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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everypony! Me and some other friends are planning to make an MLP fan dub parody, and we currently need any of you that are interested to pass our auditions for a character of your choosing. To make short, we need volunteering voice actors. More information provided in the links below: Thank your for your attention!
  2. I'm in need of some voice actors. I would be needing a Derpy Celestia Luna Twilight Fluttershy AppleJack Rainbow Dash Rarity Pinkie Pie Spike Dinky And two more for two OCs, Aqua Minty - Me Theon Greyjoy + Narrator Please PM me or comment down below if interested.
  3. Hi there, In case no one knows, I'm still relatively new to all of this, and even though it worked for me last time, I am not sure if this is still the best place for me to post a request like this, but once again, I am in desperate need of help. Near the end of 2015, I've posted a topic on the Requests Guild here on MLP Forums, regarding the need for voice actors in an upcoming audio drama I've been working on for almost two years. The audio drama is a reading of the story on FIMFiction, The Youth in the Garden. Since then, I have managed to fine an almost complete cast for the audio project I'm working on, but I am still missing three more voice actors needed for three other characters in the audio drama, and these characters are Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Princess Celestia. Because I wish to set this project in motion before I head off to college, I need to get this project underway. I was this close to getting the first chapter of the story on Youtube, when unfortunately, one of my most important VA's deserted on the project. I did managed to get it resolved by finding a replacement voice actor and now that I am so close to releasing the first chapter of the story, I'm still missing the voices of Twilight, Rarity, and Princess Celestia, whom the they will appear in the third and fourth chapter of the story. I really like to finish this audio drama as soon as possible before heading off to college, and I desperately need help to do so. I don't expect help from a novice like myself, but if you're willing to help me out, I am more happy to do so. Just recently, I posted a new video on Youtube regarding The Youth in the Garden. The first part of the video you can ignore, what I really need is the voice actors for the three characters I am still missing for this audio project. The casting call information is in a Google Doc link posted in the video description. The deadline for the auditions is on August 12, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. Again, I don't expect any help from anyone, but if you're more than happy to help, I will be forever grateful for your contribution. If you happen to know someone who does voice acting and/or likes MLP, more importantly, if they're any good at voicing one of the three characters, or even all of them, I ask you, please share this topic with them. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments or send me a private message. Thank you for taking your time to read this topic. ~Mr. Storyteller
  4. audition for my story the quest of the Pegasus and yes i mean it i need voice actors so please help Silver Spoon Scootaloo if you want to try the part email me or add me on facebook or twitter facebook twitter and story
  5. HI there, I'm currently working on an upcoming audio drama of a story on FIMFiction called 'The Youth in the Garden.' There are a lot of roles in this fic, such as Fluttershy, Twilight, Princess Celestia, and much more. If you're interested in helping out, check out the teaser trailer down below. Down in the video's description you'll find a Google Doc titled 'Casting Call for 'The Youth in the Garden' Audio Drama. From there, you'll know just about all the details you need to know on how to submit your auditions and the characters you can audition for. Auditions are due on December 31st, 2015 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Good luck auditioning folks! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. ~Mr. Storyteller
  6. Greetings, We are beginning production of an exciting and never before seen radio-play set in the Fallout Equestria wasteland and we are in need of voice actors to fill many of the roles. The story follows a disgraced and broken dashite as he discovers just how harsh the wasteland is to the weak and innocent at heart all while trying to find those who caused him to venture into the wastes in the first place... And make them pay. Currently we have 1 script written for an introductory teaser and are in need of several male VAs, one of which will be long term throughout the production of the series. If you are a female you may also audition a sample reel as we can assure you that female parts WILL be introduced later and we will stay in touch with you if we determine you fit the part. Although these are voice auditions, if you have skills in writing, proofreading, sound editing, etc, please feel free to let us know. While we understand that we all have our own personal lives complete with social aspects and unforeseen crisis, we do insist that our VAs have a work ethic. SAMPLE LINES FOUND AT BOTTOM OF POST. Mic requirements: As this is a radio-play, the better the quality of microphone the better. Audio can be repaired and noise removed, but if you recorded a reel on an Iphone or like device we cannot fix this. DEADLINE: End of year 2013 (flexible) SAMPLE LINES Sterling Cloud ROLE FILLED Early adult Pegasus Male voice type: Mid to deep range male. Young but