog mostlikely, unless I decide to just do all my music stuff on here. (Main Blog) I may even put non singing covers of stuff, maybe if I want to do covers on Trumpet of stuff, or when I get better at it maybe even guitar, we shall see. However, this blog will mostlikely stay as the covers that never made it, I like to call it my "Cover Junkyard" because that's what it is basically ;p. Anyways, if you want to follow this blog, feel free, if not, I don't blame you, either way, just be warned this blog will not be containing awesome singing mostlikely, but may have some really mistake ridden covers and such in it, so only follow if your prepared for some messy mistakes. (Or just to see me embarrass myself failing to sing something ;p.) Also, I am trying to improve on singing, so any tips are more than welcome! Please, try not to be to hard on me for mistakes, as I am trying to improve, it's not like I plan on being subpar at singing forever. Plus I have confidence issues and a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, and thus I only sing when my family isn't home. But critique is more than welcome! As well as tips, of course there are going to be some pretty obvious mistakes at times, just be warned ;p. That's about it I think, have a great day! And I hope to get some stuff on here soon! Listening to me make a fool of myself .
  16. Hello everybody I need some help with an audio play I'm making for my YouTube channel. I have the idea down and already have a few voices ready, but what I don't have yet is a script. I am not a good writer, no matter how much I try I always have trouble. I especially am bad at writing dialogue(which is all and audio play really is). What I need is a good script writer that's willing to help out. You'll need to be very creative and be able to write dialogue based on just the description of what is planned to happen in the scene. I may not be writing but I'll be creating the plot for each episode, you'll just need to convert the plot into a script of dialogue. This is a big job so you will be credited and thanked at the end of each episode. If you're a writer and would like to help us out, leave a comment with an example of your writing. It doesn't need to be long, just something that shows your skill. Excited to see your responses
  17. The Silver Pony Players are proud to present the second in a 12-episode radio series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon! Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria! Equestria: Hidden History -- The Story of Nightmare Moon Episode Two -- Alliances Directed by Amadhia & Masterchaoss Written and Produced by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Starring Dreamsong, Aksel, and LilyPad Featuring the voice talents of Awfulnote, Jared Rutledge, TaylorRose16, and Doctor McCrimmon Featuring music by CarbonMaestro Episode 2 artwork by ThePleonasticPotato THE SILVER PONY PLAYERS YouTube: Tumblr: Twitter: @Silver_Ponies
  18. I'm not quite sure if this is a problem with mixing or if it's done intentionally or what, but there seem to be an increasing number of films (particularly for home release) that have this problem: The dialogue is really, really quiet, so you have to turn it way up to hear anything, but then all the sound effects are ear-rapingly loud. I can get that they want to make the sound effects loud if loud things are happening, like explosions. But I shouldn't have to put my ear up to the speaker just to hear people speaking and at the same time, cover my ears any time anyone does something. It's freaking annoying. There's no reason the audio should have to literally hurt my ears. And if subtitles are an option, I'll use those and just keep the volume down. However, it's not always an option. My partner likes to watch movies with me a lot of the time, and we'll watch English-language films. He wants to hear the original intent of the actors, but he can't speak English, so we have to have the subtitles in Japanese. So in those cases, that basically does away with subtitles for me. Is there a reason for this? It seems like they don't redo the audio for home release, because it sounds like the audio is intended for a theatre. Which I guess is fine if you're rich and have a home theatre system or surround system. But if you're poor like me and have a dinky TV and live in an apartment where you have to consider your neighbors with whom you share a wall, it's a really exasperating experience. Maybe there are audio settings on the DVDs to fix this? I don't know. Does anyone else have this problem?
  19. I don't know if this is the right section to be posting in, so let me know otherwise. Anyways, I've been figuring out making my mashups isn't just overlaying an acapella on an instrumental. Like figuring out the BPM, the key, extensions, etc. So I'm just asking from anybody who knows a lot about editing audio, if I could get maybe a few tips and such. Really appreciate it!
  20. So every so often I get the voicing itch, and I make some random (or occasionally not so random) recordings. I lack the confidence and discipline to do this professionally, but I do so love to do it when I do. So, here's a quick rundown of what I've done so far: A short conversation between Nadaz and Malkariss A dialogue-only rendering of an update from Erfworld A couple of auditions for a project that got stalled As I do more I'll add them. I may even have music stuffs too, but they're not my primary focus (the forum wouldn't let me start this topic without a prefix, and Music was close enough for my purposes)
  21. I am in the process of watching an episode on Treehouse TV (in Canada!) Apparently there is a narrator describing what is going on. Even though I am not blind or anything, its sorta useful for the blind bronies. Because the narrator called Derpy, "Derpy", I am now proud that it is somewhat canon! Who else freaked out about that? (For anyone who watched it yet with descriptive audio?)
  22. Hey, musicians! Audio-engineers! Anybody involved in any kind of audio project! What is your go-to software for what you do? How do you use it? What is your favorite? =-=-= As an electronic music artist, I favor Ableton Live Studio over most other DAWs. I also like to use FL Studio, but not usually for composing music. I use FL Studio mostly for mastering and mixing podcast audio. Instruments I like to use: -anything by Necromare. All of his stuff is free, and all awesome! -Nexus2. All those expansions are really great tools and the interface is pleasing to the eye - z3ta. Confusing to new users sometimes, but it has a great sound bank and its controls are fairly responsive once you learn to use it -EastWest Stormdrum and EastWest Symphonic Orchestra. I'm first and foremost an orchestral guy, and these two plugins are my most used -Native Instruments Massive. Wubwubwubwubwub -CamelAudio's Alchemy. I just got this one but it's proving to be pretty powerful and effective. Also it doesn't suck quite as much memory as Massive does -Miroslav Philharmonic. Anything I can't find in the EastWest sound banks, I usually find in here. -EastWest RA. For when you need bagpipes for no reason -Lennar Digital's Sylenth. This doesn't really do anything that Alchemy or Massive can't. But it has some nice starting presets for those who need a quick throwaway patch. -Native Instruments' FM8. Easily one of the best frequency modulation synthesizer out there. Bested only (in my opinion) by the FM synth that comes native in Logic Pro. =-=-= So share YOUR favorite software and VSTs! It's always good to be in the know with what's hot in the world of digital audio software. I want to know what you're using.