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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I was debating whether I should do this topic, and decided I should. So I was just wondering, are there any countries you want to visit? I have quite a few of them, and they are the following: The Philippines (based on everything I've read about the country, as well as the pictures of it I've seen, it seems like a beautiful country, and I'd love to visit many of its landmarks and try a lot of the food there. I also have lots of friends from the country) Thailand (I actually went to Thailand when I was younger, kinda wanted to visit again for some reason) Japan (I'll admit it is mainly because of Japanese pop culture, but I do also want to visit some of its many landmarks, and learn more about the country) South Korea (pretty much the same reasons as Japan) United Kingdom (not sure why, I kinda just do!) Sweden (again, I'm not really sure) Poland (For some reason, I've started being interested in Poland) The Netherlands (my dad's side of the family is from there) New Zealand (my mum's side of the family is from there) United States (mainly for the pop culture, as well as some landmarks) Canada (again, not really sure why, I kinda just do) Mexico (forgot to mention this one, but, I'd love to try more Mexican foods, besides the usual tacos, burritos, etc...) China (it does seem like an interesting country, and considering the kind of influence it seems to be gaining in the world, I'd like to visit it)
  2. the photo's have just come out, and I was wondering if anyone else was at the Melbourne TØP concert (Rod Laver Arena March 31st 2017)
  3. How did all of the countries around the world come up with their own flag? Like, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark how did they all come up with their own flag designs and so many other countries. I'm making my own custom flag with a large cloth its, Blue > Freedom White > Purity/Peace Yellow > Justice And it's setup like the French flag, 3 colors going to the right.
  4. Saw the latest Mad Max yesterday. Really, deeply impressed by it. Just a purely focused action/chase movie that expertly paints a really large mythology in 2 hours and packed with some incredible sights and sounds. "Awesome" is a word that describes it, "Metal" is the word I keep thinking on as it was just such a delightful cacophony of insane things. Skulls on everything, psychotic bald dudes spray-painting their mouths before dying fantastically in car chases. Non-stop car-chase, effectively. The main truck is always rolling. I only saw the original and most of The Road Warrior prior to this but I suspect anyone wanting to see something unlike anything else ought to see this one. Anyone interested in it? I couldn't find another topic about it and it opens today (saw the advance Thursday screening yesterday) so it seems there isn't a TON of hype for it. Regardless, I think its worth a look. On a big-screen if possible. I want sequels. So bit of cajoling going on. But dude...what a ride.
  5. Seeing as there is another thread of a guy asking foreigners what they think of America, I'd like to create one of Australia. What do you guys think of us?
  6. Hi! For a while now, I've been wondering, as a while back I tried to purchase My Little Pony from iTunes, and apparently, it's not available in my country (Australia). I assume this would happen in other countries too. I was forced to illegally (sorry Hasbro, I didn't want to) download My Little Pony. Why would Hasbro be missing out on such an opportunity to not sell in more countries, Australia as far as I'm aware does have a *substantial* amount of bronies and MLP fans. I found out recently I can buy the old episodes, but only one-by-one, and new episodes don't appear to show up. Why???
  7. What do you think of the Queen ? Do you like the Queen of England? do you want her removed? do you want to be a republic? I'm British I think we all don't need a monarchy
  8. If any of you haven't heard of The Avalanches it's worth checking out. Let's just say the whole album is an experience and should be heard from beginning to end, all the way through.