rough. (If you can can sound like Kiefer Sutherland than you're in) This is the main character of the story, so the VA who gets this role should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment. Sterling is a pegasus who continued to live in the safety of the clouds long after the war until one day, a rogue balefire bomb was detonated in his city killing everyone he knew and loved. Scarred both physically and emotionally, he enters the wasteland below on a mission to find the splinter group and bring them to justice. Sadly, the wasteland has only shown him hardship and suffering, and to cope he has taken to "unhealthy" habits such as smoking, drinking, one night stands, unorthodox fighting tactics, etc. He is no vagrant, as he is a skilled marksmen and survivalist. More of his backstory has been left out because of spoilers. Sample lines: --It's true what they say. War never changes. If anything, it's patient. The Great War decimated the world below, consuming all life in arcane fire and destroying countless lives both past and present. Not for us though. The Pegasi closed the sky and our civilization continued to thrive. At least that was what I was told as a colt. --(in anger) I said shut up! --I don't need your help. I've got everything I need now. Spike / Watcher 200+ year old adult dragon male. Voice type: Any. Will be altered slightly to become reptilian and robotic. If you've read Fallout Equestria then you already know this character. Otherwise, suffice to say that this is a older version of Spike who monitors the wasteland through the use of robotic communication drones. Sample lines: --You don't have to do this. That is always a better way to solve this. --Please, I'm begging you. We have to be better than this. --Don't even think for a minute that I can't understand what you've lost because I have. But revenge won't solve anything. Captive zealot Any equine species, possibly Zebra. Voice type: Any. This is a generic baddie for this episode. The only details are that he is a part of the fanatical group responsible for the attack that Sterling is out to avenge. They are zealous for their cause and very dangerous. Sample lines: --Who was it pegasus? --A population in the hundreds finally went to tartarus except you, even though millions have gone before. --More than one of us there may be, and I wish death on those like thee. Thank you for you're interest!
  7. I like to think I have a solid voice and a pretty broad range for lending characters a deep and compelling voice. Is anyone doing any projects that may wish to have me audition?
  8. Deadline details: It's past deadline. Auditions for Episode 1 characters (listed in the "old post" section) will not be accepted anymore. --- --- --- And so it is settled - the deadline is finally upon us. I think I said I would reveal the people I have chosen. (for Episode 1, that is) Well, without further ado, here is the list: Link = Dudeguy676 Aryll = Ccondelli Grandma = Shiek927 Orca = TheBronyHeart Tetra = Ccondelli Gonzo = Jble Quill = Jble In case anyone's not satisfied with said role, message me. After all, I have included people who have auditioned quite long ago, so I'm not sure what people's opinions are. And thus all is done. I thought Shiek927 left, but it turns out he's still around. That means that everything is finally done! Or at least the audition parts for episode 1...unless if someone doesn't want to be in it anymore, of course. But just to repeat myself, it is much appreciated for you to participate in this thing. Old post can be found here: --- --- --- Deadline details: It's past deadline. Auditions for Episode 1 characters (listed below) will not be accepted anymore.
  9. So, I saw this comic on EQD a while back (not original link, sorry) So I got the idea to write a song for it. Thanks to my friend Songbrony for helping me out! (First verse, starts off a bit slow) Are we all to suffer? Is life just a lie? For that is what they tell To Dear Fluttershy When you play, you have to win or it isn’t worth the try For that it what they say To Dear Fluttershy (Chorus, fast) They don't know what they’re saying They haven't got a clue My best friends keep me going No matter what others do. They don't know what they're saying They think I'm lousy at the best But i know when I'm with my friends I feel better than the rest! (Second verse) They say There’s one road to follow That the one of fame That you won’t be happy Any other way They say you should be loud Loud as you can be In order to be noticed By the other ponies (Chorus, fast) They don't know what they’re saying They haven't got a clue My best friends keep me going No matter what others do. They don't know what they're saying They think I'm lousy at the best But i know when I'm with my friends I feel better than the rest! (Third verse) And they say... and say... and they say... and say... But they've got something coming Something they couldn't see All my friends are with me now And they are all I need... (Chorus, fast) They don't know what they’re saying They haven't got a clue My best friends keep me going No matter what others do. They don't know what they're saying They think I'm lousy at the best But i know when I'm with my friends I feel better than the rest! I plan on making a full fledged song for this, but I need a singer! I was looking for a female one, but a male singer will work fine. I haven't come up with a melody yet, so you guys can sing it in any way you think sounds best! You probably are going to need a relatively nice mic, but as long I can hear you, you should be fine! Just post a video or MP3 of you singing it! I will review ALL submissions!
  10. Well! Episode 2 is around the corner So if you want to audition Do one of these parts Diamond Tiara: My Talent is Crown Related.. Apparently.. Silver spoon: Yawn! Im tired and fed of with this... Go some where else BLANK FLANK! Hahah i said see! yay! Twist: Nargenflarf! (Nar Gen Flarhf) I survived an explosion! Im happy for my self... Not really Doctor: Sorry.. Im on a very important mission. and... cannot be bothered by hunger GO AHEAD! DO IT!
  11. (CLOSED) Hello Everypony! I am making a Garry's Mod Series with an All-Star character line-up: Luigi, Twilight, Conker, etc. And I want to have a Voice Audition for the Cutie Mark Crusaders because they are the main characters of the series. If you are interested in voicing one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders this is what you will need to do: 1. Record your voice of any Crusader you want saying: "One day, I will have my Cutie Mark! JUST WATCH ME!" 2. Send an email to: "" with your sound file (The Subject has to be "(Sweetie or Applebloom or Scootaloo) Voice) 3.Wait until I made my decision of who i choose to be which part. 4.If you are chosen I will reply you with a Congratulation Letter. 5.After I am done completing everything I will send you an e-mail of what you need to say. 6.After your done Recording all the quotes of your character send an e-mail again with your voices. 7.Congratulations! You are now part of the Series! And also heres the Storyline: Luigi must find the murderer of his brother with the help of 3 Little Ponies and an alcoholic Squirrel while they defend the world from a dark power. Meanwhile Sonic and Rainbow Dash have random crossover adventures. The Title Of The Garry's Mod series is: Cutie Mark Crusader Action Squad.
  12. I have thought of doing this for a while, but have been hesitant of posting it. But, now I am. I wanted to do a recording for my story "Doctor Whooves". If you want to help out and do a voice, let me know please. Thanks. Requirements for voicing Derpy or Doctor Whooves. If you want to voice Derpy or Doctor Whooves you must be able to be available to do the voices quite often. Narrator Narrator - Rose Episode 1 (Only 2 voices) - The Ursa Major PART 1 Derpy - Shankveld - Position LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91- Postion LOCKED. Episode 2 - The Ursa Major PART 2 Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. Snips - Rose Snails - Rose TGAP Trixie - Shankveld Rarity - Spike - Twilight Sparkle - Shankveld Applejack - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Ursa Major (Will be doing 2 different languages. One of the languages, you do not have to know the language because it doesnt even exist.) - Rose Episode 3 - The Missing Princess Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. The Mayor - Rose Nightmare Moon - Manticore (Will only have 1 scream) - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Twilight Sparkle - Rose Princess Luna - Blank Flank Episode 4 - (coming up soon) Thanks everyone! Questions Q: How many can we try out for? A: As many as you like. As long as you can do that many voices good enough! Q: How am I supposed to audition with just the 3 story links? A: Pick a line you think is best fit that you want to say or if you want me to pick a line I will give a list of lines for each character. Q: Where is the link to Episode 1 of Doctor Whooves? A: Right here. ANNOUNCEMENT!! Tallbrony and Shankveld now PERMANENTLY have the part of Derpy (Shankveld) and Doctor Whooves (Tallbrony). AUDITIONS FOR DOCTOR WHOOVES OR DERPY HOOVES WILL BE DISREGARDED FROM NOW ON.